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Dragon pixel art

Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Egg Basket
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • 2011 Haunted House
  • Carrot Cave
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Silver_Voices,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GSA4B(GSA4B)Adult (m)5,3607161
Tf81e(Tf81e)Adult (f)5,1719731
eugSS(eugSS)Adult (m)3,7297461
9oy58(9oy58)Adult (f)5,4439465
3u0uc(3u0uc)Adult (f)5,3489861
zkTLr(zkTLr)Adult (f)4,9439602
fS8qv(fS8qv)Adult (m)4,7839421
MwBMV(MwBMV)Adult (m)4,9201,0063
JhSF5A PeepAdult (f)5,0631,1419
LvpoELightning's SparkAdult (f)4,4402969
ABnLbA Frozen HeartAdult (f)4,2312838
04TO4Crown of IceAdult (f)3,4352295
fVkDvThe Son of FireAdult (m)6,5841,3428
EfW99Daughter of FireAdult (f)3,9902677
S1P8dBurning EmeraldsAdult (f)3,8052757
3EmN4Flaming ClawsAdult (m)3,4352295
PZTMGA Sunflower PetalAdult (m)3,7272514
6Qh95A Pumpkin SeedAdult (m)3,1322163
g9lCWSilver JewelsAdult (m)4,4492987
Gz3sFIce of SilverAdult (m)3,8424396
XKprQSilver SilksAdult (f)2,96627211
vFkbXSilver Sparks ThuwedAdult (f)7,2851,2123
1G4tISilver's GlowAdult (f)8,26986914
dL9QFSilver TwinklesAdult (m)5,7781,2315
gWTBiThe Gold RibbonsAdult (m)3,7062484
ffmGdGolden ThreadsAdult (m)3,5482394
bXYgRShining ReflectionAdult (f)4,3862934
Ll4eXThe Reflecting LightAdult (f)4,6063084
V1EZNA Quiet ShadowAdult (f)2,89491210
rNYPMidnight's ShadowAdult (m)4,2902868
RmJAMShadow's NightAdult (f)4,4745598
Q1DVfCarbon WingsAdult (f)2,1756973
8Do99Dorkface's Guardian AngelAdult (f)3,1172122
TIcbBright ProtectorAdult (f)4,3502907
Xhr2Dorkface Day DreamerAdult (f)4,2502843
HkoVEnchanting EyesAdult (m)4,4913003
4hn7KMorning's Melody ThuwedAdult (f)2,8842054
L527RSunlight Love DorkfaceAdult (m)4,9518899
MFX5gThe White Dove ThuDuskDorkAdult (m)5,1637095
QOSMHealing Wings Dorkface ThuwedAdult (f)3,5252377
adIRFHaste and PatienceAdult (f)2,2373704
Jn4s3Rage and LoveAdult (m)3,0072628
hHt0DWisdom and FoolishnessAdult (m)3,8843686
LcDHThe Sea FoamAdult (f)3,6442434
Tqp1Blue WaveAdult (f)3,5082367
1mKYbThe Crash of WavesAdult (m)3,3322232
ThFXLeopard WingsAdult (f)4,0992747
4FkBhThe Black TipAdult (m)4,7973914
5QeSkSulfur GrowlAdult (m)5,8703926
km7nA Maple LeafAdult (m)3,14584056
4VJIWFrozen Blue WaveAdult (f)3,4402372
VK3r4Icey WaterfallAdult (m)4,4783013
gR9nNight's FrightAdult (f)3,4222294
NL9nNight's LightningAdult (m)3,5882437
gf0IFiery SoulAdult (f)3,47623411
Ma7hqFlame's JoyAdult (m)8,7041,7674
0sZjlHaunting DemonAdult (m)6,1521,1893
hJWg7Splendor of the SunAdult (m)8,1761,5245
JLMIMMorning Star's FlashAdult (f)2,8181923
OZJJHNighttime ThrillAdult (m)4,1417185
DFZlVSilent Night's FlightAdult (f)8,8481,7255
MtDiV(MtDiV)Adult (m)3,1272224
uYm0n(uYm0n)Adult (f)3,1077121
Wg7HOTroubled SkiesAdult (f)10,7781,7844
Y2vuHWeeping HeavensAdult (m)2,4056983
qccOYSpotted ObsidianAdult (m)3,3632575
52ACAMossy BlackstoneAdult (f)4,4266823
0nf0Ice FlamesAdult (f)4,0732725
TlI6Reviving FireAdult (m)3,9462648
rM45A(rM45A)Adult (m)3,8702583
lSl5a(lSl5a)Adult (f)3,0675112
d9JGPebbles of a StreamAdult (m)3,2682186
hntVRiver RippleAdult (m)3,7452516
hKXAt(hKXAt)Adult (f)3,4972343
cebkW(cebkW)Adult (m)6,04943210
Q1B3F(Q1B3F)Adult (f)5,3773864
FVOgThe TopazAdult (f)3,5273274
TH3W0The Fire OpalAdult (f)9,8771,7687
t97sBGlowing NightAdult (m)3,5712405
GmtpGA Shining StarAdult (f)8,2471,7544
lMZL5Blazing Blue StarsAdult (f)4,3512915
RDd8v(RDd8v)Adult (m)3,0577995
IlfqJEmerald Night SkyAdult (m)3,9562744
UogsOJade NighttimeAdult (m)4,0682784
GFEHFierce HunterAdult (f)3,5492505
iq5jThe Tiger's BaneAdult (f)3,3012215
97NYSandstone's WingsAdult (f)4,6803126
ZLnADesert's FireAdult (m)4,7143151
SjZqDark MoonstoneAdult (m)4,3142943
LjsTBright MoonstoneAdult (f)4,5293036
WeRffMoonstone's LightAdult (f)2,8821932
ffMjA Strike of PurpleAdult (m)4,0672733
R2vRA Sprinkle of ConfettiAdult (f)3,9892663
ngdG7The Warm PresenceAdult (m)4,9457145
cmHeeA Warm EmbraceAdult (f)3,2014142
uOOZBWarmth in WinterAdult (m)8,0161,4862
jFO4Sunset StripeAdult (m)4,4383034
iofKSThe Last LightAdult (m)3,0122022
T4YM8(T4YM8)Adult (m)3,3332254
9TmfVThe Falling LeafAdult (f)2,9532242
QTVD5The Autumn ColorsAdult (m)3,8192574
MKC3C(MKC3C)Adult (m)1,7146151
tWOfb(tWOfb)Adult (f)4,7853266
k3IKOWhite Burning FireAdult (m)4,7507186
GN8bM(GN8bM)Adult (f)2,0956962
2UqMu(2UqMu)Adult (f)1,8026462
bDbguRed Flaming StripesAdult (m)4,0552727
fD0soJungle EmbersAdult (m)4,2727096
KubX1(KubX1)Adult (f)2,5136076
F47PSunlight's EndAdult (f)4,2554404
EpZ5G(EpZ5G)Adult (f)3,5552382
CIbO2The Sun's RaysAdult (f)4,1462798
Ndjq7Devil's SunriseAdult (f)8,3831,75815
mWcJSky's TailAdult (m)4,1084026
6MDCnWings of the SkyAdult (f)8,5001,78012
GaCXYOld Chestnut OakAdult (m)3,3492342
RQD6qSpeckled Maple TreeAdult (f)9,5461,3830
DvrRa(DvrRa)Adult (f)3,3163156
38PNN(38PNN)Adult (f)3,1884627
MXsXo(MXsXo)Adult (f)3,3432877
Er3iB(Er3iB)Adult (m)3,4762385
N3ERK(N3ERK)Adult (m)4,1262764
ADB6U(ADB6U)Adult (f)4,1272766
CqrPK(CqrPK)Adult (f)3,4112285
MYJAX(MYJAX)Adult (m)4,1822818
oPejT(oPejT)Adult (m)4,1822818
WO6Rm(WO6Rm)Adult (m)4,34532610
h8Y0u(h8Y0u)Adult (m)3,4602382
1OdUP(1OdUP)Adult (m)3,0042012
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