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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Sprockeleet,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
CfikeRawhideladAdult (m)4,43729611
qbRLUTeenyladAdult (m)3,76625211
qL439ShinerladAdult (m)3,16559113
RnQmbTailedladAdult (f)2,9507505
3g0XJPeaceful ladAdult (f)3,9561,04712
WoaWdSparklyladAdult (f)3,8711,01511
47TTTSmall angry ladAdult (f)3,3549254
LSblFLab ladAdult (m)3,7799962
3hNBdVain LadAdult (f)3,7739211
SUJlXVery Red ladAdult (m)3,6229001
ncEIcLovely blue ladAdult (m)3,6547843
n3okbStylish ladAdult (f)4,2209912
0aiCdStinky ladAdult (f)3,9099591
0cGVhGreen Gummyworm LadAdult (f)3,2927672
ExmTYShield ladAdult (f)3,3727624
CzNJhImpish LadAdult (m)5,2061,0602
8ysauSunset LadAdult (m)4,8151,0302
GtLYpMusical LadAdult (f)4,4518543
45BBVSmart LadAdult (m)4,2458103
SIUBOBrutish LadAdult (m)5,1631,0703
XQq41Albanistic LadAdult (f)5,1371,0572
5ifBdTropical fish ladAdult (m)3,7538273
QaLIaWandering LadAdult (m)5,3021,0552
B5JeXChirpy LadAdult (f)5,3451,0663
fA6jFblack and blue ladAdult (m)5,2741,0391
I2Kk7Frostbite LadAdult (m)3,3257002
3LuVUBlue banded LadAdult (f)2,8427392
QxuT6Skywing ladAdult (f)3,3426572
OW1FHSkittish ladAdult (f)4,1428163
cdU2uNight life ladAdult (f)3,3328131
zXbTNRed Violet ladAdult (m)3,3078021
UprS5Splashy hoof ladAdult (f)3,5898613
16F8Lvery much Purple ladAdult (f)3,5088093
0zaReMoonstone ladAdult (m)3,2257742
1Z8HuSunbathing ladAdult (m)3,2047782
A2cJvDesert LadAdult (m)3,8028542
AOwmEWhiptailed ladAdult (m)3,8258552
BsrwbFloof ladAdult (f)3,7498652
RP5R9Feverish ladAdult (m)3,8138822
1X9gLBlack Tea LadAdult (m)3,1567962
6rGwzSpooky warrior ladAdult (f)3,2268182
1EUAPBig bully ladAdult (m)3,2448202
cxruLsparkly red fish ladAdult (f)3,2918372
YMjI0Spiny Olive ladAdult (f)3,3578163
eheJbAngery flame ladAdult (f)3,5708601
Da4FqTiny sea ladAdult (f)3,6028241
Ey0BgTalkative ladAdult (f)2,7506731
TZaYMindigo aurora ladAdult (f)2,9257081
BBQv2Happy day ladAdult (f)2,9207112
6JMjcAshey ladAdult (f)2,8927282
cUGYYblood moon ladAdult (f)3,6727981
D9FXlgood natured ladAdult (m)3,6097431
SF7qYclever ladAdult (m)3,6998022
PJBsspretty colorful ladAdult (m)3,5947831
mw3nbAqualis ladAdult (m)4,5476294
O1HrKConstellation ladAdult (f)3,5417791
6BttBMage ladAdult (f)3,7538122
C8Au8Shocking ladAdult (m)3,6077431
zT9UuFreckled ladAdult (m)3,5667392
1ADiFTropical green ladAdult (m)3,6007101
OB6uQPink neck ladAdult (f)3,9628402
NzGyvAntler ladAdult (m)3,9818261
UOfIuSunstone ladAdult (f)3,3207575
9UpxlEarth ladAdult (m)3,1577192
aWK2tLong ladAdult (m)3,3497025
HzqZNYes no ladAdult (f)4,1918781
ZcWdbGeyser ladAdult (m)3,4778243
T5EBCNimble ladAdult (f)3,8488924
lUzZJSmall lamp ladAdult (m)3,9358733
BehFOLioden ladAdult (f)2,8207501
X66nQBlade wing ladAdult (m)2,5206882
iRhkPCursive ladAdult (f)2,4216832
XR7kRGold horned ladAdult (f)2,4466892
OYu88Pink playful ladAdult (f)2,4056671
38YPgPacifist ladAdult (f)2,9807382
1brFJBold stripey ladAdult (f)3,6588402
0Df9oFiery nebula ladAdult (f)3,5886902
U8YuQFrilled playful ladAdult (m)3,7386903
at0SPTarantula munching ladAdult (f)3,7797273
nPGofgrumpy vain ladAdult (m)5,1148043
Epnfpfluffy mane ladAdult (m)3,6047251
euiOUMigrating ladAdult (m)3,9787772
ovQnmPhotosynthesis ladAdult (m)5,6849203
H1cZHBlue-green ladAdult (f)5,4178882
LmCboWater bender ladAdult (m)5,5108831
4MbFyHungry plant ladAdult (f)5,5418742
dWPuNHarvest ladAdult (f)5,8468852
z29yXSpirit ward ladAdult (m)5,3458612
8fJnzOblivious ladAdult (m)5,2018142
wjXLNblue macaw ladAdult (m)6,2379092
GkIKESmall curious ladAdult (m)3,9477121
8w1qGAether ladAdult (f)5,3608202
9VcvASplit ladAdult (f)5,9388692
w5i1jSmall playful ladAdult (m)4,9258113
s3oMrcrystal ladAdult (f)5,0277972
yb9SmRidge ladAdult (m)4,9808032
DHSVeDaydream ladAdult (m)3,3795981
lMgQqMinty ladAdult (m)3,6017593
XT8V9Swimming ladAdult (f)3,6157952
WNYs3Repeat ladAdult (m)3,6257943
fYJGRSun bathing ladAdult (f)3,5418534
Iygn5Small mist ladAdult (m)3,5258282
GLloREats everything ladAdult (m)3,8909292
ATtVDLovely fishing ladAdult (f)3,4677563
FtvL0Stormy ladAdult (f)3,4197754
220W6Colorful striped ladAdult (m)3,3127512
JdseASpoiled rotten ladAdult (f)3,9478433
wwnB3Loyal ember ladAdult (m)5,0628702
3O1SNTsunami ladAdult (m)4,3597862
3c6QTmistrel ladAdult (f)4,3817873
4jDgvBright red ladAdult (f)3,2736892
b8PDHEquinox ladAdult (f)3,1326502
92XgvSpotted Camo ladAdult (m)2,8726281
SeeiQEmotion ladAdult (f)3,8856443
PRbOnFiendly Regal ladAdult (m)4,2888401
DxwQ7Magic fuzzy ladAdult (m)3,0687263
x5RtuHades River Styx ladAdult (f)3,4627632
QnGVBSake Follower ladAdult (f)2,9817193
a5e4KSharp Violent ladAdult (f)3,1906922
JCfLaSky high noodle ladAdult (f)3,6676831
Gp0vjHoney ladAdult (m)3,8658502
8vxEoExtra smart ladAdult (f)2,8886613
NKVrmsmall fluffy white ladAdult (m)3,4908151
N4QytCalm night ladAdult (f)4,0919393
uUtxbMigratory butterfly ladAdult (m)2,9776541
xaTRRAsta'ri ladAdult (f)3,2356822
6K9VpShimmer-Kun ladAdult (f)4,4699081
P0VbfGemshard ladAdult (f)4,4599521
x4MHgYua Grave burner ladAdult (f)9,1711,57632
radCKRad's sickening marrow ladAdult (m)3,6831,0103
qIPeKNocturnal lurking ladAdult (m)4,0711,1122
I4m5XThe arcane student ladAdult (m)4,1021,1072
6IEU8half and half ladAdult (m)4,0701,0703
chIDWSpirit's nastolgia ladAdult (f)2,9668963
DCkLaOne warm omen ladAdult (f)2,9168542
2L7yLSleepy hallow's death Omen ladAdult (f)2,7518384
8CaZ6Freaky Jack'O'Lantern ladAdult (m)3,6779034
3xfgdWizard's Arcane ladAdult (f)3,6208763
7Ht1zShadow's longevity ladAdult (m)3,4069054
2VqwpAngry Nexus ladAdult (f)4,0771,0784
xNewrAir of unease ladAdult (m)4,3031,1302
2tTNtsoul bond ladAdult (f)3,6121,0613
37akyBlue butterfly ladAdult (f)3,6511,0287
QyVfOspiteful ladAdult (m)3,2489841
8OKgecandle ladAdult (f)3,6491,0883
mUR2yopposites ladAdult (f)3,6801,0064
kcSJkfire saphire ladAdult (m)3,6519784
2VHardouble fish ladAdult (f)4,0869133
k90XQBolts and breath magic ladAdult (f)3,2317894
f0AQralmost a birb ladAdult (f)3,4228443
1DQBxfriendly fish ladAdult (m)3,3808102
nYh40Eta Carina ladAdult (f)3,1687652
gP5Zcwhite ranger ladAdult (f)5,1519415
4sIwTruby fire ladAdult (m)4,4368433
i5F2WSpicy noodle ladAdult (m)4,1738082
ISOtzSeer ladAdult (f)3,9457446
gTS6xCitris noodle ladAdult (m)4,0327754
WljyFcrackling noodle ladAdult (f)3,0487512
g5QmQMacha noodle ladAdult (f)2,9677782
oUKDCangry horse ladAdult (m)3,9057274
613iAochreladAdult (f)4,0117222
fHcSdsplashy ladAdult (m)3,2737752
P1tfJ20000 leagues under my ladAdult (m)3,6916582
m5gwyKing of lookin fresh ladAdult (m)4,6906592
Oq3dgFreaky Petunia ladAdult (f)3,8267624
2Lv5mSassy cyan ladAdult (m)5,3189282
PwUEbForaging ladAdult (f)3,9827323
i91IzThe court's April ladAdult (f)3,9597463
Qzj2KFrills and thrills ladAdult (m)6,4079546
kpxJhmagic null ladAdult (m)3,6476853
sYeR4Brightest lunar ladAdult (f)3,5257522
9fpvZNoble red ladAdult (f)3,3496873
nUcB4chilly noodle ladAdult (m)3,6127345
NdlVwthe hungriest ladAdult (f)3,6387402
vrKsW24 carat lunar ladAdult (m)4,0216913
4OVh1Golden good time ladAdult (f)6,8688714
MZJY2Silver starlight ladAdult (m)6,9298673
UQOANVibrato's fun loving ladAdult (f)4,0837962
eTqsDLuna's northern truffle ladAdult (f)3,7257342
el4QCShe's an extra soft ladAdult (f)3,4636893
eUx8HFreaky hard ladAdult (m)3,2227064
46awUhungry bitey ladAdult (m)3,9206872
wokvscold mesmer aqua ladAdult (m)3,6217683
9CfeFThe horizon is overthere ladAdult (m)3,0437023
B1X7BCreative ladAdult (f)5,3859354
t42bXSpreading the ladAdult (m)3,2336855
JCG8bFloral lord ladAdult (f)3,1236842
BecA5BecA5 I can ladAdult (f)3,5926952
tKjWkgoose ladAdult (f)3,3917452
C3adVVon Rhikasa ladAdult (m)3,5167482
vj63AScreaming yellow ladAdult (m)5,4261,0852
g2Sp9I'll keep you warm ladAdult (f)3,3596991
PSpyrSix wings blue ladAdult (m)3,2966891
oL7EwEn lou fall ladAdult (m)3,3106721
1MRRSGold and Glam ladAdult (m)4,0577512
3tWxlForest spirit noodle ladAdult (m)4,2227841
w9jmm(w9jmm)Adult (m)3,5657753
fXVxdi dont have a cool song name ladAdult (m)3,7347814
iHwr0Wonder turtle ladAdult (m)6,3919776
SOPES(SOPES)Adult (f)3,6748302
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