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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • 2011 Haunted House
  • Carrot Cave
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Soundwave95,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
53g8(53g8)Egg (F)
KkUGc(KkUGc)Adult (m)2,4968414
hsgpF(hsgpF)Adult (m)2,5088272
RouhD(RouhD)Adult (f)1,9566473
DlcC2(DlcC2)Adult (f)1,9467503
vL81D(vL81D)Adult (m)2,2494583
THKR(THKR)Adult (f)2,6103413
kvju(kvju)Adult (m)3,5853984
bXhG(bXhG)Adult (f)3,1405272
328U(328U)Adult (m)2,4674029
VQ7s(VQ7s)Adult (f)6,5097416
2cArG(2cArG)Adult (m)2,6086487
aZk1(aZk1)Adult (f)3,33257711
8rNr(8rNr)Adult (f)2,86631226
Mgp2(Mgp2)Adult (m)2,2803434
NSJJ(NSJJ)Adult (f)3,2505345
jai3F(jai3F)Adult (f)1,8345892
QKXRP(QKXRP)Adult (f)2,5336713
M6d7E(M6d7E)Adult (m)2,4198141
q47h5(q47h5)Adult (m)2,7457683
Fcnlg(Fcnlg)Adult (f)2,6935661
cBQLF(cBQLF)Adult (f)2,0626422
aI1M0(aI1M0)Adult (f)1,9545593
gIaR8(gIaR8)Adult (m)1,8355371
dOquJ(dOquJ)Adult (m)2,4096102
ebuuI(ebuuI)Adult (m)2,2074821
s4uGr(s4uGr)Adult (f)2,3605101
BERg(BERg)Adult (f)2,7523881
hZAI(hZAI)Adult (f)5,9937004
RYhM(RYhM)Adult (m)2,9773824
cRDG(cRDG)Adult (m)2,4622764
cP8P(cP8P)Adult (m)2,6554201
eF8AV(eF8AV)Adult (m)2,6455841
3ttU(3ttU)Adult (m)2,4143502
uAHp0(uAHp0)Adult (f)2,6785651
cFAT(cFAT)Adult (f)2,8283413
FSkGo(FSkGo)Adult (f)2,5678292
EQAA(EQAA)Adult (f)2,7442904
I3HuA(I3HuA)Adult (m)2,3836032
XV5R(XV5R)Adult (m)2,9076268
0NiCn(0NiCn)Adult (m)2,6975681
dHqX(dHqX)Adult (f)2,1164072
Orbc(Orbc)Adult (f)2,5473134
ODPW(ODPW)Adult (m)2,9443613
ODKF(ODKF)Adult (f)3,4586896
QeC3(QeC3)Adult (m)10,5711,71716
Q9Snv(Q9Snv)Adult (f)2,1535804
Beod(Beod)Adult (m)2,4473763
veZeD(veZeD)Adult (f)2,1265763
l6S9E(l6S9E)Adult (m)2,0245543
cbQ5r(cbQ5r)Adult (m)1,7435721
REgD(REgD)Adult (f)2,15532321
QNT5(QNT5)Adult (m)2,7213173
p1ITA(p1ITA)Adult (f)1,6894832
qNmg(qNmg)Adult (f)2,4325075
9Gj5(9Gj5)Adult (m)3,4465963
cDMK(cDMK)Adult (f)2,0223452
8FD2(8FD2)Adult (f)3,6331,0524
BJYF(BJYF)Adult (m)2,9476214
VaYO4(VaYO4)Adult (f)2,6814051
NuME(NuME)Adult (m)2,2273571
NbWF(NbWF)Adult (f)6,5387325
jWRJQ(jWRJQ)Adult (f)2,8514391
2IUi(2IUi)Adult (m)2,2634552
0MY7(0MY7)Adult (f)2,9654241
LL7S(LL7S)Adult (m)2,4634902
5A6B(5A6B)Adult (f)2,6016062
QTsk(QTsk)Adult (f)3,4634221
Cpa62(Cpa62)Hatchling (F)1,0534521
beMU(beMU)Adult (f)2,6673252
EiuS(EiuS)Adult (m)2,4623602
aI9v(aI9v)Adult (f)3,3187217
DI9T(DI9T)Adult (f)3,9527295
77NJ(77NJ)Adult (f)2,4774488
nHsg(nHsg)Adult (m)2,5224334
8pW7(8pW7)Adult (m)2,71051810
rgfL(rgfL)Adult (f)5,5309037
2gKL(2gKL)Adult (m)2,6863964
l27h(l27h)Adult (f)2,2446865
TNvV(TNvV)Adult (f)2,8816208
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