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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Silverphoenixx,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2iKOuTree of WondersEgg (F)
Xs6rTWorking FireflyAdult (f)4,4347622
0pXmEBroken LanternlightAdult (f)3,8067602
TPE6tThe IlluminarianAdult (f)4,0406582
g0qubThe IlluminatedAdult (f)4,3657111
cXKr0The LuminAdult (f)5,4609101
gOMbgThe MinationAdult (f)4,2791,0851
wUKBjThe IlluminariesAdult (m)3,9146525
3ANXmThe IlluminationsAdult (m)5,1061,1251
Wgac9The LuminationsAdult (m)5,4089051
09kqTThe IllutinesAdult (m)5,4848921
rJqWjAnthanineAdult (f)5,5449591
aeAUVThe MinationsAdult (m)4,6538922
m5NleNameschemerAdult (m)4,8349493
O6PKaAluminationAdult (f)6,7687351
rXipsXipsAdult (f)2,4088773
sKnF8Furry NeckAdult (m)2,3407811
6M0TNEmoticonsAdult (m)4,9393822
UpZkYPink LobsterAdult (m)2,5827952
EogPqChocolate Syrup StripesAdult (m)3,4968673
zAcXGLlen Ytivarg-EcapsAdult (m)3,6369885
gDwC0OdoowodusAdult (m)3,6621,0084
FktTyFluffy SodaAdult (m)2,4728550
SjJqyPhoruAdult (m)5,2979251
nkjdDNaked SmoothiesAdult (m)4,7917941
CGx1SPink PorkchopAdult (m)5,1337622
MDsloALLL THE THUWEDAdult (m)3,4015933
7hVUpDEHAZEAdult (m)4,6481,0601
Yl1E1Step off the EdgeAdult (m)4,5471,0892
Qx1MJWaffle PieAdult (m)4,5831,0253
UFEOn(UFEOn)Adult (m)6,0755141
9aibpAdvance ConfusionAdult (m)6,1095071
l1z7uFuture You ChooseAdult (m)7,4755971
I4UzyA Mother's WishAdult (m)7,4595951
YT9tvFalareAdult (f)1,9155797
43oCYCycrieAdult (f)6,3725781
9R8C9Fired FinsAdult (m)2,6708232
jVIKQMyupAdult (m)3,4759846
4MSNPSunrise TidalAdult (m)3,0187283
nRpkZDazzler of the Neon SalmonAdult (m)4,3017848
ifo7VYou of the DarkAdult (f)5,6517344
ivAHtPuppet's FeastAdult (f)6,0527444
tde1NComing DemiseAdult (f)7,6325202
Cga88NEED MY SOCKS TO BE ON MY FEETAdult (m)4,3999000
mSNgQHome is Where the Hat isAdult (m)7,6586041
8dPg2Your Warmth is GoneAdult (m)5,7185782
i6HlGWarmth is GoneAdult (m)7,8585842
y0KHPYolk PlopAdult (f)5,4591,0730
UyHLUGrapefruit PaintingAdult (f)3,9099622
8wFsQBlood Red GrapefruitAdult (f)2,5506623
N5AokN5 AokAdult (f)2,6997901
HERAW(HERAW)Adult (f)5,8527812
xEOBvA Lady's MirrorAdult (f)5,61094520
HNpNMDeathly DonutAdult (m)1,9967205
TW9EcTuxedo PenguinAdult (m)2,72983210
WQsrABlack PianoAdult (m)3,0258913
E4OvtMalaysian Ice CreamAdult (m)3,1138522
1KqlaOne KumquatAdult (m)5,2159323
cLp4jCoastal DonutAdult (m)4,1951,0722
lQDwxI think we should bagelAdult (m)4,8331,0142
iIELTIlliterate VampireAdult (m)5,5478791
ez8scAlpaicAdult (m)5,7515471
cCuF6Cucumber-fuHatchling (m, F)4,8294822
b0OlORejoice in LoveHatchling (F)4,3894431
xZr6ADessert FuryAdult (f)5,1601,0751
IIW00(IIW00)Adult (f)6,0756633
GS9UrFemale PlatypusAdult (f)4,6237401
jeB3B(jeB3B)Adult (f)4,9977080
kYUyISound of HammersAdult (m)6,2045691
g8gx5Christmas Valentine CardAdult (m)2,6561,0952
tVxX9Scented Wrapping PaperAdult (m)2,5889754
8C4raTomato Print Wrapping PaperAdult (m)2,6359243
iDrn3The AP is a MessAdult (m)3,1828541
xrIZrWith Love To YouAdult (m)3,4737071
vhY5W(vhY5W)Adult (m)5,0449200
HKsHA(HKsHA)Adult (m)4,5318911
BLcrnBacon Lettuce TomatoAdult (m)4,8351,2762
feZlmA Royal Crimson Colored FezAdult (m)3,3418404
6s8oqRandom Christmas TomatoAdult (f)3,1629892
hqQXdIf Only I Were Ultimate FabulousAdult (f)3,5711,2460
pMNkWRosemary Parmesan BLT SandwichAdult (m)2,4037116
PSZlVTrimmed DashAdult (m)3,4775902
tiMMz(tiMMz)Adult (m)6,3677751
7D1CB(7D1CB)Adult (m)5,7266253
DmlKLwow what happenedAdult (f)3,8776955
2rvnxwhere did I get so many crimsonsAdult (m)3,9646792
VZjoZwhy are they all unnamedAdult (f)3,8846982
7mJA1what's this sorceryAdult (f)3,9866822
nh2nowhat's this witchcraftAdult (m)3,7687162
QDAJOQdoba Like the RestarauntAdult (m)1,6115812
8G5AbThat Chipotle on the MountainAdult (f)4,0581,2094
39DFmLight FMAdult (m)2,1317221
xbIjGRoseanna Sequalia FlorereAdult (m)2,8523584
iHQmEDeathly BurritoAdult (m)2,3067155
otqeQChocolate Burrito BowlAdult (m)4,1071,0692
CRFKsOdd SteakAdult (m)4,8981,0591
nlK5OVolcanic MangoAdult (m)5,1987721
sYE7nI OFFER NO INTERESTAdult (m)5,5116603
Vo2cLA Step AboveAdult (m)4,6619625
IZd6eOld SodaAdult (m)4,8661,0591
NaoNl(NaoNl)Adult (m)5,0686101
df0OfDurian FlowerAdult (f)3,9711,0713
BPBj3Little Pieces Of SkyAdult (m)5,6361,4013
H0bSDStarlit Corn on the CobAdult (m)3,3351,0303
WL71IMagic HairAdult (m)5,1561,2313
MaNI7Pleasure CapitalAdult (f)8,2117362
0aRlAOariaAdult (m)7,5147491
XCfFPow my backAdult (f)8,4778862
HCPz7Fiery HiccupsAdult (m)1,6046281
G8cBhthingerbobberAdult (m)3,4958342
JeFdyJefdyAdult (m)4,1236960
D7cMLA LOT of PupsAdult (m)3,9227021
ha0EJAbundant SolaceAdult (m)5,3706402
11kXnFar DawnAdult (m)3,8441,0045
41OZwPast LightAdult (m)4,2506291
QLqFuJustice Rest In PeaceAdult (m)4,3825361
SqWO4Light on a WindowAdult (m)4,0775471
HlbnZDusk ComesAdult (m)3,77069110
KcjqX(KcjqX)Adult (m)5,1011,1401
A1jpVFaded WindAdult (m)3,4698961
ANFfP(ANFfP)Adult (m)5,2201,1860
HC80W(HC80W)Adult (m)5,2691,1772
41xZ7Tie Dye SunburstAdult (m)3,7575324
Kcf08Tie Dye PaintingAdult (m)3,4349983
BPyIoBipolar IonAdult (m)5,1981,1291
56tTTAmber In A BugAdult (f)3,7408583
0hott(0hott)Adult (f)5,3175382
Z6qZ4Zebra SpotsAdult (f)2,9798937
rZYPoCherry Blossom SyraliaAdult (f)2,4534434
I5aZHHappy TacoAdult (f)2,1677201
FKbVsGASP a multicolored gaspAdult (f)2,7869180
7xXiZT Bone SteakAdult (f)3,6488512
3hbeg(3hbeg)Adult (f)4,3331,0451
8kllfRaw Salmon SushiAdult (f)5,7561,0771
xMlpU(xMlpU)Adult (f)5,4766411
9Oldn(9Oldn)Adult (f)4,4037731
BdGXrBacon SandwichesAdult (f)6,1705691
CmRLZBurst of FireAdult (m)2,1256922
n1KAt(n1KAt)Adult (m)6,3206242
SBuCASbucaAdult (m)4,8371,2453
M6U5pExcellence In OutstandingAdult (f)4,2971,1238
gzMkoRed like roses fillsAdult (f)4,6797951
lSVPYDon't Eat Mushroom StewAdult (m)3,2969412
8zdWoCinnamon MochaAdult (f)2,40366812
jYYdbCopper SockAdult (f)4,9481,2102
1IMTHSpontaneously CombustHatchling (f, F)2,4068822
Pm560Frigid BlackAdult (f)2,9377713
kT6DKBlazing StaredownAdult (f)4,2891,2392
CRsMSFurry KittenAdult (m)3,7548705
iVuYKLeather Car SeatAdult (m)3,4071,0392
kVw02Degree Of PotatoAdult (m)3,5941,1550
K4ylGPudding VampireAdult (f)4,5068924
ytdHvThe Plagued EarthAdult (f)3,9308071
Ox2UtVampire OxAdult (f)2,3388001
3b8in38 binsAdult (f)2,8179527
sB4zVDie as a SandwichAdult (f)4,4921,2552
636imNEW YEAR YEAHAdult (f)3,1359903
ixpCNGoodbye Two Thousand ThirteenAdult (f)3,1771,0021
Z1CzpZic ZipAdult (f)3,3209645
bE2lBClawed WrathAdult (f)2,6798203
YSeNT(YSeNT)Adult (f)5,6879162
D4tyKDead KittenAdult (f)7,1366501
POJy9Polly Doesn't Want A CrackerAdult (f)5,8761,0252
ajr00A Thousand LiarsAdult (m)2,6728711
cnp58LlardbuttAdult (m)4,3047680
Unj4aUnicorn DragonAdult (f)1,7776342
WlfILWylfilAdult (f)8,8196121
yWJ27Mad MonarchAdult (m)6,3665571
iz2JMCrazy CapitalistAdult (m)4,1118270
sjgyECritical ChauvinistAdult (m)4,6959121
Nz6ArThe Path to YouAdult (m)7,2435031
Tn3pxFood MageAdult (f)2,3028781
TIvsWAlibumaAdult (m)2,3297851
yxsz5I Can Use MagicAdult (f)4,7171,1502
zy7urZyur Leonardo BicegoAdult (m)9,0436163
TBn74Tibyen MarcoAdult (m)8,6096023
sWiXvSwix CheeseAdult (f)7,9048203
ja6XzJaded GreatnessAdult (f)4,6007631
PbG0V(PbG0V)Adult (f)5,2906302
ryeV7(ryeV7)Adult (m)5,7289331
Il6UaRest and IndulgenceAdult (m)6,5025861
DlLjTAnceliAdult (m)5,9516143
5A3w2I HAVE NO NAME THEMEAdult (f)5,5586263
PGDkWThe Dim AbyssAdult (f)6,8115961
LuMro(LuMro)Adult (m)4,8607954
MQ7jfMake It QuickAdult (f)5,3547342
3h8KAThe Truth-TellerAdult (f)5,8629274
BVPCxAce of DemonsAdult (f)7,0476771
uT39YI'm a noodle doodleAdult (f)5,1127693
iYd4SKiss Spoopy TeacherAdult (m)5,2027710
jqlaiJaq'laiAdult (m)3,8765943
fHCavOpen for BusinessAdult (f)6,5735762
850QwPlaying in the LeavesAdult (f)2,9909433
B2wffMarquee Of DoomAdult (f)6,2367992
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