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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Songbreeze2012,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TYaa(TYaa)Adult (f)3,9039587
0FkD(0FkD)Adult (f)11,0871,10024
AJ4N(AJ4N)Adult (f)10,9271,06615
KTOk(KTOk)Adult (m)5,5271,29816
KXn7(KXn7)Adult (m)4,4251,16014
cRgjJ(cRgjJ)Adult (f)3,1437952
bv9Gc(bv9Gc)Adult (f)3,6385866
SIQ1t(SIQ1t)Adult (f)2,0726772
VE0g(VE0g)Adult (m)11,2181,09115
Nphc(Nphc)Adult (m)2,9121,0026
MM3U(MM3U)Adult (f)5,3161,33111
QqV3(QqV3)Adult (f)3,2721,1827
YQI9P(YQI9P)Adult (f)3,1629263
CvYC(CvYC)Adult (m)5,1321,53813
7jXL(7jXL)Adult (f)4,3781,5358
5quZ(5quZ)Adult (m)4,7491,43810
IhtO(IhtO)Adult (f)4,2981,18614
76RJ(76RJ)Adult (f)11,1081,09217
tsWH(tsWH)Adult (m)7,0851,02916
MFmZD(MFmZD)Adult (f)3,7815902
5CBl(5CBl)Adult (m)2,5099137
mXLE(mXLE)Adult (m)7,0191,1747
itQqT(itQqT)Adult (m)4,4411,0561
jWpZ(jWpZ)Adult (f)4,7281,5227
KNSc(KNSc)Adult (f)6,6561,30213
NPB0(NPB0)Adult (m)6,0931,32916
XoPM(XoPM)Adult (m)4,6171,31513
rcbDm(rcbDm)Adult (f)2,8837272
b110(b110)Adult (m)3,5718146
0sCX(0sCX)Adult (f)3,6208464
SBMU(SBMU)Adult (f)5,6541,17416
EApoJ(EApoJ)Adult (f)2,6787124
WKNJ(WKNJ)Adult (m)4,2031,32610
1p1GQ(1p1GQ)Adult (f)4,0206341
9tVpL(9tVpL)Adult (f)4,2881,1072
KMcn(KMcn)Adult (f)7,8811,20216
IkoH(IkoH)Adult (m)5,0401,3836
FDr5(FDr5)Adult (m)2,6639775
UQIF(UQIF)Adult (m)6,5201,03915
EXuIU(EXuIU)Adult (m)4,1091,0411
AP6Z(AP6Z)Adult (f)7,4061,08816
ZgE9(ZgE9)Adult (f)7,4661,12716
fPHN(fPHN)Adult (f)1,7487685
uUjU(uUjU)Adult (f)2,0758884
IZXn(IZXn)Adult (m)2,4048534
7YGm(7YGm)Adult (f)4,0198796
5RUK(5RUK)Adult (m)3,6679337
MOgk(MOgk)Adult (f)4,3661,16712
jrQ3(jrQ3)Adult (f)3,8318985
1OBC(1OBC)Adult (m)5,7161,49112
KNgK(KNgK)Adult (m)6,3771,25316
c7T6(c7T6)Adult (m)5,7941,10320
iMWf(iMWf)Adult (m)7,6071,25215
pcc4g(pcc4g)Adult (m)3,6935732
dFGa(dFGa)Adult (f)10,96398719
QmjG(QmjG)Adult (m)2,8211,0176
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