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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Egg Basket
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Holiday Event
  • 2013 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Spruceheart,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TllS6Queen of the HydrasAdult (f)7,4921,32010
gYjLK(gYjLK)Adult (m)6,1117101
nj76X(nj76X)Adult (m)4,3857981
pFDZf(pFDZf)Adult (f)5,3836911
xQxXe(xQxXe)Adult (f)4,6177641
JBo2e(JBo2e)Adult (m)4,7097571
eA9fC(eA9fC)Adult (f)5,2357711
tZ4cKDon't Go to High school partiesAdult (m)3,9718161
Mdua4Fiesta and FiascoAdult (m)2,4351,0225
OGjnBFiasco and FiestaAdult (m)1,4797291
sFiOWI may have laser eyes who knowsAdult (m)3,7641,1294
2uaIiProbably not youAdult (f)2,4378602
PXBvkParty on the PlaygroundAdult (m)2,2708724
WC7MkI Look like a cool movie villainAdult (m)6,0631,6254
bQ785(bQ785)Adult (m)4,7531,3251
9HEOj(9HEOj)Adult (m)5,1886561
uWNUg(uWNUg)Adult (m)5,1336491
zv36I(zv36I)Adult (f)5,8027201
5Ml84(5Ml84)Adult (m)5,0357281
BJ8Pi(BJ8Pi)Adult (m)4,8476971
wHoS4(wHoS4)Adult (m)4,9726981
ytFHZ(ytFHZ)Adult (f)6,5457191
ekFi1(ekFi1)Adult (f)4,4417356
xKcYz(xKcYz)Adult (f)6,1971,0681
7UddG(7UddG)Adult (m)5,8771,0544
KvRv9IT'S LEG DAYAdult (m)6,7261,5415
2mQxM(2mQxM)Adult (m)4,6028661
k4uOZ(k4uOZ)Adult (m)5,1436561
9rM61(9rM61)Adult (m)5,3017251
hqJhn(hqJhn)Adult (f)4,2507981
Ko5Cf(Ko5Cf)Adult (f)4,3737961
1vscM(1vscM)Adult (f)4,2977981
M3LJ0(M3LJ0)Adult (m)5,1256211
d6ba2I go to church because I'm HOLEYAdult4,6111,30811
Ci5R1If you ate me am I actual cheeseAdult2,9061,0572
0yYB1First Partridge In A Pear TreeAdult (m)4,2471,4881
hjtSyWinter's First Snow StormAdult (f)3,5821,3911
kiB8wTree's First DecorationAdult (f)4,3961,5014
BuwHhWinter's First Snow FallAdult (m)5,2861,6505
Y42vwChild's First SnowmanAdult (m)3,5851,4273
Ij1hGChild's First ChristmasAdult (m)3,6791,4374
tBXMhThe First HenAdult (f)4,3051,4872
1VcJ9The Second HenAdult (f)4,2501,4702
342U5(342U5)Adult (f)5,0597172
2RBIuEach head has 60 bees in itAdult (f)3,1591,0174
PEMdNI'm so edgy Hot Topic amirightAdult (f)6,0931,6234
0TK5c(0TK5c)Adult (m)4,6248022
MD34t(MD34t)Adult (f)3,4497822
OfFSf(OfFSf)Adult (f)6,7907683
6u7Bp(6u7Bp)Adult (m)5,9837361
EcjsH(EcjsH)Adult (m)5,1967422
nBOKN(nBOKN)Adult (f)3,3089244
cD10H(cD10H)Adult (m)5,7077211
y4wdh(y4wdh)Adult (f)2,5649084
qqqe6(qqqe6)Adult (m)6,3079815
eVJCJ(eVJCJ)Adult (m)1,7636771
aZMqqBanum MidasAdult (m)2,4548643
KsKvb(KsKvb)Adult (f)2,4538822
PmWDr(PmWDr)Adult (m)2,5428862
TXEfi(TXEfi)Adult (f)2,5558971
U3nJr(U3nJr)Adult (m)1,7916510
TSsrQYou're A Golden GalAdult (f)5,1851,44714
I7CkLYou Could Be A Better GalAdult (f)2,4098792
JIl85(JIl85)Adult (m)5,8501,0082
6NNGz(6NNGz)Adult (f)6,4046801
eB9sQIt better not have anchoviesAdult (m)6,3701,2373
lRSnHScremeAdult (f)2,8141,0453
BKEhZOrder a Pizza for you neighborAdult (f)2,6236151
JX8Hn(JX8Hn)Adult (m)5,4647331
NYNck(NYNck)Adult (f)5,8577181
FNBEJ(FNBEJ)Adult (m)5,9387901
iYhHf(iYhHf)Adult (m)4,6447472
fFaRh(fFaRh)Adult (m)5,8461,0051
BBjoH(BBjoH)Adult (m)5,7147331
4hOQA(4hOQA)Adult (m)5,8087131
reHMs(reHMs)Adult (f)5,3239902
B3Ctp(B3Ctp)Egg (F)
uIGngI'm secretly afraid of umbrellasAdult (f)6,3031,5222
qIVDs(qIVDs)Adult (m)4,8067022
sQ79M(sQ79M)Adult (m)5,5187362
cHqVs(cHqVs)Adult (m)3,5847491
mRYAr(mRYAr)Adult (m)4,6197831
s6F2e(s6F2e)Adult (f)5,0346181
QdHDMIf You Touch This ScrollAdult (f)2,8441,0093
RMN0k(RMN0k)Adult (f)6,0256481
oE9gQ(oE9gQ)Adult (f)5,0347061
RSq7M(RSq7M)Adult (f)5,2017292
oDXJcOwl OscillateAdult (f)3,1721,1059
RvJjVSouthern Owl SpiralAdult (m)6,1591,0431
QTCIBCat's Eye RippleAdult (f)6,1851,0551
YHsgz(YHsgz)Adult (m)5,3736321
9KqunKenorAdult (m)5,07988628
mB2kLThis isn't tinsel its playdohAdult (m)5,0341,0968
j3P5t(j3P5t)Adult (m)5,9599882
XHdYT(XHdYT)Adult (f)6,9441,1472
K4I9cWhy is playdoh so saltyAdult (m)4,1551,1193
lMskd(lMskd)Adult (f)5,6771,0274
ZfeYr(ZfeYr)Adult (m)5,2776871
H5hHdHavoc wreakerAdult (m)2,8221,0223
Ln2jcAim for the moon they saidAdult (m)7,5691,3108
kQKmKA Lot of Moon PunsAdult (f)3,3481,0897
V3uoDI missed and I'm stuck in spaceAdult (f)2,9371,0163
jbKNlI don't Need this SASSAdult (m)2,5248681
710cbWhy Does the Moon Have a FaceAdult (f)3,7011,0382
EqQLPWhy Is the Moon's Face a Dude'sAdult (f)2,6186011
xF412(xF412)Adult (m)5,1756461
2nVcb(2nVcb)Adult (m)5,1597131
nSeVg(nSeVg)Adult (m)4,9187141
ld1Ed(ld1Ed)Adult (f)3,1031,0181
d3Vhf(d3Vhf)Adult (m)5,8797012
bfFQZ(bfFQZ)Adult (f)4,9457032
7Z1Xb(7Z1Xb)Adult (m)4,8797481
qZjRi(qZjRi)Adult (f)4,4827931
2owzm(2owzm)Adult (f)4,7137671
1hsKb(1hsKb)Adult (f)4,7387761
YLZbz(YLZbz)Adult (f)5,6828072
15EFu(15EFu)Adult (m)5,3236921
pYQoUThuwed Dorkface DraconumAdult (m)2,7769553
ZR0Zs(ZR0Zs)Adult (m)1,9226980
e9Cvw(e9Cvw)Adult (f)3,1691,0043
uL4Oc(uL4Oc)Adult (f)7,3937282
SFaXXJackaboy LanternAdult (m)6,8047352
1ryCN(1ryCN)Adult (m)6,2989332
r2fhrDerleaAdult (f)4,95288028
bjh4H(bjh4H)Adult (m)4,9096242
OCe7J(OCe7J)Adult (m)1,9207442
lrLbuZapdos is my idolAdult (m)1,6828020
zqjBH(zqjBH)Adult (m)5,6997205
3GJkv(3GJkv)Adult (f)4,9507081
P3X2R(P3X2R)Adult (m)4,3767921
5Apq3(5Apq3)Adult (f)5,2077171
OrzDy(OrzDy)Adult (f)5,8281,5403
8oFTEReally 6 million screaming beesAdult (m)6,5951,5132
CU3A5Actually 60 million silent beesAdult (m)2,6356270
t6AIDEat a whole can of tunaAdult (m)6,7491,5453
C5oLuWhere are my eyes I'm a SquidAdult (m)5,9701,6313
td8M2(td8M2)Adult (f)4,5477471
JSFq0(JSFq0)Adult (m)5,4958061
UQN3c(UQN3c)Adult (f)5,7806581
FOIYd75 bees in a trenchcoatAdult (f)5,9431,5612
rS28MLove's First True KissAdult (m)3,5613304
pEcuy(pEcuy)Adult (f)4,3098084
VrQYd(VrQYd)Adult (m)5,9481,0531
6CNoC(6CNoC)Adult (m)5,9821,0242
N4iQGSanguis PotatorAdult (f)2,4628722
MbIFCSurripiam AnimasAdult (f)2,4558413
iSVqbCreatura NoctisAdult (m)2,4148472
5Fvfo(5Fvfo)Adult (m)6,0687982
0sJ2qRunning from TimeAdult (f)5,5831,0341
bpnSRFear of TimeAdult (m)5,8681,0124
NnjHL(NnjHL)Adult (f)6,3529912
TaF4S(TaF4S)Adult (m)5,1966672
4QTAd(4QTAd)Adult (f)5,2066312
4OM4w(4OM4w)Adult (f)6,1717711
bmEvT(bmEvT)Adult (m)6,1241,0741
xH2DM(xH2DM)Adult (m)4,8927222
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