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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Skoun,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Kh8UForum name is KiwiPoppAdult (m)4,7084947
4nfPI Return Lost BabiesAdult (f)5,1843918
Lb8WTaking Breeding RequestsAdult (f)4,7283718
4rkIAccepting offers on everythingAdult (f)3,46855213
Aus1vJa Welcomen to Ma ScrollAdult (m)4,5736231
EEYud(EEYud)Adult (f)2,2979267
ycvmA(ycvmA)Adult (m)2,0771,051106
4gKm(4gKm)Hatchling (F)2,51417313
fFnVKiwi YoshuAdult (f)2,1616467
AWkbVexus MukAdult (m)4,84632615
15fDQVexus RambourAdult (f)4,6524074
JE6qBChristmas CoffeeAdult (f)3,6817817
THh4STalkui VexusAdult (m)3,0569918
TjML7StylistAdult (m)3,4274144
TsE5k(TsE5k)Adult (m)3,4508264
J414MJalam Gold VexusAdult (m)5,33867210
2mahcVexus RibbonAdult (m)6,0327729
6VbFq(6VbFq)Adult (m)4,2677485
UEfwP(UEfwP)Adult (f)3,3699913
udpaVexus XenoonAdult (m)4,4604532
uFQQP(uFQQP)Adult (f)3,4468412
BaBTs(BaBTs)Adult (f)4,3214983
F5BgZ(F5BgZ)Adult (m)3,4721,240158
j4Cv6(j4Cv6)Adult (m)2,7587214
V0fbP(V0fbP)Adult (f)2,7987451
wls5y(wls5y)Adult (m)2,5337112
5jYZX(5jYZX)Adult (f)6,2648162
NKItTempered HexAdult (m)3,11883711
Vb0cDream KiwiAdult (f)1,6947079
IVvHVexus TrickAdult (m)2,55951112
PH0KVexus EzerthAdult (m)2,5568938
1cYCOracle of KiwiAdult (f)7,24097123
HLDBSilver KiwiAdult (f)5,35276612
TR3nVexus CandyAdult (m)3,55986019
I8pNI ATE PEANUTSAdult (m)1,8985318
4QZQHis VexusAdult (m)4,17645832
t2HGWHer KiwiAdult (f)6,4931,29722
L6KrpKiwi KueAdult (f)3,5306556
R4NQORanq KiwiAdult (f)5,9461,2047
rviJL(rviJL)Adult (m)3,6349878
2q261Rebel KiwiAdult (f)1,48957413
R1D2SSwan VexusAdult (f)2,3388304
q1V1E(q1V1E)Adult (f)4,7371,0955
Z48mMGreed KiwiAdult (f)5,30881274
a7dnq(a7dnq)Adult (f)2,1114045
iuZIa(iuZIa)Adult (f)3,1839835
au42A(au42A)Adult (f)4,4094704
eiWHD(eiWHD)Adult (f)4,64664210
DC33VAlurial VexusAdult (f)4,3441,2129
oi1iEOily MarksAdult (m)2,7478623
fXiCW(fXiCW)Adult (f)2,0606134
fP7TS(fP7TS)Adult (f)6,5511,02513
8SDaa(8SDaa)Adult (f)6,2951,0671
NUms4(NUms4)Adult (f)2,8545591
EYUeJadoraseze DorkfaceHatchling (F)1,0022323
ovekSeze KhanHatchling (F)1,20015411
QuCCthe Pitiful Little SezelingHatchling (F)7344723
dd8RI Was Saved By a Gracious MotherHatchling (F)8303883
K8dkAnd I am the MoonHatchling (F)98412938
MZ2NAm I DeadHatchling (F)1,63248312
XsoZNNot So GoldHatchling (F)2,41916610
f8IlVFat ZombieHatchling (F)1,4143652
pJZL2Pajama PuzzleHatchling (F)1,73434410
e9CaY(e9CaY)Hatchling (m, F)4,8106045
KmGUDivinity DuskAdult (f)1,94545212
jsAVoCreating a HazardAdult (f)4,0454465
smKDt(smKDt)Adult (m)1,376660229
u6h3X(u6h3X)Adult (m)5,3607778
UjNAf(UjNAf)Adult (f)5,8591,1327
aK9ToAlternate ChristmasHatchling (F)1,68539512
DQpb2Kokoro VexusHatchling (m, F)3,71780938
MimuMKiwi's Mimum GhostHatchling (f, F)4,1009925
UVh7f(UVh7f)Hatchling (f, F)3,9685534
SunDq(SunDq)Hatchling (F)8003152
fXskTragic LaceAdult (f)6,23174228
XXwJh(XXwJh)Adult (f)1,9328730
XJhTD(XJhTD)Adult (f)2,2276130
5XMui(5XMui)Adult (f)2,5066270
nJNDD(nJNDD)Adult (m)1,9865720
EK4VrMushy SnugglebitesAdult (f)3,8948484
W974BSir Reginald Von BartlesbyAdult (m)3,8538717
QFMI4(QFMI4)Adult (m)5,3837664
B8KveFelicia SexopantsAdult (f)5,3997975
8Bhta(8Bhta)Adult (f)5,4608463
vDR8cFeng LegacyAdult (m)5,5988585
iMKPnTable MannersAdult (m)4,5395144
hvFrThe First KiwiAdult (f)4,0034226
YF64Rotting KiwiAdult (f)2,8594668
gfBrVexus MaktoAdult (m)3,1394839
ARTTArtistic KiwiAdult (f)4,4811,0264
NnuV9SEE WHAT YOU DIDAdult (m)5,0387944
I5d5tThuwed KiwiAdult (m)4,5451,00710
blFOSeze BlimpHatchling (m, F)3,7952534
prZXA(prZXA)Adult (m)5,7738704
PCQZQ(PCQZQ)Adult (f)5,7218612
lRMBg(lRMBg)Adult (f)6,6748963
T47cP(T47cP)Adult (m)6,4868990
boCP3(boCP3)Adult (m)7,0705462
lel1Can o KiwiAdult (f)1,5955462
M7GvVexus VizorAdult (m)1,9955075
u3Rto(u3Rto)Adult (m)5,6989014
2beBKazuhito BBAdult7,5109764
ftgLb(ftgLb)Hatchling (F)6723542
sWEmAllYerNinjaChickensAreBelongToUsAdult (f)1,16312014
oLLJ5Little PeeperHatchling (F)1,3613183
bWcgrThe BratAdult (m)3,68558475
BZqku(BZqku)Adult (m)3,8431,45410
qY7Db(qY7Db)Adult (f)4,5441,5795
tv7qRum Ball TruffleAdult (m)4,28628616
0DFVChatty RelativeAdult (m)4,41029411
v0C2In LaceAdult (f)5,28135318
tpcQHugZ LaceAdult (f)4,35729412
U3KXJasmond LaceAdult (f)4,13035414
5YaZEnvious LaceAdult (f)4,55137311
BUBhm(BUBhm)Adult (f)4,2007722
LA9Wb(LA9Wb)Adult (f)4,6087391
j5dUG(j5dUG)Adult (m)5,1336872
86bpsCelestial EveAdult (m)5,6917202
kgpgj(kgpgj)Adult (m)3,9717612
7bMcj(7bMcj)Adult (m)2,63472311
alX00(alX00)Adult (m)3,1015964
4basq(4basq)Adult (m)4,2137592
iAxunThank YuAdult (f)4,4337721
VIGZE(VIGZE)Adult (f)4,4517661
2TQSSurfing KiwiAdult (f)3,7623806
JVF2Poseidon VexusAdult (m)2,8784415
dGrQ5(dGrQ5)Adult (f)3,6304052
GA2pu(GA2pu)Adult (m)3,42467411
Ku5DTropic SezeAdult (f)4,9351,1659
ofO8Tempered SezeAdult (m)7,4219737
jr8XLaRocca KiwiAdult (f)4,22380911
LU2NSilence VexusAdult (m)8,8551,12211
agemGem in the sandAdult (m)2,29049711
fh0LW(fh0LW)Adult (m)2,6771,01720
oetZm(oetZm)Adult (m)2,8039376
qWQvm(qWQvm)Adult (f)3,8638472
XU7e7(XU7e7)Adult (f)3,6705523
o6USG(o6USG)Adult (f)3,4151,3578
72c8E(72c8E)Adult (m)2,0618532
GplKPChristmas Sezeling FloralHatchling (f, F)5,8498894
WF6rJ(WF6rJ)Hatchling (F)1,4143803
KqYTg(KqYTg)Hatchling (m, F)2,0567118
Y3KHm(Y3KHm)Adult (f)1,4776989
WvJpWhisp LaceAdult (f)4,78632810
qIlbDreams VexusAdult (m)3,43541310
E4RRErazen LaceAdult (f)3,65738413
tnFB7(tnFB7)Adult (f)4,4504757
FUOOnHaunter of DreamsAdult (f)7,1601,0372
3KFfQFor the RecordAdult (m)4,2838286
6oLBT(6oLBT)Adult (m)5,5757765
DEtLo(DEtLo)Adult (m)4,56274826
reRFu(reRFu)Adult (m)4,2323381
D6EnD(D6EnD)Adult (m)5,4195670
D1WQ(D1WQ)Hatchling (F)2,5656242
M2qr(M2qr)Hatchling (F)7861306
uv2qTakiya KiwiAdult (f)3,7404014
HbAiLav Hibai LaceAdult (f)3,3974415
uZhnZhao Yu VexusAdult (m)5,3105634
TjFsA(TjFsA)Adult (m)5,7418126
LjiNF(LjiNF)Adult (f)2,4687115
lYItWarus VexusAdult (m)2,9375366
iuLBcShala VexusAdult (m)2,4699674
atp8U(atp8U)Adult (f)4,101884148
5wmIU(5wmIU)Adult (f)3,5641,3853
HIlUXVexus from Green ValleyHatchling (F)3,7042745
H2MWCherry SezeAdult (f)1,86470013
EdEvEdev LaceAdult (f)5,30478731
2vAdTivad VexusAdult (m)5,8897199
DEJIYI REFUSED MY MATEAdult (f)6,2266935
hHKMJI ALSO REFUSED MY MATEAdult (f)7,19483216
cJtNiTHIRD TIME IS NOT A CHARMAdult (m)2,9785376
xmScS(xmScS)Adult (m)2,6107361
nPt5V(nPt5V)Hatchling (F)3,2824303
nN1EFire Soul VexusAdult (m)3,30138911
clO5Allowei VexusAdult (m)3,9955965
QkbLQuirk Ball KiwiAdult (f)3,91339915
uKL1Vexus DrakbanAdult (m)5,96497317
TrUQPink TruckAdult (m)3,5617144
gFa5Pink KiwiAdult (f)2,7957166
WnJYRotten Luck in PinkAdult (m)2,2956796
VO5kS(VO5kS)Adult (f)3,6439063
ngHZRathot SezeAdult (f)12,0651,36513
IjQoI(IjQoI)Adult (m)3,5268379
Hsjt3(Hsjt3)Adult (f)2,6491,036184
aIblRathor SezeAdult (m)3,11775041
t8F4a(t8F4a)Adult (m)3,5234476
PV8Gn(PV8Gn)Adult (f)2,2039025
Xi2lKazuto LegacyAdult (f)4,09335318
7bLGAgrona VexusAdult (m)6,70275928
5XDLDusk KiwiAdult (f)4,82143133
lcRlRomantic Fool VexusAdult (m)4,4781,05727
1RD2lDroxiAdult (m)5,00453124
BSvYMGolden Brain HemorrhageAdult (f)4,37859324
aZf6b(aZf6b)Adult (m)4,21461312
blBiNGhooul VexusAdult (f)3,88375920
ld3FC(ld3FC)Adult (m)7,8541,1145
OVAHPDancing with GhostsAdult (f)3,0745107
ZElDBCologneAdult (f)5,5005904
9du8tNew LegacyAdult (f)5,04785811
gsXTS(gsXTS)Adult (m)6,5769866
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