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You pick up the scroll labeled “Shanthaia,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
DAOIWelcome to Shan's ScrollAdult (f)3,7331,25318
Ak7hj(Ak7hj)Hatchling (f)2,8245703
GtFIi(GtFIi)Hatchling (m)4,6268301
tTWVShan's Thuwed Celo Dragon SitterAdult (f)3,5378042
YnKZZ(YnKZZ)Hatchling (f)3,0356261
y0YjVYana Unum BluemorphAdult (m)6,0811,0472
9oQWiShan's To Be SortedAdult (f)4,7467629
Xzv9sSelvina Unum SnowspiritAdult (f)6,1266481
qMbO2Marambo Soulstone SnowflakeAdult (m)3,6668975
au15fAufa SnowflakeHatchling (F)1,1023653
HDueFDevin SnowflakeHatchling (m, F)2,7987442
bQDUiBruni Scala LazybumAdult (f)2,9698051
MqxxIMara Unum SnowflakeAdult (f)3,6319201
pVsn2Vanessa Unum SnowflakeAdult (f)3,6729250
XVB2ZMyga Antiscala JungledwellerAdult (m)5,9777104
EzVchPula Fleshcrown LovebirdAdult (f)5,7791,1462
PuID4Pula Script LovebirdAdult (f)5,8751,1863
AhZFVAzi LovebirdHatchling (F)3,4287432
Hyc1DSuukorak Quat LovebirdAdult (m)6,1161,2231
P00ioValena Tria LovebirdAdult (f)6,1611,2471
FU6luHawkling Scala LovebirdAdult (f)6,2461,2992
xCaa2Canaan Unum LovebirdAdult (m)6,4251,2983
HqceSTanitha Quat LovebirdAdult (f)3,8369141
ggjo5Ulyei Spriteralt LovebirdAdult (f)3,7239141
8msOWRosa Spriteralt LovebirdAdult (f)3,9269361
DnifhDina LovebirdHatchling (f, F)2,9547582
vaRGlSuane Tria LovebirdAdult (f)4,5231,0232
9tzrdIgbale Quat LovebirdAdult (m)4,6351,0291
Wat97Polly Witchlight LovebirdAdult (f)4,5661,0401
yOuuKYoogeun Tria LovebirdAdult (m)4,6411,0921
6hiAAAram Unum LovebirdAdult (m)3,6449301
rmsUUMushin Unum LovebirdAdult (m)3,7319510
0C3I4Chiara Unum SapphireAdult (f)5,1891,0482
F81gqLucy Tria MistscurrierAdult (f)4,7651,0894
Uj1sGQubuosagi Quat BonecrusherAdult (f)4,0089993
fzIt9Zybdis Quat BonecrusherAdult (m)3,5367681
DBYEMAster Quat BonecrusherAdult (m)3,5947621
33QehAmineng Pure NightstalkerAdult (m)3,5697731
UMA5AArtyll Tria MistscurrierAdult (m)3,4997781
Dtj9tZhydu Pure HauntedglowAdult (f)3,6467750
4oDPBDask Tria BonecrusherAdult (f)3,7387741
JakPnTrithrix Quat MistscurrierAdult (f)3,7617691
pbg51Paulo Tria NightstalkerAdult (m)3,4506991
91kKVQullis Quat MistscurrierAdult (m)3,6716931
oQgFXQogira Tri-Horn  NightstalkerAdult (f)3,3727091
awqNsDalinar Tria MistscurrierAdult (m)3,4877121
9lj8dMictecacihuatl Ember DeathwingAdult (f)3,2247301
p09n9Perigren Ember DeathwingAdult (f)3,2857241
f7fr5Flavia GW DeathwingAdult (f)3,2277421
E6pbyFantaghiro Quat ManahoarderAdult (f)3,8546791
7oWBkLady Tria BonecrusherAdult (f)3,6236911
jcZJXPallcaster Sinomorph ManahoarderAdult (m)4,4537162
dNb0ZHondeh Tria GoldeniguanaAdult (m)4,7981,0343
asgANEverglot Quat GoldeniguanaAdult (f)4,5868151
jueG0June Unum HauntedglowAdult (f)4,3488221
Gfk9UGina Unum FeuersbrunstAdult (f)4,2368322
iyMAlMartin Unum DeathwingAdult (m)4,1518302
Gs1g2Gustavo Unum ManahoarderAdult (m)4,4408492
EYJs1Eyja Unum NightstalkerAdult (f)4,0468512
mIZ5QMiram Unum MistscurrierAdult (m)4,2618790
rXQaHRivan Unum GoldeniguanaAdult (m)3,8968860
Ife1iIferin Unum HauntedglowAdult (m)3,9048870
s0o4fFilina Unum BonecrusherAdult (f)3,8918870
PU2CWKim and Fin SurvivingAdult (m)3,9477241
MuIagMu a La Survivig DarknessdwellerAdult (f)3,1374173
0U6rEErwin Unum Surviving SneakythiefAdult (m)3,7755061
nyGa0Nygao Unum Surviving CuriosityAdult (f)3,7845051
7YK3jTina Unum Surviving SpottyAdult (f)2,6632183
jjW3sJim Unum Surviving WavedancerAdult (m)7,6976060
sqq5Shan's Zombies SitterAdult (f)1,48981732
7za6y(7za6y)Adult (f)4,1613041
HFIXU(HFIXU)Adult (f)6,9046111
RgTbS(RgTbS)Adult (f)6,0426841
EMtel(EMtel)Adult (f)6,1726621
DFMOF(DFMOF)Adult (f)6,1426710
UGogh(UGogh)Adult (m)6,3916711
xdTye(xdTye)Adult (m)6,4376681
XHo4d(XHo4d)Adult (f)6,4086661
gadao(gadao)Adult (f)7,2186400
E7Zi1(E7Zi1)Adult (m)5,3866602
j2upi(j2upi)Adult (f)5,3566601
cy15W(cy15W)Adult (m)6,1216450
M3OmR(M3OmR)Adult (m)6,0876420
RllMV(RllMV)Adult (m)6,1706410
Oyp4M(Oyp4M)Adult (m)6,1406431
ju9qA(ju9qA)Adult (f)5,2826380
KjhXh(KjhXh)Adult (f)5,8556370
cUsfk(cUsfk)Adult (m)5,8336360
lDcuV(lDcuV)Adult (f)7,2046620
Ce3NM(Ce3NM)Adult (f)6,4091,5051
zjosf(zjosf)Adult (m)6,6671,5080
LgudV(LgudV)Adult (f)7,3001,0282
mM6zZ(mM6zZ)Adult (f)7,3151,0790
iLE43(iLE43)Adult (f)3,9207281
5DekM(5DekM)Adult (f)6,5799380
lLrn2(lLrn2)Adult (f)5,5159820
FBG75(FBG75)Adult (m)5,7029980
3eoGw(3eoGw)Adult (m)5,5219620
hgflr(hgflr)Adult (f)5,4739431
jLrb2(jLrb2)Adult (m)5,6729510
9Z3my(9Z3my)Adult (f)5,5999870
gDzAU(gDzAU)Adult (m)5,6659981
uPeK2(uPeK2)Adult (f)5,5089440
3Pr0V(3Pr0V)Adult (f)6,8251,1783
yzmZc(yzmZc)Adult (f)6,6501,2840
xcdM4(xcdM4)Adult (m)5,1449823
vGqdO(vGqdO)Adult (m)5,1721,0300
7miQ7(7miQ7)Adult (m)5,8029371
GbVIG(GbVIG)Adult (m)5,6519321
vh8LL(vh8LL)Adult (f)5,6719210
Jvay5(Jvay5)Adult (m)5,6789790
7VGVo(7VGVo)Adult (m)5,5669631
OLR7Z(OLR7Z)Adult (f)5,9081,0170
SbucF(SbucF)Adult (f)6,0161,0140
p64MA(p64MA)Adult (m)5,6489890
PgBeG(PgBeG)Adult (f)6,2186501
mPvET(mPvET)Adult (m)6,9036191
5jQky(5jQky)Dead Adult (f)3,5532753
qYeFh(qYeFh)Dead Adult (f)6,0366173
t6yTs(t6yTs)Adult (f)6,8586750
pTEV2(pTEV2)Dead Adult (m)5,9676182
BlTVL(BlTVL)Dead Adult (m)5,9126150
wBDiB(wBDiB)Adult (f)6,3379768
lR97f(lR97f)Adult (m)5,5125281
D5Qaf(D5Qaf)Dead Adult (f)6,0674980
JFjgb(JFjgb)Adult (m)6,2076131
pSHah(pSHah)Adult (m)4,1552933
5oZSn(5oZSn)Adult (f)5,9695851
AzDn9(AzDn9)Adult (m)5,5776192
SAyvE(SAyvE)Adult (m)5,6596262
aXPbh(aXPbh)Adult (f)5,4426081
dZuxW(dZuxW)Adult (m)7,0605661
TSsEh(TSsEh)Adult (f)5,2726441
olwL5(olwL5)Adult (f)6,6086752
rfycB(rfycB)Adult (f)5,7816190
qkBUShan's Treasure ChestAdult (f)4,8684226
MhsYShan's Leetle TreeEgg (F)
iK2LSer'Thet Thuwed NestbuilderAdult (m)3,19785017
vt0sBPenk NestbuilderAdult (f)3,5046494
OtvYnSiellia Tria NestbuilderAdult (f)4,08068812
saoJHCake Quin Thuwed NestbuilderAdult (f)4,5987966
qU1RXSaren Tria NestbuilderAdult (f)4,8926455
TIXE6Pinky Bright White NestbuilderAdult (f)2,65351510
iTJo0Aterus Quin Thuwed DawngliderAdult (m)2,7386046
vL4EPDorkface Hex DawngliderAdult (f)2,8241,0777
2r5g0Mirrical Unum MorningstarAdult (f)3,8347454
fDLLRDelores Unum MorningstarAdult (f)5,2153732
terrRTerrestra Unum MorningstarAdult (m)5,81753911
DRsKAurora Dorkface FirestarAdult (f)6,20570847
76uhChirantus Scala Thuwed FirestarAdult (m)6,0055743
DtthsThuwed of the Vicious FlameAdult (m)4,7488085
Yu99IPleasure for ThreeAdult (m)3,9496384
RNg2sThuwed Duo SkydiverAdult (m)4,1113002
qe9dMCala Septem BlazeheartAdult (f)3,70259911
vrnOZThuwed Quin BlazeheartAdult (m)6,46077012
9UXIValentina Blacksweet BlazeheartAdult (f)7,1621,36245
jGNYHJenny Duo Zombi SolarlumenAdult (f)4,9199913
0XRuNRun Unum ShadowdancerAdult (f)5,88665617
Qoqa4Blackrose Unum ShadowdancerAdult (f)3,8771,0923
k6FLJoy Duo ShadowdancerAdult (f)1,93661018
Wquu3Sylvia Quat ShadowdancerAdult (f)3,16779118
RBhAObsidiana Iana Quat ShadowdancerAdult (f)5,1588859
d1jt6Dimitria Unum ShadowdancerAdult (f)6,3336974
HrkW8Hawk Unum ShadowdancerAdult (m)6,8371,1264
uOFDObsidian Quat ShadowdancerAdult (m)8,12984313
35SbJulei'an Lassard ShadowdancerAdult (m)4,83132312
bmVlvBehemoth Unum ShadowdancerAdult (m)2,2515805
PRvWrOnyx Unum ShadowdancerAdult (m)4,74141312
YDrrUShining Tria StargazerAdult (f)5,2687767
4C3tQMari Spriteralt DarkscaleAdult (f)6,8859064
oUhRNDelay Thuwed DarkscaleAdult (m)5,4507381
TiESQKara Tria Thuwed GlitterwingAdult (m)4,8621,0305
eIcsQSweet Octo Thuwed StonecoatAdult (m)5,3856054
I7GcsThuwed Duo NightstalkerAdult (f)2,19162918
jOWDHeather Thuwed ThunderbirdAdult (f)6,8601,22634
5biMmMarrionetta Unum StardustAdult (f)5,10934213
BVmg1Melmori Unum StardustAdult (f)3,7806663
EJTSEmilio Unum StardustAdult (m)5,03738518
u3KHBSpecial Tria StardustAdult (m)6,2704419
Am9qVeeyanir Amor SilversparkleAdult (m)8,23655061
93N08Penk Baloon SilversparkleAdult (f)9,0576235
kdkagPale Valentine SunworshipperAdult (m)4,5003002
o1YicColourful Yulebuck DesertsunAdult (f)4,5743192
QAtPyPink Pumpkin BouncybounceAdult (m)4,2212833
y9Cr2Rosam Pumpkin GloomglowAdult (f)3,9762972
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