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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “StormWizard212,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
38EHT(38EHT)Adult (f)4,5797330
6YItc(6YItc)Adult (m)4,5227610
4T2pu(4T2pu)Adult (m)4,8077300
BFRru(BFRru)Adult (f)4,6477360
G7FhtGert RojkAdult (m)5,3563581
RP5EaRespa RojkAdult (m)3,3723593
Uj0q7Wibbly RojkAdult (f)6,4035773
pUJpIWobbly RojkAdult (f)5,9998192
YmSgQTimey RojkAdult (f)7,5455142
qFIK1Wimey RojkAdult (m)5,5411,04317
jDNi1Danj RojkAdult (m)4,2044165
P7qJWPerja RojkAdult (f)4,3204583
5WhqAShawqa RojkAdult (m)6,3621,0852
X3dLQXilda RojkAdult (f)9,1108594
fH6P4Fhora RojkAdult (m)6,6769224
q9fA9Fan RojkAdult (f)8,6818984
8CPFWAeor RojkAdult (m)5,7169830
wz4rVWazar RojkAdult (f)9,3291,3905
PLz06Please RojkAdult (f)8,3921,1574
4IpAdAlpad RojkAdult (m)4,72891313
gm6uSGumsu RojkAdult (m)8,0541,1687
VIwFS(VIwFS)Adult (m)7,7731,51112
gXeUs(gXeUs)Adult (f)7,3371,2535
wHwtt(wHwtt)Adult (f)2,7966392
BSJss(BSJss)Adult (m)4,3599752
0BcHQ(0BcHQ)Adult (m)4,3209742
jht8H(jht8H)Adult (f)3,3988723
OoSWV(OoSWV)Adult (f)3,7287870
9fEr4(9fEr4)Adult (f)4,2318570
MvaEl(MvaEl)Adult (m)2,7444821
CxLNw(CxLNw)Adult (f)4,2364250
EJ3yq(EJ3yq)Adult (m)4,8427492
1LVA3(1LVA3)Adult (m)4,0938564
sy2oI(sy2oI)Adult (f)2,6465080
PcoXx(PcoXx)Adult (f)4,1434452
wVmy7(wVmy7)Adult (m)4,4874010
r2Kz5(r2Kz5)Adult (f)3,5363890
6guwo(6guwo)Adult (m)3,8924600
dGLSb(dGLSb)Adult (f)4,2152812
7omRM(7omRM)Adult (f)3,7634091
8vhV2(8vhV2)Adult (m)4,3644160
yj3mS(yj3mS)Adult (f)8,7266291
S0qRi(S0qRi)Adult (f)5,9335902
B8wFO(B8wFO)Adult (m)4,0521,1042
JdUsU(JdUsU)Adult (f)3,9411,1113
LjoVE(LjoVE)Adult (m)5,5859153
FOXDL(FOXDL)Adult (m)4,2108552
Vb6WE(Vb6WE)Adult (f)4,4598972
QabRM(QabRM)Adult (f)4,1518493
dGgsN(dGgsN)Adult (f)4,7458841
yyxBt(yyxBt)Adult (m)4,1228981
eoJnd(eoJnd)Adult (f)4,1728931
XN1Bm(XN1Bm)Adult (m)4,4679861
g2hlU(g2hlU)Adult (f)6,6251,2755
wCUeo(wCUeo)Adult (m)5,8761,0692
L91lH(L91lH)Adult (m)5,5231,0921
hyWtA(hyWtA)Adult (f)5,5821,0401
eiYJD(eiYJD)Adult (f)5,4521,0551
71a8r(71a8r)Adult (f)2,4194410
MejpI(MejpI)Adult (f)2,1664280
1Fs7C(1Fs7C)Adult (f)1,9594410
bruYo(bruYo)Adult (m)2,4734560
PJDUk(PJDUk)Adult (m)5,7321,1582
skgTM(skgTM)Adult (m)5,4651,0455
Dm7uF(Dm7uF)Adult (f)6,2159787
DpIIi(DpIIi)Adult (m)3,2213871
nlj2f(nlj2f)Adult (m)3,7524380
daZ7A(daZ7A)Adult (f)4,8114170
wcyYf(wcyYf)Adult (m)5,5234691
ZVrIJZivil RojkAdult (m)9,0601,3447
vS3QoVesa RojkAdult (f)3,5833143
b7vrkBisik RojkAdult (f)4,6931,20319
DsOqKOquika RojkAdult (m)4,3611,1132
YBi9qYabim RojkAdult (f)5,8331,3420
4mCCIAmci RojkAdult (m)5,9111,3610
cYC8DCyian RojkAdult (m)5,8871,3573
60kKtVeih Sokit RojkAdult (f)5,1148784
HWhsmVeih Ncro RojkAdult (m)5,27289516
lVrjEIvre KimickAdult (m)3,5698912
NRojqNoiro RojkAdult (m)4,5816205
UYNkCKne Niquein RojkAdult (f)1,9665813
0PspjAlbin KimickAdult (f)2,8055174
aR7PBArow RojkAdult (m)2,4206773
XUUStXuu RojkAdult (f)5,6801,1162
7QwgXQuig RojkAdult (f)5,6981,1930
Eu1vKEuw RojkAdult (m)5,9499501
otqywOtay RojkAdult (f)3,3077645
CyVQ2Cyvor RojkAdult (f)5,7778363
p4TOuKne Patou RojkAdult (f)7,6089591
FeZm9Fezmine RojkAdult (f)5,8197811
QiKh2Kirk RojkAdult (m)7,1161,1084
HEkzHHekzh RojkAdult (m)6,3031,2514
NDd0qNondo RojkAdult (f)6,7521,0522
dqYCaDrava RojkAdult (f)5,6831,0641
LgicbLagic RojkAdult (m)5,2941,0392
IvwqN(IvwqN)Adult (m)5,4978743
DoEQq(DoEQq)Adult (m)3,7353961
nK7Pz(nK7Pz)Adult (m)3,9584080
qETGnGeht KimickHatchling (m, F)4,4349835
ICJ4nMarroneth KimickHatchling (f, F)4,7068111
JeovHSave The Rares 036Hatchling (F)9513061
AmZPuSave The Rares 043Hatchling (F)1,1411870
jdvIj(jdvIj)Adult (f)3,5144781
ub9oY(ub9oY)Adult (m)3,4593850
o8niA(o8niA)Adult (f)3,7736403
KS8aD(KS8aD)Adult (m)3,2994360
nMJKQ(nMJKQ)Adult (m)4,3153983
1qKU3(1qKU3)Adult (f)4,3935220
bIQ8o(bIQ8o)Adult (m)3,5424160
zkL4r(zkL4r)Adult (m)2,6994581
vw22v(vw22v)Adult (m)2,7804741
wVNIC(wVNIC)Adult (f)2,6615111
lbzIP(lbzIP)Adult (f)3,1954084
ifQXE(ifQXE)Adult (f)3,5223760
8Z7o1(8Z7o1)Adult (f)5,8171,0151
4aiM2(4aiM2)Adult (m)4,6004010
QI9jl(QI9jl)Adult (m)4,7844001
3V9m1(3V9m1)Adult (f)4,9324390
swbQF(swbQF)Adult (m)3,8505441
GowqP(GowqP)Adult (m)3,4755221
H1329(H1329)Adult (f)3,8425340
Gr6IC(Gr6IC)Adult (f)3,8645280
HRMCH(HRMCH)Adult (f)3,8185330
JXKyJ(JXKyJ)Adult (f)4,0465271
JCaQB(JCaQB)Adult (m)3,7445400
sVKhg(sVKhg)Adult (m)3,7345110
BcAl8(BcAl8)Adult (f)4,5354821
risX8(risX8)Adult (m)5,8305200
9IXRz(9IXRz)Adult (m)4,7835350
nKFWS(nKFWS)Adult (m)4,3755540
OFEpE(OFEpE)Adult (f)4,6265150
aokoS(aokoS)Adult (m)5,4785530
UkvAr(UkvAr)Adult (f)5,5755460
ahelM(ahelM)Adult (m)5,7105460
kWCwm(kWCwm)Adult (f)5,8385440
ScMsF(ScMsF)Adult (f)5,4885412
4T7Po(4T7Po)Adult (m)6,3895281
L4Dzn(L4Dzn)Adult (m)6,5396120
zwhiw(zwhiw)Adult (f)7,4217050
flKsrFiksr RojkAdult (f)3,6044460
4oOZ9Aooze RojkAdult (m)3,5844450
64KKzForsark RojkAdult (m)3,2004421
uuy8JUuy RojkAdult (m)4,4793921
C09CTConir RojkAdult (f)4,3997341
UpTvAUpta RojkAdult (f)4,8977561
qboWnQuibo RojkAdult (m)4,1314021
v6FZJVizix RojkAdult (f)4,4433831
uVBhxUbra RojkAdult (m)5,0643381
tPYH6Ptyphr RojkAdult (m)4,6473720
M4sIHMashir RojkAdult (m)5,7606910
t6avlTavil RojkAdult (f)5,7031,0021
gZpGyGizip RojkAdult (f)10,2559372
v7Z0YVozzi RojkAdult (f)2,8986412
um3KGUmkig RojkAdult (m)3,2656044
O6WuYWuzy RojkAdult (f)4,0209174
0m6r6Omana RojkAdult (m)4,7286253
q1i73(q1i73)Adult (f)5,4031,2025
5zqhj(5zqhj)Adult (f)4,3417717
lA1JT(lA1JT)Adult (m)6,8641,0863
SSZbw(SSZbw)Adult (f)3,6335073
T4jTg(T4jTg)Adult (f)3,8825232
votD0Votdo RojkAdult (f)2,7285662
hklx2Halix RojkAdult (m)4,6813713
qwY2zQuiry RojkAdult (m)7,7586323
8mOH2Omono RojkAdult (m)4,8288172
E84LoElate RojkAdult (m)6,27282113
C0TRICotri RojkAdult (f)5,7247862
DuFtsDufts RojkAdult (f)4,8914102
uC4fqUcaf RojkAdult (f)4,7777185
TSdjmTsidm RojkAdult (f)6,0638435
APHhaAphha RojkAdult (m)10,6801,2584
gRu1XGrux RojkAdult (f)6,7649944
k2rp6Kurup RojkAdult (m)7,2949614
iUNzdIunz RojkAdult (m)5,7747351
RI9G5Ringo RojkAdult (f)6,0209262
aczAlAczai RojkAdult (f)6,4109032
ScftcScrift RojkAdult (m)7,2291,1333
k8I4hKatir RojkAdult (m)6,5139311
q32WJNewa RojkAdult (f)6,3139262
Bthx3Bitha RojkAdult (m)6,1659432
RmMhFRamom RojkAdult (f)4,9829186
sbohA(sbohA)Adult (m)3,0753974
NoyFg(NoyFg)Adult (m)4,7193742
Vddew(Vddew)Adult (f)4,0123850
Ue9Vo(Ue9Vo)Adult (m)3,0714500
xWKYB(xWKYB)Adult (f)3,5254672
7V1bm(7V1bm)Adult (f)4,4383681
zwDT2(zwDT2)Adult (m)4,2063710
be39r(be39r)Adult (f)4,6263930
d6B8h(d6B8h)Adult (m)3,7053900
zIgUf(zIgUf)Adult (m)4,2604570
DVY5P(DVY5P)Adult (f)6,4465770
gHX9h(gHX9h)Adult (m)4,7674310
2NdsmTidism RojkAdult (m)3,4673771
07f9OOfodo RojkAdult (m)3,9164351
FVEYUFveyu RojkAdult (m)3,6914122
uZBlcUzbic RojkAdult (f)3,9584171
47FL4Afla RojkAdult (f)3,7834731
RnkmoRinkomo RojkAdult (f)3,3844390
n3M4fNemaf RojkAdult (f)3,4194290
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