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You pick up the scroll labeled “Stretch97,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qnbl(qnbl)Adult (f)1,80091123
Arm7(Arm7)Adult (m)2,32162021
bn9v(bn9v)Adult (f)1,5031,1049
4HnF(4HnF)Adult (m)1,86160622
SGlx(SGlx)Adult (m)5,81695297
Oi9t(Oi9t)Adult (f)1,1956956
qUWR(qUWR)Adult (f)6,0681,33117
DSrw(DSrw)Adult (m)1,5031,00210
kGvL(kGvL)Adult (f)1,3553849
WgMu(WgMu)Adult (f)2,5897314
gWOS(gWOS)Adult (f)1,05757816
dVhy(dVhy)Adult (m)3,59791169
k8Bz(k8Bz)Adult (f)1,75553821
caeP(caeP)Adult (m)3,13275340
f7pT(f7pT)Adult (f)1,6409243
SUZd(SUZd)Adult (f)2,36534928
HMzF(HMzF)Adult (f)2,14146417
EZJf(EZJf)Adult (f)1,75138321
xG3F(xG3F)Adult (m)2,56135032
A0ii(A0ii)Adult (m)1,9623978
uzvB(uzvB)Adult (f)3,25745315
xICL(xICL)Adult (m)1,76060718
zmNp(zmNp)Adult (f)4,1271,52013
o1S3(o1S3)Adult (m)5,6621,33522
LsQ5(LsQ5)Adult (m)2,6777787
sgUE(sgUE)Adult (f)1,2277336
Je8U(Je8U)Adult (m)8623829
wvod(wvod)Adult (f)9175607
dL3m(dL3m)Adult (m)2,1391,27017
9akw(9akw)Adult (f)1,9441,4886
n8Fy(n8Fy)Adult (m)3,1451,98611
Zmg3(Zmg3)Adult (m)3,4371,52559
vXAN(vXAN)Adult (f)1,2618517
ztSi(ztSi)Adult (f)2,6801,8287
K5Ni(K5Ni)Adult (f)1,0737606
Lh15(Lh15)Adult (m)1,25676222
1lNB(1lNB)Adult (f)1,7561,05122
eOHz(eOHz)Adult (f)2,2711,48233
IRem(IRem)Adult (m)3,6942,27048
QRXz(QRXz)Adult (m)1,54098820
HO99(HO99)Adult (m)2,2101,3428
1Hnh(1Hnh)Adult (f)1,2778763
uOvf(uOvf)Adult (m)1,7511,05322
QGsN(QGsN)Adult (f)1,7341,04728
tfna(tfna)Adult (f)1,7511,05828
akpH(akpH)Adult (m)2,1301,41832
D6BL(D6BL)Adult (m)1,22975524
pJDB(pJDB)Adult (f)2,3791,58237
ZPLw(ZPLw)Adult (m)2,20452618
78z2(78z2)Adult (f)2,4341,55227
Lm8a(Lm8a)Adult (f)1,7739105
zrTV(zrTV)Adult (f)1,05972113
FpNr(FpNr)Adult (f)2,1521,12411
VStI(VStI)Adult (f)2,6811,73215
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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