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You pick up the scroll labeled “SlySionnach,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
zKSs(zKSs)Adult (f)957306170
DuEf(DuEf)Adult (f)712326178
ii96(ii96)Adult (f)695254152
aYD9(aYD9)Adult (m)750355143
trpW(trpW)Adult (f)1,936389187
4ekt(4ekt)Adult (f)865440171
iex8(iex8)Adult (f)777283195
YtpP(YtpP)Adult (m)705284186
hrsl(hrsl)Adult (m)594272159
3OiR(3OiR)Adult (m)657253136
3Pgx(3Pgx)Adult (f)598271155
vQL5(vQL5)Hatchling (F)39629042
F5zv(F5zv)Hatchling (m, F)89965633
UTB2(UTB2)Hatchling (f, F)89265432
aAYX(aAYX)Adult (m)1,01052367
VFsx(VFsx)Adult (m)1,5758876
W5vk(W5vk)Adult (f)42819883
PSKG(PSKG)Adult (f)2,548643213
InCV(InCV)Adult (m)532260138
IzjL(IzjL)Adult (f)1,93946647
IsJL(IsJL)Adult (f)1,43149999
J4yt(J4yt)Adult (f)1,072365112
FlVC(FlVC)Adult (f)802311202
YPS5(YPS5)Adult (m)911465184
ofAs(ofAs)Adult (f)2,1871,3267
Zc3k(Zc3k)Adult (f)1,726546187
jUxp(jUxp)Adult (f)782360211
BkJ8(BkJ8)Adult (f)1,08236057
Ykt7(Ykt7)Adult (m)2,318427181
zdGQ(zdGQ)Adult (f)615309106
O2cf(O2cf)Adult (f)771303215
XXvD(XXvD)Adult (m)659271188
gdAz(gdAz)Adult (m)1,989514188
3CSG(3CSG)Adult (m)691283185
MOEH(MOEH)Adult (f)505237151
xw2x(xw2x)Adult (m)860314178
7LhG(7LhG)Adult (f)671330169
UEqS(UEqS)Hatchling (f, F)548249134
qZuF(qZuF)Adult (m)1,776438205
Nhe6(Nhe6)Adult (m)786306202
5i4f(5i4f)Adult (m)552273148
mcM5(mcM5)Adult (f)784309177
s6ZN(s6ZN)Adult (m)697283182
MktH(MktH)Hatchling (m, F)589258147
EGxf(EGxf)Adult (f)707302221
LDFQ(LDFQ)Adult (f)650349137
3jBw(3jBw)Adult (m)768316192
AXoA(AXoA)Adult (f)691284186
zv7P(zv7P)Adult (m)4,66383064
NGu1(NGu1)Adult (m)535252164
JMQ9(JMQ9)Adult (m)586290162
mvJk(mvJk)Adult (f)2,52746882
PFDW(PFDW)Adult (m)1,79451982
BcDd(BcDd)Adult (f)2,1761,3233
rOka(rOka)Adult (f)2,1701,3194
ZTsY(ZTsY)Adult (m)2,1571,3183
uc2R(uc2R)Adult (f)1,3737632
iUm5(iUm5)Adult (m)724416130
ScOF(ScOF)Adult (m)1,193384104
TjaP(TjaP)Adult (f)1,715526195
xdjq(xdjq)Adult (m)746294183
g67d(g67d)Adult (f)761335196
lgja(lgja)Adult (m)699286187
X5xW(X5xW)Adult (f)584272146
q3Zd(q3Zd)Adult (f)806306223
RXCp(RXCp)Adult (m)793326192
k3kS(k3kS)Adult (m)749301203
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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