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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Shadowwolf5,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GWzP2GwenaniaAdult (f)3,1878185
yyAE7Yae'yaAdult (m)4,3578402
st5maStamanisAdult (f)5,6178954
bjp8HBijapaAdult (f)5,9395192
AbcbgAbcbgAdult (m)7,6645220
gJSVhGejoshivahAdult (m)6,6971,2333
ur0R8UrorinAdult (f)4,2926742
NoWkiNo wikiAdult (m)4,2929161
5VyK9VevykiaAdult (f)4,6869951
iPRhb(iPRhb)Adult (f)3,6635863
xiONoAngely i demony krujili nadoAdult (m)2,7517092
wUBTTMnoy - Rassekali ternii iAdult (f)3,2927892
YwUoUZova ponyat' ne smogAdult (m)3,4107881
sycWAMlechnye puti - Ne zynaetAdult (m)3,3758163
QaMLGSchast'ya tol'ko tot - Kto egoAdult (f)3,5158181
BX5BlI am calling - Calling nowAdult (f)3,4868391
1CdSuCalling - In the depths ofAdult (m)3,5206725
0YVjkBeskoneshnyj beg - Poka zhivaAdult (m)3,7367083
h18ZGNever will I look awayAdult (m)3,4306691
r37fRCalling - Calling nowAdult (f)4,3787511
7Tvl0Aeria gloris - Aeria glorisAdult (m)3,2857050
RUuxrDol'she - Mana du vortesAdult (m)3,0717401
zmFS3Upast' - Ne razuchitsya mechtatAdult (m)3,3477291
0mxkiYearning - Yearning - For what'sAdult (m)3,4137551
JQBv0Mana du vortes -  Mana du VortesAdult (f)2,8427002
FPaP9Spritis rise and falling - SoboyAdult (m)3,3667603
NjkWtWhere was life when it had aAdult (f)3,5977771
69RpBSpirits rise and falling - SoboyAdult (f)3,9007161
8amRQPlace of knowing - There's moreAdult (f)3,7697231
p7IfkOstat'sya dol'she - CallingAdult (f)3,8437781
IGkrhNothing's real anymore andAdult (f)4,0047571
AB6B3Calling - In the depthsAdult (f)4,8647472
EtQYsMana du vortes - Mana du vortesAdult (f)3,3407812
gajeMMana du vortes - Aeria glorisAdult (f)3,0017771
VQxit(VQxit)Adult (m)2,5647641
8avJpAeria gloris -  Aeria glorisAdult (m)3,0046221
tCB0vLonging - Soboy ostat'syaAdult (f)3,4176221
EtGUBMeaning - Stand aloneAdult (m)3,0547512
ktGfcAeria gloris - Stand aloneAdult (m)3,5936501
OY50vYa mogu starat'sya na letu neAdult (f)3,9166712
QuCzmThan what can be linkedAdult (m)2,4887102
xt4voCalling - Calling now - For theAdult (m)2,3797183
lyKjiLyubit' - Beskoneshnyj begAdult (f)3,9846683
2NbDAFor what life has left for meAdult (f)4,1116784
zlY4POstat'sya dol'she  - CallingAdult (m)3,9516584
U28pc(U28pc)Adult (f)2,6146471
GCddyDol'she - Calling - Calling nowAdult (m)2,7467071
sHkvCDu vortes - Aeria glorisAdult (m)3,4947511
O7TdbAeria gloris - Mana du vortesAdult (f)2,7506884
QgyvpOf longing - Soboy ostat'syaAdult (m)2,5586484
Hz5jyLeft of loving - Soboy ostat'syaAdult (f)3,5337813
Ko16qAeria  glorisAdult (f)3,1887321
UD77GDol'she - Mana du vortes - ManaAdult (f)3,7559842
r71tDMana du vortes -  Aeria glorisAdult (m)3,4189013
uC3ca(uC3ca)Adult (f)3,0956842
SqlshInner   UniverseHatchling (F)1,1852801
4GxEjGerexejaAdult (m)2,9857301
sVXxUSevuxxisAdult (f)2,6286561
3CR4fCirifAdult (f)2,4667000
R9jwVRejiawAdult (f)2,6117060
VsUI9VersuvisAdult (f)3,1726710
bm83rBemeiraAdult (m)4,0886380
bN6QOBonaqoAdult (m)3,9206361
qQqcLSunburnt NeckAdult (f)1,8805862
CN3r5Leave Me Alone UnicornAdult (m)2,2374912
YGP9DLord MortuusAdult (m)1,3815261
SmnugSmaug the Sunburnt AlbinoAdult (m)1,6595821
rdK0kLady MortuusAdult (f)1,6626100
nC5kMNecykimAdult (f)3,4457080
Ffvb3FereviaHatchling (F)2,6762601
oh0yxOhonyxHatchling (f, F)5,8998111
Fwy0S(Fwy0S)Adult (m)3,0178250
tPuvsTor'vusAdult (f)5,4895921
FjiQVFjivaAdult (m)6,6156022
Wp7HSWirpuhasAdult (m)4,2316631
Wt8eUI am the only banana kingAdult (m)6,4591,2582
9iHN5(9iHN5)Adult (m)3,5707331
ih0cvIhelicaHatchling (m, F)6,3637252
69dmmLord Stardust Blanket IAdult (m)4,6497324
IE8RPLord Shimmering Blanket IAdult (m)4,5397704
O1obMLord Golden Blanket IAdult (m)2,3875333
Mwx8TLord Stardust Blanket IIAdult (m)2,1625192
CO01XLord Light Blanket IAdult (m)6,4637111
qULoOLord Shimmering Blanket IIAdult (m)6,3111,0803
I3pPILady Sparkling Blanket IAdult (f)5,6181,0641
QRq26Lady Shimmering Blanket IAdult (f)5,6031,0292
U1dgO(U1dgO)Adult (f)3,7755482
n3lUU(n3lUU)Adult (f)2,5785341
zWIWO(zWIWO)Adult (m)2,6795522
JQR29(JQR29)Adult (f)6,1626491
pjuu2(pjuu2)Adult (m)3,6717763
ocvaHAnd  the water is always callingAdult (f)3,0417223
ihcey(ihcey)Adult (m)2,9397322
1d88ZThe last time she will seeAdult (f)2,4476921
iRJWOShe's going in she's going homeAdult (f)3,0517672
MuS6FHome- That's when she wentAdult (f)3,2697801
dOD2PWalking faster down the streetAdult (f)4,0469601
SiBPqTo come along- to come alongAdult (f)3,1238731
8AKpMThis is farewellAdult (f)3,1228660
CWWI4And  she's going on a journeyAdult (f)4,1898211
baJto(baJto)Adult (f)4,6708794
snioJWater's never going outAdult (f)4,7918913
zkrdHWater's  never  going outAdult (f)3,4158083
wj9Z9Standing by the riversideAdult (f)2,8757531
nzILIFighting every day behindAdult (f)3,5077191
FODZV(FODZV)Adult (f)2,8577302
fr1PmPlease come homeAdult (f)3,0067242
4Wp7BWater's  never going outAdult (f)3,9757952
d4BfCWater's never  going outAdult (f)3,1457441
HBmXHWater's never going  outAdult (f)3,1937661
hXFHLHer feet- Going on this journeyAdult (f)3,7698243
7kgnwWater's  never  going  outAdult (f)3,1117272
dF6OG(dF6OG)Adult (f)3,4767312
iskkaAnd she's going  on a journeyAdult (f)3,8738012
8a95CAnd on her body wind so coldAdult (f)4,3799001
95YvmAnd the water started callingAdult (f)3,1887752
DReLP(DReLP)Adult (f)3,1617532
XKDUM(XKDUM)Adult (m)3,2727792
pEbdJ(pEbdJ)Adult (m)2,7878031
SGt8WA bag of stonesAdult (f)3,1777581
XmceJ(XmceJ)Adult (f)2,3936793
RPXlHMy  little  childAdult (f)3,4107632
8NZZM(8NZZM)Adult (f)2,5916311
dgBdH(dgBdH)Adult (f)2,8906652
dzsXG(dzsXG)Adult (f)3,7067364
zIXDz(zIXDz)Adult (m)3,5757203
CRbDA(CRbDA)Adult (m)2,7858001
vwFsS(vwFsS)Adult (f)2,9397861
S7UQH(S7UQH)Adult (m)2,8277982
WvR1Z(WvR1Z)Adult (f)3,0027831
Otkl3(Otkl3)Adult (m)2,6747701
6xY8q(6xY8q)Adult (m)2,8747851
tDQJE(tDQJE)Adult (f)3,0137740
tg1jn(tg1jn)Adult (f)3,0628011
AQRox(AQRox)Adult (f)2,8556842
tNFATAria for a PinkAdult (m)4,0411,1354
Ha85GHaerniganAdult (m)4,0399081
KIcg4KalcigaAdult (f)2,3124842
LkTB2LambkaAdult (f)3,1385550
ShGB6(ShGB6)Adult (f)2,1916581
7ZJQn(7ZJQn)Adult (f)2,0346654
zxmzjArsani FreyrAdult (f)4,7081,1132
gRvKiGraveekiAdult (f)4,6461,1541
MmxxtMimarixAdult (f)5,0741,0001
FoY1xFoyixAdult (f)2,1116461
RdFTfSnowball PearlwingAdult (f)5,7269674
JVTseLoving JarneaAdult (f)5,7819473
Dohy5Custom EyesAdult (f)2,6325763
J0wLnJowlienAdult (f)2,5105622
f2rnP(f2rnP)Adult (f)4,7039852
2GpwJ(2GpwJ)Adult (f)4,9648953
hOH4T(hOH4T)Adult (f)2,8098930
DsDPM(DsDPM)Adult (f)3,0449290
Rxf67(Rxf67)Adult (f)3,2239331
PN57H(PN57H)Adult (f)2,9989281
3rYaw(3rYaw)Adult (f)3,2168182
uwv7F(uwv7F)Adult (f)4,1018151
b82vw(b82vw)Adult (f)4,0567342
0eKpXFinally we are over- Over it allAdult (m)3,6726440
n0H38NoheiraAdult (f)3,7986680
21j6zJiharaAdult (f)3,7365980
ktVGSLet them run from the violenceAdult (m)3,8196460
5BbafAnd bright for their eyesAdult (m)2,9306891
Hgc61Finally we are overAdult (m)2,7786872
FOCxxOver it  allAdult (m)3,0827441
cdy0JI found in the grassAdult (m)2,6647091
fwM5HI will tell you the storyAdult (m)2,7667751
NR2pqHe could hear theAdult (m)4,2248251
GFo5eSounds of laughter in the airAdult (m)2,8977622
slCxp(slCxp)Adult (m)3,0677842
0LMV0Still today you hear himAdult (m)3,8748331
JzHJWOver  it allAdult (m)2,6337192
LjnC6They take his hand andAdult (m)3,0267591
uolR9(uolR9)Adult (m)2,5807071
mUmhbWhen  will my healing come alongAdult (m)3,5368272
eFxdk(eFxdk)Adult (m)2,6316302
yhC5EWhen will my healing come alongAdult (m)3,0866342
Uhq26Finally I am over it allAdult (m)2,5946831
RZzFZRazzeranAdult (m)3,3977841
ROj6RLittle Boy In The GrassHatchling (F)1,9704213
gE1VO(gE1VO)Adult (f)4,3276420
UnWUm(UnWUm)Adult (m)4,4306230
IXXlb(IXXlb)Adult (f)2,1525591
N6Jf2(N6Jf2)Adult (m)3,9526033
4k6oP(4k6oP)Hatchling (f, F)5,9567732
yHKMU(yHKMU)Adult (f)6,1418503
qtJfw(qtJfw)Adult (m)5,3126140
hmtm2(hmtm2)Adult (f)4,9187801
d75uj(d75uj)Adult (f)5,3816110
rl9uQ(rl9uQ)Adult (m)5,3546120
dsJXE(dsJXE)Adult (m)2,1516051
IZyfg(IZyfg)Adult (f)4,4268124
CO3cu(CO3cu)Adult (m)5,8965491
Zy9w6(Zy9w6)Adult (f)5,8635470
O84CL(O84CL)Adult (m)5,9295452
uVDEq(uVDEq)Adult (f)5,8786241
nEXnCNex ShadowAdult (m)1,9796773
tQLSo(tQLSo)Adult (m)6,6295984
xu79d(xu79d)Adult (f)5,4906231
WOiF7(WOiF7)Adult (m)3,0337490
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