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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “StarDragon411,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AF3fwStar's Zeitung 2GAdult (f)10,2731,2824
nnmxaDialga CBAdult (m)3,4104562
C8c2(C8c2)Adult (m)3,8301,6714
Fe7m(Fe7m)Adult (m)2,9421,2104
SJtQUBruce the Moose CBAdult (m)9,1851,4873
h8pI(h8pI)Hatchling (m, F)2,9471,4335
ZNsV(ZNsV)Hatchling (m, F)4,0061,1662
mx9dCStar's Lemgth 6GAdult (m)8,2539552
BEBeEStar's Fruit Loop 7GAdult (f)9,6111,1396
wpRUCStar's Hash Brown CBAdult (m)6,0321,0501
0hMuFChips and Dip CBAdult (m)12,2201,3661
KpxhHPotato Salad 2GAdult (m)6,8301,0362
LTJlNPotatoes O'Brien CBAdult (f)8,3501,2442
54lceBubble and Squeak 2GAdult (f)9,2981,4593
aKd5vStar's Chili Cheese FriesAdult (f)5,7809563
Ndk3GStar's Toad in the HoleAdult (m)4,1505200
sRTNlStar's Zabawa 2GAdult (f)6,2998022
DBGoeStar's Veselo 3GAdult (m)7,4129593
nqgThStar's Jubeln CBAdult (f)8,7189083
RF7PHStar's Joy CBAdult (f)8,6141,1972
iS0rQStar's Sunny CBAdult (m)7,7851,3512
kkLm9Star's Ode to JoyAdult (f)4,3147550
9JXIGStar's Quetzal 4GAdult (m)6,1659563
czNP2Star's Atl CBAdult (m)8,0851,0334
5MBEyStar's AdlerAdult (f)4,6365453
uIqdsHuitzilin CBAdult (f)5,3228643
DgT0rStar's Flight CBAdult (f)5,0305411
CHuP(CHuP)Adult (f)5,5491,96964
trBxStar's BellaAdult (f)9,6715,9688
7IhOZStar's PeptoAdult (m)6,4869592
LPg3vCotton Candy  CBAdult (m)7,4771,0131
l9IDkStar's Chicken NuggetAdult (m)6,5601,1390
mwZYeStar's RozsaszinAdult (m)4,1285190
r7ND(r7ND)Hatchling (f, F)1,65932512
KbeHEWebster's dictionary definesAdult (f)7,2351,5611
74h1Xthe fusing of two metalsAdult (f)7,0911,5161
yyZxNStar's CinderAdult (f)3,8145320
3it6fStar's Bee CBAdult (f)3,7406863
5raQSStar's Azzuri CBAdult (m)9,7111,0994
Yfh1uStar's Balaton 18GAdult (f)5,3299532
zyNwhStar's Michigan CBAdult (m)8,2319702
bKeTOStar's Erie CBAdult (f)3,6304714
vgRwLStar's Onega CBAdult (f)9,0189852
UMiI(UMiI)Adult (m)1,9457657
RLPB(RLPB)Adult (f)3,3981,1860
jxb0(jxb0)Hatchling (m, F)1,1106715
j4qmvStar's ZvezdaAdult (f)10,4121,2343
KmBMWStar's SrceAdult (m)10,0091,1803
wKaAQZmey CBAdult (m)11,3121,0292
fJtSMStar's Lulu 3GAdult (f)3,9905215
YX5rStar's Darkness CBAdult (m)2,48865829
ypFj(ypFj)Adult (m)1,44858024
VBFt(VBFt)Adult (m)8274973
xDKo(xDKo)Adult (f)1,25374311
MJ30(MJ30)Adult (f)3,9541,8475
ed8k(ed8k)Adult (m)1,9661,0845
cYjG(cYjG)Adult (m)1,8091,1311
JMQJ(JMQJ)Adult (f)2,1871,3052
ptaH(ptaH)Adult (f)4,6211,3465
cM0f(cM0f)Adult (m)4,1621,3132
AauQ(AauQ)Adult (m)2,0856672
ByLe3Star's NightlightAdult (f)6,8711,1802
sknX(sknX)Hatchling (m, F)1,84048722
HYVV(HYVV)Hatchling (f, F)3,40199758
dfE8AAsami Sato CBAdult (f)6,0449883
fpU3(fpU3)Hatchling (m, F)2,0201,0115
QUkzqStar's ChernobogAdult (m)7,6231,3877
7XzXDStar's FebruusAdult (m)4,8541,2174
5P5xyStar's PersephoneAdult (f)2,9789042
nEkpjStar's TuoniAdult (m)2,3267780
u1rtoStar's Earl Grey 2GAdult (m)6,4278673
DGQVcStar's Chai CBAdult (m)8,5891,1892
0DwcPStar's Jasmine CBAdult (f)4,5225060
D765DStar's ButtonAdult (m)2,8864991
PA0wAYou Are the Salt of the EarthAdult (m)9,9971,5843
QXK3DStar's Beast CBAdult (m)6,5031,1644
YUghBStar's Mond CBAdult (m)9,0619941
vBHm0Star's MalinaAdult (f)6,7001,1533
0NOz4Star's JablkaAdult (f)3,8964892
Ble3w(Ble3w)Adult (f)8,5069681
WlH2VStar's AzzuroAdult (m)6,6069233
lsCTC(lsCTC)Adult (m)3,2804511
cxkndStar's Long 8GAdult (f)3,6426836
gu4y0Star's Rosol CBAdult (m)10,0611,4954
lTjvcStar's Fala CBAdult (f)11,0531,1383
K30zj(K30zj)Adult (m)3,5885923
fC8UqStarry Bolt CBAdult (f)10,0881,0972
CxWiUStar's Gekigami 2GAdult (m)6,4668415
MJQCh(MJQCh)Adult (m)3,8015180
5nbjr(5nbjr)Adult (m)3,6385050
5QJo(5QJo)Adult (f)6,1981,0144
LZkQ(LZkQ)Adult (m)7,2559890
VvRi(VvRi)Adult (m)10,4171,4563
NETR(NETR)Adult (f)9,9931,6541
2rgVdStar's Fire and Brimstone CBAdult (m)6,8221,5367
6dErnStar's JulmaAdult (f)7,8461,0743
pnDSJVukodlak CBAdult (m)10,0301,1933
ckMN9Star's AnubisAdult (m)7,1711,4063
0RR2OStar's PlutoAdult (m)4,9029312
goVjLStar's OrcusAdult (m)4,0691,0832
6C72fStar's SekerAdult (m)3,1827251
PEJJ6Star's Chandelure 3GAdult (m)6,3218022
u2iZQHighway RunAdult (f)10,8011,5691
BBBX(BBBX)Adult (m)5,2791,4686
cYB6(cYB6)Hatchling (m, F)3,2271,0052
WKAOBStar's RocketAdult (f)10,9931,1225
l0efiStar's VegaAdult (f)7,0069056
s9JnTStar's Comet 2GAdult (m)12,6611,1814
tbuLXStar's Flamingo HotelAdult (f)8,1279501
2yw5yStar's Clarissa CBAdult (f)9,5151,0002
kHus9Star's Tangerine CBAdult (f)6,6931,0154
vXzoZStar's VelesAdult (m)7,7531,4195
ttlzbStar's ManiaAdult (f)4,2839255
ldnb0Star's AqerAdult (f)4,3671,1042
632oiStar's Crom CruachAdult (m)4,1111,1102
VxkHoGalaxy 3GAdult (m)5,0488655
u1iJ1Star's Celestine CBAdult (f)11,5871,3312
KHBbUStar's PlejadaAdult (f)3,7614790
KvXmDStar's ConstantineAdult (f)3,9754980
n52TUStar's EmmentalAdult10,9631,1225
nrsdVStar's MozzarellaAdult7,7439432
tzt8WStar's ParmesanAdult10,0911,4522
CCYm9Star's ProvoloneAdult8,8011,2777
9Ju9(9Ju9)Adult (m)4,0347781
hU2RStar's Bay CBAdult (f)9,9571,6571
3gudaStar's ViserionAdult (f)10,7811,2883
2kFU(2kFU)Hatchling (m, F)9,5451,3544
H3jR(H3jR)Adult (f)3,6731,6143
DQd6Star's Frijole CBAdult (m)2,0671,1333
EULk(EULk)Hatchling (f, F)2,3081,1602
fobh(fobh)Hatchling (m, F)4,9121,3474
hNRr3Star's Malynova 2GAdult (f)9,0081,0443
J7GRhStar's MiedziakAdult (m)7,6659254
WX8zCStar's Rusty 2GAdult (m)11,7791,2074
t4H2pZardzewialaAdult (f)11,3171,4106
WuavPStar's Little Red Bean 3GAdult (m)8,1899313
KcnR5Star's Red Bean CBAdult (f)8,9051,0462
wQQuzStar's Frijole Rojo CBAdult (m)6,7038952
bZfuq(bZfuq)Adult (m)4,8915770
lqX1(lqX1)Adult (f)5,4152,00770
915m(915m)Adult (f)11,6696,59319
FOgZ(FOgZ)Hatchling (f, F)2,14843512
Kpz1oStar's Little Black BeanAdult (m)8,4501,1182
PGHINCiemniekAdult (m)6,7521,1692
9OTG(9OTG)Adult (f)8965563
5I7y(5I7y)Adult (f)9405753
36na(36na)Adult (m)2,4849897
NdWG(NdWG)Adult (f)3,1941,2586
O0ht(O0ht)Adult (m)3,6851,1182
UiyQfStar's DreamweaverAdult (m)6,5901,1324
pHd8(pHd8)Hatchling (m, F)2,1461,0844
h4uT(h4uT)Hatchling (f, F)4,1781,3258
Argh(Argh)Adult (m)1,1786563
cYKS(cYKS)Adult (f)1,9871,2262
GkDG(GkDG)Adult (f)8,1491,4311
6ugVPStar's MarAdult (m)5,0616482
2PU3oStar's HadesAdult (m)4,2411,0102
QM1IpStar's ArawnAdult (m)7,9271,4401
QLCauStar's NephthysAdult (f)3,8698713
xj0EtStar's Heart of the Ocean CBAdult (f)5,7088891
rPh1XStar's Almaz 3GAdult (m)7,7041,1482
1P2W1Star's Brillant 2GAdult (m)9,1351,0091
mheGXHeart of the Sea CBAdult (m)9,0081,2574
b2ku(b2ku)Adult (m)1,1476589
oTdl(oTdl)Adult (m)1,0465852
pRMJ(pRMJ)Adult (f)4,9351,3492
JSDr(JSDr)Adult (m)8625103
wZMwpDee and Du mAdult (f)7,3431,6478
yVppJStar's Dawn 4GAdult (f)7,7059253
cge0lTwilight 2GAdult (m)9,5111,2232
WHi6(WHi6)Adult (m)6,5591,65914
1ND3Star's Storm CBAdult (m)8,2291,3511
OntK(OntK)Adult (m)3,4161,1881
Emj4(Emj4)Adult (f)4,0697850
ndRQuStar's Azula CBAdult (f)3,7556662
TzXfiStar's AzulonAdult (f)4,1175380
soSza(soSza)Adult (f)5,0845750
6L1T(6L1T)Hatchling (m, F)4,0931,2823
MBHWZStar's EmbersAdult (m)4,6496051
Ej3WwStar's CynderAdult (f)5,0989141
mAbwhStar's FlameAdult (f)7,0511,1121
NsbDgStar's Mai CBAdult (f)7,7731,2544
c3RiuStar's Inferno CBAdult (m)3,3294913
RuDlu(RuDlu)Adult (f)8,6539913
RN6n4Star's Synye Polum'yaAdult (f)7,1929594
WTcQlStar's Bilijana CBAdult (f)11,1891,5353
G2ZxHStar's LangszoroAdult (m)4,2395290
4F27wStar's HammerheadAdult (m)10,3761,0864
9FnDf(9FnDf)Adult (f)8,1719701
By6eGStar's HysteriaAdult (m)4,0515244
WEt9ZStar's PerelkaAdult (f)10,0141,0723
fgUYVVolvagia CBAdult (m)11,0531,3432
B0sIOShrrg 2GAdult (f)11,1351,1701
NKqSX(NKqSX)Adult (f)4,5086454
Gg2sz(Gg2sz)Adult (m)5,6566532
cDhCo(cDhCo)Adult (f)9,0971,3083
WWk3LStar's Glimmer CBAdult (f)7,2911,0400
V02hjHellholt CBAdult (m)7,2251,2004
s3Cl2(s3Cl2)Adult (f)6,0037532
1IGO8(1IGO8)Adult (f)5,2888324
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