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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Egg Basket
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
  • 2016 Holiday Event
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  • 2014 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “SilRav,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Kxyr7(Kxyr7)Hatchling (f)3,3899332
BLScO(BLScO)Hatchling (f)3,2478771
2lCWh(2lCWh)Hatchling (f)3,4498780
tvfS2(tvfS2)Hatchling (f)3,2478502
Jpeu8(Jpeu8)Hatchling (m)3,2828900
scshN(scshN)Hatchling (f)3,4238841
LJ9EN(LJ9EN)Hatchling (f)3,3018681
ece8G(ece8G)Hatchling (f)3,3598615
XLdwU(XLdwU)Hatchling (m)3,3598711
JQGij(JQGij)Hatchling (m)3,3829000
23tYx(23tYx)Hatchling (f)3,3528782
CHJLb(CHJLb)Hatchling (f)3,3068891
wLJ7J(wLJ7J)Adult (m)9,2151,2992
SolZJ(SolZJ)Adult (f)2,6876443
nYu6r(nYu6r)Adult (m)4,1639032
CdMY0(CdMY0)Adult (m)4,2959252
q88ef(q88ef)Adult (f)3,7777252
p24pd(p24pd)Adult (f)2,9466732
fQ56T(fQ56T)Adult (f)4,6129451
Af8a0(Af8a0)Adult (m)4,4539403
KxfTN(KxfTN)Adult (f)3,2536872
VFS0M(VFS0M)Adult (m)3,0916322
kyl6i(kyl6i)Adult (m)3,5246432
BvPin(BvPin)Adult (m)3,2626713
sq7As(sq7As)Adult (m)2,8806752
ldBERoonie the CB DragonAdult (m)1,5664815
ksjjSammy the CB DragonAdult (f)8794861
nbvBIVinny the CB DragonAdult (m)2,1666172
ZrpunSnookie the CB DragonAdult (f)2,6956201
Nt8EjAl the CB DragonAdult (m)1,5025991
pzotoBud the CB DragonAdult (m)1,4816010
eoImV(eoImV)Adult (f)2,0765170
peGtq(peGtq)Adult (f)1,7676380
wT58y(wT58y)Adult (f)1,9016860
g3yQy(g3yQy)Adult (m)2,4245870
nn8DP(nn8DP)Adult (f)2,1946081
9h9TE(9h9TE)Adult (f)3,7323944
1k26B(1k26B)Adult (f)3,0017971
TTkeF(TTkeF)Adult (m)2,0105361
PzP4M(PzP4M)Adult (f)3,3336340
g3WqS(g3WqS)Adult (f)2,0435951
uHCRK(uHCRK)Adult (m)2,4746681
VK4bw(VK4bw)Adult (m)2,5245192
8W1xQ(8W1xQ)Adult (m)2,5605391
v1fPK(v1fPK)Adult (f)2,0665771
U31ys(U31ys)Adult (m)3,1315266
66fUI(66fUI)Adult (f)2,4155743
nZQ8i(nZQ8i)Adult (m)2,0485751
43vju(43vju)Adult (m)3,6238473
dheIT(dheIT)Adult (m)2,3646350
jLoOY(jLoOY)Adult (f)1,9106262
s0g5J(s0g5J)Adult (f)2,1356081
VQyVC(VQyVC)Adult (m)2,0045652
K71TP(K71TP)Adult (f)2,2895730
fUXij(fUXij)Adult (f)2,0875920
vFPHh(vFPHh)Adult (f)1,8645700
fkYk5(fkYk5)Adult (m)3,2326224
cVmW8(cVmW8)Adult (f)3,0346542
BWN5f(BWN5f)Adult (m)3,3206584
z7gy2(z7gy2)Adult (m)4,2047603
PHmSM(PHmSM)Adult (f)3,6587740
cS4Cg(cS4Cg)Adult (m)4,3978683
SCdFZ(SCdFZ)Adult (f)4,0269232
2bj8Pinkie Pie the DragonAdult (f)2,04348027
opbRs(opbRs)Adult (m)1,6515301
YIgxr(YIgxr)Adult (f)1,6445991
8slt0(8slt0)Adult (f)1,6095524
YyjN0(YyjN0)Adult (m)2,0435561
tIrRS(tIrRS)Adult (f)2,0825181
kN6Vr(kN6Vr)Adult (m)2,1256502
WEQCqSabrina the CB DragonAdult (f)1,8445881
aR3cUKotetsu the CB DragonAdult (f)1,8835720
W1SN4(W1SN4)Adult (f)1,5366523
KYls9(KYls9)Adult (f)1,4306674
hnRnK(hnRnK)Adult (f)1,7876901
ZINIg(ZINIg)Adult (f)1,6836561
WC9ZB(WC9ZB)Adult (f)4,3187204
dVlZU(dVlZU)Adult (f)2,4586650
lkJdI(lkJdI)Adult (f)3,8384004
FZMaV(FZMaV)Adult (m)3,7217631
li7Cm(li7Cm)Adult (m)2,6176053
jdzbt(jdzbt)Adult (f)4,1347216
eurBF(eurBF)Adult (f)4,1528293
HJJwC(HJJwC)Adult (f)9,3661,3383
irHLX(irHLX)Adult (f)3,6047812
MuDfK(MuDfK)Adult (m)3,9988481
ipXrI(ipXrI)Adult (m)2,5807550
a1G0t(a1G0t)Adult (f)2,5597401
zm4tn(zm4tn)Adult (m)2,0867073
ZOhBR(ZOhBR)Adult (m)3,1147011
puW8F(puW8F)Adult (f)2,7666301
Utv7S(Utv7S)Adult (m)8,2561,2264
txK4g(txK4g)Adult (m)4,8381,0643
YaIjt(YaIjt)Adult (f)3,0617032
7hREv(7hREv)Adult (m)3,9648202
d3Gj9(d3Gj9)Adult (f)4,0669092
nPvuAndrew the CB DragonAdult (m)1,89833112
pSpJKMissy the Messy DragonAdult (f)1,9155921
XXdrbDiana the CB DragonAdult (f)2,5186722
JVUo2Ntsu the CB DragonAdult (m)2,6295562
YnVgt(YnVgt)Adult (m)2,0466260
gDwDd(gDwDd)Adult (f)4,3514330
beW9l(beW9l)Adult (f)2,8967022
RZ4Es(RZ4Es)Adult (m)4,3998491
J9EB2(J9EB2)Adult (m)4,7929452
vd9qt(vd9qt)Adult (f)4,3549041
gkMqPLestet the CB DragonAdult (m)1,6676461
50QvuFeleena the CB DragonAdult (f)1,7026670
kYAUfAbigail the 2G PB DragonAdult (f)1,3376280
NItthVesteren the CB DragonAdult (m)1,8246860
K8vr8Aralamando the CB DragonAdult (m)1,5496710
HEyQx(HEyQx)Adult (m)3,5155182
oTuLL(oTuLL)Adult (m)2,7265741
C3NBp(C3NBp)Adult (m)1,5816180
Gg7tM(Gg7tM)Adult (f)2,0296202
FQJJr(FQJJr)Adult (m)2,5245721
JURLYKahori the 3G Ev DragonAdult (f)1,7755772
E3NMdSomiss the 4G Ev DragonAdult (m)2,7596992
ZGi5tMichael the CB Lovely DragonAdult (m)1,6146762
GsqnXCatherine the CB Lovely DragonAdult (f)1,7978111
cDIQKAnne the 2G Lovely DragonAdult (f)1,7126101
EICuGNini the CB DragonAdult (f)1,8225872
1FbAdAndrea the 2G DragonAdult (f)2,7825094
paYW1Sammy the 2G Lovely DragonAdult (f)1,9656171
yDqizAzazelia the CB DragonAdult (f)1,8685871
eOPR4Robert the 3G DragonAdult (m)2,4176342
ITtlsFour the CB DragonAdult (m)1,7746861
EUDK2(EUDK2)Adult (f)1,4306690
PTsAw(PTsAw)Adult (m)1,6865590
DAT8r(DAT8r)Adult (m)1,91765716
fBjoG(fBjoG)Adult (f)1,8606542
jKiHg(jKiHg)Adult (f)1,5966001
Y3Glt(Y3Glt)Adult (f)1,5976051
d7chJ(d7chJ)Hatchling (m, F)1,5695960
lExq9(lExq9)Hatchling (F)9562011
8tQ63Vasylisa the Messy DragonAdult (f)1,8605793
8Xi83(8Xi83)Adult (m)4,0898263
jrpL0Amaterasu the 5G Ev DragonAdult (m)2,1719962
N6IBnWeath the Messy DragonAdult (m)1,7656243
1AkFT(1AkFT)Adult (f)2,0116654
yKlrl(yKlrl)Adult (m)1,9426617
PHVwh(PHVwh)Adult (f)1,9276556
jq65Q(jq65Q)Adult (m)1,9656592
NZT34(NZT34)Adult (f)1,7976531
Ee9wI(Ee9wI)Adult (f)1,8256522
lwdkl(lwdkl)Adult (m)1,8276631
YLDvR(YLDvR)Adult (m)1,9376030
mTjIXAzazel the CB DragonAdult (m)1,5646922
YBOC9Lilith the CB DragonAdult (f)1,7767060
hryo5Cole the 2G PB DragonAdult (m)1,8776281
Gp5jGAmadeus the 2G PB DragonAdult (m)1,5625561
mbSnUMeg the CB DragonAdult (f)2,0286410
IN6E0Gru the CB DRagonAdult (m)1,6636172
ryBZc(ryBZc)Adult (f)1,9045371
zDmcx(zDmcx)Adult (f)2,2646571
qhJra(qhJra)Adult (f)2,4836000
FVaFQ(FVaFQ)Adult (m)2,5756484
Epa5s(Epa5s)Adult (m)2,5746002
bIf2Z(bIf2Z)Adult (f)3,1956592
p6hWD(p6hWD)Adult (f)9,1251,3701
grEOv(grEOv)Adult (m)2,8677113
3F5NpAmelia the CB DragonAdult (f)1,2826900
tnRexPure the CB DragonAdult (m)1,1596580
Gyqz5Smelly the 2G PB DragonAdult (m)1,7696251
uZdw3Salt the 2G PB DragonAdult (f)1,4545380
GSKiwVran the CB DragonAdult (m)1,6536230
DWEN2(DWEN2)Adult (f)1,6166180
43XFy(43XFy)Adult (m)3,2586323
Mv5su(Mv5su)Adult (m)3,1507111
ukcRJ(ukcRJ)Adult (f)9,4851,4463
OSt9R(OSt9R)Adult (m)3,6378024
lLinFAugust the CB DragonAdult (m)1,4205701
JlegkMay the CB DragonAdult (f)1,4856330
pec18Moanna the CB DragonAdult (f)1,6504930
uFxpcRos the CB DragonAdult (m)1,8505460
BTnxO(BTnxO)Adult (m)1,7286370
NyQLr(NyQLr)Adult (f)2,1534912
eoi4V(eoi4V)Adult (f)2,3126232
v7uoB(v7uoB)Adult (f)3,0716672
IbPMO(IbPMO)Adult (m)1,9046671
SsuPO(SsuPO)Adult (m)1,7266131
epnR6(epnR6)Adult (f)1,6695731
4ufwD(4ufwD)Adult (m)1,5135940
HtS4e(HtS4e)Adult (f)2,0126370
tjvFc(tjvFc)Adult (f)2,2016360
FLsz7(FLsz7)Adult (m)2,8006611
lnnPo(lnnPo)Adult (f)2,0806000
0EwIHLilian the 3G DragonAdult (f)1,4626044
SR3iL(SR3iL)Adult (m)1,6626231
gHvrk(gHvrk)Adult (f)2,0234843
Rh3CR(Rh3CR)Adult (m)2,6985610
wqz4q(wqz4q)Adult (f)2,1095611
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