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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2018 Holiday Event
  • 2017 Holiday Event
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
  • 2016 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “SilvertheWolfy,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
cUO2z(cUO2z)Dead Egg000
TFHvL(TFHvL)Dead Egg000
xmnPF(xmnPF)Dead Egg111
8FejW(8FejW)Dead Egg111
tTiAC(tTiAC)Dead Egg000
oZXRL(oZXRL)Dead Egg000
dRQUT(dRQUT)Dead Egg000
VxQyu(VxQyu)Dead Egg000
uHy5nBL Aeon F1 WolfyAdult (f)4,4266073
jTK0FBL Aeon Thuwed M1 WolfyAdult (m)4,5246052
057ZNThuwed M2 AeonAdult (m)3,6944612
cmHZs(cmHZs)Adult (m)4,2184852
X9zAc(X9zAc)Adult (m)4,9284032
0mNlG(0mNlG)Adult (m)4,2593974
nzm5v(nzm5v)Adult (f)4,0264473
LreSQ(LreSQ)Adult (m)3,4904632
Q7bqo(Q7bqo)Adult (m)4,4284151
6cZ0M(6cZ0M)Adult (f)6,5404361
86W29(86W29)Adult (f)4,5533546
pRIyr(pRIyr)Adult (m)3,1448361
cRpa9(cRpa9)Adult (f)4,5403781
M7Rzp(M7Rzp)Adult (m)5,4493643
VeB1l(VeB1l)Adult (m)6,5957232
0NnrB(0NnrB)Adult (m)4,0785022
fTJtp(fTJtp)Adult (m)8,0767780
DilZHCB Alce M1 WolfyAdult (m)8,8491,2956
5RkDzCB Alce F1 WolfyAdult (f)8,2351,3745
RGesn(RGesn)Hatchling (F)2,1453801
xtHLF(xtHLF)Adult (m)4,6533801
uiiy7(uiiy7)Adult (f)4,2593432
1iS6E(1iS6E)Adult (m)4,0814510
w0rYH(w0rYH)Adult (f)7,2664863
xe4ac(xe4ac)Adult (m)5,2215702
JY3pZ(JY3pZ)Adult (m)4,8445741
iOPSo(iOPSo)Adult (f)5,4714151
aUX06CB Almerald M1 WolfyAdult (m)4,3379151
idlgXCB Almerald F1 WolfyAdult (f)5,0106282
2w3kMBL Almerald F1 WolfyAdult (f)3,8533652
yDygGBL Almerald PURE F2 WolfyAdult (f)4,9328663
s0KKZCB Almerald M2 WolfyAdult (m)8,1391,0255
bxOPJ(bxOPJ)Adult (m)3,7464570
tm6Bk(tm6Bk)Adult (f)3,8823822
DSMdU(DSMdU)Adult (f)9,5237591
iC7YmCB Anag F1 WolfyAdult (f)4,0915483
769TpCB Anag F2 WolfyAdult (f)3,5503681
Btf2dBL Antarean PURE M1 WolfyAdult (m)4,2583963
A4cdp(A4cdp)Adult (f)4,4793920
wAZGQ(wAZGQ)Adult (f)4,5323601
hZSmDBL Aqualis F1 WolfyAdult (f)6,2321,0714
PXYAaBL Aqualis F2 WolfyAdult (f)6,7311,0242
hmoDjCB Aqua DashAdult (m)5,5407312
3ayYkCB Aqua DancerAdult (m)6,8076431
Sbc3b(Sbc3b)Adult (f)3,0315132
E1W3f(E1W3f)Adult (m)3,9433621
yWBkT(yWBkT)Adult (m)7,4546921
I7YKC(I7YKC)Adult (f)4,1213251
Cuuym(Cuuym)Adult (m)5,5145083
el7o0CB Aranoas M1 WolfyAdult (m)7,0971,2423
AGb3fCB Aranoas M2 WolfyAdult (m)10,0051,6185
VBd8lCB Speckled FriendAdult (m)4,6125222
zd6r1CB Speckly LadyAdult (f)4,0415352
O0AQY(O0AQY)Adult (m)4,8048261
U8H2H(U8H2H)Adult (f)4,6943134
ikFI4(ikFI4)Adult (m)4,1705922
JSLcz(JSLcz)Adult (m)7,4478361
FtZVo(FtZVo)Hatchling (F)2,4743411
2Vqnm(2Vqnm)Hatchling (m, F)3,5944512
iIMBR(iIMBR)Adult (m)3,8834412
bQwyq(bQwyq)Adult (f)3,5874243
nzvZ4(nzvZ4)Adult (m)4,2563832
eX5jYCB Aria F1 WolfyAdult (f)3,5394974
UiqC9CB Aria M1 WolfyAdult (m)3,9885361
1KKM1BL Aria F1 WolfyAdult (f)4,3224311
s6zKoBL Arsani F1 WolfyAdult (f)4,6931,0522
7DhocBL Arsani F2 WolfyAdult (f)3,3514971
K9pGa(K9pGa)Adult (f)2,3865211
xci6PCB Ash F1 WolfyAdult (f)6,4901,0352
3C7Q8CB Ash F2 WolfyAdult (f)8,7841,1922
7PogqCB Ash M1 WolfyAdult (m)5,9271,1786
WwfShCB Astaarus M1 WolfyAdult (m)7,7951,3351
p01HhCB Astaarus M2 WolfyAdult (m)7,7021,3634
THrmtCB Astaarus M3 WolfyAdult (m)6,2811,1582
6Hk9JCB Astaarus M4 WolfyAdult (m)4,4855581
kkFJq(kkFJq)Adult (f)4,3584681
3HlXa(3HlXa)Adult (f)3,0027941
YGxAd(YGxAd)Adult (m)6,6454435
xOE4r(xOE4r)Adult (f)7,9927691
yFIgB(yFIgB)Adult (f)3,8033912
mcz1v(mcz1v)Adult (m)4,7843991
ufPzO(ufPzO)Adult (f)3,3764121
GQw9R(GQw9R)Adult (f)3,6863891
ibgGH(ibgGH)Adult (m)3,5714131
qolMa(qolMa)Adult (f)3,9514371
2iKYW(2iKYW)Adult (f)3,5554240
lDIgG(lDIgG)Adult (m)3,6014140
ITW1P(ITW1P)Adult (f)3,2884062
ZJI0c(ZJI0c)Adult (f)4,4263880
ZUndZ(ZUndZ)Adult (f)4,6473911
BOTZT(BOTZT)Adult (m)4,1914912
Vaf3m(Vaf3m)Adult (f)7,5847663
E620g(E620g)Adult (f)4,2825610
IwlKwCB Avea F1 WolfyAdult (f)7,8911,2113
5ZG1jCB Avea M1 WolfyAdult (m)4,9844221
CUXSD(CUXSD)Adult (m)4,8914132
8MAtk(8MAtk)Adult (m)2,8884511
pmqgK(pmqgK)Adult (m)6,7457651
PJfiC(PJfiC)Adult (m)3,8524501
WKSe5(WKSe5)Adult (f)4,6614252
MpM44(MpM44)Adult (m)3,9323050
sUo5QCB AGW F1 WolfyAdult (f)3,2774333
PI6UUCB AGW M1 WolfyAdult (m)3,5953951
wXYZMCB AGW F2 WolfyAdult (f)3,7254663
msGaLCB AGW F3 WolfyAdult (f)4,0174142
uqj3TCB AGW F4 WolfyAdult (f)4,8865031
AdheyCB AGW M2 WolfyAdult (m)5,9441,1512
i292aCB Baikala M1 WolfyAdult (m)4,2034141
ZdnPCCB Baikala M2 WolfyAdult (m)4,2644271
UxryT(UxryT)Adult (m)4,1414601
GvLC6(GvLC6)Adult (m)4,2474262
giHYHCB Baikala F1 WolfyAdult (f)9,3781,5546
x42ZECB Baikala F2 WolfyAdult (f)4,2964261
JYJ5kCB Balloon F1 WolfyAdult (f)4,3134720
Vqm6XCB Balloon M1 WolfyAdult (m)4,1404182
4K9AgCB Bauta F1 WolfyAdult (f)4,1084452
Z9JJrBL Bauta PURE F1 WolfyAdult (f)5,1085883
07MndBL Bauta PURE M1 WolfyAdult (m)5,0098454
c9ddo(c9ddo)Adult (f)3,4975231
kfI2P(kfI2P)Adult (m)3,7823743
NCW6X(NCW6X)Adult (f)3,6684490
AfXYr(AfXYr)Adult (m)4,9843590
OgQuHTiny Lil' Purple Pal WolfyHatchling (F)3,5885522
nDVSw(nDVSw)Adult (m)4,4033302
lsBQI(lsBQI)Adult (f)4,4702991
8Kcm5(8Kcm5)Adult (f)4,3772920
6vv6k(6vv6k)Adult (m)4,6693332
pCA1G(pCA1G)Adult (m)4,1555661
5kMy4(5kMy4)Adult (f)6,8054552
hPuvx(hPuvx)Adult (f)6,7194490
qjF5H(qjF5H)Adult (m)4,5444191
PZrih(PZrih)Adult (f)4,2553231
0HpJh(0HpJh)Adult (m)4,7303672
EITFk(EITFk)Adult (f)4,2073291
hJLJbBL Black F1 WolfyAdult (f)4,3784233
6Y1pfCB Black M1 WolfyAdult (m)3,88046311
63S3kBL Black M1 WolfyAdult (m)2,6784802
YZ7Z4CB Black F1 WolfyAdult (f)3,9774191
QgGRGBL Black M2 WolfyAdult (m)4,3913971
KGfDmCB Black F2 WolfyAdult (f)6,4491,0104
F7DPsBL Black F2 Wolfy G4Adult (f)5,1348165
ltAMuCB Black M2 WolfyAdult (m)4,1534721
rlHYdCB Black M3 WolfyAdult (m)3,8085341
jTQASCB Black F3 WolfyAdult (f)3,5404361
GfJaQBL Black M3 WolfyAdult (m)5,4825252
i5x47CB Black M4 WolfyAdult (m)8,3161,3880
P6mvx(P6mvx)Adult (m)4,7274120
fQ9a9(fQ9a9)Adult (f)3,1184731
tgFEwBL SBlack F1 WolfyAdult (f)3,9665423
ASqV4BL SBlack PURE F2 WolfyAdult (f)3,8934773
yv118BL BMarrow F1 WolfyAdult (f)3,7194932
LmBM0BL BMarrow F2 WolfyAdult (f)2,6866783
AYkH3BL BMarrow F3 WolfyAdult (f)2,2017401
hS6yNBL BMarrow F4 WolfyAdult (f)2,1764964
CjnvpBL BMarrow M1 WolfyAdult (m)2,6826582
lMjGuBL BMarrow M2 WolfyAdult (m)2,0376302
9QWveBL BMarrow M3 WolfyAdult (m)3,3474530
1klrxBL BMarrow M4 WolfyAdult (m)3,3624501
wxOd5(wxOd5)Adult (m)3,4871,0040
B18du(B18du)Adult (f)4,6354421
gNIND(gNIND)Adult (m)4,4744271
72qYi(72qYi)Adult (f)4,2414121
tmU07(tmU07)Adult (m)3,8293931
wilaYCB BlackTea F1 WolfyAdult (f)4,0994653
TqxZNCB BlackTea F2 WolfyAdult (f)6,3856132
cLN30CB BlackTea F3 WolfyAdult (f)3,8425441
rOjKr(rOjKr)Adult (f)3,6723872
2gJdp(2gJdp)Adult (m)6,9764660
kFs5y(kFs5y)Adult (f)6,6214422
PL5g0(PL5g0)Adult (f)6,4654311
qosbt(qosbt)Adult (m)3,1258492
QpvHJ(QpvHJ)Adult (m)3,6054661
uVgAP(uVgAP)Adult (f)4,7464632
ye9q3CB Blacktip M1 WolfyAdult (m)3,3934604
uKGW9(uKGW9)Adult (m)7,8266941
vF3vY(vF3vY)Adult (m)7,9777662
EsV8F(EsV8F)Adult (f)3,8443380
3Oti5(3Oti5)Adult (f)7,0247942
sfK3x(sfK3x)Adult (m)6,8877870
hu7td(hu7td)Adult (m)4,3023011
nwvCS(nwvCS)Adult (f)6,8544582
LWRo5CB Blazeback F1 WolfyAdult (f)7,2821,1676
LxFqSCB Blazeback F2 WolfyAdult (f)6,8291,1115
0kjkZCB Blazeback F3 WolfyAdult (f)7,5791,2812
ksBcWCB Blazeback F4 WolfyAdult (f)5,9651,1922
0L7sY(0L7sY)Adult (f)4,6837970
5vdpD(5vdpD)Adult (m)3,2724981
kcJFS(kcJFS)Adult (f)7,4307530
PbskaCB BleedMoon M1 WolfyAdult (m)3,7924561
4CN4v(4CN4v)Adult (m)6,5977222
4g5ZZ(4g5ZZ)Adult (f)6,5996943
hKaDP(hKaDP)Adult (f)6,6017291
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