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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “SibelNefa,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
m4ca(m4ca)Egg (F)
MKx4b(MKx4b)Adult (f)2,3951,0203
y89a1(y89a1)Adult (m)2,4621,0083
pwQ83(pwQ83)Adult (f)2,7661,0300
985P8(985P8)Adult (m)3,7839531
ReAeE(ReAeE)Adult (m)2,6511,1710
qNBH0(qNBH0)Adult (m)1,9325541
kolfi(kolfi)Adult (m)3,1201,0950
Xvom3(Xvom3)Adult (f)3,0981,1150
Qkirr(Qkirr)Adult (m)4,8237621
9PdrU(9PdrU)Adult (f)4,8197701
DOA6U(DOA6U)Adult (f)5,6057430
GMP5s(GMP5s)Adult (f)2,3546552
jImPBob MingoAdult (m)2,0898344
FDH9Chris MingoAdult (m)9,2029255
2TvDCrimson Flare Pygmy BenAdult (m)5,4407983
eHNDCrimson Flare Pygmy AnnaAdult (f)8,1118476
0GMaCrimson Flare Pygmy AxelAdult (m)8,3918534
ElWECrimson Flare Pygmy BettyAdult (f)5,2387304
pX7GM(pX7GM)Adult (m)4,1387251
194qJ(194qJ)Adult (f)4,1627081
dKSnk(dKSnk)Adult (m)4,1696971
OZb5B(OZb5B)Adult (f)4,0477331
8J0jX(8J0jX)Adult (m)1,9277031
4KDuL(4KDuL)Adult (m)1,8615710
OjiDg(OjiDg)Adult (m)1,9195781
4uth1(4uth1)Adult (m)1,8626153
Ruq9l(Ruq9l)Adult (m)2,6101,1860
TF0Db(TF0Db)Adult (m)1,9855690
6NdOY(6NdOY)Adult (m)2,0666150
RDH9Sibel  of  ElysiumAdult (f)5,9119426
5oMkVasilijeAdult (m)2,3409197
3XhbLord ZahnAdult (m)2,3588522
6QfLi(6QfLi)Adult (m)3,2086611
TXQ3J(TXQ3J)Adult (f)2,0005940
YopHi(YopHi)Adult (f)1,8245560
3pvqH(3pvqH)Adult (f)3,5378601
fjSpM(fjSpM)Adult (m)4,6854592
Ok45m(Ok45m)Adult (m)4,5714731
ouF0O(ouF0O)Adult (m)3,7231,0141
18dLN(18dLN)Adult (m)3,6561,0121
xQDaf(xQDaf)Adult (m)3,6901,0152
um1Ec(um1Ec)Adult (m)3,2829211
pMLOd(pMLOd)Adult (m)2,2528021
ekZmT(ekZmT)Adult (f)3,2298681
jxtau(jxtau)Adult (m)3,2388861
Wgbha(Wgbha)Adult (m)3,4888652
dERvF(dERvF)Adult (f)4,3261,1423
r7K0D(r7K0D)Adult (m)3,1935033
B73Hx(B73Hx)Adult (f)3,7045643
XwuFp(XwuFp)Adult (f)2,6706321
HDMhD(HDMhD)Adult (f)2,0086850
GkXPQ(GkXPQ)Adult (f)4,5679870
hKDRT(hKDRT)Adult (m)2,7361,1670
2ks8c(2ks8c)Adult (f)2,0956150
Ac3ml(Ac3ml)Adult (m)1,9936230
st30Sommer Nacht 1Adult (f)2,1449234
90k1Sommer Nacht 2Adult (m)5,0501,2376
1ivDYSommer Nacht 3Adult (f)3,4306643
4ialg(4ialg)Adult (m)2,4696812
YREpw(YREpw)Adult (m)2,9976223
IuGSv(IuGSv)Adult (m)3,7591,1425
SYeutValentine - 2012Adult (m)2,2357371
sNcFoValentine  - 2012Adult (m)2,2307381
4wNOy(4wNOy)Adult (m)4,8791,0732
o2uTOFrau SunstoneAdult (f)3,5947895
IufMBHerr SunstoneAdult (m)3,9918653
muu73Herr  SunstoneAdult (m)3,9358385
n8meRFrau  SunstoneAdult (f)3,9388385
rESvh(rESvh)Adult (f)4,9997653
mKVpv(mKVpv)Adult (f)4,0774841
YuUvo(YuUvo)Adult (f)2,1626501
ewKsR(ewKsR)Adult (f)1,9005142
APD2p(APD2p)Adult (f)2,3548675
PtkNNJan Red the StripedAdult (m)6,8527621
H9svTeufels JungeAdult (m)2,1539703
HL1YTeufels Junge 1Adult (m)2,4621,0455
G9BpAJenny Red the StripedAdult (f)4,9496861
rRIfV(rRIfV)Adult (f)2,7875441
bk94Toth the MagiAdult (m)2,2628758
PEMDMrs Tott the Magi IIAdult (f)2,3508236
Deg8Mrs Tott the Magi IAdult (f)3,0111,0889
eNPWMr Tott the Magi IAdult (m)2,4259625
jvapMrs Tott the MagiAdult (f)1,6866677
cNI9Mr Tott the Magi IIAdult (m)1,8307063
qEL50Mrs Tott the Magi IIIAdult (f)4,1247732
kq3qp(kq3qp)Adult (f)3,5936942
5EiaM(5EiaM)Adult (m)3,6426901
jraAG(jraAG)Adult (m)2,5467131
IgNyL(IgNyL)Adult (f)2,6247431
jj64K(jj64K)Adult (m)2,6106822
wYIKm(wYIKm)Adult (m)3,1438441
LEuaS(LEuaS)Adult (f)3,4539282
5xfVr1 Teufels Pferd HellhorseAdult (m)3,5871,1985
aduYw(aduYw)Adult (f)2,0581,0552
otjHMs Ember DragonAdult (f)2,1207793
OjpmeMs  Ember DragonAdult (f)4,1295051
xL2YL(xL2YL)Adult (f)2,5207432
ukBrG(ukBrG)Adult (m)2,0046162
tk4P1(tk4P1)Adult (m)3,1471,0610
XKWrVampy DraculaAdult (f)5,7101,3485
MOnfBlut LadyAdult (f)2,3438178
XB8XLady ZahnAdult (f)1,8707423
C4nB5(C4nB5)Adult (f)4,3168736
VwTrx(VwTrx)Adult (f)2,3609960
6ohMC(6ohMC)Adult (f)2,5371,2481
B5ry5(B5ry5)Adult (f)2,5411,2762
3HE7D(3HE7D)Adult (f)2,2026491
2eCtj(2eCtj)Adult (f)1,5626511
QTg4d(QTg4d)Adult (f)2,4371,0240
tsJAU(tsJAU)Adult (m)2,4741,0051
Q3rz7(Q3rz7)Adult (f)3,0421,0071
q5mip(q5mip)Adult (f)3,7989550
56jj7(56jj7)Adult (m)5,3721,0370
bOFdx(bOFdx)Adult (m)2,0401,0743
74bpAnni Herbst 2010Adult (f)2,4528225
hd07Herbstblatt 2010Adult (f)1,8717233
vI90Herbststurm 2010Adult (f)1,9547133
4FGA6(4FGA6)Adult (m)2,3455450
SG84Dana the WhiptailAdult (f)2,6737425
ZfMBJana the WhiptailAdult (f)3,86989015
qrRHDan the WhiptailAdult (m)2,41770710
M0h5Nana the WhiptailAdult (f)2,2428977
n9rkDon the WhiptailAdult (m)1,9997616
EKYfBenni Herbst 2010Adult (m)1,9417144
bXTXMr Herbst 2010Adult (m)2,4466765
UWADOlli Herbst 2010Adult (m)2,4777006
TfqYHerbst 2010Adult (m)2,7717993
IkREx(IkREx)Adult (m)3,7658271
og9l5(og9l5)Adult (f)3,6708021
PpzTU(PpzTU)Adult (m)3,3638391
RBwpm(RBwpm)Adult (f)3,5737971
1rCCB(1rCCB)Adult (f)2,9011,0241
t9dyt(t9dyt)Adult (m)5,0951,0222
FNd9h(FNd9h)Adult (m)3,4231,1151
RrDiC(RrDiC)Adult (f)3,7011,0441
d5apr(d5apr)Adult (m)1,9707172
MBNCKGerd the Copper DragonAdult (m)2,5381,2342
HvDtFeuer MannAdult (m)2,3648636
FZNoXFeuer ManAdult (m)4,7455991
LduCl(LduCl)Adult (f)1,7015513
dRWcN(dRWcN)Adult (f)1,8345712
2GqBuLord BronzyAdult (m)6,7311,07712
nusrAnnika the Shallow WaterAdult (f)1,8528566
5oMEAnnika 2 the Shallow WaterAdult (f)1,9077166
MLJRE(MLJRE)Adult (f)1,4666463
RwCJy(RwCJy)Adult (f)1,6976081
PQWVBennet the Shallow WaterAdult (m)2,9677586
OinkBennet 2 the Shallow WaterAdult (m)2,2251,0124
XqmokJanine White the StripedAdult (f)3,8616811
ByFb91 White the Striped wAdult (f)1,5866972
H91Li2 White the Striped wAdult (f)2,0346004
W1JPu(W1JPu)Adult (f)2,2167011
jMtNh(jMtNh)Adult (f)1,3985951
rwubT(rwubT)Adult (f)4,2459241
3O3DR(3O3DR)Adult (f)4,2439840
SlQLJ(SlQLJ)Adult (f)4,6199391
YH6r6(YH6r6)Adult (f)4,9139100
mkRENo Color II the AlbinoAdult (m)5,5656547
fmE6No Color III the AlbinoAdult (m)2,8591,0059
E55VNo Color I the AlbinoAdult (f)1,61970813
SO3XNo Color IV the AlbinoAdult (f)2,0248364
MArz2(MArz2)Adult (f)4,6791,2597
bQjyr(bQjyr)Adult (m)1,5866772
hXnLK(hXnLK)Adult (m)1,3946130
eHX69(eHX69)Adult (m)1,4236240
QfLpt(QfLpt)Adult (m)1,3796261
PS65BLord  Golden WyvernAdult (m)2,8886921
UO9RnSon Golden WyvernAdult (m)3,1657143
RuPrVMan the Golden WyvernAdult (m)2,4126221
YRisDSon the Golden WyvernAdult (m)3,1017024
DMBuF(DMBuF)Adult (m)3,4989492
gFgqL(gFgqL)Adult (m)2,2836882
Qf1FSLady GoldyAdult (f)7,3298453
H9WpELord GoldyAdult (m)8,4549754
tKSvXSir GoldyAdult (m)9,4917843
AKSnXS the PygmyAdult (f)2,04858514
cEYOStel the PygmyAdult (f)5,72777120
07gRMin the PygmyAdult (f)3,70185116
HCSZXXS the PygmyAdult (m)2,4701,0476
YIidS the PygmyAdult (m)1,5486903
KQV3iXXXS the PygmyAdult (m)5,6907642
5xNw1(5xNw1)Adult (m)1,7656972
EgOTb(EgOTb)Adult (m)1,6806572
7xCwT(7xCwT)Adult (m)2,8561,0253
n1bUN(n1bUN)Adult (m)2,8891,0204
HkXwi(HkXwi)Adult (m)3,8139190
Tt2OK(Tt2OK)Adult (m)1,6446091
PBjFh(PBjFh)Adult (m)2,3418303
wcO7O(wcO7O)Adult (m)2,1257710
7NtDw(7NtDw)Adult (m)2,8798421
LEEXSnow Angel 09  2010Adult (f)2,9001,1643
ajKmSnow Angel 09   2010Adult (f)2,8581,1377
d2eUdLady  Golden WyvernAdult (f)2,7947081
oGRQVDaughter Golden WyvernAdult (f)2,5457471
oDSbS(oDSbS)Adult (f)4,3961,3315
3IWCK(3IWCK)Adult (f)1,7147171
xUR2f(xUR2f)Adult (m)1,7387191
c08yn(c08yn)Adult (f)1,9466961
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