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You pick up the scroll labeled “Shakura Kazuki,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0vp4gvVV This Frozen Ending VVvAdult (f)3,3558744
Vchz2Frozen SongbirdAdult (m)2,4998409
3scB1vVVTheir Special Being VVvAdult (f)2,8578703
ZxM7G(ZxM7G)Adult (f)3,5827161
GnolbCaveborn Black MistressAdult (f)1,9956652
RejaBlack RejaHatchling (m, F)6,13871429
CNR1White RejaHatchling (f, F)2,10288818
iGRmGrim RejaHatchling (m, F)2,8757597
sKsCSky RejaHatchling (f, F)2,40094520
YMF8Fire RejaHatchling (f, F)2,16695717
kuJLEarth RejaHatchling (m, F)5,3717597
JZibLife RejaHatchling (f, F)4,82595210
at7e6Water RejaHatchling (f, F)2,3906653
VC7IWThe Golden PoetAdult (f)4,72184910
8DZylZyl Dark ThunderAdult (f)2,2558993
Ui6bWPoetic Rhyme ThuwedAdult (f)3,8998306
in31Thuwed of DreamtimeAdult (f)3,74673220
niUbSNeelan ShiroperanzaAdult (m)5,9631,22913
XE6hShaku's pretty Dorkface BlunaAdult (f)1,75784841
ObaiObaiAdult (f)92749026
i9AMPulvAdult (m)1,69767219
uDM0dTelasAdult (m)2,2506369
RydeiRydeiAdult (m)2,2688355
UA0fCvVV Leftover Candy VVvAdult (f)2,4458743
OZORSaliva desAdult (m)1,86372621
vNYAInanya sieAdult (f)6,07871214
gMIqGimini kuAdult (m)1,55159132
suRSSura sesAdult (f)3,61586115
TNTSTenes TresAdult (m)2,9221,14124
XjlnSterntrauerAdult (f)6,8211,39415
LoNqLong lenAdult (m)5,6691,37920
4OUOOcudou OculusAdult (f)3,14477810
DU2ODuzo reAdult (m)6,2501,3354
3LcdLucid's DreamAdult (f)6,3841,1426
ZiPrZephir WarAdult (m)4,5881,16312
IclpIcy LipAdult (f)4,6497776
A88KDEieigkt SpitterAdult (m)2,5048885
4jmJoAjemo AhaneAdult (f)4,6941,2805
nOWNDNownd MoonAdult (m)3,0719611
qEPKoErlepka SeizureAdult (f)4,0256272
h3vD1Harvest DeathAdult (f)4,1228991
1RaA7Irav Pumpkin 2012Adult (m)2,9671,1133
0abvlObavl Pumpkin 2012Adult (f)2,8501,0791
gmqPFGrimpf Pumpkin 2014Adult (f)2,4439372
XpQPAPumpkin II in 2015Adult (m)3,2868371
ophxNPumpkin in 2015Adult (f)2,4137263
1rP4gPumpkin II in 2016Adult (m)2,6109102
Cqi9hPumpkin in 2016Adult (f)3,1449873
bYf5tPumpkin V in 2017Adult (m)3,3188721
kDESYPumpkin IV in 2017Adult (m)3,3648830
FlweIPumpkin III in 2017Adult (f)3,3458841
CFV5HPumpkin II in 2017Adult (m)3,3718911
8AUq3Pumpkin in 2017Adult (m)3,9181,0275
ncCHuPumpkin in 2018Adult (m)4,6271,1962
O44T6Pumpkin II in 2018 CBAdult (f)3,5951,2583
Qb4MYPumpkin III in 2018Adult (m)3,1739954
9NOfIPumpkin IV in 2018Adult (m)2,9249402
KgQeGKargash 2012Adult (m)2,9411,1071
ZESSlZessi 2012Adult (f)2,7901,0493
KmxdzKamadoxa 2014Adult (f)2,4369524
FAM5KMarrow in 2015Adult (m)3,0537702
bINfHMarrow II in 2015Adult (m)2,9207493
meDpiMarrow III in 2015Adult (m)2,7427521
DXNeTMarrow IV in 2015Adult (m)3,8357073
4A6a9Marrow in 2016Adult (f)2,9059642
xFMXVMarrow in 2017Adult (m)2,9988834
rEI5QMarrow II in 2016Adult (f)3,0009902
hfQ6vMarrow II in 2017Adult (f)3,8621,0533
NIT2CMarrow III in 2017 CBAdult (m)3,7131,0683
whmwiMarrow IV in 2017Hatchling (F)2,4477553
MlP4NMarrow in 2018Adult (f)4,6211,2152
4zbXiMarrow III in 2018 CBAdult (m)3,3821,1611
A9onHMarrow II in 2018 CBAdult (m)3,4691,1752
UavXhMarrow V in 2018 CBAdult (f)3,5271,1841
Kom4zMarrow IV in 2018Hatchling (m, F)2,2158453
Y11OfMarrow VI in 2018Adult (f)3,1539655
pog9TMarrow VII in 2018Adult (m)2,9149706
KJeYmMarrow VIII in 2018Adult (m)2,9869284
ZQZHvMarrow IX in 2018Adult (f)2,8879324
BOtfIMortal AtomAdult (m)5,9791,2592
r7fRIDisplacementAdult (m)5,8581,3455
HcXhoSpiritual EchoAdult (f)2,8921,0913
XZVQf(XZVQf)Adult (f)2,2351,0612
IiD45(IiD45)Adult (m)2,5269542
WZUKe(WZUKe)Adult (f)2,7241,0191
XixoD(XixoD)Adult (f)3,1008101
FVO58(FVO58)Adult (m)2,8247071
knLbK(knLbK)Adult (m)2,5347492
XePnt(XePnt)Adult (f)3,8117221
g8MTl(g8MTl)Adult (m)3,0069972
r843J(r843J)Adult (m)2,8609803
PgNSV(PgNSV)Adult (f)3,2388880
3hkOw(3hkOw)Adult (m)3,4478991
DvYI5(DvYI5)Hatchling (F)2,4847843
HahHCShadow in 2018Adult (f)4,6661,1872
hj1yfShadow II in 2018Adult (f)3,7321,1443
uJNiKShadow III in 2018Adult (f)3,1229693
WCeueShadow IV in 2018Adult (m)2,8719176
MasDrShadow V in 2018Adult (m)2,7449433
hMK77Mehawk ShadowclawAdult (m)2,4368643
ZlhGsZinsgis DarkcavernAdult (m)2,5188902
GGBvgGobavie UmbratonAdult (f)2,5238953
Ftwxy(Ftwxy)Adult (m)2,4959673
VImid(VImid)Adult (m)2,9937841
NfY8Y(NfY8Y)Adult (m)3,8307171
QOAAi(QOAAi)Adult (f)3,2719703
iOl1f(iOl1f)Adult (m)2,9799593
HvYLL(HvYLL)Adult (f)2,7419212
bRFoe(bRFoe)Adult (f)3,4801,0522
uIcyZ(uIcyZ)Adult (m)3,0511,0232
xr1S1(xr1S1)Adult (m)3,0666342
H6BD8(H6BD8)Adult (m)3,0948811
02FnZ(02FnZ)Adult (m)3,6241,0272
SKO4T(SKO4T)Adult (m)3,6481,0434
6QrpSLurker in 2018Adult (f)4,9111,2532
FaRlpLurker II in 2018 CBAdult (m)4,2921,1512
pQPIELurker III in 2018Hatchling (F)1,5914991
CiFXc(CiFXc)Adult (f)1,8949691
CWWj9(CWWj9)Adult (f)1,9199671
WSC8s(WSC8s)Adult (m)1,9149231
8kTcu(8kTcu)Adult (f)2,3829254
CzmrS(CzmrS)Adult (m)2,5159382
jJFFN(jJFFN)Adult (m)3,2428591
JY22b(JY22b)Adult (f)2,7306802
NB7vk(NB7vk)Adult (m)3,8287151
WXBna(WXBna)Adult (m)3,2529953
xIfTO(xIfTO)Adult (f)2,8238733
Y5gio(Y5gio)Adult (m)3,1198791
byvaJ(byvaJ)Adult (f)3,2718920
7mXgt(7mXgt)Adult (m)3,6721,0782
71fkD(71fkD)Adult (m)4,0251,0682
IE6tEGrave in 2018Adult (f)4,6361,2150
ooSHWGrave II in 2018 CBAdult (m)3,3791,2302
YST5mGrave III in 2018Adult (f)3,0279364
FT1LcDesipis in 2014Adult (m)2,8199712
UuNdbDesipis in 2014 IIAdult (m)2,9349672
lHYaeDesipis in 2015Adult (f)3,6949531
sEEUsDesipis in 2015 IIAdult (f)3,2539873
KELMsDesipis in 2016Adult (m)2,7509181
y3iYEDesipis in 2016 IIAdult (m)3,0141,0003
1MSNnDesipis in 2017Adult (m)3,7641,0464
Uzz3kDesipis in 2017 IIAdult (m)3,8631,0213
RgSJmDesipis in 2017 IIIAdult (m)3,8481,0183
58fjSDesipis in 2017 IVAdult (m)3,6661,0782
r56ZSDesipis in 2017 VAdult (f)3,8691,0752
WTwNQDesipis in 2017 VIAdult (m)3,2356631
16eNRDesipis in 2017 VIIAdult (f)3,0738741
NSubfDesipis in 2017 VIIIAdult (f)3,2788711
Mgd1bDesipis in 2017 IXAdult (m)3,9521,0142
1pM9yDesipis in 2018Adult (f)4,6171,2533
9smPqDesipis II in 2018 CBAdult (m)3,5671,1871
yKvuwDesipis V in 2018 CBAdult (f)3,3041,2731
Ko44fDesipis VI in 2018 CBAdult (f)3,4001,2491
MI5AeDesipis IV in 2018Hatchling (F)2,6955953
vVPr8Desipis VII in 2018Adult (m)3,0069785
wPosvDesipis VIII in 2018Adult (f)2,8729653
jGsQEDesipis IX in 2018 CBAdult (f)2,6181,0053
Tx1vhDesipis X in 2018Adult (m)3,1229394
t66MYDesipis XI in 2018Adult (f)2,7229382
gn4isDesipis III in 2018Hatchling (F)1,5566353
U076ICaligene in 2015Adult (m)2,4378572
mcWXpCaligene in 2015 IIAdult (f)2,3938661
GnjWGCaligene in 2015 IIIAdult (f)2,8468861
Y9B7NCaligene in 2015 IVAdult (f)2,6268761
P3ls4Caligene in 2016Adult (f)2,9839862
0HYuFCaligene in 2016 IIAdult (f)2,7379461
eZT24Caligene in 2016 IIIAdult (f)2,5649412
m3aheCaligene in 2016 IVAdult (m)2,6499321
XsunICaligene in 2017Adult (f)3,2278721
6bHG4Caligene in 2017 IIAdult (m)3,2808941
PnbPaCaligene in 2017 IIIAdult (m)3,5191,0222
9YKCdCaligene in 2017 IVAdult (m)3,7321,0154
bXyYtCaligene in 2016 VAdult (f)2,9069871
wwy8RCaligene in 2018Adult (f)4,2671,1831
ZuF6ZCaligene II in 2018Adult (m)4,1471,2061
PnAs2Caligene III in 2018Adult (f)2,9659254
b8NdbCaligene IV in 2018Adult (f)2,8869224
LOMi7Caligene V in 2018Adult (m)2,8189302
NpCrKWitchlight in 2016Adult (m)2,4319493
gpQnAWitchlight in 2016 IIAdult (m)2,4989563
G1vZZWitchlight in 2016 IIIAdult (m)2,4429794
Y1qK6Witchlight in 2017Adult (m)3,6501,0642
PRXOsWitchlight in 2017 IIAdult (f)3,4771,0684
FvJnsWitchlight in 2017 IIIAdult (f)2,9128612
0T7jPWitchlight in 2017 IVAdult (m)2,9528601
vtfFcWitchlight in 2017 VAdult (f)3,0158562
AIW3GWitchlight in 2017 VIAdult (f)2,9328682
LohnBWitchlight in 2018Adult (f)4,0951,1972
6pnNVWitchlight II in 2018Adult (f)4,5611,1733
oFczbWitchlight III in 2018Adult (m)4,0801,1543
wUj24Witchlight IV in 2018Adult (m)3,5261,1852
CV1SvOmen in 2017Adult (f)3,1469670
3d1GMOmen in 2017 IIAdult (f)3,1569490
I9CCdOmen in 2017 IIIAdult (m)3,2019490
4bCpMOmen in 2018Adult (f)4,6471,2281
a2aCxOmen II in 2018Adult (f)3,4301,2433
nx1zLOmen III in 2018Adult (f)3,4821,1941
6HyjDOmen IV in 2018Adult (f)2,9699373
2ljLLArcana in 2018 CBAdult (f)3,5851,1783
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