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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Shadowheart11,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
RvxQsSH 21016-AEWAdult (f)4,3567794
Zdw9DSH 20410-AEWAdult (f)5,5871,0093
4sGTiSH 21319-AEWAdult (f)5,6086020
0sBn1SH 20511-ALMAdult (f)6,0471,0032
1TJs2SH 20713-ANAAdult (f)3,2906182
w4rtNSH 21420-ANTAdult (f)5,1719203
pDti0SH SqueakAdult (m)3,5694138
EXvIn1-SH ShadowheartAdult (f)2,9538811
l1EYr3-SH 10915-BLKAdult (m)5,1589372
DlsKd3-SH 11116-BLKAdult (m)7,8481,0233
Qpy863-SH 21925-BLKAdult (f)6,0171,1142
aXYxQ1-SH 12026-BLKAdult (m)5,9371,1105
ZhUJV4-SH 12905-BLKAdult (m)4,5867963
qjmyF2-SH 12905-BLKAdult (m)4,6148204
bngSlSH 20713-BLKAdult (f)3,4995025
vGfVUSH 21723-BLKAdult (f)5,0561,1244
yfwH6SH 10107-BLTAdult (m)3,2381,1731
Me99GSH 12905-BLMAdult (m)2,8829392
CKNDnSH 20107-BLMAdult (f)3,3391,1660
h0OecSH 22228-BLBAdult (f)5,7121,1548
GojW3SH 11319-BLBAdult (m)5,8161,0433
RFnAbSH 20915-SPKAdult (f)5,5429722
ZgLQ1SH TendrilAdult (m)3,9374254
QokucSH 11521-BRTAdult (m)7,1168676
u6ojeSH 10915-CDBAdult (m)5,9531,0256
nSyROSH 21622-CAWAdult (f)2,7887810
5iQVxSH 10613-CAWAdult (m)5,9158212
yZYH6SH 21622-CASAdult (f)2,8588540
eYIjYSH 13106-CASAdult (m)5,4321,0903
FyWwiSH 11420-CELAdult (m)5,6959792
bLeaHSH I'm Feelin' Gouda 'Bout YouAdult5,2871,0871
xy4lRSH One Swiss Two SwissAdult5,9051,0447
znV4hSH 22904-CWRAdult (f)4,0601,2424
hlX0cSH FalconAdult (m)3,8804224
71kfqSH 21622-DGRAdult (f)5,6388831
tPOBgSH 22501-DDMAdult (f)3,3901,1231
uYgCuSH 10916-DDMAdult (m)4,8401,0430
1KI8VSH 21622-DSEAdult (f)5,5349103
m9JJwSH 20713-DMWAdult (f)3,3645984
62j9oSH JanusAdult (m)3,0551,2280
gG9GySH 20511-EMBAdult (f)6,1031,0115
UyHTmSH 21622-FLWAdult (f)4,1398271
gVNq9SH 11016-FLWAdult (m)4,3707862
YmVe6SH 21117-FLLAdult (f)4,2178222
c3xnaSH 22329-FLLAdult (f)5,2501,0712
E4pN1SH 10107-FLLAdult (m)5,4221,0663
L79h0SH 12905-FGGAdult (m)5,2838623
mmwIkSH 21723-PHOAdult (f)5,6419512
MLDdcSH 12026-FRBAdult (m)5,5281,1514
TVYrnSH 22803-GEMAdult (f)5,7979761
Kviw9SH 22430-GLDAdult (f)3,9608494
ZsJFfSH 10814-GLWAdult (m)5,5229693
B9gNHSH 11521-GSDAdult (m)5,1621,0141
cK0KYSH 23005-HFWAdult (f)4,6911,3830
3pVD3SH 12228-HFWAdult (m)3,0849240
ymjLcSH PeppermintAdult (m)3,4751,2870
7WPOQSH RibbonwingAdult (f)3,0641,2250
bvdVRSH Warm HearthAdult (m)3,6081,3292
wlBjuSH WinterAdult (f)3,7681,2784
XQDGxSH 11117-HONAdult (m)4,0457653
wc9PjSH 21319-HKTAdult (f)4,7868522
w335uSH 11219-EQUAdult (m)4,7091,4001
NyPKNSH 10713-ICEAdult (m)5,1371,0334
8aJj8SH 11319-KGCAdult (m)3,6527221
AKo8rSH 11016-KYPAdult (m)4,2337931
RHVGXSH 10714-LUMAdult (m)2,7799420
p0qsqSH 11319-DLMAdult (m)4,9308881
szVvuSH 21319-DLMAdult (f)6,1791,0834
TTveASH 20814-MLPAdult (f)4,5017861
aZ6DWSH MorganaAdult (f)3,3821,3121
qF3eTSH 11623-MAGAdult (m)6,1268801
vYsIFSH 21319-MAGAdult (f)6,0791,0126
5B3WfSH 10511-MAGAdult (m)7,4621,2934
1dlNmSH 10612-MAGAdult (m)8,2491,3655
HlyEOSH 10107-MNTAdult (m)5,2401,0673
z6qw2SH 21319-MNTHatchling (f, F)4,2527823
Xh7mySH WindsparkAdult (f)3,1873594
qnXTVSH 21723-MARAdult (f)5,8089942
jxvZgSH Sea of TranquilityAdult (m)3,3173694
L1tOjSH Medusa CascadeAdult (m)4,3331,2234
SIjDMSH VenusAdult (f)3,7741,1893
LeqTRSH CassiopeiaAdult (f)4,6021,2472
W3Id5SH AndromedaAdult (f)4,0391,1954
tI6Z9SH CepheusAdult (m)4,4001,2366
zzGKbSH OrpheausAdult (m)4,3191,2040
ASrvTSH Coronae BorealisAdult (f)3,1267910
Hcb3aSH 12329-NBUAdult (m)5,2981,0632
19QsPSH 21319-NBUAdult (f)5,6751,0806
FPpO9SH 12026-NEXAdult (m)5,5611,0982
L6yoZSH Rolling WavesAdult (m)3,6201,3011
qVLBQSH BleuAdult (f)2,0998861
nLUEMSH 20208-NCTAdult (f)4,5171,3631
j7w7tSH 21117-OLVAdult (f)6,2409833
BkCYDSH VelvAdult (m)3,1511,2401
CH49eSH 11723-PLWAdult (m)5,0811,1234
RQAsRSH AmorAdult (f)2,9109142
Lf3BxSH 10511-PNKAdult (m)5,9991,0284
167qASH 20713-PNKAdult (f)5,3081,0443
PXqHrSH 20410-PNKAdult (f)5,5779544
62NYbSH 21319-PNKAdult (f)5,5955992
ohHvGSH ValentinaAdult (f)5,5856011
GITXPSH 11319-PNKAdult (m)5,5446001
15hwxSH 21622-PCSAdult (f)5,4471,1504
BnIzBSH MushuAdult (m)9,5727642
5YdbD6-SH PenkiSeisAdult (m)10,0021,31710
vEyylSH 11521-PURAdult (m)4,2027622
X2l36SH 23106-PURAdult (f)5,4511,0580
82kRnSH 11218-REDAdult (m)6,3467742
fPhslSH 12501-REDAdult (m)7,0481,1454
kIEGGSH 10410-REDAdult (m)5,6029282
qN8JE2-SH 11218-REDAdult (m)6,4585922
S7knnSH 20410-REDAdult (f)6,5611,2064
NnaS01-SH 22804-REDAdult (f)3,0956173
E9iptSH 22430-RDWAdult (f)4,8581,2831
E3uD2SH 22026-RYBAdult (f)5,9309383
TyjRqSH 12531-RYCAdult (m)3,0978171
mYgalSH 22329-SPHAdult (f)5,2701,0733
E3fBwSH 22905-SCWAdult (f)4,7598312
rlv0xSH Fallen LeavesAdult (m)2,4348750
N3hiGSH April BlossomsAdult (f)5,5341,0422
T681oSH May ShowersAdult (f)6,8711,1673
auHuMSH Summer TrellisAdult (f)3,7988030
lyRboSH Frozen HarborAdult (f)4,0281,2361
7GANhSH 21723-SGWAdult (f)5,4258785
otEDoSH ArgentumAdult (m)5,9065232
9NtLeSH 13007-SIKAdult (m)5,8268461
GbUPGSH Wind GliderAdult (m)2,4838862
FPfRXSH 21321-SKYAdult (f)2,0166470
qdgdoSH 12430-SPCAdult (m)4,9641,3054
yAJV8SH 10915-SPWAdult (m)5,5729412
s6OG3SH Dual HeartsAdult (m)3,4561,1161
rDuuISH 11724-TWOAdult (m)5,4078021
omahBSH 20916-STNAdult (f)4,6861,0783
rAajnSH 11622-STOAdult (m)5,8288745
prUa8SH 20309-STR-WAdult (f)4,2071,2972
1VccgSH 20109-SNRAdult (f)2,0028141
icaNqSH 21925-SNRAdult (f)4,9081,0131
0mwgHSH 20814-SNSAdult (f)5,5839882
oAdcySH 11016-SAMAdult (m)4,3051,3290
4ixoASH 12905-SSTAdult (m)2,9039732
9C6pBSH SparrowAdult (f)3,1799840
AFyiVSH 20814-THDAdult (f)4,4357582
qbToOSH 22703-TERAdult (f)3,6351,1401
L80YMSH 12803-TERAdult (m)6,4161,0111
Zr0kiSH 21722-THUAdult (f)5,2501,0334
4xbxxSH 22528-THUAdult (f)6,2821,1036
AKtZLSH 11219-TSUAdult (m)4,8381,4241
ChBEFSH RadiationAdult (f)2,7459211
ywD9aSH 23107-TFBAdult (f)2,8119541
LoDDE(LoDDE)Adult (f)6,9701,1623
LDQmASH 22531-UNDAdult (f)3,2638190
j3bq4SH SeranaAdult (f)5,0009273
o0FNjSH Camilla BelcourtAdult (f)6,4261,0776
CMnirSH Lord HarkonAdult (m)6,5858954
6IwdESH Raphael SantiagoAdult (m)5,7196471
UrOwm(UrOwm)Adult (m)5,7921,2216
mP95x(mP95x)Adult (f)4,3299774
iPYs1SH BabetteHatchling (f, F)3,3936767
dh68QSH NessAdult (f)3,4451,1370
xq7iVSH 11016-WAHAdult (m)4,3111,3723
UYg7uSH 11824-WAHAdult (m)6,5598793
ycnBQSH 21219-WHTAdult (f)4,7121,4033
O9DqrSH 12229-WHTAdult (m)2,1786580
PJrUeSH 12430-XENAdult (m)7,2401,1233
P7cjjSH 10613-XENAdult (m)5,3858263
xrAfYSH 21319-XENAdult (f)5,6971,0894
FEcQWSH 12904-YWCAdult (m)4,0831,2740
ROVUTSH 21219-YWCAdult (f)5,2371,5392
ZQwAsSH SpikeAdult7,2541,0256
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