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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Spuffin,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    f5Yq(f5Yq)Adult (m)2,13156822
    9aAY(9aAY)Adult (m)94442121
    A1oC(A1oC)Adult (m)1,86863717
    adN6(adN6)Adult (m)1,71548125
    mGPj(mGPj)Adult (f)78247426
    0DPH(0DPH)Adult (m)1,62138928
    rB4e(rB4e)Adult (m)1,85755620
    9HEC(9HEC)Adult (m)1,63257519
    d5sV(d5sV)Adult (m)77046728
    ttHV(ttHV)Adult (m)3,04381113
    MHgl(MHgl)Adult (m)2,91436928
    vtv3(vtv3)Adult (m)1,62848528
    IeZQ(IeZQ)Adult (m)1,66445723
    f4aN(f4aN)Adult (f)71845518
    0CTS(0CTS)Adult (f)3,31069024
    hsb4(hsb4)Adult (f)1,46947520
    SY1t(SY1t)Adult (f)1,88354923
    QaWJ(QaWJ)Adult (f)2,39057618
    feme(feme)Adult (m)1,77551921
    VIc7(VIc7)Adult (f)2,75032724
    9CqK(9CqK)Adult (f)1,89353922
    Ypiu(Ypiu)Adult (f)1,70955519
    KdXb(KdXb)Adult (f)2,18458618
    nksD(nksD)Adult (m)80747921
    qATb(qATb)Adult (m)1,53147925
    K7oQ(K7oQ)Adult (m)2,04448727
    gcTH(gcTH)Adult (m)2,55830941
    QidZ(QidZ)Adult (m)1,65539631
    tLMr(tLMr)Adult (m)2,17458423
    EoSU(EoSU)Adult (f)1,08142817
    MLS1(MLS1)Adult (f)2,73832424
    FCdQ(FCdQ)Adult (m)1,54136527
    4kTR(4kTR)Adult (m)1,41750822
    ojNQ(ojNQ)Adult (f)69443824
    H3HJ(H3HJ)Adult (m)2,93549920
    mPh8(mPh8)Adult (f)1,46943733
    kIUa(kIUa)Adult (f)1,70753115
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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