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You pick up the scroll labeled “Shanthaia,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
DAOIWelcome to Shan's ScrollAdult (f)3,7331,25318
hDhOT(hDhOT)Adult (m)5,2521,4033
CzUsI(CzUsI)Adult (m)4,2011,2892
IiaxT(IiaxT)Adult (m)4,2831,2772
ICH4o(ICH4o)Adult (m)4,0841,2621
cshFA(cshFA)Adult (m)2,7428162
Sfag2(Sfag2)Adult (m)2,9079091
jqZKT(jqZKT)Adult (m)3,0299861
x5s6p(x5s6p)Adult (f)3,1409772
1wJiV(1wJiV)Adult (m)2,8659312
2orc5(2orc5)Hatchling (F)3,1424013
FqeaH(FqeaH)Adult (f)2,2737322
yl8ba(yl8ba)Adult (f)3,0548930
s69hA(s69hA)Adult (f)4,1389522
FW6rJ(FW6rJ)Adult (f)4,1429961
LoKNn(LoKNn)Adult (m)4,1181,0031
IgEtZ(IgEtZ)Adult (m)4,1909841
eiFfz(eiFfz)Adult (m)4,1019945
MC9nf(MC9nf)Adult (f)4,1129351
lFbjz(lFbjz)Adult (m)4,2399861
7osHs(7osHs)Adult (f)4,1009651
7jx8D(7jx8D)Adult (m)4,2599680
bJEhd(bJEhd)Adult (m)4,3209190
ImHFJ(ImHFJ)Adult (m)4,1999131
va13n(va13n)Adult (m)4,2549112
l93xX(l93xX)Adult (m)4,2439610
cWear(cWear)Adult (f)4,3419552
9F2UO(9F2UO)Adult (m)4,3089430
fWDEk(fWDEk)Adult (m)4,2759410
7PuYA(7PuYA)Adult (f)3,3848021
1WmQz(1WmQz)Adult (m)2,8646980
gCkan(gCkan)Adult (m)2,7987450
mQWiq(mQWiq)Adult (f)2,9757480
5DULG(5DULG)Adult (f)2,9247160
3mwkZ(3mwkZ)Adult (m)2,8677011
H3VVH(H3VVH)Adult (m)2,8157030
rOvvM(rOvvM)Hatchling (m, F)3,0977372
FXax4(FXax4)Hatchling (f, F)3,3317624
oQ7wF(oQ7wF)Hatchling (F)1,9775461
SBe2i(SBe2i)Hatchling (f, F)2,7926992
ebtx6(ebtx6)Hatchling (m, F)2,8346921
JxRCr(JxRCr)Adult (m)3,5318661
QuMqs(QuMqs)Adult (m)3,5518571
295Ih(295Ih)Adult (m)3,4938510
OGDrj(OGDrj)Adult (f)7,3071,0582
wSH7x(wSH7x)Adult (m)2,6537652
hmuAT(hmuAT)Adult (m)2,2276301
PuEUj(PuEUj)Adult (f)2,3656211
JNaoj(JNaoj)Adult (f)2,4326111
T3heY(T3heY)Adult (m)2,6926551
UFRkD(UFRkD)Adult (f)2,4697082
bXGY4(bXGY4)Adult (m)2,4406721
bfbDM(bfbDM)Adult (f)3,2567281
DxXwq(DxXwq)Adult (f)3,2637101
KZrS3(KZrS3)Adult (f)3,3027270
daR5K(daR5K)Adult (f)3,4067561
EoDsZ(EoDsZ)Adult (f)3,3097191
uZKeN(uZKeN)Adult (m)3,5107281
XmbRO(XmbRO)Adult (m)3,4717581
edjib(edjib)Adult (m)3,2067361
jM2Ja(jM2Ja)Adult (f)3,6179020
2GqfE(2GqfE)Adult (f)4,6881,0192
IA1Ks(IA1Ks)Adult (f)3,5248810
F7Sz2(F7Sz2)Hatchling (f, F)2,8137260
TgZsd(TgZsd)Hatchling (F)2,0324421
eAaW7(eAaW7)Hatchling (m, F)2,8877720
kwMLZ(kwMLZ)Adult (m)3,6219120
DmIJX(DmIJX)Adult (m)4,5701,0090
O3n15(O3n15)Adult (m)4,2919880
xeB8I(xeB8I)Adult (f)4,0801,0090
t8e12(t8e12)Adult (f)3,3958630
URwEC(URwEC)Adult (f)3,4508792
C2228(C2228)Adult (m)3,5459060
VU6Vs(VU6Vs)Adult (m)4,1239912
Fxmik(Fxmik)Adult (f)4,1549394
66iXA(66iXA)Adult (f)4,1849992
ylN6RIrina Unum Surviving VelvetduskAdult (f)2,3075861
t59TMMi and Ma Pure Surviving LakeAdult (f)1,8822985
pcLIBYe Unum Survive DarknessdwellerAdult (m)1,2735461
tTWVShan's Thuwed Celo Dragon SitterAdult (f)3,5378042
bCkLE(bCkLE)Adult (f)2,9669412
32o6S(32o6S)Adult (m)2,9979712
bdc1l(bdc1l)Adult (f)2,8749053
rf6DW(rf6DW)Adult (m)3,8521,1484
A2fL8(A2fL8)Hatchling (f, F)2,4908062
kiwHD(kiwHD)Hatchling (m, F)2,6308552
L5zcv(L5zcv)Adult (f)3,8731,1241
pLLID(pLLID)Adult (m)2,9669522
45G0IGina Unum BorealAdult (f)3,7118240
2CbqxChris Unum BorealAdult (m)4,1228911
kgkBtKen Unum BorealAdult (m)4,0108640
DriXUDina BorealHatchling (f, F)8,3685974
csEpeSkip BorealHatchling (F)9073132
LyUdOLeon BorealHatchling (m, F)4,2246052
53UGrRenate Unum BorealAdult (f)4,0438710
G8Bz7Zenzi Unum BorealAdult (f)4,0418720
QjtZbJacob Unum BorealAdult (m)4,1588870
8gCXRConea Unum AshAdult (f)4,2338421
3gZuOOlga Unum AshAdult (f)4,2728481
0iFFyFinny Unum AshAdult (f)3,6497970
CdvmKKathie AshHatchling (f, F)3,3577220
zmxvDDini AshHatchling (F)2,3315401
T7FBTBete AshHatchling (m, F)3,4887103
aTgKOTheo Unum AshAdult (m)4,0358840
O8LxYLear Unum AshAdult (m)4,2938242
ZRnkXKen Unum AshAdult (m)4,3428302
ZSTecTina Unum PurpleSiyatAdult (f)3,2836671
8Bzpxbrienne Unum PurpleSiyatAdult (f)3,7557001
BOyrSBoyara Unum PurpleSiyatAdult (f)3,0835284
16XdzZip PurpleSiyatHatchling (F)7141652
6SBUCBuck Unum PurpleSiyatAdult (m)3,4126901
TtoYPTybor Unum PurpleSiyatAdult (m)4,3168775
fL1T6Fabian Unum PurpleSiyatAdult (m)4,07975030
nRjNIRonja Unum BlueSiyatAdult (f)3,6756952
nrq8MMiria Unum BlueSiyatAdult (f)3,9117958
i8QiIChiqui Unum BlueSiyatAdult (f)4,9728801
3CkJeJenny BlueSiyatHatchling (f, F)4,1377313
lSCyCSini BlueSiyatHatchling (F)1,4541612
Iew5aLevin BlueSiyatHatchling (m, F)4,1411,0147
zuXa6Xandrian Unum BlueSiyatAdult (m)3,4426911
Y1hsHYeshim Unum BlueSiyatAdult (m)2,3147313
uEYHBEmilian Chaos BlueSiyatAdult (m)3,9948653
joJvjJovina Fever GreenSiyatAdult (f)3,8706762
dwSIhSidiana Anagallis GreenSiyatAdult (f)5,3381,0064
8jgT5Tarina Unum GreenSiyatAdult (f)4,9709460
26lrEIrine GreenSiyatHatchling (f, F)3,3787291
aQxTqTiny GreenSiyatHatchling (F)2,2045591
vbTsWTim GreenSiyatHatchling (m, F)4,1331,0435
eckJKEckar Aegis GreenSiyatAdult (m)4,8199221
H5wnWHeinrich Hellfire GreenSiyatAdult (m)5,4641,0063
ITvNBIshtvan Unum GreenSiyatAdult (m)4,8259722
NcAyRNyanca Unum BlackAdult (f)3,6307422
tNWi0Tyna Unum BlackAdult (f)2,7366991
Nx4TDNada Unum BlackAdult (f)3,9869882
KGIjJKina BlackHatchling (f, F)4,0628182
XbznkKanki BlackHatchling (F)2,1772072
NZZ6J(NZZ6J)Adult (m)4,5797594
OSI6Z(OSI6Z)Hatchling (m, F)4,1267371
LP6x7Lethan Unum BlackAdult (m)3,0677242
IwQIfIvan Tsunami BlackAdult (m)5,1349904
9oQWiShan's To Be SortedAdult (f)4,7467629
MRyag(MRyag)Adult (f)3,7207314
Vb9VW(Vb9VW)Adult (f)3,7997431
uDUXbDorea Pyro BlueSiyatAdult (f)4,7897814
fRed9(fRed9)Adult (f)3,38634812
K19Bd(K19Bd)Adult (f)3,0047015
JkvFI(JkvFI)Adult (m)5,7037251
7shmx(7shmx)Adult (m)5,6077591
NLPCY(NLPCY)Adult (m)5,6717261
y0YjVYana Unum BluemorphAdult (m)6,0811,0472
N4LQN(N4LQN)Adult (f)2,6755471
6kE4p(6kE4p)Adult (m)3,8049361
YbwMS(YbwMS)Adult (m)3,7148881
NCcND(NCcND)Adult (f)3,8319021
GXogt(GXogt)Adult (m)3,9639721
Rp8ER(Rp8ER)Adult (f)3,7468831
fSEJj(fSEJj)Adult (m)3,5678351
b0tRq(b0tRq)Adult (f)3,6378590
y4a5Y(y4a5Y)Adult (f)3,2488111
nYFNl(nYFNl)Adult (f)3,3538040
IxnPM(IxnPM)Adult (f)4,0019430
EFkjo(EFkjo)Adult (f)3,9749563
UoByN(UoByN)Adult (m)4,0269072
inMg2(inMg2)Adult (f)4,0449441
xyQXL(xyQXL)Adult (f)3,9989451
yNKh1(yNKh1)Adult (f)4,0308732
c4J1y(c4J1y)Adult (m)3,9418860
8y1bK(8y1bK)Adult (f)3,8838870
A3aD0(A3aD0)Adult (f)4,0099030
nKpgw(nKpgw)Adult (f)3,9459070
OcbE3(OcbE3)Adult (f)3,8828830
7ZEpx(7ZEpx)Adult (m)4,6308960
Qxbcj(Qxbcj)Adult (m)4,4618710
Xbg91(Xbg91)Adult (m)4,5058830
Xzv9sSelvina Unum SnowspiritAdult (f)6,1266481
qMbO2Marambo Soulstone SnowflakeAdult (m)3,6668975
au15fAufa SnowflakeHatchling (F)1,1023653
HDueFDevin SnowflakeHatchling (m, F)2,7987442
bQDUiBruni Scala LazybumAdult (f)2,9698051
MqxxIMara Unum SnowflakeAdult (f)3,6319201
pVsn2Vanessa Unum SnowflakeAdult (f)3,6729250
XVB2ZMyga Antiscala JungledwellerAdult (m)5,9777104
EzVchPula Fleshcrown LovebirdAdult (f)5,7791,1462
PuID4Pula Script LovebirdAdult (f)5,8751,1863
AhZFVAzi LovebirdHatchling (F)3,4287432
Hyc1DSuukorak Quat LovebirdAdult (m)6,1161,2231
P00ioValena Tria LovebirdAdult (f)6,1611,2471
FU6luHawkling Scala LovebirdAdult (f)6,2461,2992
xCaa2Canaan Unum LovebirdAdult (m)6,4251,2983
HqceSTanitha Quat LovebirdAdult (f)3,8369141
ggjo5Ulyei Spriteralt LovebirdAdult (f)3,7239141
8msOWRosa Spriteralt LovebirdAdult (f)3,9269361
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