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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Sita10,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
x8uYJ(x8uYJ)Adult (f)5,3749412
jFxfJ(jFxfJ)Adult (f)5,4059472
TbKJ3(TbKJ3)Adult (f)5,3119332
K7eX2(K7eX2)Adult (f)5,5349443
Woi7N(Woi7N)Adult (m)5,6799905
6BH3p(6BH3p)Adult (f)6,0241,0906
HTe1W(HTe1W)Adult (m)5,5919873
BgmQN(BgmQN)Adult (m)5,5369925
Yd3TR(Yd3TR)Adult (m)5,6039823
PIjYp(PIjYp)Adult (m)5,6141,0105
3DMfH(3DMfH)Adult (f)5,6371,0112
HbBO1(HbBO1)Adult (m)4,6848884
vtuiu(vtuiu)Adult (m)4,9579552
yCM2p(yCM2p)Adult (m)4,9409222
whLS7(whLS7)Adult (f)4,9258834
BdHsw(BdHsw)Adult (f)4,8648915
2x0gu(2x0gu)Adult (m)5,0009527
40FH6(40FH6)Adult (m)5,9521,0284
sk1lj(sk1lj)Adult (f)5,8189742
WNN43(WNN43)Adult (m)5,2579113
XUupvTributary of Pterinier CBAdult (f)5,5389635
MUBwd(MUBwd)Adult (f)6,0391,0323
hxpVg(hxpVg)Adult (f)4,8278872
qoziR(qoziR)Adult (f)4,8638723
lC6PE(lC6PE)Adult (f)4,7308704
ERwyl(ERwyl)Adult (m)5,0849364
5Kmpt(5Kmpt)Adult (m)5,0039081
XDtW1Poppin of VioletsAdult (f)4,9379021
AnroK(AnroK)Adult (m)5,0849604
mSknW(mSknW)Adult (m)4,6108993
O2a7c(O2a7c)Adult (f)5,7441,1603
wx4Rt(wx4Rt)Adult (m)5,1719482
lCsT6(lCsT6)Adult (m)5,1819655
GD00K(GD00K)Adult (f)5,9801,0956
49eId(49eId)Adult (m)5,8421,1062
VLXUG(VLXUG)Adult (f)5,8271,0944
3tYrp(3tYrp)Adult (m)5,8431,0992
bvaDJ(bvaDJ)Adult (f)5,8571,1053
qIkFI(qIkFI)Adult (m)4,9671,0311
PVRVI(PVRVI)Adult (m)4,4248742
NvxHS(NvxHS)Adult (f)4,9228551
vYOtC(vYOtC)Adult (f)4,9659293
9kdfj(9kdfj)Adult (f)4,8868954
4NaP3(4NaP3)Adult (f)4,9748972
cwazV(cwazV)Adult (f)4,9709343
kZRGR(kZRGR)Adult (m)5,0801,1423
Lecdp(Lecdp)Adult (m)5,4761,2103
1knTD(1knTD)Adult (f)4,7719652
8aGEh(8aGEh)Adult (f)4,5419542
Swzch(Swzch)Adult (f)4,8709571
yczBC(yczBC)Adult (m)4,7399723
pqBGX(pqBGX)Adult (f)4,7759522
PW2R7(PW2R7)Adult (f)4,7009312
MXZQn(MXZQn)Adult (f)4,9759634
BiwFV(BiwFV)Adult (f)4,7289353
98avF(98avF)Adult (f)4,9211,0482
eJpci(eJpci)Adult (m)4,8989634
vQKTg(vQKTg)Adult (f)5,1419862
PN7Lj(PN7Lj)Adult (f)4,8049432
4VnII(4VnII)Adult (f)4,8549223
kYs8p(kYs8p)Adult (f)5,2279853
sBLFR(sBLFR)Adult (f)4,9249532
X7f9r(X7f9r)Adult (f)4,9901,0595
4DA0b(4DA0b)Adult (m)4,9251,0443
p78e8(p78e8)Adult (f)5,0141,0313
CxUgZ(CxUgZ)Adult (f)4,9791,0204
aAxB6(aAxB6)Adult (m)5,5571,0273
n5nV2(n5nV2)Adult (m)5,0331,0222
1yue6(1yue6)Adult (f)5,0561,0865
9YQJD(9YQJD)Adult (f)5,4711,0692
xnH94(xnH94)Adult (f)5,4721,0632
glY9O(glY9O)Adult (f)5,4541,0364
MsBYb(MsBYb)Adult (f)5,3951,0351
hO7T6(hO7T6)Adult (f)5,3251,0253
ZlzhY(ZlzhY)Adult (f)5,3911,0536
jMZTZ(jMZTZ)Adult (m)5,3771,0555
ogX3B(ogX3B)Adult (f)5,5731,0994
KWnB5(KWnB5)Adult (m)5,4371,0533
dVAvV(dVAvV)Adult (m)5,0191,0483
Huqbs(Huqbs)Adult (m)5,0009973
aC7Wj(aC7Wj)Adult (f)8,9521,5003
925t7(925t7)Adult (m)6,3781,0683
m5mfs(m5mfs)Adult (m)6,2641,0632
S1FSQ(S1FSQ)Adult (m)6,1241,0234
ALWJN(ALWJN)Adult (f)7,0911,2375
uJt3s(uJt3s)Adult (f)5,0751,0222
3tdg6(3tdg6)Adult (m)4,7109954
nYFfZ(nYFfZ)Adult (f)4,8151,0113
vrJSe(vrJSe)Adult (f)8,8131,3352
0kyk7(0kyk7)Adult (m)9,1411,4764
WyJSV(WyJSV)Adult (m)8,5051,3775
jS4zB(jS4zB)Adult (f)9,0151,4235
RMLoV(RMLoV)Adult (f)8,4501,3656
YN4dT(YN4dT)Adult (f)8,4111,3613
GAQJV(GAQJV)Adult (f)8,7291,3864
pSjNO(pSjNO)Adult (f)8,5911,4512
QdfVO(QdfVO)Adult (m)8,4261,4174
txJvd(txJvd)Adult (f)8,3931,4217
pJg6U(pJg6U)Adult (m)8,5651,4163
fl2e8(fl2e8)Adult (f)8,4851,4777
tpThO(tpThO)Adult (m)8,8681,4445
Iq8RJEileen of Violets CBAdult (m)8,0211,3603
9Wmt3(9Wmt3)Adult (f)7,8981,3444
zXnxnPansy of Violets CBAdult (m)7,0161,1962
hT2ExRainfur of DovecoveAdult (f)8,2181,2543
iKQT6Errol of Dovecove NBAdult (f)8,1631,2365
mzRjd(mzRjd)Adult (m)9,3121,1252
JKgXzRebel of Pindust NBAdult (m)7,6731,0394
yZJwk(yZJwk)Adult (f)6,4199443
QNZtQ(QNZtQ)Adult (f)6,2809931
9cZ6SHodgesaargh of the Watch NBAdult (m)6,1519771
YItpaHerrena of the Watch NBAdult (m)6,0999752
Jz8fSLord Sir Harry of the Watch NBAdult (m)5,7589143
cFzEgGlenda Sugarbean of the Watch NBAdult (m)5,8329612
N47mIFindthee Swing of the Watch NBAdult (m)6,1229942
JphyNEvadne Cake of the Watch NBAdult (f)5,7629264
nrjoN(nrjoN)Adult (f)4,4518393
9La4lIbolya of VioletsAdult (m)4,5848193
9AI5dAlique of VioletsAdult (m)4,5638032
QeRYX(QeRYX)Adult (f)5,2468884
JJOTWFur of Verdence CBAdult (f)5,1688773
SvhduSayarah - Dreamcatcher CBAdult (f)5,4128872
L73Ap(L73Ap)Adult (f)7,6909152
Z67goStar-Sailor Alekian NBAdult (f)5,9528435
jq2rqSuccess of Striking IronsAdult (m)5,2989493
7lQaBZodiac of VioletsAdult (f)5,8801,0081
vRZL2Razzle of VioletsAdult (m)5,7901,0104
ShZs2Crash of PterinierAdult (f)5,8049842
4FNaKNether of Soul Flame CBAdult (f)4,5988812
Jq1mZWendimoor of Inglenook CBAdult (f)6,5561,1296
qGjzo(qGjzo)Adult (f)5,5631,0021
HxZjGDrum Billet of the Watch NBAdult (f)5,6179731
Tt8MYCup of Coffee CBAdult (m)4,3258243
NLTrgNitrite of Scorched Skies CBAdult (m)5,0608612
39VDpSilk - Dreamcatcher CBAdult (f)5,6099882
Lbx5pLilaco of Inglenook CBAdult (m)5,8609913
pD3xj(pD3xj)Adult (f)5,8419971
Orj4dPoisoned Breeze Orchid CBAdult (m)5,3638764
gcUZAMargret Lancre of the Watch NBAdult (f)5,2749492
u7R9JBeauty of Feather's EdgeAdult (m)5,1358811
AM7Y5Companion Quargora NBAdult (m)6,8198364
fxDJ1(fxDJ1)Adult (f)4,5138284
AK59xElla Saturday of the WatchAdult (f)4,5908253
zzSBUPoisoned Breeze Fyllin NBAdult (m)5,4659151
1y1C0(1y1C0)Adult (m)5,8718573
hBw1B(hBw1B)Adult (f)5,7608495
sHkH1(sHkH1)Adult (m)5,9748694
1fw5dStrike of Scorched Skies CBAdult (m)5,0529351
fhdIh(fhdIh)Adult (f)4,9598962
RQOFiValley of Violets CBAdult (f)4,8318582
76J7cAztec GiftAdult (m)4,8758842
pwKySHermitcraft from 1 15Adult (f)5,0158794
Y175sEric Thursley of the Watch CBAdult (m)4,7258904
S9AsjRockpool of Seashine CBAdult (f)4,4188414
4JLq6Dive of Feather's Breath CBAdult (f)6,4228998
PHbQqSilver of SeptimAdult (f)4,9288994
QcgQxEscape of Striking IronsAdult (m)4,8938623
iEf0qLove from Diamond DaysAdult (f)4,9288896
mFbW9Edward D'Eath of the Watch NBAdult (m)4,9619003
VSYj5Maihc of the Ghost Sea NBAdult (m)4,6438735
kQ96eBasque SerenadeAdult (m)4,6438873
TtVdoLilted Cloud CBAdult (f)4,9628933
OsZ8cBlossom of Rippled Sails NBAdult (f)4,8518513
p4B6FDark Imp Jiccups NBAdult (f)8,7811,2023
PDdxASanity of Masquerade CBAdult (f)8,5971,0322
pPqCtPipita of VioletsAdult (m)7,8701,0332
1EveOCompanion EveOAdult (f)7,8171,0403
iqLu6Aztec LibertyAdult (f)7,4939993
DA1RCDoughnut Jimmy of the WatchAdult (m)7,4681,0463
geE9vGrian from 1 15Adult (m)8,1521,0285
OrXnHDaisy of Violets CBAdult (m)6,5041,0754
bpiDqStar-Sailor Whoosh CBAdult (m)5,7341,0753
iExPtDwell from the Lagoon CBAdult (f)5,6661,0353
dWW0mDismay of the Empty WellAdult (m)3,8908452
yAddiMarina of VerdenceAdult (f)4,7749401
mTd4aCompanion UniversalAdult (f)4,8439313
CxF43D'regs of the WatchAdult (m)4,7289323
2WMXFStar-Sailor YonderAdult (f)4,6038793
YsshSBasque NobleAdult (m)4,9059485
xGUer(xGUer)Adult (m)4,7549354
2B2y8Dust of Feather's Edge CBAdult (m)5,5291,0191
34a0OLantern - Night Terror CBAdult (f)5,5951,0383
zzdif(zzdif)Adult (f)5,6101,0221
oNj9wNonwji of PterinierAdult (m)5,5661,0312
PFyoaAztec DanceAdult (f)5,6381,0071
iZ2YWDance of CirroAdult (f)5,5919822
k5ftARise of Sky's Ocean NBAdult (m)5,5961,0153
RAKLzRazz - Lithe CBAdult (f)5,0701,0641
UpFOOMaani - Lithe CBAdult (m)5,2891,0772
jl8IVLock of Striking IronsAdult (m)5,1551,1172
siz5EAztec MaizeAdult (f)4,8811,1477
fKVteElectron of Scorched SkiesAdult (f)4,8421,1064
cufOBSeason of the OtherworldAdult (f)4,8001,0993
3vGhR(3vGhR)Adult (f)5,9981,2492
88u8C(88u8C)Adult (m)5,0701,1623
3xq3AMaxi Gecko CBAdult (m)6,1731,3022
6NVZYRabby GeckoAdult (f)4,5019871
r9yphClouds of the MistAdult (m)4,6029631
aIaLONicor of the MistAdult (m)5,6431,2232
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