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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Sherai,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
m72R(m72R)Adult (f)2,22672725
dsmr(dsmr)Adult (f)2,07471151
0aDn(0aDn)Adult (f)1,17354123
YRC9(YRC9)Adult (f)3,16090840
TssI(TssI)Adult (f)1,0737623
AfLV(AfLV)Adult (f)2,8901,18423
2Ro5(2Ro5)Adult (m)4,0581,11152
37Vd(37Vd)Adult (m)3,0721,47746
mvNZ(mvNZ)Adult (m)2,47082816
xAHs(xAHs)Adult (m)2,38770249
YZux(YZux)Adult (m)9105954
DTSI(DTSI)Adult (m)9095947
eKsA(eKsA)Adult (m)3,11994170
7Znl(7Znl)Adult (f)2,2481,04344
5JOT(5JOT)Adult (f)2,7351,41032
NC8T(NC8T)Adult (f)2,47882817
12SL(12SL)Adult (m)7485971
1jTv(1jTv)Adult (f)1,8447919
mbeY(mbeY)Adult (f)2,5801,05325
vI3Q(vI3Q)Adult (f)2,34895115
RL9w(RL9w)Adult (f)1,0557472
UMBe(UMBe)Adult (m)7515747
5SYv(5SYv)Adult (m)7545737
FgvP(FgvP)Adult (f)2,75984741
gz2x(gz2x)Adult (m)1,82073226
CUYE(CUYE)Adult (f)1,79662937
ASGX(ASGX)Adult (f)3,21279945
Awyd(Awyd)Adult (m)3,9711,64677
51QL(51QL)Adult (m)2,90876443
4lLS(4lLS)Adult (m)1,81163126
f52i(f52i)Adult (f)2,6841,38031
Ycs8(Ycs8)Adult (m)1,4035316
5EHc(5EHc)Adult (m)3,51281145
fc8f(fc8f)Adult (m)2,22586233
1EZ4(1EZ4)Adult (m)3,7921,03569
uy3l(uy3l)Adult (m)3,27287452
y7i9(y7i9)Adult (f)3,03788642
gsMG(gsMG)Adult (f)1,95568642
fmj7(fmj7)Adult (f)1,69279113
A5Tj(A5Tj)Adult (m)2,79171161
T3ws(T3ws)Adult (m)3,1621,53059
DBkz(DBkz)Adult (f)2,6071,13258
mq0B(mq0B)Adult (f)8717024
fDHB(fDHB)Adult (f)3,8821,00346
j1ch(j1ch)Adult (m)4,0581,04440
9Pqa(9Pqa)Adult (m)8236663
nUUW(nUUW)Adult (f)3,67497851
KDFs(KDFs)Adult (f)1,33788211
lYOy(lYOy)Adult (m)1,3358768
iLDN(iLDN)Adult (f)9706784
YFk1(YFk1)Adult (m)9696778
oguy(oguy)Adult (f)2,6851,19741
V945(V945)Adult (m)1,67982424
pENp(pENp)Adult (m)9747795
KoPN(KoPN)Adult (m)4,5521,16255
i5Xe(i5Xe)Adult (f)1,96166030
uhNN(uhNN)Adult (m)2,3491,06942
SK1F(SK1F)Adult (m)1,0207232
DlbX(DlbX)Adult (m)2,37598219
t8jA(t8jA)Adult (f)2,4881,40230
cnYQ(cnYQ)Adult (m)1,95984719
FSEd(FSEd)Adult (f)2,4691,01216
Onbo(Onbo)Adult (m)2,5791,04816
So75(So75)Adult (f)1,0297252
BQhr(BQhr)Adult (m)1,65775114
fed8(fed8)Adult (f)3,78897547
InE2(InE2)Adult (f)2,61579645
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