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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Starsight,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
kNciv(kNciv)Egg (F)
0sDtF(0sDtF)Adult (m)4,0571,05517
wPhim(wPhim)Adult (m)3,88596614
an30V(an30V)Adult (f)4,4001,07019
TbFWhTsubameSutaaAdult (f)2,2471,14611
bdyYe(bdyYe)Adult (f)4,23571923
UDdCV(UDdCV)Adult (m)3,78765824
Da7kn(Da7kn)Adult (f)3,95471525
VKv1W(VKv1W)Adult (m)4,26473732
WiWIAlbako TsyAdult (f)2,8071,2307
o5YB6Kobalo TsyAdult (m)3,4974231
VkdSeVertes TsyAdult (f)5,09655816
I884ZIbbazo TsyAdult (m)4,18257314
uDsiG(uDsiG)Adult (f)4,06071626
A9Vzb(A9Vzb)Adult (m)4,36661618
yEIN8(yEIN8)Adult (f)4,09471928
p9qzd(p9qzd)Adult (m)4,16162719
TCaKiCaliki TsyAdult (f)3,57686530
tbZP8Tubezi TsyAdult (m)3,60486920
RhgSZMavies TsyAdult (f)3,52287232
P7IM8Rhoges TsyAdult (m)3,55587231
PXj4ePherexi TsyAdult (f)3,66590525
DH2DgDhotug TsyAdult (m)3,61388829
XhqcPXenari TsyAdult (f)4,65769422
MSP32Psyro TsyAdult (m)4,58570229
ReC5PHeraphy TsyAdult (f)4,44472238
jfgJHResper TsyAdult (m)4,83470219
SzJZfSuzafu TsyAdult (f)4,76169726
WKcKUWraket TsyAdult (m)4,80969127
9nPNGPengira TsyAdult (f)3,27380624
zWddVDewitz TsyAdult (m)3,02179121
EEj2eJessita TsyAdult (f)4,34873316
LaQNgLaoqong TsyAdult (m)3,79371428
eINt3(eINt3)Adult (f)3,15267724
TQCgu(TQCgu)Adult (m)3,40567337
UD0dP(UD0dP)Adult (f)3,21167437
GxeOV(GxeOV)Adult (m)3,68561017
dX7wChaudea TsyAdult (f)2,22222328
tGLGJNezu TsyAdult (m)3,6728117
QEEI3Quearie TsyAdult (f)4,2153882
3BvI1Threbel TsyAdult (m)3,14758813
OhXDvOhdaxi TsyAdult (f)2,38637523
cEnH6Cennix TsyAdult (m)2,1735299
foAaaFedola TsyAdult (f)4,1256209
9eqqEKenin TsyAdult (m)4,59362220
DOI9PDonisa TsyAdult (f)1,70644336
ln15ZInavzo TsyAdult (m)2,55872713
mx2hGen'ei TsyAdult (m)4,5521,42493
4lGVTNygera TsyAdult (f)3,21352519
g2roIRologo TsyAdult (m)3,96847815
AW5tMMataw TsyAdult (f)1,97050819
5RAQEFyraqe TsyAdult (m)3,13662418
S2ja2Kagatra TsyAdult (f)2,43161525
6YU16Yamuio TsyAdult (m)3,3383626
RTsZzRehtey TsyAdult (f)2,41072517
t2UkrTekur TsyAdult (m)2,41574614
A7yi5Savyi TsyAdult (f)3,03558519
IqwJZJazwa TsyAdult (m)1,8569877
Y8sCgCegaite TsyAdult (f)2,9589139
qk785Kesait TsyAdult (m)2,46265713
YAYAPYappa TsyAdult (f)1,9831,06811
tAmUfAmutof TsyAdult (m)1,9851,10215
YV44DYvehra TsyAdult (f)2,43680718
jQ7nQJaqaven TsyAdult (m)2,63085016
dqnR8Danqa TsyAdult (f)1,88159017
sxww1Argui TsyAdult (m)2,45160412
WkPtFWakoft TsyAdult (f)2,06477721
9sAZVZuanio TsyAdult (m)2,88632336
5UpgSSepuga TsyAdult (f)3,60787633
DmVYJModav TsyAdult (m)2,87396225
h7UXjHexija TsyAdult (f)3,48587423
NDd0uNadoou TsyAdult (m)2,74397138
pBrfYPherri TsyAdult (f)3,70941619
1hbMcMcOnni TsyAdult (m)4,42441518
C1SsoCisca TsyAdult (f)3,82147616
k4RFBKariff TsyAdult (m)4,36043620
4rUCvCefuvria TsyAdult (f)2,21465625
dxT4XThurfox TsyAdult (m)3,04692729
XkxoGSizerra TsyAdult (f)3,79366619
nxh6GGexino TsyAdult (m)3,55070917
XTuWR(XTuWR)Adult (f)3,80466022
QLseD(QLseD)Adult (m)3,59469123
sckLT(sckLT)Adult (f)3,55568923
ciwqD(ciwqD)Adult (m)3,40771129
eGaYINetirah TsyAdult (f)3,16857212
bF6MNetiroh TsyAdult (m)1,7831,1596
EUxLbKega TsyAdult (f)1,24242136
3OmRrOmthr TsyAdult (m)6,2119158
uSOoFExulab TsyAdult (f)4,42091719
ZUb4BZubah TsyAdult (m)3,03543912
8aam8Baame TsyAdult (f)7,04455618
rg6tvRexig TsyAdult (m)6,52454415
8lgbMBraggim TsyAdult (f)6,90449920
YkW3XYawik TsyAdult (m)6,93151419
eak19Erka TsyAdult (f)3,55389019
PsZ5JZerjabs TsyAdult (m)3,50088119
uRqo0Ruoku TsyAdult (f)3,21684021
IEoMwMurekow TsyAdult (m)3,74384321
waszhWazashi TsyAdult (f)3,59876125
o31K3Keesar TsyAdult (m)3,67182119
dqNggMigera TsyAdult (f)3,10277730
daww8Daweigh TsyAdult (m)2,96780331
uvd2R(uvd2R)Adult (f)3,96169925
gvQ1Y(gvQ1Y)Adult (m)4,08969424
HUEuArberna TsyAdult (f)1,5941,0857
pE1iTermai TsyAdult (m)2,0981,1934
CYni7Cynava TsyAdult (f)3,15477216
zHiFlZefphel TsyAdult (m)3,69443525
uffidDiffali TsyAdult (f)3,87987521
xVOiZVoizee TsyAdult (m)2,95797915
RgwxZRagawil TsyAdult (f)3,44989019
v0rypPyrovii TsyAdult (m)2,91097523
wbmW1Werim TsyAdult (f)3,03796816
BvOzdBozord TsyAdult (m)2,84198030
pdQsCKepades TsyAdult (f)3,54387722
99HzNNihloz TsyAdult (m)3,53688720
zyW0eWynozia TsyAdult (f)5,16664925
11iYLLyroni TsyAdult (m)4,67167124
chDMxCassodia TsyAdult (f)4,73868418
chrzPChozin TsyAdult (m)3,95581120
NfCtlFenicale TsyAdult (f)4,59565525
E2lIPPalintae TsyAdult (m)3,72575332
0hNRY(0hNRY)Adult (f)4,70368622
SqWot(SqWot)Adult (m)4,45173316
EtMSCaseolraku TsyAdult2,6031,2858
S5SlQAnachi TsyAdult3,3618596
XFeUZBerivra TsyAdult (f)3,56190227
DcdRcDecembri TsyAdult (m)3,68853138
CCmpsCelstra TsyAdult (f)4,23381618
Hm1NKurisumasuivu TsyAdult (m)4,5821,24641
JEkhIJekali TsyAdult (m)2,93784524
XZqYMochikika TsyAdult (m)1,6157446
127AFestui TsyAdult (f)5,0921,64142
SBLnRShitenai TsyAdult (f)2,30049216
5HrKEnjurai TsyAdult (f)1,6507876
V7QHItafuru TsyAdult (f)1,6147756
gTSpeGeptso TsyAdult (m)2,24561718
gJpq1Quepton TsyAdult (m)2,24662125
uM8bBWarpo TsyAdult (m)2,43550822
CtnovCellophy TsyAdult (m)2,68250015
jyR7JCeleis TsyAdult (f)3,53588832
9D9lnInelsa TsyAdult (f)3,96778833
VcLJvLucevri TsyAdult (f)3,92997128
doColDolchea TsyAdult (f)3,90697326
aB73QAbevro TsyAdult (m)2,55584219
5vJQzJernix TsyAdult (m)2,51684328
8eyPDPastie TsyAdult (m)3,10373612
HFcR0Forich TsyAdult (m)3,10573516
f52oB(f52oB)Adult (f)5,2631,23326
9Kncs(9Kncs)Adult (f)5,3631,23722
FifVArisala TsyAdult (f)1,2338491
kF9kVentillo TsyAdult (m)1,6871,0576
nQgQdNedak TsyAdult (f)1,80043139
j74LgJevour TsyAdult (m)1,09951312
NLZ4lNezali TsyAdult (f)2,78994014
stt0lSettorl TsyAdult (m)2,1691,04310
OMsGpMesgra TsyAdult (f)2,46889222
Q2XVXKevall TsyAdult (m)2,4858728
itEapPettia TsyAdult (f)1,78786818
bkYC3Beykko TsyAdult (m)2,3411,17618
ih7N3Sev-Nek TsyAdult (f)1,49844722
qR01lQue-Ran TsyAdult (m)1,59340628
llKNHLin-Kah TsyAdult (f)1,62939923
fkTyeKye-Fol TsyAdult (m)2,08861221
4XJ5mJeh-Fot TsyAdult (f)1,67044441
DRGZpDro-Zap TsyAdult (m)2,84838434
HPmjQFersai TsyAdult (f)3,8545012
44tJKoushi TsyAdult (m)3,5293144
kIGQUKigou TsyAdult (f)4,02147016
UmOdMOdom TsyAdult (m)3,82448315
ecbCJCejala TsyAdult (f)2,25369023
wW37FEthev TsyAdult (m)3,65747319
MNIvZMahsei TsyAdult (f)3,4552321
tbBDMatatabi TsyAdult (m)3,0071,33435
K0rSSKeros TsyAdult (f)3,62157413
k5Q7NKevek TsyAdult (m)3,94761825
fC2OQFennell TsyAdult (f)4,94066713
hpJ90Hemdell TsyAdult (m)4,96866514
M1g8YMolega TsyAdult (f)4,76584117
hR2rHamaru TsyAdult (m)5,5172,59939
NpclKagerai TsyAdult (f)3,7895943
c3gAA'uhno TsyAdult (m)4,2183588
bY2p6Sebya TsyAdult (f)4,35663221
bgsnUSegun TsyAdult (m)3,78748816
v78Y9Sevait TsyAdult (f)1,48944234
CojhrCojir TsyAdult (m)3,1034679
oMB3TMebetha TsyAdult (f)2,6806849
EvuHMihatenuyume TsyAdult (m)1,46337326
XWQXrQuieska TsyAdult (f)4,25689529
oqLSZSelozeq TsyAdult (m)3,4924269
LcssKaikaltus TsyAdult (f)2,6291,0179
7gZhqDreundras TsyAdult (m)3,87954819
D7RomDecrom TsyAdult (f)3,8383874
p0ejjJeppo TsyAdult (m)2,37372218
8op15Sibarah TsyAdult (f)3,93271028
qLChMChu'laq TsyAdult (m)3,65575924
toH8CChyotis TsyAdult (f)3,63174631
mBmqJ(mBmqJ)Adult (m)3,85673025
eQbdu(eQbdu)Adult (f)3,65365132
svdB8(svdB8)Adult (m)4,04376131
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