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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ShimmerBug,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
JWaWkXorantynth CB EldestAdult (m)4,7578531
QV0ORCimnea CB EldestAdult (f)3,5997342
3hMolXurucrai G2 P EldestAdult (m)2,5977184
haNZbBarsen G2 P EldestAdult (m)3,8148431
AakhL(AakhL)Adult (f)4,1939712
XemGJXemra 2G EldestAdult (m)4,9839304
be8EFSymrea 2G EldestAdult (f)4,9339504
KJ7Gj(KJ7Gj)Adult (m)5,3959675
IHOmn(IHOmn)Adult (f)3,2995752
laf7u(laf7u)Adult (m)3,0815381
oiSQj(oiSQj)Adult (f)2,7654590
eZtfN(eZtfN)Adult (f)5,2218684
VFDv2(VFDv2)Adult (f)9,3441,4765
fQgcA(fQgcA)Adult (f)4,7488532
52mRBPhalnath CB EldestAdult (f)3,5328881
U7fOfRothr CB EldestAdult (m)2,9717311
5GWY6Uphau CB EldestAdult (f)3,0157291
EVLTSGaedr CB EldestAdult (m)3,0697541
xUt9yNoignas CB EldestAdult (m)4,0349151
FCJCKFrutel CB EldestAdult (f)3,9409171
WkMnIIemrinir G2 PL EldestAdult (f)3,7788161
m5Cb9(m5Cb9)Adult (m)3,8019301
ZMRaL(ZMRaL)Adult (m)2,7037131
8LLl3(8LLl3)Adult (f)4,2669521
QPg0o(QPg0o)Adult (m)5,1208263
EqlNj(EqlNj)Adult (f)6,3216972
cZNpVanilla CB EldestAdult (m)1,2484413
pR4TPMari CB EldestAdult (f)2,7363264
Bfr7lPelani G3 EldestAdult (f)4,7805992
zyr0sHayries CB EldestAdult (f)5,0868894
WcrKQMafeealaeth G2 EldestAdult (m)2,6896060
fhJCkDraghull CB EldestAdult (f)5,0628643
NV03oEgec CB EldestAdult (m)4,5306811
YNl2jGlaru G3 EldestAdult (f)2,8787480
mT4se(mT4se)Adult (f)3,7219251
JoSDh(JoSDh)Adult (m)3,7618291
jAbz8(jAbz8)Adult (f)5,8821,0671
H1M2f(H1M2f)Adult (m)3,1815492
FdWF6(FdWF6)Adult (m)6,3039561
84qmn(84qmn)Adult (f)4,7998862
kwPj5(kwPj5)Adult (m)4,8841,0741
uD865(uD865)Adult (f)4,6059351
jNaGU(jNaGU)Adult (m)4,0699632
LQsUD(LQsUD)Adult (f)3,7005821
PSlOn(PSlOn)Adult (f)4,3418654
CgEGhNilnago CB EldestAdult (f)3,2016552
eTjqZNulfr CB EldestAdult (m)4,1247392
OeyAhJerna CB EldestAdult (f)3,6258842
7FPn7Jerivi G2 EldestAdult (f)3,4727531
sHFOzNekenairth G2 P EldestAdult (f)3,8308431
fewOL(fewOL)Adult (m)3,9207993
gUXXy(gUXXy)Adult (m)6,1181,3012
KOzZC(KOzZC)Adult (f)4,5728912
9kj1K(9kj1K)Adult (f)4,2119612
aUpVm(aUpVm)Adult (m)4,2359472
LQB4p(LQB4p)Adult (f)4,5381,1713
csXT1(csXT1)Adult (f)4,4431,1195
3MbBPRasiel CB EldestAdult (f)5,4958752
3mMmkAlcuin G3 EldestAdult (f)4,5936601
bHA27Esaeallaeth G4 EldestAdult (m)3,5346172
IV7v7Lelu G5 EldestAdult (f)3,7617200
RDDDrSruildr G2 EldestAdult (m)3,3986580
3B4D7Guirn G2 EldestAdult (m)5,4381,0032
NLTVgNarroth CB EldestAdult (m)3,4167753
0zyJeIorxiros CB EldestAdult (m)5,0698491
44unTNathibra CB EldestAdult (m)3,8497441
95XdjSrulgem CB EldestAdult (m)5,5198851
OLVolLodhil CB EldestAdult (f)3,6306621
2dr3y(2dr3y)Adult (f)3,6625641
msrOxFylleana G2 EldestAdult (f)3,0147221
4vZk4Sylumon G2 EldestAdult (m)2,8399202
pqa2CKadean G24 EldestAdult (m)4,3378091
4wQD5Kagrant CB EldestAdult (m)3,8334590
gQG7sDraamrak CB EldestAdult (m)5,1128832
wBdUgBukoa CB EldestAdult (m)3,7478032
clUo8(clUo8)Adult (m)3,3847701
G2Oou(G2Oou)Adult (m)5,6991,0495
6rElR(6rElR)Adult (f)5,4391,1173
b5J17(b5J17)Adult (f)3,7218790
ZeCtP(ZeCtP)Adult (m)3,8368531
uJt5O(uJt5O)Adult (f)3,7918361
bC3fE(bC3fE)Adult (m)3,7119281
Lr8Wj(Lr8Wj)Adult (f)3,7739031
GtvoO(GtvoO)Adult (m)3,4135631
oFNSq(oFNSq)Adult (m)7,6279483
Hz3AS(Hz3AS)Adult (m)4,3629251
ZHWwr(ZHWwr)Adult (m)5,0788355
4wfaz(4wfaz)Adult (m)5,0359963
RklzZ(RklzZ)Adult (f)6,6139541
xmnXt(xmnXt)Adult (m)6,2191,2191
H7HG5Rumo CB EldestAdult (f)3,0301,0001
UKkLcTendekiom CB EldestAdult (m)3,1249962
BQxMDGliomud CB EldestAdult (m)3,1669991
TEFGcThanvish CB EldestAdult (f)3,2449861
TjuNINaveroth CB EldestAdult (f)3,1561,0182
Bb6bVDaemnerne CB EldestAdult (f)3,1479811
t5YluVovenaeth CB EldestAdult (f)3,0881,0121
AKJzaBubuic CB EldestAdult (m)3,2051,0391
2GnPKeneasia CB EldestAdult (f)5,2881,48381
frxuXKiningr CB EldestAdult (m)4,2009670
BdrxcFena CB EldestAdult (f)3,5025130
XCzk4Fethe G2 EldestAdult (f)4,1307512
3A1ZgAndith G2 EldestAdult (m)4,0687251
nuRkPFaldr CB EldestAdult (m)3,4096922
kPd2JNomimdongr CB EldestAdult (m)4,6028991
dpI15Raulgigod CB EldestAdult (m)3,5027231
iZP7dAudo CB EldestAdult (f)4,2058331
6hlaz(6hlaz)Adult (m)4,3088753
cVxkN(cVxkN)Adult (m)4,6389384
m8dEK(m8dEK)Adult (m)4,2908844
WCWpmValencina G3 EldestAdult (f)4,6539722
fptSxValence G4 EldestAdult (f)5,5921,2440
D6hE5Thuthe G2 EldestAdult (f)5,9021,1651
jafWUFaeyassa G3 EldestAdult (f)2,8467321
yqQIMBidrish G4 EldestAdult (f)3,0227632
desNvValemyra CB EldestAdult (f)4,2949932
HcZRBValryani CB EldestAdult (f)4,4951,0091
2eljjOsa G4 EldestAdult (f)3,1711,1111
F3GQeFimrait G4 EldestAdult (f)3,1841,1051
Ysrt1Geilhe G3 PL EldestAdult (f)3,6166644
pVkOX(pVkOX)Adult (f)5,1798752
OFiCnEbum CB EldestAdult (m)3,3647071
IpI6BShamna CB EldestAdult (f)3,3936921
KElifDomuith CB EldestAdult (m)3,8427570
NFwdMGlilme CB EldestAdult (f)3,6337591
oKVqIFek CB EldestAdult (m)3,9668571
TRxIGMinvoh CB EldestAdult (f)4,3188671
KWa8lAngr CB EldestAdult (m)4,4019231
2W9bEBaegr CB EldestAdult (m)4,4709131
KwHxoYotha CB EldestAdult (f)2,7827141
3zmyG(3zmyG)Adult (m)4,1899621
10APr(10APr)Adult (f)6,1011,0741
LWozR(LWozR)Adult (f)6,3757331
nIfMf(nIfMf)Adult (f)8,4641,1754
X8vdP(X8vdP)Adult (f)5,1078982
swjZS(swjZS)Adult (m)4,9199725
3r8q5Sildr CB EldestAdult (m)5,9509431
I8kJQElmavea CB EldestAdult (f)6,3391,1561
R1DQuSodeinvoth G16 EldestAdult (f)3,1687191
fBskDOrnukr CB EldestAdult (m)3,6028481
bbwxHThode G2 P EldestAdult (m)3,7378241
yy4GM(yy4GM)Adult (m)4,4508651
ucr2iUth CB EldestAdult (m)5,1409062
VygFjShearvoneal G2 EldestAdult (f)3,1387402
7jNgb(7jNgb)Adult (m)3,1935331
wGiUo(wGiUo)Adult (m)7,7548891
qyhSBandi G2 EldestAdult (m)1,0435888
AGBgLenni CB EldestAdult (m)8215754
XC0WBubbles CB EldestAdult (f)9634682
OaLtCMelolae G3 EldestAdult (f)6,8991,1701
OuIMpFalanos CB EldestAdult (m)3,7884050
4TJerOmorn CB EldestAdult (m)4,2048625
FCAEKKrerkus CB EldestAdult (m)4,2868310
vOKwz(vOKwz)Adult (m)3,7768651
SNY9bKowyn CB EldestAdult (m)4,3978631
yRijDGiergieg CB EldestAdult (m)4,2819471
qRhbsSagena CB EldestAdult (f)3,0497162
LGrUVPrauthax G2 P EldestAdult (m)2,7097311
mbQBBUynya G2 EldestAdult (f)2,8066070
IH0xpRadris G5 EldestAdult (m)3,8666501
vITwbHeraes G3 EldestAdult (m)2,8866500
Wqcn0Nesbis G2 EldestAdult (f)2,9026512
pdCUMRogon G2 EldestAdult (m)3,3036361
gyB9BShramath CB EldestAdult (m)4,0394570
8lFFuEldr CB EldestAdult (m)2,9197491
XKP3n(XKP3n)Adult (f)7,8569551
Exvc7(Exvc7)Adult (m)8,4271,1493
SIWUZ(SIWUZ)Adult (m)6,3661,0750
Iy8GMyst CB EldestAdult (f)5,2321,16029
C2QyLeerim CB EldestAdult (m)4,8101,34379
Uj69Eteblg G6 EldestAdult (f)1,68968721
E4CKBiaeth G2 EldestAdult (m)2,53790914
XPYaBachain G4 EldestAdult (f)4,5621,33817
vrVZDraeraenae G9 EldestAdult (m)3,1161,02029
zET0Noraehaen G2 EldestAdult (f)1,4604319
aO0aMirthblossom G13 EldestAdult (f)1,8753927
579TNightwhisper G20 EldestAdult (m)1,58548718
K0l9Moonsorrow G16 EldestAdult (f)1,05456610
q8IsRosereaver G11 EldestAdult (f)9635515
LDAOTetise G21 EldestAdult (f)1,6826401
A2qQTynaedine G13 EldestAdult (f)1,1896314
VqcaBlackstrider G21 EldestAdult (m)1,6676271
1PmENightseeker G17 EldestAdult (f)2,7485459
JcKYMathareis G17 EldestAdult (m)2,06955412
ukGPFehaeda G3 EldestAdult (f)2,51253911
aTi7Zer'danas G4 EldestAdult (m)3,7234069
RDwqDMyrieth G20 EldestAdult (f)3,4505054
T5yIyTheleth G2 EldestAdult (m)2,8707220
m7ZNKSheyurea G10 EldestAdult (f)2,8596451
iDJWHEreallaes G21 EldestAdult (f)6,4211,0050
LqXXqRothush CB EldestAdult (f)4,3648471
zYDmOIldric CB EldestAdult (f)3,6957351
sjEOXMilmith G4 EldestAdult (f)4,2179882
4S11iAsimgaan G2 P EldestAdult (f)3,7428092
mQjZ1(mQjZ1)Adult (f)3,7828992
C0NDi(C0NDi)Adult (f)3,6736634
hrqtu(hrqtu)Adult (f)4,3099651
yzYcV(yzYcV)Adult (f)4,3419473
87IPI(87IPI)Adult (f)4,7429984
iyE5Z(iyE5Z)Adult (m)4,1838712
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