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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “SkylerFarrier,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1D0eu(1D0eu)Hatchling (f)3,4448341
fQGen(fQGen)Hatchling (f)3,5158511
oDASd(oDASd)Hatchling (f)4,1088396
4NIN8(4NIN8)Hatchling (f)3,4858162
1G0Pu(1G0Pu)Hatchling (f)3,2678181
emXET(emXET)Hatchling (f)3,2607901
5gIop(5gIop)Hatchling (f)3,3657821
mX5pP(mX5pP)Hatchling (m)3,2918091
KXMfxKixxin Mah FixxinAdult (f)4,4399402
9FIKp(9FIKp)Adult (m)5,0131,0623
RvxDPReverxed Dragon PartyAdult (f)4,5108342
C1pHq(C1pHq)Egg (F)
ln1kT(ln1kT)Adult (f)3,6588232
muaM2Mutually MatesAdult (f)3,6248105
9QqFH(9QqFH)Adult (f)3,7198201
hOW0G(hOW0G)Adult (f)3,6088161
AqNef(AqNef)Adult (f)3,6688422
P4Gd5(P4Gd5)Adult (f)3,6368391
yGRzR(yGRzR)Adult (f)6,0081,0233
5dVEP(5dVEP)Adult (f)5,5959623
uL7Xp(uL7Xp)Adult (m)5,9249781
FkP1Y(FkP1Y)Adult (f)6,0369653
Xwd80(Xwd80)Adult (f)7,0249372
usbXk(usbXk)Adult (m)4,0579102
6sAhj(6sAhj)Adult (f)3,1208294
t83pZ(t83pZ)Adult (m)2,9769054
OYQE9(OYQE9)Adult (m)1,4925192
IhxwP(IhxwP)Adult (m)2,0037024
e6nbg(e6nbg)Adult (f)3,2828922
cmQIr(cmQIr)Adult (f)3,2598691
0rKpi(0rKpi)Adult (f)3,6389393
zEwWq(zEwWq)Adult (m)3,9361,0213
G5cqOGot Stuck On This LineageHatchling (f, F)2,3426733
EmvwY(EmvwY)Adult (f)3,5618313
LAvOj(LAvOj)Adult (m)3,3158544
rP6ef(rP6ef)Adult (m)2,8508842
nn5Jg(nn5Jg)Adult (m)3,9098592
Si3KF(Si3KF)Adult (f)2,8918012
daKMH(daKMH)Adult (m)3,0148153
8XZh4(8XZh4)Adult (m)3,5767573
IBzWf(IBzWf)Adult (m)2,9478112
AMoxU(AMoxU)Adult (f)4,8899452
X38ui(X38ui)Adult (m)3,9247391
XbyZ4(XbyZ4)Adult (f)3,8397243
7PPMf7PPM friendAdult (f)6,8841,1983
2L4zO(2L4zO)Adult (m)3,8908431
03OhF(03OhF)Adult (m)3,4208553
7Lxay(7Lxay)Adult (f)8,2771,0111
zuJqG(zuJqG)Adult (f)5,2299362
TQheS(TQheS)Adult (f)10,5771,3087
evvAW(evvAW)Adult (f)5,6001,0332
FXDRbBottled HeartbreakAdult (m)3,6659647
uC7c1Slick HeartAdult (m)2,0577324
trB2fTroglodyte FlamingoAdult (m)3,2361,0093
a9dJRSlick JokeAdult (m)2,2607033
BSECpI'll Be Pink In A SecAdult (m)5,1851,5116
fAvvHFawh a PinkAdult (m)4,9431,4866
UYLk2Uck It's VincentAdult (m)2,8005435
roXesDon't Glare At RoxasAdult (m)2,3727423
2G1sYSecond G1 Vosnian QueenAdult (m)3,0095486
odnAJOdin's Apple JuiceAdult (m)3,6756953
J6GctPink Electric ChristmasAdult (m)2,7335425
TafmJTaryn n TarnAdult (m)2,1095746
hVjOrJoking CloneAdult (m)2,8448344
4ptC0Okay With CloningAdult (m)1,8055622
5HPTQHarry Potter on the RidgeHatchling (m, F)1,8806182
i1JetIdjit JetAdult (m)3,9301,0613
gYuSMGosh YummyAdult (m)1,9726433
DrvkSDorvahkiinAdult (m)4,7431,0565
8uCx38 Eaten CrayfishAdult (m)2,9687104
sGgFqSergeant GarfunkelAdult (m)4,5349092
3aXaBXavier the 3rdAdult (m)4,1238131
gjZoiGorzoiAdult (m)3,9084901
HBhjUHeebie JeebeesAdult (m)7,3667945
5f062For the GloryAdult (m)3,0486932
nRwa5New Republican WaitressAdult (m)4,5964344
pk9Q3Queen In A BoxAdult (m)3,5443931
O3cwl(O3cwl)Adult (m)2,5344174
tqrI8(tqrI8)Adult (m)3,0549101
1QcrW(1QcrW)Adult (m)7,6011,0384
p6p3O(p6p3O)Adult (m)5,9319542
mK4oS(mK4oS)Adult (m)3,5386921
gfrI3(gfrI3)Adult (m)4,5219592
SGR29(SGR29)Adult (m)3,2579481
UnDKa(UnDKa)Adult (m)3,5175251
faqHO(faqHO)Adult (m)3,7718811
ctqqqWurfs FlammenAdult (m)3,0068441
RBatuAphr-oditeAdult (f)2,0805514
uD0iZU Doze U LoseAdult (m)3,1107193
j7VcBCalling All JV NeutronsAdult (m)3,9128438
8qqLxEix LaxAdult (f)1,9207431
gqOhSG-goshHatchling (F)2,9223193
k9apTKept the SunHatchling (F)2,5804492
OEmtM(OEmtM)Adult (m)5,5009271
zej5ZRejoice Five the Time is NearAdult (f)1,5807141
F4riyFairly FireyAdult (m)2,1487278
o1kGp(o1kGp)Adult (f)4,3099566
K2Tbq(K2Tbq)Adult (f)4,0329956
33XLl(33XLl)Adult (f)4,7451,1483
mXqd9(mXqd9)Adult (m)3,3011,0063
YwOSs(YwOSs)Adult (m)3,1559682
kOWvo(kOWvo)Adult (f)3,1849761
kLLH8(kLLH8)Adult (f)3,0949381
5Lelr(5Lelr)Adult (f)3,2621,0013
5lQfa(5lQfa)Adult (m)3,0451,0034
3PNHx(3PNHx)Adult (m)3,4819004
NDta3(NDta3)Adult (m)3,0968024
ufSYa(ufSYa)Adult (f)3,5339484
p3JeL(p3JeL)Adult (f)3,7841,0624
gGDsS(gGDsS)Adult (f)5,1958282
fTKRm(fTKRm)Adult (m)3,3398441
yXnY4(yXnY4)Adult (m)3,1798602
4vxZC(4vxZC)Adult (f)3,8049062
uwBnF(uwBnF)Adult (f)3,8908734
SQCTW(SQCTW)Adult (f)4,5676482
670wq(670wq)Adult (f)4,5548675
OUZdR(OUZdR)Adult (f)3,4929183
ASh3g(ASh3g)Adult (m)4,1051,0442
SCdlVDiving ScleraAdult (m)2,1543361
52n72Doubling TroubleAdult (m)4,3355842
zV6PCZipiddy Do Da Zippidy PlayAdult (m)3,5029553
pxmpaPompous PapaAdult (m)1,6117222
7n5VjNever InventiveAdult (m)3,0137610
O2B1J(O2B1J)Adult (m)2,0876068
3wSwV(3wSwV)Adult (m)2,1786355
sx6rG(sx6rG)Adult (m)2,9488983
9SNGG(9SNGG)Adult (m)4,5198646
wCFwp(wCFwp)Adult (m)3,5718528
5S4EP(5S4EP)Adult (m)2,6627803
43mNm(43mNm)Adult (m)3,6897133
YJU2PYup I JumpHatchling (F)1,1913792
PFN5J(PFN5J)Adult (m)3,9057853
ChaQnChaq'n Up On YouHatchling (m, F)4,6417362
Y7AwfYear 7 Was AwfulAdult (m)5,8929744
OBGEoObligatory Geography StudentHatchling (F)2,5075982
dvhAw(dvhAw)Adult (m)5,0188881
6LMct(6LMct)Adult (m)4,1019921
rSjip(rSjip)Adult (m)3,7931,0372
TZyYx(TZyYx)Adult (m)4,1489972
mQbYs(mQbYs)Adult (m)4,8869853
7ywFm(7ywFm)Adult (m)3,2438031
Dj8fp(Dj8fp)Adult (m)4,3431,0351
QfduM(QfduM)Adult (m)5,0639221
CHmDy(CHmDy)Adult (m)3,7798632
k3Lgg(k3Lgg)Adult (m)3,9898911
7N10S(7N10S)Adult (m)3,4519141
OJcDW(OJcDW)Adult (m)3,6119231
YM31V(YM31V)Adult (m)4,6509232
OzB2T(OzB2T)Adult (m)3,8249663
xy4peBiologic SkypeAdult (f)1,8715782
bE2QFFearing Bothersome QuestantAdult (m)3,3508392
bolF1(bolF1)Adult (m)6,2806864
vKfNW(vKfNW)Adult (f)3,1538501
spSzK(spSzK)Adult (f)4,1248391
C9mi0(C9mi0)Adult (f)6,1009532
yMFjnYou're My Friend JinnAdult (m)4,0597741
D6LZT(D6LZT)Adult (m)6,0251,1274
DtHhhDo It HhhAdult (m)6,2521,0072
BJgFx(BJgFx)Adult (f)4,6801,0943
YtqMY(YtqMY)Adult (m)2,8889801
dVpc8(dVpc8)Adult (m)2,9509943
VeQOl(VeQOl)Adult (m)4,4007782
9BKw8(9BKw8)Adult (m)3,2888761
kpcUN(kpcUN)Adult (f)6,5138618
0Qkbm(0Qkbm)Adult (f)6,6889427
yrVo2(yrVo2)Adult (f)3,7179292
mqcSBMagical Ice DragonAdult (f)3,7969028
txswGThanks for the GalaxyAdult (f)4,1929495
IPfbUIPFWAdult (f)3,4847713
NOw3QNow QuotientAdult (f)3,3129832
lLPYLI Love PlayingAdult (f)5,5858552
zzTBOSleepy TeebowAdult (f)3,6278542
Gg15JGojetronAdult (f)3,1105983
bCJSaBecause CommanderAdult (f)3,1897202
1Jog9(1Jog9)Adult (f)3,9939781
SEJim(SEJim)Adult (f)4,3841,0212
NREwaNew Nasa FlightAdult (f)4,8259743
Tk5Ys(Tk5Ys)Adult (f)2,7729701
7KDtd7 Killed To DateAdult (f)1,6806851
qLGzEQuizzical GlazeAdult (f)3,3789394
53wJv53 Wyvern JivesAdult (f)4,2149795
f0HwE(f0HwE)Adult (f)3,9597954
AtOijThat Oily PurityHatchling (F)2,6384061
HgFXM(HgFXM)Adult (f)3,0666291
YzBcS(YzBcS)Adult (f)4,0958483
HdwLvHideaway LevelAdult (f)5,82194114
GuYf3Guy Fieri's TripletAdult (f)5,4128004
waNri(waNri)Adult (f)4,8218132
brAB8(brAB8)Adult (f)5,5499431
h3Nq0(h3Nq0)Adult (f)7,1811,1083
Nd1ni(Nd1ni)Adult (f)5,1671,0282
SpMRM(SpMRM)Adult (f)6,6381,0292
nBqzB(nBqzB)Adult (f)4,6381,0022
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