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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “StarClan_Skies,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
KUaEsNeu Prince of the ScrollAdult (m)4,8724972
cu0ME3Great Granddaughter of InfernoAdult (f)4,9063921
Z1P7MInbred and PureheadAdult (m)5,6863802
L0GguAnmar Ice QueenAdult (f)5,4663655
MAr4TJerusalem and MasyafAdult (m)5,4463645
KlIO1Rebecca and LucyAdult (f)4,2023800
5fUePArmor of the ScrollAdult (f)4,7263771
mD2mGStars in her scalesAdult (f)4,5284471
ZEqKDMystic Albino HeritageAdult (m)4,5644432
tochdOne you took for the moonAdult (m)3,1893851
GV6eSLaughs at FateAdult (m)5,0263640
lCS15Albinus JuliusAdult (m)3,8654061
OgDaGBenevolent MagicksAdult (m)4,3793531
qNeoEArgentaphobiaAdult (f)3,5753812
0YBJPArgenta's MysticuluaAdult (f)3,9573273
24HtWRaises a shivering voiceHatchling (F)1,7804461
uPpmOZiele's son VemontoeAdult (m)5,3203671
M7qLZBadly Liniaged SoulbladeAdult (m)5,3093691
USrXBFor Those Who Wait FireflightAdult (f)4,6454680
fNnjuBad blooded ParanoidAdult (m)4,9395021
7eX1FThe MoonblinkedAdult (f)4,6154961
vSB0EBoe My Sweet FlowerAdult (f)3,6344304
tvW36Match of the FirestarterAdult (m)5,3243623
d1GveHayden of the leavesAdult (f)4,8513792
MtABXDark Flower of the MoonAdult (m)4,3233192
M5CCihashtag thisismylifenowAdult (m)5,0483381
ONImNhashtag stahpAdult (f)3,6553281
UpbQeHumble Hopes and Tiny FeetHatchling (F)2,3342174
KSXu3Bane of the GodsAdult (f)6,7315241
BCeBZhashtag taggingspreeAdult (f)6,6044491
vsq2N(vsq2N)Adult (m)6,9754650
esW9FRarus RoranHatchling (F)1,9801321
ZeEENGentle Nepenthe ThuwedAdult (f)5,6035181
eVVfCA Little MeepAdult (f)4,6284321
Y1duTHave fun my dear ladyAdult (m)3,8064271
OHdpXDying Holly Leaves in a BlizzardAdult (m)4,2934532
9iVLJHeaven's bright wingsAdult (f)3,7154332
kmLtmHope is bound in greenAdult (f)4,4344353
YfJ0hTinsel Dragonelle of the SpiritsAdult (f)5,1413953
P2nR8Roasted Chestnuts on a StickAdult (m)4,3794422
b3HLPFrilled Horns of ChristmasAdult (m)3,7364513
qGSJJhashtag fireflightexpectedAdult (m)5,1773812
VQfOjhashtag fireflightsbrotherAdult (m)5,5453813
8oN0MIn Enemy Territory SkywalkerAdult (f)3,5395474
iJLXiAlekia's SkyDancerAdult (f)5,4993673
G4l2fDiamond Tailed Sharp-SailedAdult (m)3,8463581
F3FXOCrossingStarAdult (m)5,1743641
68SrVSkyWalker 2nd GenAdult (m)4,4723611
RUWddBroken 3rd GenAdult (f)5,0483781
hHHcKSister SkyWalker 2nd GenAdult (f)5,0453771
XLdkOSudden Summer FlingAdult (f)4,2273861
OG2ZLDecendant of Absolute LegendAdult (f)5,1983871
m7RqBAbsolute Legend's ParasailorAdult (m)3,4464261
p47jADecends from the legendAdult (m)3,6944340
ZKVViSartoria of ExcessAdult (f)4,3133411
FIZ5ACloud of the Axec IIIIAdult (f)4,4824271
ZEIdYCloud Dream son of ShneeAdult (m)4,2243651
eBShnShatter the CloudsAdult (m)5,2813881
R26rgScream to the SkyAdult (m)5,1743791
fqa6hClouded Mind cbAdult (m)4,5653670
5YG1QTorrent son of ScreamAdult (m)4,8363551
5CSGSSnowy fragments of my heartAdult (f)5,1833462
9dCBYWhite Horned VictoryAdult (m)4,62452111
pKiggThym'ea the fourthAdult (f)5,6065341
bdjCLCry for the Moon EpicaAdult (m)4,7004661
H4JVsCursed Valentine DecendantHatchling (m, F)4,9183992
tk0kPSuragan Electric 1Adult (m)4,2184281
MTfKCLumera III AsheraAdult (f)4,5034331
jMW3UCunning AbelothAdult (m)4,9394181
0DI3FDaughter of ThunderAdult (f)5,2303821
nrrBTNaz son of baJTAdult (f)4,8903820
LYUS1Ly 2 Us 1Adult (m)5,3453571
klfrECrowned son of CunningAdult (m)3,4603681
cjpT7(cjpT7)Adult (m)4,1884120
3TkHLI Am The TerminatorHatchling (F)2,5401872
YuCScIvy of MairkAdult (f)4,8905011
1iCoJEldon AxAdult (f)5,0124612
ngAqXMy Immortal EvanesanceAdult (f)5,2483500
gOSTmEvanscence PurifiedAdult (m)3,7693751
jKp8T3goV's little MRtSAdult (f)3,4245181
72uQYValarisaAdult (f)4,2804111
TNMIZMother CentauraAdult (f)5,5854823
pvmhiWipfay's Little NoirAdult (f)5,2524051
8bTkvRegal FringesAdult (m)4,4494372
3IaVCShivalli's SonAdult (m)4,1824114
otfYlRoc of ShockAdult (m)3,2637292
8LinASutha FlamipenkoAdult (f)4,5383200
L77nMMaskedFaceAdult (m)4,4434031
CZhdlBy The CreedAdult (f)5,0563382
5adYpFirst Gen QusosalAdult (m)4,2623542
KuNoMDathomir DreamsAdult (f)4,5043192
jOlH6Resting in peace upon a stoneAdult (f)3,6893641
Fm0l4Eyes that gaze lifelesslyAdult (m)5,2523731
YkgF7RUP PURHatchling (F)2,7211952
YovsCTinyeh BubblehHatchling (F)1,2502071
pRqXgNoomoak The GreyAdult (m)4,6583441
B6nJ6SkyWatcher GreyHaterAdult (m)2,8044312
JsaMRIn the vicinity of ThundorAdult (m)5,0763821
q4lQiSkywatcher GreyScalesAdult (f)4,1144281
oLPBKNoomoak's Little CloudAdult (m)3,6363691
lAcpoGrey Skymaster 3rdAdult (m)5,0794321
TpCd3Coronach CBAdult (f)4,4443761
j2mk0Darth Kel DorAdult (m)4,5743860
fftaTThe Church of Pheonix DownAdult (f)4,3623033
nGHuJWild StormflyerAdult (f)5,5343701
sWiPTThe 3rd CrusadeAdult (f)3,5613371
jtlYYhashtag DONOTBREED1Adult (f)4,4724220
mSU0uEye c u in da poolHatchling (F)1,4002131
rgpfNGreen n' Mean alarm clockAdult (m)3,9383801
8hhD7The Legacy of Golden EnchantmentAdult (m)5,0043740
mSlWgRoars of Cosmic LaughterAdult (m)3,6604361
h7T4dFlapYourWingsMyLittleStoneAdult (m)4,8664891
G1e2QWing Commander VinyayaAdult (f)4,4213620
iathgKenitara LostlingAdult (f)4,9987373
3pJZ3Fearless LostlingAdult (m)3,7523270
0C9tlMagiBorn LostlingAdult (m)2,9764313
IleAJThe Legend Lives On LostlingAdult (f)3,4654281
L66RIIt'sOurTradeSecret LostlingAdult (f)5,2835061
hstZpThe Legend of Darthri-LostlingAdult (m)4,4244201
ViaE4Breaks Free of DarthriAdult (m)3,8764041
Eq4RGMoss-i-ahAdult (f)4,4793431
aAWJUShieldWall SpiritQuestAdult (m)5,6283781
qrHQdShieldWall's PrideAdult (m)4,2023470
Q8DvlFlies Are Batted AwayAdult (m)5,5193851
H1SZQSuch a little collierAdult (m)4,5578274
UYBG7Hello Stonehenge 12-1Hatchling (f, F)4,6635201
E0fvuLaughing Like CrazyAdult (m)4,1704221
HIDd1Live Another DayAdult (m)5,3113551
BdXEkGoldengydAdult (f)3,6863751
KXheDPushes Back the DarknessAdult (f)5,4753651
r5jsfBroken line of FirelassAdult (f)4,9924221
AMXQmLooks At the GroundAdult (m)4,7864121
Bn3knLooks At the SkyAdult (f)5,3944892
cc7GWDesiderata CBAdult (f)5,1374120
i7W37The Harvest was FrozenHatchling (m, F)4,4993691
67ZsrCause you know ImAdult (f)4,0393231
RH60FIm never gonna sell my soulAdult (f)5,0533380
uYroVIm at war with the world outsideAdult (m)4,9143293
FLcWFMountains of the Cause-MostAdult (m)4,7213932
0FrYgCause you know Im shudderingAdult (f)3,6013321
eK3SsCauses others to shudderAdult (m)4,6593140
hg60bInTheShadowOfTheMountainAdult (m)4,3814320
dMr0KMighty Orange CaterpillarAdult (m)4,0923530
F9josIndependance Day DanceAdult (m)3,6863541
A4VuGArtemis the sixthHatchling (f, F)4,7874611
r5eYrGuardian of the Tide legacyAdult (f)4,6204301
OOWL7Sinuous Pride of StarClanAdult (f)4,3174301
AEJ1EXy'lithiAdult (f)4,4343871
hXNdoJeweled HeavenAdult (f)4,2173661
lUFr2Prince Darew AppaAdult (m)6,8414574
WCB8HPrincess MiddayAdult (f)7,2154822
KH6S6Beaming in a Luminia's LightAdult (m)7,1784792
KZ0DvKing MynusAdult (m)7,1944803
lDh0MQueen ArcanaAdult (f)7,4714992
E8qdkRedstar MagiAdult (f)4,4747584
CUff4Magi ChainedCrestAdult (m)4,6103301
JRs2KMagi CatTailAdult (m)5,0393871
ROVNZKenitara's CatTailAdult (f)4,8253972
FlD7ZTiradaveed Melekh IIAdult (f)3,5374281
hv3ZsWatches the lost CatTailAdult (f)4,3223400
iWZoIFyreBowAdult (f)3,6403900
hnk6LPurebred OrangeAdult (f)5,3983600
02eAqSith MuffinAdult (m)5,5303721
4IaUNOh Texas and Sheldon 3Adult (f)3,2445456
TfCi6The Harsh Light of Winter DaysAdult (m)3,4147101
PnS6mSOPA haterAdult (m)3,1824613
IETTRPIPA vanquisherAdult (f)3,5987163
a47RiSOPA hater's Confused LegacyAdult (m)4,8123990
1Skc2A Humble Little WreathAdult (f)4,4814340
FLb1LTurnsTailAndRunsAdult (f)4,8343650
G7CAvPeppermint son of RelvaiiAdult (m)4,0303201
AnOALRelvaiiAdult (m)4,3803771
AMQLPShimmer daughter of RavinaAdult (f)3,9983722
NCh2ZExcaliber's StoneAdult (f)4,0105102
KglO4So Beautiful I'm Worth ItAdult (f)5,9509987
aIsILBlown Glass in the MoonlightAdult (m)3,7294304
FjMFmNamaste my little moonAdult (f)3,5066114
peM49hashtag snowstormmoonstoneAdult (f)4,4574220
m1FRJhashtag moonstonearmygeneralAdult (m)4,7384062
hlOuLWhy is this name not takenHatchling (F)2,0562052
AQ1AUStarden son of MoonAdult (m)4,5914962
sRROLStarClan's Leaf of LoveAdult (f)4,0524342
RVDV0FEARLESS ALOTAdult (f)5,0253531
XHQHuPrimary Neo ALOTAdult (m)4,9124401
IfbVuNoctis SuperialaAdult (f)4,5464451
eF3RtProud of Her LegacyAdult (f)3,4543750
Ds2r6Guard of the North QuarterAdult (m)5,5203682
oYtJ5Third-gen Nan-TathrenAdult (m)4,2403180
gX2SDDarth CronfiosAdult (m)4,9804150
ZVcqKNaicheAdult (m)3,5833731
7akh0Fluctuating Rain of LoveAdult (f)5,4223811
qIjDDWings Fill the AirAdult (m)3,9504381
m6QEEHorns of the StagAdult (m)4,7494070
4ISBfSings of Fallen KingsAdult (m)3,7494300
2NqsKLooking for a Guiding HandAdult (m)3,8687293
WG8IiRegali LumensAdult (m)4,9313710
RFPrGShock of GoldHatchling (f, F)4,7374921
c1tc0Zelda's Pure Olive 3rd genAdult (m)4,9858872
aeCX5Sec Sec Sec Thats MeAdult (m)4,5054230
GgfjvFluffy Flotation DeviceAdult (m)5,0693932
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