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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2014 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Spiritpaw,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Z3JRHispaniciAdult (m)2,026955193
mx1oVenijaAdult (f)1,907899205
dY1U5(dY1U5)Adult (m)6,7539492
QFhMFahmiAdult (f)1,385755153
YYOiYoyoiAdult (f)2,72696231
JZCsJazacasAdult (f)3,1061,14238
JFzrJezirAdult (m)1,2598650
HdtWHidditAdult (f)3,3481,047150
h1ueHue xAdult (f)1,45391228
gRjbZ(gRjbZ)Adult (f)2,98382811
aAjBD(aAjBD)Adult (m)2,4796843
cNBrCanborAdult (m)88945441
Ixe41(Ixe41)Adult (m)6,5659442
H5zNJ(H5zNJ)Adult (m)3,24875716
nSv2l(nSv2l)Adult (f)3,4269867
HISXDumpling xAdult (f)4,0351,338313
eQwUNub xHatchling (f, F)91047765
UWgJe(UWgJe)Adult (m)5,0971,0021
CRUZEmbyrniteHatchling (f, F)4,4261,335240
zLBqZolbitAdult (f)1,900878192
5WZ2ZawriAdult (f)2,46990051
IFAQQuenceyAdult (m)1,2378530
LWrxxLawreAdult (m)2,82770612
fN3vT(fN3vT)Adult (m)3,5819402
V7Fjo(V7Fjo)Adult (m)6,5359341
D15kM(D15kM)Adult (m)4,9351,0133
uyTbTibuyAdult (m)1,764882246
xXovXovAdult (f)1,779947223
vgE7ValinarAdult (f)4,7371,14687
6Ig5SyngelingHatchling (f, F)2,7311,194292
cZggZoggAdult (f)1,601836216
QOGAQuo GaAdult (m)2,390969150
qzmls(qzmls)Adult (f)3,0567603
X4KKP(X4KKP)Adult (m)2,3368912
GIq8w(GIq8w)Adult (f)2,3048732
VHRMr(VHRMr)Adult (m)1,7936432
CIsaB(CIsaB)Adult (f)2,1316181
nErwe(nErwe)Adult (f)3,1817764
bG28t(bG28t)Adult (f)2,3898604
Qbi22(Qbi22)Adult (m)3,0647983
k05nf(k05nf)Adult (f)1,9667294
Njb0H(Njb0H)Adult (f)4,8101,0103
ZTdQZatidAdult (m)4,0141,12483
TYp7C(TYp7C)Adult (m)6,4499331
Wd3dpDupuisAdult (m)5,0099675
C6iXCissixAdult (f)3,76688435
V3lbRuwoAdult (f)2,1681,033175
YIliSihikHatchling (m, F)4,3491,318248
lYvSKami TsuAdult (f)2,2611,147139
L5IE1LeefeiAdult (f)5,15289523
TvPv0PivoAdult (f)3,6977563
urVxcVixurAdult (m)3,5597403
tJCBS(tJCBS)Adult (m)2,1896952
I9Z9Z(I9Z9Z)Adult (f)2,2046894
oATOJOwatoAdult (m)3,2096983
m4dgMadge xAdult (m)1,98983325
arS9Pyronix PyroHatchling (m, F)4,9901,401259
2MJgV(2MJgV)Adult (m)6,7039531
iqYtIkyutAdult (m)2,28786774
J27lKihskAdult (m)3,6891,203210
TJaqJaq xAdult (m)1,817861218
FontFont xAdult (f)2,3171,167245
UObxObaxAdult (m)1,26543394
aul1AulunAdult (m)1,22538850
AjUDAjudAdult (m)2,3881,205171
7NJ3KungarunAdult (m)2,1301,019160
yCX7WycixAdult (f)3,1761,26380
1XJB6(1XJB6)Adult (m)4,9789993
ruRYNRorynnAdult (m)2,7845938
G1eWGlewerAdult (m)1,3068961
LjpPAdjelAdult (m)2,155773141
PiScMidnyght's PiscesAdult (f)98638669
JovaJova xAdult (m)3,03659555
OHESBitstream Vera SansAdult1,389785193
eY3HYear of YoshiAdult2,3491,03868
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