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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ShoshanaThunderheart,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
72jdKHeart of Thunder TwinsAdult (m)5,2901,3302
lj3PDHearts of Twin ThunderAdult (f)6,5461,2633
Oa6fkHearts of Blue ThunderAdult (m)5,3031,5892
S8Uo4Hearts of Thunder BlueAdult (m)8,4041,2865
kyaE7Hearts of Azure ThunderAdult (f)6,2441,2054
xMEM7Hearts of Lapis ThunderAdult (m)5,5561,1443
zCWMsHearts of  Deep Blue ThunderAdult (m)4,6858662
mQTerHearts of Blue Magic ThunderAdult (f)2,4746094
2vsJ0Hearts of Magic ThunderAdult (m)4,6011,19738
jt0kJHearts of Deep ThunderAdult (m)2,6045851
BM6vNHearts of Twin ThundersAdult (m)3,5355913
1lV1WHearts of Misty ThunderAdult (f)3,1255664
QdyuCHearts of Thunder BluAdult (f)3,6277372
GCPHiHearts of Blu ThunderAdult (f)4,2684901
SUcvw(SUcvw)Adult (f)2,7955802
xhFG8(xhFG8)Adult (f)3,7065932
Ta7qJ(Ta7qJ)Adult (f)3,0065201
ABWPm(ABWPm)Adult (m)3,2437161
LywLcTwin Thundering HeartsAdult (f)5,8131,3403
VAunCTwin Hearts ThunderingAdult (m)3,7588572
h3FUBTwin Dream of ThunderAdult (f)2,1986671
skD3rTwin Thundering DreamAdult (m)2,4316065
H7haaTwin Dancing ThunderAdult (m)2,9375782
YespGTwin Stalking ThunderAdult (m)2,8475492
HR2CITwin Writhing ThunderAdult (m)2,8955771
0FSvSTwin Dreamers of ThunderAdult (f)5,4781,0064
ibXrATwin Winking ThunderAdult (f)4,6328121
UK6cATwin Dreaming ThunderAdult (m)3,3425341
082hhTwin Walking ThunderAdult (m)3,2167502
eIFUJTwin Waltzing ThunderAdult (f)4,0856992
D5pvSTwin Marching ThunderAdult (m)3,4046871
mlppmTwin Magic ThunderAdult (f)2,5286182
2ErqRTwin Searching ThunderAdult (f)2,3525951
cs2ANTwin Reaching ThunderAdult (m)3,2244991
0M7EmTwin Falling ThunderAdult (m)4,1177181
yy4VMTwins of Dancing ThunderAdult (f)4,8529223
fVvClTwins of Falling ThunderAdult (f)3,5058263
fgC6BTwins of Dreaming ThunderAdult (m)4,9529021
CnYApTwins of Thunder DreamsAdult (f)2,8764751
djJzWTwins of Falling ThundersAdult (f)2,3136221
JbxAh(JbxAh)Adult (f)3,4334081
i08Zk(i08Zk)Adult (m)2,9334321
CdLWQ(CdLWQ)Adult (m)3,0606722
YPVsZ(YPVsZ)Adult (m)2,9166303
pUfMbTwins of ThunderAdult (m)7,2901,5315
dAXU9Twin Hearts of ThunderAdult (f)6,5991,4964
y4uzqTwin Souls of ThunderAdult (m)5,5311,3821
80y26Twin Dreams of ThunderAdult (m)8,3861,70316
Ve4URTwin Hopes of ThunderAdult (m)5,7701,1984
yblz8Twin Tails of ThunderAdult (m)2,9044352
6TfBHTwin Trails of ThunderAdult (f)3,2096081
mZyHUTwin Tales of ThunderAdult (f)3,7427682
nuOlkTwin Trials of ThunderAdult (m)3,1696582
JaWnkTwin Leaves of ThunderAdult (m)3,9155923
1iIvlTwin Flowers of ThunderAdult (f)3,4746903
simF1Twin Streams of ThunderAdult (f)3,2936122
CgCV9(CgCV9)Adult (f)3,2556121
C6yOo(C6yOo)Adult (f)2,3965492
VtxKy(VtxKy)Adult (m)2,8997282
kkF3R(kkF3R)Adult (f)2,9607573
V1Qle(V1Qle)Adult (m)2,6235533
5hwyh(5hwyh)Adult (m)1,7134691
3eVib(3eVib)Adult (f)2,6576093
X2gxW(X2gxW)Adult (m)2,7625642
WvfL2(WvfL2)Adult (f)3,4017231
91eo9(91eo9)Adult (f)3,5727583
tGZIS(tGZIS)Adult (m)2,3536294
6SyQqDistortion and ThunderAdult (m)4,0528851
SSjsWThunder and DistortionAdult (f)3,9178983
APZLaEager Nature ThunderAdult (m)2,8046311
TtcMSTime and ThunderAdult (f)4,7018993
TmOPnThunder and TimeAdult (m)4,5846841
YgrDDEager Thunder NatureAdult (f)3,6705491
seF3YThunder DistortionAdult (m)4,4037311
MBwU3Distorted ThunderAdult (f)3,1036821
PB0mLThunder DimensionAdult (f)5,7119826
hr3siDimension of ThunderAdult (m)4,6638741
h5xeX(h5xeX)Adult (m)3,5257672
oohXj(oohXj)Adult (m)2,3656062
mUbWn(mUbWn)Adult (f)2,7366142
EZmkJ(EZmkJ)Adult (m)1,9845801
i4DJR(i4DJR)Adult (f)2,3356182
ewJUs(ewJUs)Adult (f)2,5926291
Jb2xL(Jb2xL)Adult (m)2,2795882
Mv2lO(Mv2lO)Adult (f)2,7937422
k2DQS(k2DQS)Adult (f)2,2065382
UZHkF(UZHkF)Adult (m)2,3585771
DZfIg(DZfIg)Adult (m)2,3725691
eZcdV(eZcdV)Adult (f)2,3185801
PeAsf(PeAsf)Adult (f)2,3856261
0DHYl(0DHYl)Adult (m)2,3296271
4wQsP(4wQsP)Adult (m)2,8675432
7IApj(7IApj)Adult (f)2,5585283
lOBPp(lOBPp)Adult (f)3,2877173
Fejgy(Fejgy)Adult (f)2,9734916
4Cu7u(4Cu7u)Adult (f)2,3955373
2jOuN(2jOuN)Adult (m)2,4667001
Mrkim(Mrkim)Adult (f)2,54570517
xaSgC(xaSgC)Adult (f)2,4697081
eX1VY(eX1VY)Adult (m)2,6386752
miYKf(miYKf)Adult (m)2,5556641
vqnQx(vqnQx)Adult (f)2,6356971
R8VaL(R8VaL)Adult (f)3,5397461
8HlXO(8HlXO)Adult (m)4,0387902
jYHNu(jYHNu)Adult (f)4,0087981
RGMrV(RGMrV)Adult (f)3,3296062
Q34YY(Q34YY)Adult (f)3,4786833
ILsPZ(ILsPZ)Adult (m)3,4836791
n8jDe(n8jDe)Adult (f)3,0095543
4KWvg(4KWvg)Adult (f)2,5024802
LL8PVThe Shrieking ThunderAdult (f)6,0071,3325
TWa5lThunder ShrieksAdult (f)6,5301,34710
mWHp2Thunder HowlsAdult (m)1,7505631
yHGC3Thunder BaysAdult (m)3,8836852
GJUcfThe Howling ThunderAdult (f)3,6926724
JZP53Jailed ThunderAdult (m)2,6484752
DL39o(DL39o)Adult (m)2,6835891
PqGCq(PqGCq)Adult (m)3,3225944
AHBc4(AHBc4)Adult (f)2,6206553
Xxfs0(Xxfs0)Adult (f)3,2466911
eELZm(eELZm)Adult (f)2,4975231
E7wsY(E7wsY)Adult (m)2,8088092
XQcpj(XQcpj)Adult (f)2,9268172
mHkJn(mHkJn)Adult (m)2,7335652
rInAE(rInAE)Adult (m)3,3114981
sAVWX(sAVWX)Adult (m)3,5305301
8Sgnk(8Sgnk)Adult (m)2,4137053
4DV6w(4DV6w)Adult (m)3,9543372
9I17Z(9I17Z)Adult (m)2,6056302
d4M4C(d4M4C)Adult (m)2,7426373
UEuHH(UEuHH)Adult (m)2,5455763
Raq8H(Raq8H)Adult (f)2,5275572
7Oi3L(7Oi3L)Adult (m)2,3506211
CCSp6(CCSp6)Adult (m)3,2145191
cjg7Q(cjg7Q)Adult (m)2,7865641
49aRK(49aRK)Adult (m)2,7615561
35UnA(35UnA)Adult (m)2,7246361
icIpl(icIpl)Adult (f)2,8156541
bMRUy(bMRUy)Adult (m)2,5195732
xS8Xl(xS8Xl)Adult (m)3,4545452
j1l4D(j1l4D)Adult (m)2,9575944
bl1PzThundering EmeraldAdult (m)3,3114391
l36PIEmerald ThunderingAdult (f)3,1354321
noA2eDarkest Emerald ThunderAdult (m)2,8045691
h6mwEEmerald Darkest ThunderAdult (f)3,0525531
IXZk7Thundering Alpine EmeraldAdult (m)3,8427801
ngvTMAlpine Thundering EmeraldAdult (f)3,7697641
lk1tCThundering Alpine AlmeraldAdult (m)4,5787831
3t4dhAlpine Thundering AlmeraldAdult (f)4,2947371
MXAlxGreen Emerald ThunderAdult (f)3,1596271
XQQwdEmerald Green ThunderAdult (f)4,1134632
XFpcXRoyal Green ThunderAdult (f)5,4608542
6heb5Emerald Crowned ThunderAdult (f)4,2918041
Yd42rDancing Emerald ThunderAdult (m)2,8475122
L929q(L929q)Adult (f)1,9756042
vz08Y(vz08Y)Adult (f)2,3977101
Npfnm(Npfnm)Adult (m)2,3796632
jNOIZThundering NOIZAdult (m)2,5306222
uEuLxCaped ThunderAdult (f)2,4515971
SX8epLaughing ThunderAdult (m)2,2625622
VckTVThe Beautiful ThunderAdult (f)2,2645591
Fb4EYThe Singing ThunderAdult (m)2,2365391
gLD7oDry Desert ThunderAdult (f)3,1747632
KiLh2Arid Desert ThunderAdult (m)2,9946703
nTJj7One Cool Blue ThunderAdult (f)2,3336272
AaqVEHot Red ThunderAdult (m)2,2016481
gRkYpCadet ThunderAdult (m)2,2806271
gNlHGThirsty Desert ThunderAdult (m)3,8978582
Pa7a7Parched Desert ThunderAdult (m)2,3066262
V34O1Red Winged ThunderAdult (m)2,1455391
MMcV2Blue Winged ThunderAdult (f)2,6206842
JS7Y2Red Jungle ThunderAdult (m)2,1555564
8AaSyRed and Silver ThunderAdult (m)2,7426114
08mC4Blue and Silver ThunderAdult (f)2,6196021
yu13EBlue Jungle ThunderAdult (f)2,8486661
5H6JhRed Desert ThunderAdult (m)2,3965151
DxKDIScarlet Desert ThunderAdult (m)2,5045651
JpXtMDong Chi Christmas ThunderAdult (f)3,4037011
n0GWWBlue Radcliff ThunderAdult (f)3,2196951
9PJRaYakzador Thunder RedAdult (m)3,2617183
IJ6LnFreaky Red ThunderAdult (m)3,6774391
8mcDbRidged Anagallis ThunderAdult (m)5,3409713
UT6ZjRegal Anagallis ThunderAdult (f)3,9776572
ZnXtnRegal Z ThunderAdult (f)3,2665803
7JJH7Red Capped ThunderAdult (m)3,0926203
K6H9A(K6H9A)Adult (f)3,2266612
qn1Ut(qn1Ut)Adult (f)3,1196642
jjEio(jjEio)Adult (m)3,1686572
UEJxs(UEJxs)Adult (m)3,1736292
mbKzo(mbKzo)Adult (f)3,4066693
A0YNS(A0YNS)Adult (m)2,3405532
xzAOJ(xzAOJ)Adult (f)2,0945372
7aQru(7aQru)Adult (m)2,4124725
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