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You pick up the scroll labeled “Shakura Kazuki,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
A4KdeArcana II in 2018 CBAdult (f)3,4191,1562
jpXkXArcana III in 2018 CBAdult (m)3,3851,1593
RkLOAvVV Unwanted Xmas Pesents VVvAdult (m)2,6428571
OfivVHolly  in 2014Adult (m)2,9191,0152
7hHWvHolly  in 2015Adult (m)3,5328814
p4OWpHolly  in 2015 IIAdult (f)3,5239083
qi2KZHolly  in 2015 IIIAdult (m)1,6316508
6uMLVHolly  in 2016Adult (f)2,9259323
CmXYRHolly  in 2016 IIAdult (m)2,2337322
whrTZ(whrTZ)Adult (m)5,2381,2372
3X7aR(3X7aR)Adult (m)5,2101,2322
kOigwYulebuck  in 2013Adult (m)1,3267642
WgQo7Yulebuck  in 2014Adult (m)2,8499956
XNCctYulebuck  in 2015 IIAdult (m)3,4168856
hZ8mOYulebuck  in 2015Adult (m)2,5556498
gid2pYulebuck  in 2016Adult (m)3,0089033
xZwyr(xZwyr)Adult (m)3,5691,0071
bZaNA(bZaNA)Adult (m)5,0171,2261
PWUbK(PWUbK)Adult (m)5,0411,2001
R4uIXSnow Angel  in 2013Adult (f)1,3057383
P6MfDSnow Angel  in 2014Adult (f)1,9707211
j16ijSnow Angel  in 2014 IIAdult (f)2,9521,0391
hehwuSnow Angel  in 2014 IIIAdult (f)2,8079976
m3oO4Snow Angel  in 2014 IVAdult (f)3,0051,0742
9CvRJSnow Angel  in 2015Adult (f)4,3941,2556
IEvEuSnow Angel  in 2016Adult (f)2,9679481
azfYfSnow Angel  in 2016 IIAdult (f)2,3767781
4wbLa(4wbLa)Adult (f)3,6049571
DMihX(DMihX)Adult (f)4,1521,0301
dltiA(dltiA)Adult (f)4,3301,0751
9vfyDRibbon Dancer  in 2015Adult (f)3,5419103
cSkFeRibbon Dancer  in 2013Adult (f)1,3007003
HlYp6Ribbon Dancer  in 2013 IIAdult (f)2,8931,0183
7OZJzRibbon Dancer  in 2014Adult (f)2,2687545
Vn1LRRibbon Dancer  in 2015 IIAdult (f)4,3561,2836
fpsqNRibbon Dancer  in 2016Adult (f)2,3037442
H5GUkRibbon Dancer  in 2016 IIAdult (f)2,9489863
k5ZS5(k5ZS5)Adult (f)3,6257391
lEk4e(lEk4e)Adult (f)4,3319061
OjCZh(OjCZh)Adult (f)4,5189101
M8ojf(M8ojf)Adult (f)3,5599481
7JCNiWinter Magi  in 2013Adult (m)1,2886933
ZVWrwWinter Magi  in 2014Adult (m)2,8321,0194
Bw2biWinter Magi  in 2014 IIAdult (m)1,9367091
o49IIWinter Magi  in 2014 IIIAdult (m)3,0461,0933
CcREDWinter Magi in 2014 IVAdult (m)2,2366991
BCxB9Winter Magi  in 2015Adult (m)4,5521,0874
1Xf3qWinter Magi  in 2016 IIAdult (m)2,9729522
0G3xoWinter Magi  in 2016Adult (m)2,2287431
YEoexWinter Magi in 2017Adult (m)3,4627291
p0fUeWinter Magi in 2017 IIAdult (m)4,5109171
eYtP4Winter Magi in 2017 IIIAdult (m)4,3799001
pBQXbWinter Magi in 2017 IVAdult (m)3,6551,0281
aABxiWinter Magi in 2017 VAdult (m)3,6701,0141
aA5peWrapper in 2013Adult (m)1,3637423
BCy2KWrapper in 2014Adult (m)2,8739755
YsbC4Wrapper in 2014 IIAdult (m)3,2741,1286
5RIivWrapper in 2014 IIIAdult (m)2,9531,0622
fZOy1Wrapper in 2014 IVAdult (m)1,8537062
NInx8Wrapper in 2015Adult (m)1,6736347
Yn4qRWrapper in 2016Adult (m)3,0669842
VfrsUWrapper in 2017Adult (m)4,0639271
pcknjWrapper in 2017 IIAdult (m)3,8481,0201
4JPWJWrapper in 2017 IIIAdult (m)3,5721,0231
0xRi9Wrapper in 2017 IVAdult (m)4,5889072
0K7IOWrapper in 2017 VAdult (m)3,7329791
QuzCaQuacuzaAdult (f)3,2251,1159
sKxV3(sKxV3)Adult (f)3,4758673
38K7d(38K7d)Adult (f)1,6176426
hM8rU(hM8rU)Adult (f)1,4655896
bL6kv(bL6kv)Adult (f)4,4731,2586
Ogm4x(Ogm4x)Adult (f)4,4231,2716
pBnVP(pBnVP)Adult (f)2,9709391
Yy9Of(Yy9Of)Adult (f)4,9391,0233
TgnKX(TgnKX)Adult (m)3,6159053
O0Rn7(O0Rn7)Adult (m)3,5808823
yWRtu(yWRtu)Adult (m)3,0609843
u472P(u472P)Adult (f)2,6539251
OIn7V(OIn7V)Adult (m)4,0969080
I8Hrp(I8Hrp)Adult (m)3,7489421
B9ULv(B9ULv)Adult (m)2,7699112
rSDoQ(rSDoQ)Adult (m)2,5137991
IuxXr(IuxXr)Adult (m)3,1421,0132
4FGuo(4FGuo)Adult (m)4,0499401
etSXd(etSXd)Adult (m)3,7221,0250
R5E9w(R5E9w)Adult (m)3,8779941
utJ1k(utJ1k)Adult (m)3,9531,0181
t6u8f(t6u8f)Adult (m)3,7909571
wx8bc(wx8bc)Adult (m)3,8139751
R2OBN(R2OBN)Adult (m)4,5111,1070
ZxPKbSnow in 2017Adult (m)3,9111,0163
fanN2Snow in 2017 IIAdult (m)4,3411,0633
n5azzSnow in 2017 IIIAdult (m)4,4411,0941
6ULvovVV Rejected Valentines VVvAdult (f)3,3659434
LNoze(LNoze)Adult (f)3,6459043
zcNIA(zcNIA)Adult (f)3,3829681
WAyuw(WAyuw)Adult (f)2,8421,0344
bF0et(bF0et)Adult (f)2,7509473
pZioC(pZioC)Adult (f)2,8531,0253
Bi8Z4(Bi8Z4)Adult (f)2,5626616
DpZJi(DpZJi)Adult (f)2,8149751
gDOow(gDOow)Adult (f)2,7498783
Fq1xT(Fq1xT)Adult (f)2,8906441
MmWlf(MmWlf)Adult (m)3,2801,1352
aAu8g(aAu8g)Adult (m)3,3511,1542
V5aEs(V5aEs)Adult (m)2,8601,0393
teiiN(teiiN)Adult (m)2,7449732
hg83U(hg83U)Adult (m)3,1621,1523
OjlxO(OjlxO)Adult (m)2,7518723
UCioX(UCioX)Adult (m)2,9291,0363
5yBod(5yBod)Adult (m)3,0788032
eh6TB(eh6TB)Adult (m)2,8746371
2gu31(2gu31)Adult (f)2,8678825
MFN7l(MFN7l)Adult (f)2,2888542
BFZcd(BFZcd)Adult (f)2,9291,0934
pWUU3(pWUU3)Adult (f)2,9201,0162
VmkwI(VmkwI)Adult (f)2,7808604
fuBY4(fuBY4)Adult (f)3,3238542
50XWr(50XWr)Adult (f)2,8786301
BAOLX(BAOLX)Adult (f)2,4948592
cxrZf(cxrZf)Adult (f)2,4707781
Hw6p5(Hw6p5)Adult (f)2,7809713
nsf2s(nsf2s)Adult (f)2,7428535
bAOSe(bAOSe)Adult (f)2,9781,0843
HsNDj(HsNDj)Adult (f)2,7148313
DRert(DRert)Adult (f)2,8728664
aEVdP(aEVdP)Adult (f)3,3089692
lgqcn(lgqcn)Adult (f)3,2518393
Gjk0f(Gjk0f)Adult (f)2,7559181
VIG8m(VIG8m)Adult (f)2,5068191
4lxbB(4lxbB)Adult (m)2,6579142
W6wYB(W6wYB)Adult (m)2,1438513
IiIE7(IiIE7)Adult (m)2,7558454
yx15F(yx15F)Adult (m)3,1881,1563
JX04k(JX04k)Adult (m)2,8801,0503
fA1ub(fA1ub)Adult (m)2,7928613
3MtxV(3MtxV)Adult (m)3,1898272
ePlgx(ePlgx)Adult (m)2,5838831
d2VCs(d2VCs)Adult (m)2,4917571
ESlNY(ESlNY)Adult (m)2,4747751
nPAz4(nPAz4)Adult (m)2,9651,0693
JA9qw(JA9qw)Adult (m)2,8528724
211vQ(211vQ)Adult (m)3,6109064
ls3Rw(ls3Rw)Adult (m)3,4369871
9B59v(9B59v)Adult (m)3,0466481
v2856(v2856)Adult (m)3,7537091
7mGU4(7mGU4)Adult (m)2,8447801
olwWD(olwWD)Adult (m)2,4667631
J08Pu(J08Pu)Adult (f)3,4529781
fgaEl(fgaEl)Adult (f)3,7311,0021
E1pov(E1pov)Adult (f)3,3129722
CvcPU(CvcPU)Adult (f)3,6169032
0WMsi(0WMsi)Adult (f)2,8497912
0ypRV(0ypRV)Adult (f)3,0938152
eBmEu(eBmEu)Adult (f)2,9318203
cMOug(cMOug)Adult (m)2,5088623
kxEjP(kxEjP)Adult (m)2,6188731
jaIM9(jaIM9)Adult (m)2,7367532
apuRr(apuRr)Adult (f)5,4961,2061
CRs8f(CRs8f)Adult (f)2,8287962
LWAx7(LWAx7)Adult (m)4,3587021
sCbr1(sCbr1)Adult (m)4,0271,0561
jnO2n(jnO2n)Adult (m)4,0346531
RHR41(RHR41)Adult (m)4,1206920
Q9bhb(Q9bhb)Adult (m)2,8037781
uH1dy(uH1dy)Adult (f)3,9356661
ewlDA(ewlDA)Adult (f)4,0491,0321
E8Xz1(E8Xz1)Adult (f)2,8567523
HdIR7(HdIR7)Adult (f)4,1537122
ezi75(ezi75)Adult (f)4,0418972
YPw9h(YPw9h)Adult (f)4,0711,0502
GLYqc(GLYqc)Adult (f)2,8177562
W29Nx(W29Nx)Adult (m)3,0287832
bqMnA(bqMnA)Adult (f)4,0076550
MwlOW(MwlOW)Adult (f)5,6241,2551
gSZUA(gSZUA)Adult (m)2,8388032
xhDrH(xhDrH)Adult (m)5,4321,2080
y3jsl(y3jsl)Adult (f)5,5921,2090
QlACl(QlACl)Adult (f)5,4951,1770
yDRbavVV Don't Turn the Pebble VVvAdult (f)1,6006121
KMprjGod of PebblesAdult (m)2,8776912
NodlNodlAdult (f)1,9951,00913
bHhokDehonk KieselAdult (f)5,1341,0246
G3We9Gehweg KieselAdult (f)10,3212,0658
HDcYOHydroyo KieselAdult (m)4,1137266
TmMGPTimegernalpoint KieselAdult (f)4,1827275
XHEOVXenohow KieselAdult (f)3,8167368
GXZTbGoodtouch by KieselAdult (f)3,8697057
hs7reHeres He KieselAdult (m)3,8257277
sHFCrSelbound Sacrifices KieselAdult (m)3,0986936
sqqLsSquirrels KieselAdult (f)3,8857127
hrDXpHear me DX KieselAdult (f)3,3016838
sngJKSneaking Jollykill KieselAdult (m)3,4497147
EEUWOEuworum KieselAdult (m)3,4817194
DG0LODegolo KieselAdult (f)5,7751,3986
Z90oAZoa'Pebble KieselAdult (m)3,8979115
EPSU0Epsuo KieselAdult (m)4,6111,1095
cuRkfCurufk KieselAdult (m)3,6296716
oGuFFGuffert KieselAdult (m)4,5631,1036
fR2TKFratutik KieselAdult (f)7,1641,4326
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