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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “She_Wolf67,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
IeTU(IeTU)Adult (m)5,0759739
8f1Y(8f1Y)Adult (m)13,6731,3587
EneO(EneO)Adult (f)4,1519095
HWkl(HWkl)Adult (f)8,3321,5283
l7UG(l7UG)Adult (m)3,9029276
cXX9(cXX9)Adult (f)9,8001,63513
Lq1m(Lq1m)Adult (f)6,6491,2016
XMb3(XMb3)Adult (f)5,3891,0856
6m1S(6m1S)Adult (f)2,6221,0675
QNV9(QNV9)Adult (f)2,3569743
sFDf(sFDf)Adult (f)5,2786176
km59(km59)Adult (m)2,4091,0042
vQo7(vQo7)Adult (f)4,1619005
TKoH(TKoH)Adult (m)20,3051,49813
utB2(utB2)Adult (m)4,1719431
1Yaa(1Yaa)Adult (f)9,0191,2784
FL0c(FL0c)Adult (f)5,3291,0397
OdJp(OdJp)Adult (m)4,6161,1943
vZtR(vZtR)Adult (f)7,1139798
56MZ(56MZ)Adult (m)10,0451,3804
EhR9(EhR9)Adult (m)4,6151,2024
YRdL(YRdL)Adult (f)9,9081,6248
8L9E(8L9E)Adult (f)7,4531,4402
metM(metM)Adult (f)2,3879452
csTh(csTh)Adult (m)6,7031,1961
Dfk3(Dfk3)Adult (m)9,2181,6763
eYi3(eYi3)Adult (f)5,4911,06010
Xg53(Xg53)Adult (m)3,58870213
v91n(v91n)Adult (m)7,8451,1374
LML3(LML3)Adult (m)10,1771,4013
niTU(niTU)Adult (m)4,5481,1652
HHLs(HHLs)Adult (f)7,3651,4122
Ocqn(Ocqn)Adult (m)13,6311,3286
hE97(hE97)Adult (m)7,3091,4142
Z6cl(Z6cl)Adult (f)9,7521,3612
SefX(SefX)Adult (m)3,61170118
9Fne(9Fne)Adult (f)4,2139592
sYOp(sYOp)Adult (f)4,4589284
aEHb(aEHb)Adult (f)7,2831,2186
CIhl(CIhl)Adult (m)4,4159264
VEVM(VEVM)Adult (f)6,6271,0329
N54k(N54k)Adult (m)9,7191,3405
NQnp(NQnp)Adult (m)13,7191,3506
jvKq(jvKq)Adult (m)7,7181,2336
QWtF(QWtF)Adult (m)6,6621,2175
5ZV2(5ZV2)Adult (f)9,9091,6846
2lal(2lal)Adult (m)4,9649433
3Loe(3Loe)Adult (m)3,6589176
12VI(12VI)Adult (f)9,8361,3285
jZOE(jZOE)Adult (m)8,5911,2207
mDeS(mDeS)Adult (f)5,3801,05411
keRu(keRu)Adult (m)20,1361,4728
kJBm(kJBm)Adult (m)14,5531,56120
PhAc(PhAc)Adult (m)8,1931,4711
F9eS(F9eS)Adult (m)3,49569613
eJJB(eJJB)Adult (f)4,5071,1454
lHLf(lHLf)Adult (m)7,3361,3962
rQgc(rQgc)Adult (f)6,7261,2163
9ZvA(9ZvA)Adult (f)10,9371,28716
Xlbg(Xlbg)Adult (m)8,1421,4984
FD0W(FD0W)Adult (f)13,8901,3305
2ip5(2ip5)Adult (m)20,1471,4586
6lUG(6lUG)Adult (m)4,6531,0053
hUOu(hUOu)Adult (f)8,2071,5051
YNCp(YNCp)Adult (m)3,74369715
V8Ov(V8Ov)Adult (f)3,6378563
EppK(EppK)Adult (m)4,5219247
PVqc(PVqc)Adult (f)19,5081,4207
oREY(oREY)Adult (f)7,3611,13812
9Rvq(9Rvq)Adult (f)7,7571,1178
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