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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Shroomlet,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
CfJ6fWelcome to my shroomy ScrollHatchling (F)4,1201,0085
z2TvF(z2TvF)Adult (m)4,1097516
ldIln(ldIln)Adult (m)3,9247525
lsyh3(lsyh3)Adult (f)3,9277393
Ai5PE(Ai5PE)Adult (f)4,0627712
ACPEv(ACPEv)Adult (m)2,6557121
CkdnH(CkdnH)Adult (m)2,7427201
MHane(MHane)Adult (m)3,8698393
9YReT(9YReT)Adult (f)3,8328392
Eq8Nk(Eq8Nk)Adult (m)3,8328673
uYox4(uYox4)Adult (f)4,3507471
m3FaJ(m3FaJ)Adult (m)3,9807181
DYLTz(DYLTz)Adult (f)4,3067642
zqH6E(zqH6E)Adult (f)4,0877301
XsbqH(XsbqH)Adult (f)4,4588100
UxOu9(UxOu9)Adult (m)4,3548010
i0Z6q(i0Z6q)Adult (m)4,4558101
oJBqX(oJBqX)Adult (f)4,4707870
QuU0X(QuU0X)Adult (f)4,3717521
4Ah2w(4Ah2w)Adult (m)4,3757541
3T0k4(3T0k4)Adult (m)3,9148243
xAl1I(xAl1I)Adult (m)4,3547952
Bossy(Bossy)Adult (f)4,5298001
7arL3(7arL3)Adult (f)4,2488022
31MrK(31MrK)Adult (f)4,5167563
fm9on(fm9on)Adult (f)3,8748841
VtfRG(VtfRG)Adult (f)3,8938893
BhyMW(BhyMW)Adult (m)3,8908700
GriGy(GriGy)Adult (f)3,8198691
Refc3(Refc3)Adult (m)3,7688390
FSYv3(FSYv3)Adult (m)4,2529321
DzKD0(DzKD0)Adult (m)2,6046561
VfrKvWahyalayanAdult (f)2,6687002
3A9pPI'm also Shroomlet on the ForumsHatchling (F)2,8795703
LK4PTI take breeding-requestsHatchling (F)2,7564486
TdLO7Feel free to contact meHatchling (F)2,2165994
ImOsjDino-hatchies Look Like ShroomsHatchling (F)1,9126172
lPzrySo Expect to See a Lot of ThemHatchling (F)2,4662127
M64f9oO Some Personal Statements OoHatchling (F)2,1481461
N2AVdThank you Edward SnowdenHatchling (m, F)5,9629756
xNiXeChelsea - Stay StrongHatchling (f, F)3,6981,1061
skYy7You did the Right ThingHatchling (m, F)3,6171,1125
EMETAOne Day even They will SeeHatchling (m, F)3,8989744
Q92t6Such Truth must be FreeHatchling (f, F)5,3199352
Rv6cDRIP Aaron SwartzAdult (m)4,7681,0524
afLq9We Won't Let Your Legacy FadeAdult (m)7,5991,1567
PaqnqDon't Shoot the MessengersHatchling (F)2,6776481
9QhdMoO Growing Adoptees OoHatchling (f, F)2,90883213
lCB4HoO For Trades OoHatchling (F)2,1355884
lqxBqoO For Gifts OoHatchling (F)2,3353765
JGJM5oO For Keeps OoHatchling (F)1,3842365
8DFkMo Above Female - Below Male oHatchling (F)2,4905792
HFvi7JesimrithAdult (m)6,8481,0775
PGNynoO Not Influenced OoHatchling (F)1,2154873
UMdqOoO Freeze These OoHatchling (F)3,7236263
7GpDloO Need to be Bred OoHatchling (F)3,2405138
IA3lV(IA3lV)Adult (f)6,2034922
HlCqw(HlCqw)Adult (f)6,3644873
EotDz(EotDz)Adult (m)6,0314673
2j4QR(2j4QR)Adult (m)6,3255182
dQPjW(dQPjW)Adult (f)6,9508594
5rASHSigil of VisionsAdult (f)5,5339195
T4sRxGolden ChutzpahAdult (f)4,6221,3516
FsIlzFesilizAdult (f)5,7641,2787
rV2HmMagical TearsAdult (f)4,7531,3565
p8YFsShroomlet's DreamchildAdult (f)5,4669275
qnAu8Varekis' DreamchildAdult (m)5,3571,0614
OkFqzoO Need More of These CBs OoHatchling (F)3,7456492
iXCyO(iXCyO)Hatchling (f, F)3,7297791
esIqF(esIqF)Adult (f)4,5397981
H5HJE(H5HJE)Adult (f)3,4248121
tihV6(tihV6)Adult (f)4,5797601
HjHGW(HjHGW)Adult (f)4,3517680
7zert(7zert)Adult (f)3,7797911
bNID2(bNID2)Adult (m)4,3588211
qWidk(qWidk)Adult (m)3,9427603
IoL5p(IoL5p)Adult (m)4,4927520
55iAI(55iAI)Adult (m)3,2708451
M3VmA(M3VmA)Adult (m)3,6908022
HJBnT(HJBnT)Adult (m)3,5238893
5Lkj8(5Lkj8)Adult (f)4,5187891
R6Dv7(R6Dv7)Adult (f)3,7868841
g1WsR(g1WsR)Adult (f)4,8488371
M2yWA(M2yWA)Adult (f)3,1257720
d1bgR(d1bgR)Adult (f)3,1388650
KvkLL(KvkLL)Adult (f)3,1158851
t9lRV(t9lRV)Adult (m)4,4038100
YPt0Y(YPt0Y)Adult (m)3,1267640
1uXkx(1uXkx)Adult (m)3,8289080
LZaPO(LZaPO)Adult (m)3,1768630
a9SYi(a9SYi)Adult (m)3,0998751
bDPT1(bDPT1)Adult (m)3,7937900
pLGwL(pLGwL)Adult (f)3,9469801
asG2w(asG2w)Adult (f)3,9769010
n8XPU(n8XPU)Adult (f)4,6068441
UGzbD(UGzbD)Adult (f)4,0608344
pbEnz(pbEnz)Adult (m)3,9487510
OMPOC(OMPOC)Adult (m)4,8457610
hyVfU(hyVfU)Adult (m)4,5698040
TRPyT(TRPyT)Adult (m)4,0669170
CvLnh(CvLnh)Adult (m)4,0229290
IUxhV(IUxhV)Adult (m)4,5587770
XZN1b(XZN1b)Adult (f)3,5539341
Fo9vQ(Fo9vQ)Adult (f)3,7317700
mJhQF(mJhQF)Adult (f)5,5231,1353
7GPwT(7GPwT)Adult (f)4,5921,0741
9GEv4(9GEv4)Adult (f)3,9948881
Qg251(Qg251)Adult (m)5,5571,1181
qXHGy(qXHGy)Adult (m)4,5781,0782
PQXn3(PQXn3)Adult (m)4,5628030
AWl2K(AWl2K)Adult (m)4,0318773
K5ufD(K5ufD)Adult (m)4,3227701
Jilf2(Jilf2)Adult (f)4,9079342
7iCZc(7iCZc)Adult (f)5,6491,2231
8GnGg(8GnGg)Adult (f)5,1991,0261
vFSsF(vFSsF)Adult (f)5,3699900
LJ5m9(LJ5m9)Adult (f)5,1511,1092
Na6Zk(Na6Zk)Adult (f)3,7968540
ux2oW(ux2oW)Adult (m)5,0281,1441
YIQOh(YIQOh)Adult (m)5,8618431
HpyC0(HpyC0)Adult (m)3,7117591
ynRvM(ynRvM)Adult (m)5,5749380
Eoc8C(Eoc8C)Adult (m)5,3201,2620
quhdy(quhdy)Adult (m)5,3981,1190
R7cKv(R7cKv)Adult (m)5,7681,1300
Ycjjw(Ycjjw)Adult (m)5,2609510
LASoa(LASoa)Adult (f)4,4387761
Hu9DK(Hu9DK)Adult (f)3,8098231
wyeQO(wyeQO)Adult (f)3,6909561
Vet0q(Vet0q)Adult (f)4,8207942
xlphl(xlphl)Adult (m)4,1819980
GopBR(GopBR)Adult (m)4,7708170
D3Au5(D3Au5)Adult (m)4,5997701
s7DRu(s7DRu)Hatchling (f, F)2,6296922
ffah8(ffah8)Adult (f)3,9108741
CjBSB(CjBSB)Adult (f)3,1698832
pNJDX(pNJDX)Adult (f)4,2577690
CM562(CM562)Adult (f)3,1168570
UcQvX(UcQvX)Adult (f)4,5647570
ux8Ox(ux8Ox)Adult (m)4,4797552
aPkPg(aPkPg)Adult (m)3,6938740
enSSZ(enSSZ)Adult (m)3,1678680
8rIZU(8rIZU)Adult (m)3,1698990
IEqPo(IEqPo)Hatchling (F)1,2923253
Iw5uX(Iw5uX)Hatchling (m, F)2,6216513
ARa0P(ARa0P)Adult (f)4,4637771
yRtpg(yRtpg)Adult (f)4,2449224
uaVYW(uaVYW)Adult (f)4,4119351
JlR5g(JlR5g)Adult (f)4,1637880
rnWxe(rnWxe)Adult (m)4,2159030
kxaHk(kxaHk)Adult (m)4,2359481
u9NQU(u9NQU)Adult (m)4,0808000
4zNrt(4zNrt)Adult (m)3,5428972
kU3CV(kU3CV)Hatchling (f, F)3,7277771
GQMLf(GQMLf)Adult (f)4,5178400
sNM3V(sNM3V)Adult (f)3,6707800
TkfaU(TkfaU)Adult (f)3,3577870
ICgmk(ICgmk)Adult (f)3,5697613
IDn6F(IDn6F)Adult (f)3,8218210
NtOtY(NtOtY)Adult (f)3,7251,0125
131zS(131zS)Adult (m)3,2999610
tXP3R(tXP3R)Adult (m)3,5769041
LKlVk(LKlVk)Adult (m)3,5587503
V48Y4(V48Y4)Adult (m)4,3307660
qe38K(qe38K)Adult (m)4,5387681
wHXrT(wHXrT)Adult (m)4,6738372
WffSc(WffSc)Hatchling (f, F)3,6017613
NkdPl(NkdPl)Adult (f)3,4509542
8bpwS(8bpwS)Adult (f)4,4268680
BC1h4(BC1h4)Adult (f)4,1561,0440
tVlks(tVlks)Adult (f)4,0328230
ZIGCR(ZIGCR)Adult (m)3,5909991
kFZMV(kFZMV)Adult (m)4,1151,0060
O0DSr(O0DSr)Adult (m)3,6568012
x63IA(x63IA)Adult (m)4,4028280
pQYiJ(pQYiJ)Adult (f)3,8208061
Inf5x(Inf5x)Adult (f)3,7121,0083
zHN4g(zHN4g)Adult (f)3,7619430
hh4JH(hh4JH)Adult (m)3,8559800
Eily6(Eily6)Adult (m)2,7407402
WNJsN(WNJsN)Adult (m)3,3477462
cjugk(cjugk)Adult (f)3,9307520
cCBor(cCBor)Adult (f)3,3017413
67UlJ(67UlJ)Adult (f)4,7261,0880
99B8F(99B8F)Adult (f)3,3889111
YctfH(YctfH)Adult (f)5,3131,1241
KBF9I(KBF9I)Adult (f)4,5491,0452
w2HtX(w2HtX)Adult (f)4,5341,0740
sEC53(sEC53)Adult (m)4,5161,0741
wXwm4(wXwm4)Adult (m)4,5771,0770
khzUC(khzUC)Adult (m)4,5951,0430
H25KO(H25KO)Adult (m)3,8839590
ii4Og(ii4Og)Adult (m)5,6051,1352
BSOMU(BSOMU)Adult (m)5,6301,1121
Zz3SQ(Zz3SQ)Adult (m)4,1307280
y15aL(y15aL)Hatchling (f, F)6,4517803
EhKsU(EhKsU)Adult (f)4,3647982
1zqIl(1zqIl)Adult (f)4,9109252
r1H06(r1H06)Adult (f)5,4249104
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