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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Shance,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XQunOFosfoAdult (m)5,1883,1014
Vzy7IVeraptorAdult (f)5,1973,1024
INIRwHilldenAdult (f)3,6862,4652
wUw6QHellion SatAdult (m)3,5752,3916
DAugBLonganizaAdult (f)2,9481,7797
6i6KpZeb StrikerAdult (f)3,5622,2506
aO3hZWarhead FireproudAdult (f)2,3481,4676
jah7fSparkler MclightningAdult (f)1,8821,1796
88CSYMakenzie RoyalbloodAdult (f)1,7694071
hyjPuAdel BlueflameAdult (f)8,0913,8492
H6oeiShance a LotAdult (f)3,5592,0808
nwxQHTwoface RedlingAdult (m)3,3091,9307
u1oIt(u1oIt)Adult (m)8586486
Q2oBJ(Q2oBJ)Adult (m)1,2519086
D4LuM(D4LuM)Adult (f)4,0552,5175
rpB0a(rpB0a)Adult (m)3,6282,2365
amats(amats)Adult (m)1,0406912
V59i5(V59i5)Adult (f)1,1829111
Fs6Xq(Fs6Xq)Adult (m)1,1759031
pE1bclightnakeAdult (m)2,0021,2463
37xpn(37xpn)Adult (f)1,7401,0163
PLN1f(PLN1f)Adult (f)6524833
7cX85(7cX85)Adult (f)2,2051,3032
w0RoC(w0RoC)Adult (f)2,2051,2971
D5co4(D5co4)Adult (m)4,0562,1482
NYS3f(NYS3f)Adult (f)7,4213,6435
kPHYy(kPHYy)Adult (m)4,0502,1534
CwnSO(CwnSO)Adult (m)3,4331,2924
W8snN(W8snN)Adult (f)3,4411,2923
13WsF(13WsF)Adult (m)3,4581,2923
OH7I2(OH7I2)Adult (f)5,2521,7404
pj0SS(pj0SS)Adult (m)5,2481,7405
IG1LT(IG1LT)Adult (f)5,4441,8205
LW1SH(LW1SH)Adult (f)6,9952,1513
Vzqvz(Vzqvz)Adult (f)6,3332,0422
yJFmJ(yJFmJ)Adult (f)6,3492,0422
qoVI7(qoVI7)Adult (f)6,3342,0422
I03pr(I03pr)Adult (m)6,9822,0144
19BTH(19BTH)Adult (m)6,9712,0133
JdOAJ(JdOAJ)Adult (f)6,9662,0153
wIEgO(wIEgO)Adult (m)6,9862,0153
XQu2Y(XQu2Y)Adult (f)2,6901,1165
o1aNm(o1aNm)Adult (m)2,6861,1162
ixoE7Goldo GoldoAdult (f)2,6851,1161
gH0L3(gH0L3)Adult (f)2,7011,1191
L2ugo(L2ugo)Adult (f)3,1971,2531
FVBbC(FVBbC)Adult (m)3,2021,2541
sMgeF(sMgeF)Adult (m)3,1971,2554
7zBBV(7zBBV)Adult (m)3,0891,2674
3P9Iz(3P9Iz)Adult (f)3,0841,2643
NiX65(NiX65)Adult (m)3,0911,2653
KCRiM(KCRiM)Adult (m)3,0841,2663
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