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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “SingingDragon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
dK9BWCrimson SpellbookAdult (m)2,1246150
cqOZtThat's Geneva You CrumbAdult (m)1,9957010
dIYrLMysterious DreamcatcherAdult (m)2,5276161
bWWVcI Need to Get Out MoreAdult (f)1,9767073
7P9B6Sacred StatueAdult (m)2,2426761
34vkrProtector of the Scroll LibraryAdult (f)2,8757001
JGl8gKennedy MeadowsAdult (f)2,3715552
EwI2tCurious BreezeAdult (f)2,2686441
6MX7QShalassleAdult (m)2,9626622
v5vqdMaking Wishes on Meteor ShowersAdult (f)2,4035302
FrzbHWe Can Be Ghosts NowAdult (m)2,4366020
2sM96Sunset HailstormAdult (m)3,1556293
9HvryMaybe on the Dark SideAdult (m)2,1955720
acxmDPull Me In a CircleAdult (m)2,5136170
JOsaIBorderline HappyAdult (m)2,0566512
aW5zbAfter a Few Minutes WooAdult (f)2,3257031
YpI2p(YpI2p)Adult (m)1,7268062
JkZhvNot Quite CrimsonAdult (f)2,6155684
Hgd1HLooming Icy PeakAdult (f)1,6245681
dbhTcNothing Goes UnspokenAdult (m)3,2256501
z0oYeWhen the Colors UnfoldAdult (m)3,1187060
aOYLkLava LammpHatchling (F)9552552
LTXGbPele and Na PaliAdult (f)3,6705712
IMBT4Rust and RuinsAdult (f)2,7647021
ygdHyGrace and SeveranceAdult (f)7,5201,2191
nc7fQProcyon and PleiadesAdult (m)2,2877070
Ig83EHistory and PrehistoryAdult (m)2,4467020
2jnA9Get in Line and Settle DownAdult (f)7,5811,57014
DPkqNDrifting WestAdult (m)2,9989012
WsZ3PBallooning NorthAdult (f)2,0916710
wB5sDSailing SouthAdult (m)2,2876070
OGKqaWosegowdAdult (m)2,7007010
oGf8IRosegildAdult (f)1,7757231
HG7cmLittle Man Doing YogaAdult (m)2,3394891
emlw7Dolphin CrossingAdult (m)3,0706892
ZlwLfKauai SnorkelingAdult (f)3,1207030
Riel2Sinner's BladeAdult (m)2,0965820
NpbZDUnder Night's ShroudAdult (f)2,6895581
y4pQxI Am Evil Stop LaughingAdult (f)1,9806230
emWjGPurging With My KinAdult (f)2,2385552
k2G44NyctophobiusAdult (m)5,2937063
NplPJNyctophiliadAdult (m)2,6776870
pydbLSpiders GeorgieAdult (m)3,1836291
8PthOThat's Not CreepyAdult (m)1,7276680
k2ELnPlaguemommaAdult (m)1,6936972
8ZCGmThis Is My Second LifeAdult (f)2,1507150
8Hw85And It's Heck or ParadiseAdult (m)3,1015651
z14Hw(z14Hw)Adult (f)1,6848053
wNMizSkullmaroHatchling (m, F)3,0477212
8mRXdI Guess That's How it FeelsAdult (m)1,9935852
ZywPZTo Chew Five GumAdult (f)2,2146151
5kX9HSodium Chloride WingsAdult (m)3,7941,0001
FIQ0lSea Salt SkiesAdult (f)2,0536130
9JZdVToxic NosebleedAdult (m)1,6975850
xqmOFPoisonous ScarsAdult (f)1,5076400
JM2LgFrosted Blue TigerAdult (f)2,9205130
RCZ1vMaverick StingAdult (f)1,9475961
3cxI5Rainy MountainsAdult (f)2,0286190
GYqURTwo Miles of Surging SeaAdult (f)1,9105382
M5VewMale Blue-Bands Do ExistAdult (m)3,0056811
EcmjPLifting Me Out of the DarkAdult (m)2,5315651
q9d1kTempest Out at SeaAdult (m)2,3926110
L3Y0JThunder WizzrobeAdult (f)2,9707061
eD4fqFarosh's FlickersAdult (m)2,7727021
ZrAk9Electric LizalfosAdult (f)2,6846550
tl14GShowy ScarletAdult (f)2,6179030
rCwh5Showier EmeraldAdult (m)1,6016050
0zjU5Give 'Em the Razzle DazzleAdult (f)2,7676141
RSPUFSulfuric RadianceAdult (m)3,8479505
YJWDxThat One Tough LevelAdult (m)3,0558192
TVoqVBrimstone BoyoAdult (m)4,8207821
s91MqBy Brute ForceAdult (f)2,1065811
phbSvDemonic WishAdult (f)2,3815351
YUyo7Final Boss BattleAdult (m)2,1775922
svrCjHoundoom's HauntAdult (m)2,2465603
nRblIPharaoh's GoldAdult (m)2,1995901
xVRQzI've Got the Only Heaven I WantAdult (m)2,8816740
8F3gx(8F3gx)Adult (m)1,9198051
AQREzCatafalconHatchling (m, F)2,7367292
6M1cSNighttime FlickeringAdult (m)2,6455441
jMMUBSlice of Life AnimeAdult (f)1,9436970
P6KpCI Dance in the TreesAdult (m)7,1611,4152
LdxJ3Overgrown JungleAdult (f)1,9886280
HhARYConstellation ClimberAdult (f)2,0397021
AZP9FN-not N-not Getting OlderAdult (f)1,9557021
g4x9QTattered ValentineAdult (f)2,0945161
7CmkgCrusher of HeartsAdult (f)1,8595761
IgnBEShadow in the Rose GardenAdult (f)2,3025113
cfn8SSurprisingly SweetAdult (m)2,3245560
RQUTBDrought of MagicAdult (f)3,0395161
pShgyLike a Million AlligatorsAdult (f)2,0825532
wMyRTSeeping Through the CracksAdult (m)2,6395662
ckkDoBreakfast CasseroleAdult (m)2,7125612
OFmw5Nightshade ReaperAdult (f)1,6886860
unPW5Shadow MommaAdult (f)1,6207132
PrsroBelfry BatsAdult (m)1,7677271
OAycXCwobatAdult (f)3,1067331
xZ2NvWelcome Back to ZubatHatchling (m, F)3,1227823
T2GMOSong of the Spacial RealmAdult (f)2,4565332
QvkDbWe'll Coexist in TimeAdult (m)1,9707251
9WaSxThe Stars WhisperAdult (f)1,9265950
8IkmLPlay in the WavesAdult (m)2,4316220
G5eYUReturn of the TideAdult (f)2,3815182
eKBjUBrave TeensyAdult (f)2,2048000
9EQ51Paper CrayonAdult (f)3,1626892
rvvyGSlightly Less ShinyAdult (f)2,0366180
lnqXYHey Look a PennyAdult (f)1,9855261
MTcqNBorn To Follow SkiesAdult (m)2,8975282
TQa5cMinuscule FireAdult (m)2,6669192
QwJxZKindliingAdult (f)3,2587020
NnBgPTiny Widdle EmberHatchling (F)1,8765301
4FGZ7Deceptive FoliageAdult (f)1,6496000
GdYKbRooted FlytrapAdult (m)1,6965820
4wYsbBriery SwampAdult (m)2,7296000
oh5gBAm I Jumin HanAdult (m)1,5415940
ScUulInconspicuous RosebushAdult (f)2,1495650
f2Q3KIvycienAdult (m)2,3597110
fQd1vHow's It Go AgainAdult (m)8,7451,3253
MmViNBlack Night ElfAdult (m)2,4748900
71K6YNight Fury SwoopAdult (m)2,6016741
XDWUBSwingin On a StarAdult (f)3,9741,2584
RB4y4Serene CumulusAdult (f)1,4815810
3WJExBioluminescent AbyssAdult (m)3,7361,0221
1cHB4What the Abyss HoldsAdult (m)2,6935541
Lc3imOcean CreepypastaHatchling (m, F)3,1247060
vhtvxIt's AukletHatchling (F)9123063
0V8KEGame Grumps NumerologyAdult (f)1,5487062
LsubITouches the SoilAdult (m)2,7147332
WhFx8Something Terrible Happened HereAdult (m)4,8127803
sqjsDPokiemonAdult (m)1,9187100
iMaFz(iMaFz)Adult (f)1,8468072
r589A(r589A)Adult (f)1,7758032
uYf3UWorth a FortuneAdult (f)2,2256552
RPRGsI'm Majestic OkayAdult (f)1,7487320
7vm43I am an Honors StudentAdult (m)2,7019253
tWju1Striking Purple RidgeAdult (m)2,2585971
dn9YKStalkin and SneakinAdult (m)3,0266662
egN7eClimbing the NightHatchling (F)1,9665200
AFYRLBenevolent and MalevolentAdult (f)2,4047091
LoSq4Revenge and NonviolenceAdult (m)2,8348151
bcqbbVeryvellAdult (m)4,7399782
kE1eDSaint Regis SunsetAdult (m)3,6935583
ZnouDI Are Literate DragonAdult (m)4,0811,2914
5ihueCrackling StaticAdult (f)2,2776410
UqFarTempest SpawnAdult (f)1,7816150
dum58What's This Oh My GodAdult (m)1,8246642
kz4SsClimbing From the BottomAdult (f)2,6107821
kYldxTakes Way Too LongAdult (f)2,8348071
a6WYwSpewing AshesAdult (m)1,6185691
6GgIfVesuvius' MightAdult (m)1,8485953
hTkxlThe Amateur Arsonist's HandbookAdult (m)3,2797060
GO96FPeregrine BluesAdult (m)1,4626531
vgwwRUltramarine FalconryAdult (m)1,8646510
JjINKThey Call Me StopAdult (m)2,5325343
JGw7IAxe MimicAdult (m)1,8826340
1n3gjDark Souls MinibossAdult (m)2,4805851
rqwyoCrumbling Coliseum ClimbAdult (m)2,9027051
kckJaFervent PassionAdult (f)1,4756370
YO1fdRelentless FervorAdult (m)3,1096762
viVyHWheezes GentlyHatchling (F)1,8824583
lwOAySapphy FireAdult (f)4,9177703
HCWesI Protec But I Also AttacAdult (m)4,8637147
JEoGlGiant Cat Cabin on a LakeAdult (m)3,8568042
XAwD2Retro Monster PosterAdult (m)3,7887662
SqsmYAlchemyst's FireAdult (f)4,8858183
WtRLKScreams IndefinitelyAdult (m)4,7517883
7WyrsSixpenceeAdult (f)4,1497903
Uaj8uEmerald Bay CoveAdult (m)3,6667941
flLOeClover SpinelAdult (f)3,3388034
6hE34Apparently You Can Stun a DragonAdult (f)3,5127541
F7lrOHot Pink FantasyAdult (f)2,0558323
BXLPvEmbracing MeAdult (f)2,3245312
EfmyULowkey VaporwaveAdult (f)4,3891,0083
Gg6ITOopsie DaysiesAdult (f)2,2007060
HEazvGuess Who's Back BackAdult (f)2,1005661
SR4XEBack Again-gainAdult (m)2,6156411
yVnK2Shady's BaackAdult (m)7,3371,2241
Xi6rbTell a FrenAdult (f)12,4681,3754
ayViZ(ayViZ)Hatchling (F)1,6494341
njaHyFrozen Nose and ToesAdult (f)1,7675740
SAyuDFrostbitten ClawsAdult (m)1,7846290
C9CqWIceClimberHatchling (f, F)2,7536862
S4IgwRecent Obsession With RedsAdult (f)2,8555811
ONmuqJewel of the Eastern SkyAdult (m)2,6085931
hGPM9Tuning Fork HumAdult (m)8,0691,1121
HlYpDGlimmering StonesAdult (f)2,3156933
cmL4iUncracked PotentialAdult (m)2,1125742
538LQAristotle and CopernicusAdult (m)3,6781,0164
1IUMFIntelligence and WisdomAdult (f)2,0916120
7hadeHigh Risk and High RewardAdult (f)2,2665631
13ZfFRise and SinkAdult (f)2,3025650
A9mo9Spite and JealousyAdult (m)2,4386550
OKkajMajestic AtlanticusAdult (m)1,7306810
WMydeAm I Not Facing the CameraAdult (f)2,9567020
xk5GgStained Glass SkylightAdult (m)4,3607212
mfgsfGet Your Sass Out of my FaceAdult (f)2,79748510
o2Bk5Madeon IcarusAdult (m)3,4466105
9p5rVBlond HornsAdult (f)2,8919124
2gdUtMango ScentedAdult (f)2,1445750
xQoacTropical PapayasAdult (f)2,2136920
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