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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “SpeedyHeart,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sKOH9Eggs-Hatchies I WON'T TradeHatchling (F)3,1862872
VfPV4(VfPV4)Adult (m)10,6141,1931
9etvJ(9etvJ)Adult (f)10,6521,1841
cZA9m(cZA9m)Adult (m)10,0631,1741
P8rsg(P8rsg)Adult (f)10,4251,1831
Bsxb4(Bsxb4)Adult (f)10,8191,1903
wjo80(wjo80)Adult (m)10,2921,2112
u0Jej(u0Jej)Adult (f)9,4821,2292
1AYKX(1AYKX)Adult (m)10,2061,2253
KqSgl(KqSgl)Adult (f)9,8361,1963
aZkbS(aZkbS)Adult (m)9,8281,2432
3Qey7(3Qey7)Adult (f)9,9081,2122
Xqvcm(Xqvcm)Adult (f)9,8691,2052
dbNZf(dbNZf)Adult (f)11,1111,1836
qCjKj(qCjKj)Adult (m)11,8421,2145
xfMqU(xfMqU)Adult (f)10,6321,2013
SIraE(SIraE)Adult (m)10,7101,2161
SD6IW(SD6IW)Adult (m)10,2991,2292
Mtg9V(Mtg9V)Adult (m)10,3001,2222
YthrN(YthrN)Adult (m)10,4121,1994
jFouY(jFouY)Adult (m)9,3051,2053
4GRxU(4GRxU)Adult (m)9,7361,2472
FaqCy(FaqCy)Adult (m)10,2931,2087
NFN2P(NFN2P)Adult (f)10,2021,1554
naGE2(naGE2)Adult (m)10,0891,1948
HVnlx(HVnlx)Adult (f)10,1421,1926
FMpRP(FMpRP)Adult (f)10,7441,2073
LOwNN(LOwNN)Adult (m)10,3651,1945
KuaFs(KuaFs)Adult (f)11,8601,2046
wJ5T2(wJ5T2)Adult (f)13,6651,2562
DUWXg(DUWXg)Adult (m)13,3761,2713
3VjwB(3VjwB)Adult (f)13,5331,2694
PDTRG(PDTRG)Adult (m)14,6421,2952
7KVtw(7KVtw)Adult (f)13,5161,2754
lroiy2 Stunning DesertsAdult (m)12,7741,1774
Xnhnv(Xnhnv)Adult (f)13,9211,2773
zqKsj(zqKsj)Adult (m)13,4071,1942
kHPrd(kHPrd)Adult (f)13,7601,2021
JBVV9(JBVV9)Adult (m)13,9391,2123
dr9to(dr9to)Adult (m)13,7511,2372
5yWJN(5yWJN)Adult (m)10,2251,3099
3py8w(3py8w)Adult (m)10,5981,2371
uzdzb(uzdzb)Adult (f)10,2191,2776
gaFRG(gaFRG)Adult (m)10,0831,2539
HN7IW(HN7IW)Adult (m)9,9511,2273
lFucaMessy Little MonsterAdult (m)9,9831,2748
mytzmFrostbitten WingtipsAdult (f)11,3261,2624
YCky2Nexus Of The WarAdult (m)11,3781,2233
qFsuOStairs To An Aria TeaAdult (f)12,0391,2885
5lE8sKhusa ChameleonAdult (f)12,1501,2792
m29wLInfluence Of The Queens 2nd MarkAdult (m)12,1901,3403
EqEJ62 Desert DawnsAdult (f)12,2861,3193
7zJ9HCrown Of The FutureAdult (f)13,5241,3756
Kn6hdAnagallis MemoriesAdult (m)9,4701,0921
FX6pVDrowning In Your NightmaresAdult (m)14,8121,5232
86QzE(86QzE)Adult (m)9,5681,0802
vu3FcPB CB BlacksHatchling (F)2,0921622
Mn1UAshHeart of WindClanAdult (m)4,9411,63212
T2uWSpeedyStar of WindClanAdult (f)5,1081,65011
AQmTTuonoStrike of WindClanAdult (m)1,9661,0517
rcTfWildHeart of WindClanAdult (f)5,0301,29222
1auUStormHeart of WindClanAdult (m)3,8931,5398
l11jNLightningCloud of WindClanAdult (f)5,1131,2822
RzBgShadowThunder of WindClanAdult (m)1,6661,2245
gRqcvDarkMist of WindClanAdult (f)7,4151,2452
Khm9cLovedPast of WindClanAdult (m)8,8271,45814
7IZ3BGrantedWish of WindClanAdult (f)5,1819272
rxB22HealedScars of WindClanAdult (m)8,3561,41916
ke6pyFireBreath of WindClanAdult (f)7,4781,4097
WlvZnAlpineFlight of WindClanAdult (m)7,2371,3256
bmnCvHuntedWhisper of WindClanAdult (f)9,0681,3836
guCCJFireAsh of WindClanAdult (m)6,7301,3747
s0KgHShallowPool Of WindClanAdult (f)12,0801,4753
WRwus(WRwus)Adult (m)6,9851,2211
Y1Kis(Y1Kis)Adult (f)8,4891,5420
SZJO1DeathMagic of WindClanAdult (m)14,6551,4463
ZQXCDPB 2nd Gen BlackHatchling (F)3,2267382
5F9vD2 SecretRevenge of WindClanAdult (m)6,7511,3204
eUYi2 ThunderShadow of WindClanAdult (f)1,0755240
9du9BlackMetal of WindClanAdult (m)3,8409752
uCAFGSecondFight of WindClanAdult (f)7,1131,3207
isZ2AshBandit of WindClanAdult (m)3,9521,1293
3LUtStormHawk of WindClanAdult (f)1,15367710
VGVBHawkThunder of WindClanAdult (m)3,1532793
aqnVAshStar of WindClanAdult (f)8,7651,2087
ONDkDarkDream of WindClanAdult (m)6,3318895
PIDgBlackThunder of WindClanAdult (f)8,4411,27017
HGdWNightSpark of WindClanAdult (m)9,1051,4218
iUlJLMemorySmoke of WindClanAdult (f)5,2021,1676
YHkqHNightClash of WindClanAdult (m)8,2731,5654
al6jFRosePelt of WindclanAdult (f)3,0899241
Ft8rhBrambleThorn of WindClanAdult (m)2,8849145
ox5MHPebblePelt of WindClanAdult (f)7,0531,7266
jNQIShadowBandit of WindClanAdult (m)4,2911,1548
g53lShadowStorm of WindClanAdult (f)2,4935775
UrGF7ThunderMemory  of WindClanAdult (m)5,26089613
ugFnThunderStorm of WindClanAdult (f)9275181
l57B6DustSmoke of WindClanAdult (f)7,8221,88416
iH7gStormShadow of WindClanAdult (f)3,4151,1493
tYjdgFutureSong of WindClanAdult (f)6,8791,2934
YowLYNightYowl of WindClanAdult (f)6,4281,3057
3m0OKPB 3rd Gen BlacksHatchling (F)5,6451,1331
DFsysThirdDesire of WindClanAdult (m)7,1501,3538
Al3gThunderBandit of WindClanAdult (f)4,1658513
B4RvBlackShadow of WindClanAdult (m)3,1139744
0SOCStormMetal of WindClanAdult (f)2,3736113
X7siBlackHawk of WindClanAdult (m)9,8751,0694
JZ9pShadowAsh of WindClanAdult (f)9,0201,1885
G5TXGHawkBlack of WindClanAdult (m)7,9691,73018
M5nEStormBandit of WindClanAdult (f)3,3492729
n6qARNightGlow of WindClanAdult (m)6,9091,41511
fKI9RockSilence of WindClanAdult (f)6,0301,1497
cH3BlBlackHeart of WindClanAdult (m)4,9811,1524
3SCGThunderShower of WindClanAdult (f)8,8931,4246
HXRrVShadowSmoke of WindClanAdult (m)5,1581,1692
SIG8oRainFall of WindClanAdult (f)8,4121,4497
qVBvGDarkShadow of WindClanAdult (m)4,3691,1562
jVHdQCloudTail of WindClanAdult (f)8,3461,42314
LOCbJEgyptianNight of WindClanAdult (m)5,0891,3376
Wffh5RoseClash of WindClanAdult (f)4,9891,2184
vie0MShadowMemory of WindclanAdult (m)7,0891,7613
MXMmTBlackFish of WindClanAdult (f)7,8791,38818
YTk8LThirdBlanket of WindClanAdult (f)8,0061,3887
Z42O8PB 4th Gen BlacksHatchling (F)2,6583381
cYWaBlackBandit of WindClanAdult (m)7,3791,4496
4i7LDarkSmoke of WindClanAdult (f)7,7481,6006
90tLIThunderHawk of WindClanAdult (m)4,3721,1903
8g7WOPB 5th Gen BlacksHatchling (F)2,7307241
hcRZBlackSmoke of WindClanAdult (m)8,5341,4438
gNODLPB 3rd Gen Stair BlacksHatchling (F)2,6697311
j7nrAshShadow of WindClanAdult (f)1,11464818
0PpuChaosHeart of WindClanAdult (f)9354631
WH6YThunderAsh of WindClanAdult (f)6,2631,3994
qBaj0AshChaos of WindClanAdult (m)9,0701,5166
C3eDNightStorm of WindClanAdult (m)9554721
LDafHawkFlight of WindClanAdult (m)1,0636219
2tfHfRed x Black CheckerboardHatchling (F)4,0403073
jSH3eA Stunning Red Storm of WCAdult (m)5,9191,4713
T8ypXWinning CheckerboardAdult (m)6,4071,1562
zsbHPQueen of the CheckerboardAdult (f)6,7281,1542
hS8X8King of the CheckerboardAdult (m)6,5071,0192
YwmnxCheckerboard FighterAdult (m)7,8171,2661
yks7HBloody CheckerboardAdult (f)6,5631,3311
c4EvJWinning Evil QueenAdult (f)9,1041,6331
1hLKCBloodied Checkerboard FighterAdult (m)5,1718753
fv1RcBlack x Stripe CrossingsHatchling (F)1,2442404
TL3RTyler's Striping ShadowAdult (m)6,5469246
vhqnStripes Against the MoonAdult (f)6,4209139
5X0QhNight Hides the LinesAdult (m)3,8798388
hiOqUTyler's Striped MoonAdult (m)8,5551,4849
9ZN5gBreeding Projects In DevelopmentHatchling (F)6,0151,3091
bIWJA(bIWJA)Adult (m)14,3741,4273
RsfII(RsfII)Adult (f)9,8911,2724
JFlVa(JFlVa)Adult (f)10,6211,2754
9ZSuy(9ZSuy)Adult (m)6,1087905
nexdNFrostbitten DigitsAdult (f)6,7731,2429
XJ789Whispers Among a SnowstormAdult (f)8,4571,44512
VbsI7Searching the StormAdult (m)6,9531,32110
qcBmqCries of the Frozen WastelandAdult (f)6,9081,3584
EeEg9Want to Build an Emporer SnowmanAdult (f)7,6441,4056
XBdpG(XBdpG)Adult (m)8,0371,5002
VQY1NFight to the LastAdult (f)8,6101,21912
WapniArmadillo in ArmorAdult (m)9,4561,6715
kNcKgLuther's SecondAdult (f)6,7281,2686
8YF4M(8YF4M)Adult (m)7,1421,3112
EzMalThird Freaky BoomAdult (m)7,8241,38410
ELA6eMaster of BrutalityAdult (m)8,0351,4737
QMUaeDare You to Fight MeAdult (f)6,0411,3325
z1wDPBrute of the FutureAdult (m)4,3739585
sleRUSecond Chance to FightAdult (f)7,2111,3576
yJRzpBrutality of the PastAdult (f)6,9541,3774
5m7clDon't Fight the PastAdult (f)7,7011,3842
Keqzc(Keqzc)Adult (m)7,6741,2847
mIQ9a(mIQ9a)Adult (f)7,9711,4634
Strds(Strds)Adult (f)8,3261,4934
TqlpJ(TqlpJ)Adult (m)6,5081,2482
H1GCU(H1GCU)Adult (m)5,4769995
KWCL7PB Spirit WardsHatchling (F)2,7121811
2dzUSSpirit FighterAdult (m)7,0511,3207
vV7lGHalloween is ApproachingAdult (f)7,7851,2205
eVLDwEvildoer - eVLDwAdult (m)8,3041,42511
cWeSjHope of Ghouls to ComeAdult (f)7,3151,2278
DY3j5Helen's Everlasting GlowAdult (f)9,8221,51016
Ne71NVengeance of the Second StarAdult (f)7,0881,3208
i9CnYPurebred BSA'sHatchling (F)1,2064232
ALMf7(ALMf7)Adult (f)14,3471,4353
B7VB6(B7VB6)Adult (f)7,3901,1545
c8cEPInfluence of the Angel's MarkAdult (m)13,8892,0348
lWkDhInfluence of the Queen's DesireAdult (f)7,4561,5805
9MCSyThe Desert's Lonely WidowAdult (f)5,2161,3073
ptemPrincess's Forgotten InfluenceAdult (f)2,8604438
DcEhLady of the Pink MemoriesAdult (f)2,5708683
J5o4uI'll Buy You a DrinkAdult (m)8,9881,3274
08JIQI Want You to Dance with MeAdult (f)9,3391,5033
Ro8nlWill You Come Home With MeAdult (m)4,8871,0625
fcIpBTake Me Out for the NightAdult (f)2,0897025
Mg2MLord of the Purple HopeAdult (m)8,1579344
6QcchMaybe After Some DrinksAdult (f)4,9651,3891
k3zEVThe Heat of the DesertAdult (m)7,8901,4215
s4fMoDon't Leave Me AloneAdult (f)7,1921,3915
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