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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Sita10,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6eJ4C(6eJ4C)Hatchling (f)6,7711,0842
z7dlQ(z7dlQ)Hatchling (f)3,4977363
AMiUw(AMiUw)Hatchling (f)3,5617312
RrhHS(RrhHS)Adult (f)4,8638663
oFDmh(oFDmh)Adult (f)5,3659152
EL8uZ(EL8uZ)Adult (f)4,3388074
IUQ7Q(IUQ7Q)Adult (m)6,7371,0033
4XpYm(4XpYm)Adult (m)4,9808294
2P5kC(2P5kC)Adult (m)4,5888323
kADvt(kADvt)Adult (m)5,9669355
MBndi(MBndi)Adult (f)6,8278745
6NrPK(6NrPK)Adult (m)5,0868114
dMJ03(dMJ03)Adult (f)5,4558036
G4Fae(G4Fae)Adult (f)5,4768374
0qsmO(0qsmO)Adult (m)5,3828232
GJjcoDark Imp Danaco NBAdult (m)3,6594533
2JKQaAztec Sacrifice CBAdult (f)8,0321,1305
rdU2L(rdU2L)Adult (m)5,0128063
GUVTTGwilitarro of CirroAdult (m)7,3371,0373
mAHve(mAHve)Adult (m)7,3211,0771
gFual(gFual)Adult (m)7,3041,0492
4s8rM(4s8rM)Adult (m)6,6499682
MFJJh(MFJJh)Adult (f)7,2739714
y75mH(y75mH)Adult (f)7,1599743
tjeiE(tjeiE)Adult (m)7,0869833
1gyGj(1gyGj)Adult (f)7,9311,1263
IQ3it(IQ3it)Adult (m)7,4851,0564
EIg4J(EIg4J)Adult (m)7,5121,0544
hQUn3Crystal of Sky's Ocean CBAdult (f)7,5651,0833
SvL03(SvL03)Adult (f)7,3411,0753
3gb5Q(3gb5Q)Adult (m)6,1609152
JXAg4(JXAg4)Adult (m)6,0429082
MG93t(MG93t)Adult (f)6,2628783
jbfWQ(jbfWQ)Adult (f)6,3338893
bwIsVBewilder of Cirro CBAdult (m)6,5208933
ix75N(ix75N)Adult (f)8,0411,0293
ADauW(ADauW)Adult (m)5,6118772
zTyVd(zTyVd)Adult (f)5,9169303
EfXnL(EfXnL)Adult (m)6,2058994
wKYUi(wKYUi)Adult (m)8,6721,0026
BAibs(BAibs)Adult (m)5,6418723
BHkxa(BHkxa)Adult (m)5,3388532
SlEvd(SlEvd)Adult (m)5,6639053
KStjd(KStjd)Adult (f)5,7828913
eY3D8(eY3D8)Adult (f)5,7908905
F6jEhZedaph of the Otherworld CBAdult (f)5,9399632
Wg2QsDoc from 1 15Adult (m)6,1889632
dHuhaBreath of Feather's Edge CBAdult (m)5,2438576
fOHVBBasque NoliAdult (f)5,3188842
1yGPpGP - Duel Cards CBAdult (f)6,6811,0332
zNUXHCirple of Violets NBAdult (f)5,8959805
VnhClHirple of Violets NBAdult (f)5,9419962
eM8HoBrutha of the Tower Guard NBAdult (m)6,0009867
hCU3CThe Duck Man of the Tower GuardAdult (f)5,8821,0064
LApuO(LApuO)Adult (f)5,1838262
2sVb8Pasi To Tango CBAdult (f)5,3288833
ZD2H4(ZD2H4)Adult (m)5,2328502
o32fsBasque Osfriglys CBAdult (m)5,0068303
DpPCbDulo of Rippled Sails CBAdult (f)4,8608342
kDqmnLilted Rhiona CBAdult (f)5,6848724
KuBfILuggage of the Tower Guard NBAdult (f)5,2519243
O4DNITysiphone of the Epoch NBAdult (f)4,8098582
PYBDbFaete of the OtherworldAdult (m)4,7328578
vrw74Arthurian Arsaniiborn CBAdult (f)5,6858704
PQMutZavajeite of Violets NBAdult (m)5,7951,0381
YxxLVTango from 1 15Adult (f)5,8661,0274
yXYVYXyvy Valient CBAdult (m)5,0728953
8vzbsBoster of Cirro CBAdult (m)5,7831,0463
usKVgKeleva of Cirro CBAdult (f)5,8711,0924
bx9WkRincewind of the Tower Guard CBAdult (f)5,0889683
CTaPCAgeon of Violets CBAdult (m)5,7091,0373
r7OucAztec LucklightAdult (f)5,9148644
b5dRLArthurian Merlin CBAdult (m)5,1308635
L7VuTLuvita of Rippled Sails NBAdult (f)3,9355025
zdANbZadanz of Cirro CBAdult (f)4,8259253
8knSQIskall of the Otherworld CBAdult (f)4,8329422
PGWWiWaverunner of PterinierAdult (m)4,8408475
EeC3HDeath of The PrimariesAdult (f)6,5431,0934
jpn0J(jpn0J)Adult (f)5,1108262
wCdbN(wCdbN)Adult (m)4,9788382
XrLF7Margaret of the Tower Guard NBAdult (m)5,3098883
XsD5XPeseba of Violets NBAdult (f)4,9058503
YCVkl(YCVkl)Adult (m)4,9618643
554CjPiento of Sparkling Waters NBAdult (m)4,9368361
VWi9vImpulse of the Otherworld CBAdult (m)7,0321,2344
TUKMERen of the Otherworld CBAdult (m)5,2321,0294
4RcV2Eskarina of the Tower Guard CBAdult (f)4,9941,0193
nsjgQAchmed of the Tower Guard NBAdult (m)4,4379661
BoX3gCarcer of the Tower Guard NBAdult (m)4,3949572
zTkxb(zTkxb)Adult (m)4,3998152
LAgiwLaigi To Tango CBAdult (f)5,8949712
k2IsmArthurian MorganaAdult (f)4,3228473
29TaATazine of Sky's OceanAdult (m)6,0661,1783
gQhvSMallagnite of Violets CBAdult (m)5,6021,1092
2hukmHeights - End's IdeaAdult (f)5,4391,0403
vddyOSilence of the OtherworldAdult (m)5,2991,0503
dgMN0Mission of Striking IronsAdult (m)4,4108714
PlWmtJoy from Diamond Days CBAdult (f)5,4911,1031
xasm4Aztec MothreizAdult (m)4,8378572
ukM1aCove of Seashine CBAdult (m)6,2491,0644
QBGz5Carno Valient CBAdult (f)6,3851,1083
fyYDRMr Tulip of the Tower Guard NBAdult (m)6,4001,0393
3U1q9Arthurian Utharna CBAdult (f)6,9041,2383
Ts9GOFlight of Striking IronsAdult (m)6,7741,2113
k1mVAArthurian Lancelot CBAdult (m)5,5881,0232
uybvyCyclic SolovahAdult (m)6,2471,0344
KT5HpGlass of Striking Irons CBAdult (f)6,2901,0512
IRD8H(IRD8H)Adult (m)5,5701,0283
o5LyrCrackle of Bubblegum CBAdult (f)5,4421,0244
0e3tjBounty from Gaia CBAdult (f)5,6111,0434
78UoSSulos of Violets NBAdult (m)5,4021,0105
jzyNWMountain of VioletsAdult (m)5,4451,0534
s4tq4Arthurian Gwenivere CBAdult (f)4,6588523
CPHXe(CPHXe)Adult (m)4,9228483
K4T8uSerene Samao NBAdult (m)4,9878403
Hh3zU(Hh3zU)Adult (m)5,0328803
F9ewBRoyalty of Violets NBAdult (m)4,6448883
QqBD0Chatoyant Kedava NBAdult (m)5,5079372
TwkJeIkhao of Violets NBAdult (f)4,6808592
ibnKJFoul Ole Ron of the Tower GuardAdult (m)5,8098894
01gOh(01gOh)Adult (f)5,4568702
MzHYyFalse of the Otherworld CBAdult (f)8,8541,2934
02AR2Argo - Duel Cards CBAdult (m)8,4701,2382
SKOCYHappiness from Diamond Days CBAdult (f)8,3631,2252
bBbxr(bBbxr)Adult (f)8,5051,1932
NW1J2(NW1J2)Adult (m)8,4621,2732
ficUMSargent of the Tower Guard NBAdult (m)7,7201,1371
DEMATAztec SonnenregenAdult (f)6,2539952
5gT5JTiffany of the Tower Guard CBAdult (f)5,3568991
3UD66Foxtrot To Tango CBAdult (f)5,6659453
6zJCkNanny Ogg of the Tower GuardAdult (f)4,9518823
EVu2wVetinari of the Tower Guard CBAdult (m)4,7129002
1lbZs(1lbZs)Adult (m)4,5348363
6920M(6920M)Adult (m)4,3318105
Z5Qdi(Z5Qdi)Adult (m)4,7158512
IzObpEsio Trot To Tango CBAdult (m)4,4768311
RUbvbGreebo of the Tower Guard NBAdult (m)4,5528942
TOMiwWar of The PrimariesAdult (f)5,7311,0036
K22J5Hope from Diamond Days NBAdult (f)4,5599062
LDAGtPrehistoric Birdbox CBAdult (m)4,5468571
mJ4wqMJ To Tango CBAdult (f)5,1761,0373
jMkQdDusk of Feather's Edge CBAdult (f)3,8108321
rpHSnGan Ning of Seven Seas CBAdult (m)3,9438382
upsFPSusan of the Tower Guard NBAdult (f)5,3909563
KOFmrLoss from Diamond Days NBAdult (f)5,2699242
UOal4Dash Hope from Diamond Days NBAdult (m)5,2869512
ZA1yvEnvy from Diamond Days NBAdult (f)5,2999502
aOdtRCleo of the Otherworld CBAdult (f)5,2649414
Sfq3lChains of Striking Irons CBAdult (f)4,8219156
xuaiaDisuse of the Empty Well NBAdult (f)5,0288553
Ssa8tBella of Fearsome Claws CBAdult (m)4,9768244
adhYMBetrayal of Striking Irons CBAdult (f)4,6658034
BMIs9Star-Sailor First OneAdult (m)4,0038353
vsCx9Grief from Diamond Days NBAdult (m)5,1319572
qV39eIsland - End's Idea NBAdult (f)5,1389671
DMvKLEndcrypted of AxoAdult (f)5,1109663
dsizLInfinite - End's IdeaAdult (f)5,2601,0172
pYAIHGalactic of AxoAdult (m)5,1839951
rNtXEMumbo from 1 15Adult (m)5,0169873
8YNhPTruth from Diamond Days NBAdult (m)4,0628722
f44GhPotion of Striking Irons CBAdult (f)7,7681,2241
r5EjG(r5EjG)Adult (m)7,8281,1943
zKNhUScorn Valient CBAdult (f)7,7501,2153
34JYl(34JYl)Adult (m)7,8531,2045
aPn24Wings of Striking Irons CBAdult (f)7,4751,1592
7k1wb(7k1wb)Adult (m)8,0261,2002
tRuEeBeans of Coffee CBAdult (f)5,4777831
XhiyhArthurian Luther CBAdult (m)6,5121,0101
r1gmq(r1gmq)Adult (m)5,0339793
2wbBaRob of the Tower Guard NBAdult (m)5,1789454
QIKxkMirth of the Sea Well NBAdult (m)5,3638792
m3ajXMoxen of the AbyssAdult (m)5,4228782
YqOqRIdare of the AbyssAdult (m)5,1758981
MOccpMocheck of the AbyssAdult (f)5,1188761
E1kTtAinsel Under GlamourAdult (m)4,9128673
46kmwBars - End's IdeaAdult (f)5,4931,0205
HtMNJJoe Hills from 1 15Adult (f)5,4701,0594
k2iJVXonyo from the Sky RealmAdult (m)4,7759723
JEB4WJeb of VioletsAdult (m)4,6259753
QpldESplash of Pterinier CBAdult (f)4,6579664
exOxQOne Way To Tango CBAdult (f)6,4651,1634
IGxIX(IGxIX)Adult (m)6,4881,1645
E1ChZCoin of SeptimAdult (f)5,3189374
qqHZeGodivi of the Growing Well NBAdult (m)5,1999203
zqn44Blessed Heart Wels CBAdult (m)4,7379144
4bDGjDash To Tango CBAdult (f)5,3489742
XQ2alEternal of VitalityAdult (m)5,1419245
mFHbAElation from Diamond Days NBAdult (f)5,6171,0367
Vfp29Disparity from Diamond Days  NBAdult (m)5,6691,0476
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