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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “SpyroForLife,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8aAm5Eon MatriarchAdult (f)3,0017537
OzziWEon PatriarchAdult (m)4,1398086
W47P8Time PatriarchAdult (m)3,4558181
XZhpvFuture PatriarchAdult (m)4,0101,0255
2e9jxFuture MatriarchAdult (f)4,5061,0854
jpYMdQueen of AgesAdult (f)5,7251,0313
Mydy0King of AgesAdult (m)4,6431,1775
lC0UtPrincess of AgesAdult (f)5,4911,1981
TXIkQPrince of EonsAdult (m)4,8841,3354
DGif6Lord of EpochsAdult (m)5,0101,3313
KDbmwMage of EonsAdult (m)4,6141,1342
FW5YwTime MatriarchAdult (f)3,56496610
SF8pnCount AeonioAdult (m)5,9879163
KlUS2Paragon of TimeAdult (m)5,4668713
8u3ftTeller of TimeAdult (f)5,6188788
7JVaeOracle of EonsAdult (m)4,6231,0471
Dt4PPCountess AeoneAdult (f)4,2201,0713
qkL4ICountess AeoniaAdult (f)4,0621,0474
TeXNxLady of EpochsAdult (f)4,8901,0454
xJ1KWWitch of EonsAdult (f)3,1998663
EKsTASeer of AgesAdult (m)5,3951,0932
s505fParagon of EonsAdult (f)3,9701,0081
ckKv7Gardener of EonsAdult (m)4,8221,0653
mTlLFMaster of CenturiesAdult (m)4,4231,1083
UGC4mWizard Who Messes With TimeAdult (m)3,5889981
PAPjTMarvelous Space StoneAdult (f)4,5151,2773
XlRGSGlorious Space StoneAdult (m)4,6731,2842
zg3EPCompetitive CavansiteAdult (f)1,7427454
5imd1Ambitious CavansiteAdult (m)1,7017551
iyeZqSilken CavansiteAdult (f)1,8658014
YSUYTSporting CavansiteAdult (f)1,8987591
GTi7hWise CavansiteHatchling (m)5,6088782
0k2iKPale Milk OpalAdult (m)2,9588544
dUtzhColorless Milk OpalAdult (f)4,0591,0443
sv9zRRegal Milk OpalAdult (m)5,8399561
G9DcCSpontaneous HiddeniteAdult (f)2,9737804
s2w6xImpulsive HiddeniteAdult (m)2,9178383
JgQKyErratic HiddeniteAdult (m)3,7237031
2ndz6Random HiddeniteAdult (f)1,7127022
64k0sWacky HiddeniteAdult (m)5,3017352
cNmXhDecorative AnagallisAdult (m)3,9107783
mdybUElaborate AnagallisAdult (f)3,1388382
4YHs5Strange SpessartineAdult (f)3,4847766
xv2FHAlien SpessartineAdult (m)3,1261,0595
YoBfPWeird SpessartineAdult (m)4,4211,1113
B6KodPunctual SpessartineAdult (f)5,6139324
PlAsrFriendly SpessartineAdult (m)5,5019276
b3KjQPeaceful SpessartineAdult (f)5,5649004
eREPJVibrant CovelliteAdult (f)5,3541,2756
daynAAnimated CovelliteAdult (m)5,5141,3516
2kAHBAstral CovelliteAdult (f)4,8371,0626
HFBn7Effervescent CovelliteAdult (f)8,4481,6113
ViRaIShiny CovelliteAdult (m)5,4151,1372
mCTVoWarm CovelliteAdult (m)5,2121,0553
PlSmQRoyal CovelliteAdult (f)6,6939373
C0ocyRespectful CovelliteAdult (f)3,8249293
mxTiXDiligent SorcererAdult (m)2,5928063
TAOzQDiligent SorceressAdult (f)3,8428664
HgCENTricky SorcererAdult (m)1,5257773
9KUTCTricky SorceressAdult (f)1,5977902
ZYSbHMelodic RhodoniteAdult (m)2,9308046
OcU4hHarmonious RhodoniteAdult (f)2,7416617
wUGtuHarmonizing RhodoniteAdult (m)5,9251,0954
O55kTCaroling Rhodonite ThuwedAdult (f)8,5071,4534
j0hxvLyrical RhodoniteAdult (f)5,2561,1976
0b7kGFadb RhodoniteAdult (m)10,6529738
fRpB1Generous DarlingAdult (f)2,7077643
jYbobCharitable DarlingAdult (f)6,0291,1672
XNhf0Melodious AshAdult (f)1,9918011
3vMU5Misjudged AshAdult (m)4,5579722
6SQiySensitive LarimarAdult (m)4,5201,0395
ExgLUActive LarimarAdult (f)4,7511,1044
pAeOcGlacial MountainAdult (m)3,5104261
2ilg0Glacial AlpsAdult (f)4,4431,0353
Qli9NStreamlined EpidoteAdult (f)3,5884261
5WnghBitey EpidoteAdult (m)4,5451,0523
vgAowAquadynamic EpidoteAdult (f)2,6208084
Qaw9XSnapping EpidoteAdult (m)5,5711,0142
JAjbnExceptional EpidoteAdult (f)4,0611,0593
PpffCBouncy RhodochrositeAdult (m)2,7106263
UZuU8Floating RhodochrositeAdult (f)4,2741,0402
vYwB8Jovial CharoitesAdult (f)1,8598052
BAM4CGleeful CharoitesAdult (m)2,6508961
xpFMVHydrophilic PrehniteAdult (m)1,7807463
vtj9FCavorting PrehniteAdult (m)3,81471913
4654xSwift PrehniteAdult (f)6,3511,1192
uJMfeSandy PrehniteAdult (f)5,4618373
jJdMXJoyful PrehniteAdult (m)5,0758342
lV8P3Savage Dark SpinelAdult (f)3,9297543
9c1T3Combative Dark SpinelAdult (m)1,9157805
O3GB3Tough Dark SpinelAdult (m)4,4441,0383
en9rtAcidic Dark SpinelAdult (m)2,3327083
AZBouSkilled Dark SpinelAdult (f)6,9331,0974
czE35Sadistic Dark SpinelAdult (f)3,8189061
tjERyCapable Dark SpinelAdult (m)2,9967161
JraMJSnappy Dark SpinelAdult (m)5,6799896
W2iu9Dull Dark SpinelAdult (f)3,4488045
BjLHiFierce Dark SpinelAdult (f)4,2261,1443
Ag2dTGilded Dark SpinelAdult (f)4,7209276
UAR7KSinister Dark SpinelAdult (m)4,5301,0824
Om8DBCold Dark SpinelAdult (m)2,7735343
q0AfyQuirky Dark SpinelAdult (m)5,9341,0462
2aHtQShadowy Dark SpinelAdult (f)4,4868806
PuULxQuick Dark SpinelAdult (m)5,3781,0894
P9N4DDreadful BonecrackerAdult (f)3,4197907
y9sOJMisunderstood BonecrackerAdult (m)2,5509313
aUea0Soothing ChaiAdult (f)3,5735465
GXDPgCalming ChaiAdult (m)3,0576075
BEbNfRadiant ChaiAdult (f)4,0621,0062
wSreLMusty Black TruffleAdult (m)2,1886525
z5SAAScented Black TruffleAdult (m)2,4207424
zygJGSwaying Black TruffleAdult (f)1,5988154
3tyzNHerbal Black TruffleAdult (m)4,0039002
tLrM2Tough Black TruffleAdult (m)4,7821,1411
EHwD1Salty GonnarditeAdult (f)3,3531,0103
W9JUBSubmissive GonnarditeAdult (m)3,7601,2862
P0d8XMeek GonnarditeAdult (m)5,0721,0912
R0awWRuffled GonnarditeAdult (m)4,1307302
At55pFair Adel and NimaAdult (m)5,3741,3079
tq6M3Fair Adila and LibraAdult (f)4,7761,1994
uvGw9Warrior PentagoniteAdult (f)3,6174626
ZoWAwSpunky PentagoniteAdult (m)5,0691,1894
8yEPPFierce PentagoniteAdult (f)4,0471,0123
0qC4xQuarg PentagoniteAdult (f)4,0358073
WQHrFWicked PentagoniteAdult (m)5,4838621
tSdBGAquaphilic Blue BandsAdult (f)1,5937251
x1dfQSplashy Blue BandsAdult (m)4,2431,0774
XLxQiElusive PearlAdult (f)3,6498172
Ni0MFEvasive PearlAdult (m)7,4331,3245
sQsFBSoaring PearlAdult (f)5,3011,1033
vpb4nHeated PearlAdult (m)4,9768636
d1gtVNervous PearlAdult (f)6,3848465
r3Y4jKeen LabradoriteAdult (f)3,7434639
Q8cu6Discerning LabradoriteAdult (m)3,8331,2694
k5EDUSecretive BorealisAdult (m)2,0508081
lunNNSecretive AuroraAdult (f)2,9099232
rKDOvSugary AuroraAdult (f)4,3551,0582
6WzGsOtherworldly AuroraAdult (f)4,2841,0842
3yqGNHeavenly AuroraAdult (f)3,9019842
qOsTFColorful TsavoriteAdult (m)3,7676873
6kxBxNoticeable TsavoriteAdult (f)5,2041,1261
PMaprAlien TsavoriteAdult (m)4,8731,1563
wWn3gGrumpy BrimstoneAdult (m)4,6348245
eAKwSYellowish BrimstoneAdult (m)5,82586210
Ypr59Sulfuric Yellow BrimstoneAdult (f)6,5501,3072
mfeNFMighty BrimstoneAdult (f)6,3458732
mAhqHBrutal CynderAdult (m)4,2567614
5MfEZCallous CynderAdult (f)2,1597691
GrjXfRivers  are  risingAdult (f)3,9001,0072
LInDFUncooperative CynderAdult (f)5,5749053
GCvEEI've lost  my wayAdult (f)5,0768911
aJSsrI need you here to remind meAdult (f)4,0861,0733
74WnEI need you here  to remind meAdult (f)3,9461,0663
LVxaQAll I am surrenderAdult (f)4,4091,0381
NRIi6All I  am surrenderAdult (f)4,8961,1531
WUrzeThrough  this broken soulAdult (f)4,8571,1442
hqfYpAshes still  burningAdult (f)4,9521,1194
Ybfm9I've lost my  wayAdult (f)5,1481,1263
KVoZYWon't you tell me nowAdult (f)4,9041,0751
CsZeLShow me now  how to find my homeAdult (f)4,0751,0772
z8knLOh sweet rest Oh sweet restAdult (f)4,1301,0913
tX6xoStay with  me foreverAdult (f)4,3031,0242
VGIy6Through this  broken soulAdult (f)4,2531,0852
A1v4OTake up my hand and guide meAdult (f)3,4549512
bXoP8Morbid HunterAdult (f)3,0138225
uLYMVComforting CandlelightAdult (m)2,5616293
lzhj5Comforting TorchlightAdult (f)5,7641,1763
FzpL8Graceful HeliodorAdult (m)3,6438295
37I1dWelcoming HeliodorAdult (m)6,3111,1782
G1l3kSmiling HeliodorAdult (f)5,3571,1681
JZjChDorky HeliodorAdult (m)4,8578253
Z2yDOBlazing ConstellationsAdult (m)1,9028025
mfGYtDazzling StarsignsAdult (f)3,9331,0881
NRoliBlazing StarsignsAdult (m)5,0661,1753
06nbjFabulous ConstellationsAdult (m)5,0129207
ooMcMTwinkling Blue ConstellationsAdult (f)4,6681,0941
AznK1Fabulous Blue ConstellationsAdult (f)5,2601,1063
v7GLBGorgeous StarsignsAdult (f)4,2141,0923
olYjXSqueaky CarmineAdult (f)1,9337354
kVwHxLoud CarmineAdult (m)6,6671,2882
Os8m6Quirky CarmineAdult (f)3,5476972
ZSxOEUnsettling ScheeliteAdult (m)1,7017294
csiDLPerturbing ScheeliteAdult (f)5,7241,2325
yNcCcDraining ScheeliteAdult (m)4,8758453
xW1ZhSneaky OnyxAdult (m)3,5117765
kKHLtLurking OnyxAdult (f)4,7321,2815
z0IJ2Enigmatic GalaxyAdult (f)4,6462,00616
KUyTcMystifying GalaxyAdult (m)3,9059906
atqyvDelphic GalaxyAdult (f)2,8627385
bzYTjCryptic GalaxyAdult (m)3,0428433
RUibZElectrifying GalaxyAdult (f)5,6989213
qvmCfSinging GalaxyAdult (f)5,5198181
Rx7gwEnchanted Swiss CheeseAdult2,7826054
qSaiECharmed ProvoloneAdult4,6741,1043
MzgJhBewitched Swiss CheeseAdult5,5039465
464aITransfigured ProvoloneAdult4,9959251
3XazySlick WavesurferAdult (m)3,4615944
N3tXoAquatic WavesurferAdult (f)1,8457392
fgP9MChampion WavesurferAdult (f)5,2249697
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