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You pick up the scroll labeled “Shakura Kazuki,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pTqZS(pTqZS)Adult (f)3,9576230
GssNe(GssNe)Adult (m)2,4035260
aRZyx(aRZyx)Adult (f)4,0665617
qxVf2(qxVf2)Adult (m)6,0587642
kWSqm(kWSqm)Adult (f)5,9679181
S4DOf(S4DOf)Adult (f)3,5087060
C6lvz(C6lvz)Adult (m)5,9218890
Idrcc(Idrcc)Adult (f)5,2139300
mFRP7(mFRP7)Adult (m)7,4942,3145
7ItYe(7ItYe)Adult (f)4,3539824
Xy3D2(Xy3D2)Adult (m)7,8061,0167
Dm148(Dm148)Adult (f)3,2337743
aHkAI(aHkAI)Adult (m)4,1377572
y4dzC(y4dzC)Adult (m)3,7157291
qBnFu(qBnFu)Adult (m)3,5536851
r9fd7(r9fd7)Adult (f)3,6657191
v0DlEVoidbreaker inAdult (m)4,8937302
qb46M(qb46M)Adult (f)3,3355763
EVYQz(EVYQz)Adult (f)2,3365321
INoed(INoed)Adult (m)5,4837970
1RSK0(1RSK0)Adult (f)3,2525692
S7oTb(S7oTb)Adult (m)5,5887643
LDrPo(LDrPo)Adult (f)3,7715643
AYDEx(AYDEx)Adult (f)4,3129871
G3K9v(G3K9v)Adult (m)3,8827951
FSybq(FSybq)Adult (m)5,5067750
Q0gYd(Q0gYd)Adult (m)3,1795915
biK1d(biK1d)Adult (m)3,2065864
bS5PF(bS5PF)Adult (m)3,8337164
J2V8Z(J2V8Z)Dead Adult (m)4,99671928
SiM8G(SiM8G)Adult (m)5,4397291
m21OY(m21OY)Dead Adult (m)4,1287623
LttM1(LttM1)Dead Adult (f)5,3757840
hoegL(hoegL)Adult (f)2,8966142
knFb7(knFb7)Adult (f)5,1701,0040
tU8vM(tU8vM)Adult (m)2,7917062
VGKOl(VGKOl)Adult (m)4,7596933
yuT8l(yuT8l)Adult (f)4,7277093
cfssG(cfssG)Adult (f)4,1337112
GBmIm(GBmIm)Adult (m)2,4795690
P8OW8(P8OW8)Adult (f)6,1167895
fpB1I(fpB1I)Adult (f)3,1066122
1BBdZ(1BBdZ)Adult (f)2,5755680
u1jav(u1jav)Adult (m)5,6126990
GG1V7(GG1V7)Adult (f)4,9238111
L1Yws(L1Yws)Adult (f)4,1907381
nIfNd(nIfNd)Adult (f)6,0181,0483
AqZQb(AqZQb)Adult (m)4,2137031
Uoaut(Uoaut)Adult (m)4,0127300
EdkSL(EdkSL)Adult (f)2,9086984
mUDk5(mUDk5)Adult (m)5,9468962
ZDAII(ZDAII)Adult (f)2,4948453
T5Iuo(T5Iuo)Adult (f)4,7966635
v1Mk9(v1Mk9)Adult (f)2,8637171
7JZYO(7JZYO)Adult (f)3,3346582
wX6rp(wX6rp)Adult (f)5,0607173
p0Gav(p0Gav)Adult (m)5,0591,1272
Z6pfx(Z6pfx)Adult (m)4,8495634
sl1Im(sl1Im)Adult (f)5,3176550
HvuokHvuokAdult (m)3,1197083
WMO60(WMO60)Adult (m)4,2377523
sUarp(sUarp)Adult (f)4,8107301
SP6Lb(SP6Lb)Adult (m)4,8908591
Q3dkl(Q3dkl)Adult (f)7,6779099
BEvEH(BEvEH)Adult (m)3,6268090
NHt7j(NHt7j)Adult (m)3,4358331
eddT2(eddT2)Adult (m)4,7659670
4r8V4(4r8V4)Hatchling (m, F)4,4266360
M53Zn(M53Zn)Adult (m)4,1236781
FqtH0(FqtH0)Adult (m)3,3646791
XmbUc(XmbUc)Adult (m)3,8478020
ziOV2(ziOV2)Adult (m)3,7647970
J7Xyw(J7Xyw)Adult (m)6,3169731
3KqKJ(3KqKJ)Adult (f)4,8699301
xDiAe(xDiAe)Adult (m)4,9219031
4cUKT(4cUKT)Adult (m)5,1689150
LGBmn(LGBmn)Adult (f)3,3337021
631Ju(631Ju)Adult (f)3,0087786
vNqQP(vNqQP)Adult (f)3,9998941
GYxuY(GYxuY)Adult (f)4,5639720
DT3Vp(DT3Vp)Dead Adult (f)4,6091,0061
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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