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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Shadowwolflegend,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GkKIWSWL Two of A KindAdult (f)4,4294554
DKVwRSWL Can't Stop MeAdult (f)5,5353692
jHyPsSWL's Times TwoAdult (m)5,6833792
vjXcYSWL's King GhidorahAdult (m)5,2135342
xdT67SWL's Queen GhidorahAdult (f)3,7127992
MPJLLSWL's Two Headed PrincessAdult (f)5,6547730
XC0cISWL's Lack Of PigmentAdult (m)4,7433441
0tK9iSWL Dark SmileAdult (f)5,1873659
rG5kkSWL's UmberaAdult (f)3,6303763
7ecGQSWL Darkest MoonAdult (f)1,65428428
K0iaqSWL's Darkest NightAdult (m)6,8877092
Pq9hLSWL's Dark Morning RisenAdult (f)4,2519233
vvyMfSWL Silver and BlackAdult (m)7,8079042
TVOjMSWL Once Black Can Never Go BackAdult (f)6,2548078
rLiePSWL's LierAdult (m)1,9328742
3vdlGSWL's Thorn in sideAdult (f)2,9198541
tJ559SWL's TJAdult (f)2,4851,2483
ragxjSWL's Salt in CutAdult (m)2,4203461
FcwJ8SWL's Bloody TearsAdult (m)2,3623561
T7GBhSWL Killer QueenAdult (f)1,8913992
dgJYDSWL's Blood On The DancefloorAdult (m)2,1394332
dDEYlSWL's Red HeadAdult (f)2,1826233
OcpFISWL Double TroubleAdult (m)1,1464472
4RP38(4RP38)Adult (m)4,0811,0073
hrEWe(hrEWe)Adult (m)5,0961,0062
FcvL0SWL Little BlueAdult (m)3,8044063
eHDEPSWL Sailing the oceanAdult (f)5,0373797
foiWTSWL's Ocean SailorAdult (f)3,8581,0084
d87z8SWL's SAILAdult (m)5,0639331
eW48JSWL Bloodied ChestAdult (f)4,4423177
s1YddSWL Little BirdAdult (m)4,4733707
nsE1bSWL Nightmare Before ChristmasAdult (m)4,9903914
wD3INSWL's Livin' After MidnightAdult (m)4,2643413
1IYaySWL's Another Way to DieAdult (m)4,9263293
Z2d1TSWL's Z'witterAdult (f)4,6373772
sNJIOSWL Quiet Dorkface ThuwedAdult (f)5,0723671
zvajpSWL Z'ero to HeroAdult (m)4,4183571
Ayi9aSWL's Hey Soul SisterAdult (f)3,6623972
drSlVSWL's Dr Silver DJAdult (f)3,8283723
tHCqaSWL's Victory FanfareAdult (f)3,1493145
BhjOkSWL's Stayin' AliveAdult (m)4,4063694
iSBisSWL's SnowblindAdult (m)4,0013443
1ohSmSWL Life in the Fast LaneAdult (m)3,4503625
IwWLESWL's Whistle Down the WindAdult (f)5,0803462
GPGHDSWL's Phantom of The OperaAdult (f)5,3853612
zdxR7SWL's Z'erstorenAdult (f)4,9463313
yDlxXSWL's I Can't StopAdult (f)5,3593602
2NfFySWL's Why So SeriousAdult (f)4,7983222
UXhL7SWL We are OneAdult (f)3,5681,0425
ESVZeSWL DarknessAdult (m)3,4861,0535
MIswrSWL's God Bless the USAAdult (m)3,6011,0824
vEO2JSWL RenegadeAdult (m)4,5761,2675
kvr4wSWL Come Sail AwayAdult (m)3,6633631
m3eSnSWL Night FeverAdult (f)3,8593611
EUdPkSWL Fool's GoldAdult (f)4,5453811
7ZuObSWL AsylumAdult (f)4,5244072
rQlKQSWL Blue Collared ManAdult (f)2,0559672
oet7WSWL OOPSAdult (f)4,1256522
PGFvpSWL's Green DayAdult (m)2,4383591
Bbh1DSWL's Dragon BladeAdult (f)2,1954451
pdHMcSWL 21 GunsAdult (m)1,7134011
niYRmSWL Boulevard of Broken DreamsAdult (m)2,0513291
cKk33(cKk33)Adult (f)2,6963741
zY5xH(zY5xH)Adult (f)6,3317860
FhjlD(FhjlD)Adult (m)7,4518471
Y1BfP(Y1BfP)Adult (m)3,7089230
SlHIISWL's Brute ForceAdult (f)5,27687411
3QjpE(3QjpE)Adult (f)2,9899401
vaFGl(vaFGl)Adult (f)3,0299401
svC0O(svC0O)Adult (m)3,0379441
ZhV9RSWL's Z'FerngullyAdult (m)5,3433572
JNGyv(JNGyv)Adult (m)3,3119232
m20rP(m20rP)Adult (m)5,1489981
fCAvW(fCAvW)Adult (f)5,0651,0060
WA3lrSWL's Munster CheeseAdult4,4719232
dWLpGSWL's QuackadoodleAdult (f)4,4069323
95XNI(95XNI)Adult (m)4,2559592
BAaP8(BAaP8)Adult (f)3,1291,0123
ckaqJ(ckaqJ)Adult (f)3,2571,0333
vGBMY(vGBMY)Adult (m)3,0101,0103
0I3pD(0I3pD)Adult (m)3,0471,0025
E08kq(E08kq)Adult (f)3,1639831
Nu5eqSWL's Snowy WonderAdult (f)3,1199821
mHqHFSWL's WaveskimmerAdult (m)4,5053411
shKbaSWL's ScubaAdult (f)2,0549652
lIQfiSWL OvergrowthAdult (m)3,5668728
qw6BKSWL's VinewhipAdult (f)4,4973662
Bs0x9(Bs0x9)Adult (f)1,8093871
X2jqD(X2jqD)Adult (f)1,8794581
ZTTtoSWL Z'Cloud FlyerAdult (f)3,9453724
SCPm1SCP- 990Adult (f)3,4673324
KV1KCSWL's Dream MakerAdult (f)2,1951,1321
DlNMgSWL's LaviathanAdult (f)5,0033552
UTyHm(UTyHm)Adult (f)6,1268360
fo8mF(fo8mF)Adult (f)6,8277152
074EG(074EG)Adult (m)5,5048371
FQ5ZhSWL's WeezeyAdult (f)3,4924073
wdFPW(wdFPW)Adult (f)4,3303432
Bc7otSWL's ThunderstruckAdult (f)5,2583511
51ZfhSWL HellfireAdult (f)4,7193818
Ul7YFSWL's Dark RingAdult (m)4,7003552
KUDUk(KUDUk)Adult (m)2,8729031
iwKpE(iwKpE)Adult (f)2,9089060
ycceE(ycceE)Adult (f)3,0209511
dx9If(dx9If)Adult (f)2,9919482
A6rLR(A6rLR)Adult (f)3,0629511
fFE0l(fFE0l)Adult (m)4,4448401
V5xCXSWL's Hidden MickeyAdult (f)4,8884195
LLCtFSWL's Tone DeafAdult (m)4,4173281
K53VBSWL's Can't ListenAdult (f)4,9283491
x8BFGSWL Danger MangerAdult (f)3,4062851
nISTbSWL's Tree StalkerAdult (f)2,6593701
KcqFi(KcqFi)Adult (m)3,7308921
U3ADt(U3ADt)Adult (f)3,4619140
HcwZS(HcwZS)Adult (m)5,1691,0080
gRZub(gRZub)Adult (m)3,9998741
cVf3n(cVf3n)Adult (f)2,9648390
Q1F7P(Q1F7P)Adult (f)5,6766980
UAqH2(UAqH2)Adult (m)5,4807031
c139USWL Dark FlowerAdult (f)3,5788724
LRWzPSWL Golden GirlAdult (f)2,4707457
6oNA3SWL Golden BoyAdult (m)4,1884105
FIrBgSWL Golden ChildAdult (f)5,1313432
JthrdSWL's Golden TurkeyAdult (f)3,1614063
kPkZWSWL Pond SkimmerAdult (f)4,4333766
M0EHMSWL's MoeAdult (m)2,0983431
71k55SWL Green Death DorkfaceAdult (f)3,8333715
iFA5RSWL JenovaAdult (f)3,8393724
XEVU8SWL's GuardianAdult (m)3,0396714
YWPHaSWL's Golden SkyAdult (f)5,4403633
mdb5iSWL Knight Of KirktonAdult (m)3,0084462
GzGzmSWL's Golden FireAdult (f)3,9018273
AJkXcSWL's Golden ScarAdult (m)4,3249521
uedFY(uedFY)Adult (f)5,0287221
O7MCi(O7MCi)Adult (f)4,3061,0081
IwDfF(IwDfF)Adult (m)4,1559930
SOfnI(SOfnI)Adult (m)4,1081,0010
xSqwUSWL's Mona LisaAdult (m)1,6226853
W866i(W866i)Adult (f)4,5181,0000
D188dSWL Brazen BearAdult (m)4,0793883
s8dZQSWL Flame HeartAdult (m)4,8404416
EmstBSWL's Hell HeartAdult (m)1,7163461
X8OXySWL's Dead MeatAdult (f)1,2215351
ZxChQSWL's Horse HeartAdult (f)2,3203811
g4RP1(g4RP1)Adult (m)4,0528821
5kId0(5kId0)Adult (f)4,0868870
Hjqhp(Hjqhp)Adult (f)4,0968871
q2q46(q2q46)Adult (m)4,0178860
2A1TpSWL's Cold As IceAdult (f)3,8603625
mmeVvSWL's Frozen HeartAdult (m)4,3499053
3XDnlSWL's Frozen BloodAdult (m)6,7277652
nfa1k(nfa1k)Egg (F)
z20y5SWL Z'TwentyfiveAdult (m)4,7563863
eE8BfSWL's Saint PatrickAdult (f)6,5401,0743
kgpDTSWL's Easter GuardianAdult (m)4,4591,1051
7vREU(7vREU)Adult (f)5,4511,1750
Y0aYcSWL PapparasiAdult (f)7,5585047
KuTltSWL Mystic MagicAdult (f)3,6994587
iPbY7SWL's Magical IllusionAdult (m)4,7093823
45dBwSWL's Magician's AssistantAdult (f)5,1213430
cswgvSWL's Mystic EyesAdult (m)4,3853120
d05uNSWL's Good WitchAdult (f)5,0653400
0ydJqSWL's Dr StrangeAdult (m)5,4148451
XG9zwSWL's Hot StuffAdult (m)4,1453674
BxG44SWL's Firey InfernoAdult (f)3,5964073
ls5WDSWL Burning SoulAdult (f)3,4883724
X8LS7SWL's Lazy GreensAdult (f)5,1463502
tXgh4SWL's Purple StarAdult (m)2,5434373
4qRNJSWL Starry NightAdult (f)5,2013585
hEPKgSWL's Shooting StarAdult (m)3,3203912
f5i4WSWL's Star DropAdult (m)2,1744052
jBandSWL's Stone JourneyAdult (f)4,9661,0155
pQpcISWL's SandstoneAdult (m)4,1563794
PKRqpSWL Oliver and CompanyAdult (m)4,4183654
eHMbtSWL Feather PillowAdult (m)4,1754054
sF9nJSWL Pretty in PinkAdult (f)3,7113596
sRMnBSWL Small PinkieAdult (f)2,6953065
D4IxqSWL's PinkertonAdult (m)3,7193835
XGwFaSWL's Mr PinkAdult (m)4,9473831
SBmjkSWL's Pink's the NameAdult (m)4,2286371
VDSOPSWL's Pinkie SwearAdult (f)6,8657122
BjHeW(BjHeW)Adult (m)7,4757931
gSdUUSWL Golden PlantscaleAdult (m)8,5105699
mMPkmSWL Mr PresedentAdult (m)8,5275695
sfYcuSWL's Sinful GirlAdult (f)7,8358822
hu8gYSWL Silver and PenkAdult (f)6,4806113
LOAuDSWL LOADHatchling (F)3,3803241
X8plDSWL Bronze Vcumonadw ThuwedAdult (m)9,9506659
ZBMxR(ZBMxR)Adult (m)6,2009862
3LJWCSWL Shi TailAdult (m)6,7517287
ym7WDSWL Legendary Royal HuntressAdult (f)5,3271,1577
fH797SWL Royal HunterAdult (m)7,3781,0281
aXXoDSWL Purple HealerAdult (m)5,0303775
LcW2uSWL Fihfco Cawxk ThuwedAdult (m)3,4173544
rUyuoSWL's ReyuAdult (m)3,6934403
DDCcDSWL's Little EmberAdult (m)4,4523323
M0BnDSWL's Little MidnightAdult (f)5,1883825
BQA1MSWL's Be CalmAdult (m)2,4203165
0JKhtSWL's SpriteAdult (f)5,4503642
JISp1(JISp1)Adult (m)4,7031,0700
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