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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “SilvorMoon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
DpT0O(DpT0O)Hatchling (m)3,4667192
9poPA(9poPA)Hatchling (f)3,3887212
Z0WaWA Time for AweAdult (m)3,8256991
vWc31Wish for the FutureAdult (m)3,8207671
6KQcZAcross EonsAdult (f)5,5655801
Ra5HhRushing Rashly ForwardAdult (m)7,1525892
tKWhiWhile Away the TimeAdult (f)5,3666362
9V6S3Evolving Over TimeAdult (f)5,9336910
2bbhsDouble Speed TimeAdult (m)2,6977083
Oh6AmAmazing SpaceAdult (m)3,0139022
RYG7IRoyal Blue RealityAdult (m)2,3507301
TbgweAtop the Starry SkyAdult (m)2,8866581
DRYUYDrawn to StarlightAdult (f)3,0818111
E1YPtEternal Pinpoints of LightAdult (m)3,1318141
qhwNw(qhwNw)Adult (f)3,1367990
BePSuGalaxy IdolAdult (m)2,4936901
A8poDStarship Escape PodAdult (f)2,8906380
zcjCeCrystal in Zero GravityAdult (f)2,8226480
C6YqNSleek CyanAdult (f)3,1756751
NTknqInclined towards EternityAdult (m)3,4588081
s1n6ySimply UnfathomableAdult (m)3,4057741
alOQtAloof as a StarAdult (f)3,0156282
SnKnESnaking through StarsAdult (m)3,3516454
0rMSEMysterious OrbsAdult (m)2,2556882
SemzYSeeing by StarlightAdult (m)3,4026641
5h9AKShark of the StarsAdult (m)3,8636212
K5avIA Universal SaviorAdult (f)2,1346471
OUXAoOceanic GalaxiesAdult (m)2,6616831
spPdZSpeeding Like a CometAdult (m)4,1718411
hOW3aHalo of GalaxiesAdult (m)3,8147490
4a5nZ(4a5nZ)Adult (m)3,0057071
hZ8YJHazy Starlight SkyAdult (f)3,0637442
2AHBl(2AHBl)Adult (f)3,0786051
XveueSweet Scented WindAdult (m)3,0637901
lZzRLZealously Whirling WindAdult (m)2,9427950
ximkxTinkling Wind ChimesAdult (f)2,9107850
VDQmEDominion of VentusAdult (m)3,1208331
gLiDzGlistening GliderAdult (m)2,9017061
wHU3WWhooshing WindAdult (f)3,3407602
srV6FScouring BlastAdult (m)4,2048450
TIGxCTake Some Deep BreathsAdult (f)3,7577582
ZlOH7Halo of Clouds and SkyAdult (f)3,1576640
BXZr4Blast of Frigid AirAdult (f)3,4816951
vOEE2Voice of the VoidsAdult (m)3,3358581
8KnbCScattering CloudsAdult (m)2,7167081
zWfpKisara's InitiateAdult (m)1,07154313
3UR2Kisara's AcolyteAdult (m)1,26062220
5EZcKisara's ProphetessAdult (f)2,8374425
s0aKSoak Up The LightAdult (m)4,4071,0555
cUrtCurt ResponseAdult (f)6,50383431
JInnJinn of the RingAdult (m)8,9011,14425
qPsdbWhite as BoneAdult (m)3,9491,14914
NnaX0Palest ShadeAdult (m)4,0131,12311
2fSHVLord Orgene of CommonsAdult (m)4,4131,0706
fKnrDBaroness Rei of CommonsAdult (f)7,0281,23216
4ShVnForsaken SpiritAdult (f)4,5059927
MuACiMercy of the GraveAdult (f)3,2418236
VLHsZVale of SpiritsAdult (m)4,7941,00322
CDGeROld CodgerAdult (m)4,62498617
HijHkHoarfrost HijinksAdult (f)3,0831,04715
3aDMnMinistrations to the DoomedAdult (m)3,22391322
d0bOYD'oh BoyAdult (f)2,4726087
CKVv3Dry ChucklesAdult (f)2,3106592
9xXD2Ninefold ExcessAdult (m)2,2507103
ffYWKFleeing LightAdult (f)4,3237901
ZsP8hSoftest SpiritAdult (f)6,1587501
g2fzLAfterlife GiftsAdult (m)6,0217561
RbtEJWhispers on the WindsAdult (m)6,1297581
DSOwnDisowned SoulAdult (f)5,4086670
1eoeEWhite as LaceAdult (f)3,6098071
lNuLuLoops of EmeraldAdult (m)3,6937251
s71t8Sleekly EmeraldAdult (m)4,1227411
SNDWMSparkling MoodAdult (m)3,7717601
KOfdnFine Coil of GreenAdult (f)4,3147320
ugdpeEra of EmeraldAdult (f)4,5216030
XIV1hExhibit of JewelsAdult (m)4,5496030
vGgu2Reflections of JadeAdult (m)5,7785771
ooclHSharp Green GlassAdult (f)5,8396160
awXtPIn Awe of EmeraldsAdult (m)5,3136551
Kc6oSPefect Collector's ItemAdult (m)5,7306500
iw1TPImmersive ExperienceAdult (m)6,0096991
WUMlZWarm CurrentsAdult (m)4,2957300
8MftNLost Gem of the MountainAdult (m)4,4126930
ObBGQObject of AvariceAdult (m)4,54876718
3vZfNGreen as EdenAdult (f)5,69556214
WYtK6Across Wide RiversAdult (f)5,6639502
vqpu3Swirling Water VaporAdult (f)5,8474921
I5R5lIris LeafAdult (f)6,8025361
o0egcOolong GreenAdult (f)6,9405981
ByjXbBeautiful PoiseAdult (m)8,7306182
LJtltLittle Jade BeadsAdult (m)5,4656342
3HWYfShy Green GrowingAdult (m)6,3708620
oHKWvGreat Queen of JadeAdult (f)4,7798392
QgUiXQuickening LightAdult (m)4,1098291
pd0dSRattling Seed PodsAdult (m)4,0798320
rvX0NRosy VisageAdult (m)4,0198350
SlIupBlue SlurpeeAdult (f)4,0668350
6djLqLadylike IndigoAdult (f)4,0318300
tKak5Take FiveAdult (m)5,6117376
75KAlCalculated InnocenceAdult (f)6,1728142
SkYbYBlue Sky BabyAdult (f)7,6987691
JuKNjJunkyard RustAdult (m)4,3257481
kvWTbCovered in BlueAdult (f)5,1347001
twVLfIndigo LeafAdult (f)5,4787561
xptdMExceptional ModelAdult (f)6,2207211
y1U2cScarlet FruitAdult (m)5,5426390
XSVIFExcessively BlueAdult (f)5,3967113
9SsPQStunningly PaintedAdult (m)6,0447272
tJumNJungle JumbleAdult (m)4,5685732
hjxbrHelios HeartAdult (m)4,7197362
IGmjZImages of GoldAdult (f)4,7107361
9O2CbWarming in the SunlightAdult (f)4,0427612
UpLDJUplifted LuminaryAdult (f)4,3437961
OrygSCelebration of SunlightAdult (f)4,3598001
RdFMVRadiant FlairAdult (m)4,3187871
O7LIBLively Light LoverAdult (f)4,3027411
GnnWiGemlike ShineAdult (m)4,3547902
1ntMbEternal MagnificenceAdult (m)4,3727912
R9wGNRadiant Solar WindAdult (m)4,3357881
1iHI7Soul of IcarusAdult (m)4,7457691
NywX1Bright New MorningAdult (m)4,4177691
HEptPHeated PulseAdult (m)5,5206921
7qEvNSun Directly OverheadAdult (f)4,9517141
G4AL5Lady Light LoverAdult (f)5,2637202
EEtzTAfternoon EaseAdult (f)5,2186571
C0IyUCoyly ColorfulAdult (m)5,6926241
3oIr8Joy of the MorningAdult (m)5,1516171
nKjh7Now that Night is OverAdult (m)4,9656191
j4WW1Join Me for BreakfastAdult (f)4,7546741
VRQA6Variety of LightAdult (f)3,7027632
C2xnRCurling on SandAdult (m)5,4315592
6WpriSolar Wind JammerAdult (f)4,7675421
nSMkuSmoother Than GoldAdult (m)4,7165511
TdpNAPadding Over SandAdult (f)4,4316662
Lu6QqLucent DreamAdult (f)5,1816821
Nfu1kNight's Flickering OutAdult (f)4,9436861
9YaZgZigzag Desert WindAdult (m)5,4846941
FM3Q9Bright as FameAdult (f)4,2657150
cx78YCountry of DesertsAdult (f)4,1236931
5Cv1LCycle of the SunAdult (m)5,8436172
yTRNLEternal Desert DayAdult (m)3,3896771
AK5ECAsking for LightAdult (m)6,1575282
ZuoKySwirling Heated AirAdult (m)8,0445851
Zz1unSolar ContemplationAdult (m)7,0015861
P8zPdPeer Into the SunAdult (m)7,1965622
119mEInner IlluminationAdult (m)6,4106201
86RN5Serious SunburnsAdult (f)4,9216291
mWYB2Miracles of the SunAdult (m)2,8406730
7hcQaHeat HaloAdult (f)2,7516431
vLmh5Golden Veil of LightAdult (f)2,6747121
3otntBobbing on the BeachAdult (f)3,2018774
mykS0Mystery by the SeaAdult (m)3,1978562
srEB3Serious SurfAdult (m)3,3298870
fHBTDFrolicking in the WavesAdult (f)3,2868790
WOJrRWorlds of WatersAdult (f)3,8528770
BQpn7Beneath the Upper DeepAdult (m)3,8168670
qDf0J(qDf0J)Adult (f)3,8698770
ooVSd(ooVSd)Adult (m)3,8128730
4bSkj(4bSkj)Adult (f)3,9179000
XAvcN(XAvcN)Adult (f)3,9348750
C9xu4(C9xu4)Adult (f)3,9509030
C8Htk(C8Htk)Adult (f)3,9298790
JDVct(JDVct)Adult (f)3,8298570
KX1UnCaverns Under the DeepAdult (m)3,6488510
l0AcESeafoam like LaceAdult (f)3,6918851
TGPy7(TGPy7)Adult (f)3,7809620
CNIXcHydrotheraputicsAdult (f)4,2619941
dhn57Down among the FishesAdult (f)2,8607290
xYzAtYearns for the AtlanticAdult (f)3,8777010
E7Jvj(E7Jvj)Adult (f)2,9047592
4OeJYSwim Forth in JoyAdult (m)3,1066970
PECoJPercolating WaterAdult (m)3,0726880
2AgfyAstounding AquiferAdult (f)2,8697470
jVOe9Jupiter's OceanAdult (f)2,3826432
wFWlG(wFWlG)Adult (f)3,3187870
x5fcS(x5fcS)Adult (m)3,3246631
3NvkYFrom Inky WatersAdult (m)3,2027141
UXDYf(UXDYf)Adult (m)2,3766210
Vwd6E(Vwd6E)Adult (f)2,5286520
vnn0n(vnn0n)Adult (m)2,6596220
3tz2C(3tz2C)Adult (m)2,7106500
5n5mb(5n5mb)Adult (m)2,7495781
WGHRq(WGHRq)Adult (m)3,4507430
SdYPj(SdYPj)Adult (m)3,5657861
hpQ5cHeaps of October LeavesAdult (f)2,2927780
feWlzFestival of PumpkinsAdult (m)2,2467640
w3GLKWonderful Witch WeekAdult (f)2,2187650
X8QVqMore than LedgerdemainAdult (f)2,3207920
flcaBFlashes and BangsAdult (m)2,2477612
ToZdDEye of Toad and SoforthAdult (f)2,2947740
vH69cMagical Variety ShowAdult (m)2,2467690
CF37iCarnival ConjurerAdult (f)2,1687510
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