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You pick up the scroll labeled “Shadow Lor,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
hDVOuCarus This Flame Is CoalescingHatchling (m, F)5,8227911
OaaiGCarus This Fire's Burning BrightHatchling (f, F)4,0028861
j0frDomina AconiteAdult (f)3,65196612
cVOHDomine AbrinAdult (m)5,4199534
S91TDomina ColumbineAdult (f)4,9978371
OIA6Domine BrackenAdult (m)2,80357010
9sWTDomina VinefallAdult (f)10,5141,1911
OmlXxAt the foot of the treeAdult (f)4,2671,1271
lA9nELooking up at your faceAdult (m)4,1701,1412
v8BtNAs you tell me to fleeAdult (f)4,2211,1322
rqjoTNo stranger would it beAdult (f)4,8081,0451
KsVYtI am - I amAdult (m)4,7901,1423
pryANStrange things do happenAdult (m)7,0761,4073
ONY7BTo wait forever here at the treeAdult (m)6,4691,0996
MgVLXCarus Fear No EvilHatchling (m, F)5,2181,0334
nvpmmCarus Trust No EvilHatchling (f, F)3,6388430
ZMoLvDomine ClematisAdult (m)4,7401,0512
HjRK5Domine CastorAdult (m)1,4514337
KNNeDomina IocoAdult (f)4,0167401
2r61Domine AlairAdult (m)6,0071,0156
LZybrDomina Fallen LinkAdult (f)5,7419463
x68rpCarus When We Have WishedHatchling (m, F)5,2639370
bwJWECarus Upon A BlackstarHatchling (f, F)3,8251,0205
8rhJDomina ChimereAdult (f)1,3639524
0lbRDomine SomniumAdult (m)6,6111,4427
Gl0WADomina Blythe FancyAdult (f)4,6046502
iQMeRKindly Tabbed TinselkinAdult (m)4,9321,0053
Cpv9MDomine Thunderous FantasyAdult (m)5,0779473
AFPoaCarus Something Is ChangingHatchling (m, F)4,7656572
NIkbDomine Gethin KyeAdult (m)1,71180728
7qQHDomina Kerra KaiAdult (f)6,2751,1788
bnxAwCarus Getaway CarHatchling (f, F)3,0917311
dKrA5Carus Fast And FarHatchling (m, F)3,1497321
lx8cvDomine DybbukAdult (m)3,5601,0963
xGsBPDomina MalevolentiaAdult (f)3,1941,1200
8Il1jDomine OdiumAdult (m)3,4141,1023
14IStDomina ScelestusAdult (f)3,21872111
NDw01Domina KyaAdult (f)4,2897921
USSzGDomine AilleachtAdult (m)5,6195622
ghHWDomine ByzantiumAdult (m)2,0281,2803
4t1MDomina WisteriaAdult (f)6,5791,2677
tFNsuCarus Say WhateverHatchling (m, F)5,6047350
iT4hpCarus Shed Some LightHatchling (f, F)5,8607471
3gmlDomina CarmineAdult (f)3,8487914
viFsDomine VermilionAdult (m)3,7777775
iIdzoDomine Lumen et AcerbusAdult (m)5,7689150
dbEbODomina Vita et MorsAdult (f)3,7681,1071
kzo6T(kzo6T)Adult (f)5,3011,0675
LMGKDomine GalvanAdult (m)2,2371,02417
153bDomina VoltaicAdult (f)6,6061,2268
jmEhECarus I Got My ArsenalHatchling (f, F)4,8978540
Vo1a0Carus I Put Out The CallHatchling (m, F)4,8208420
rq1hDomine CinerisAdult (m)2,4664735
S8FqDomina PeruraAdult (f)3,1794903
XlrgHe Who ChasesAdult (m)3,6295802
jZZm5He Who DevoursAdult (m)6,7267891
5O9CiHe From BelowAdult (m)3,4657994
QqU7MHe Who TaintsAdult (m)4,9641,0253
aD0BTHe Who LiesAdult (m)4,0568434
IpH98He Who BlamesAdult (m)2,5105503
S1YPxHe Who FallsAdult (m)5,2508235
GXAgsHe Who HindersAdult (m)4,0149932
acK7ZHe Who DemandsAdult (m)4,4811,0622
7UA6HHe Who RazesAdult (m)4,6501,0603
IRjdQHe Who ShattersAdult (m)4,5451,1092
DJGqnHe Who CapturesAdult (m)4,6441,1054
0pOaoSevered Bronze TinselkinAdult (f)3,5579622
jzybFPale Opal ShimmerkinAdult (f)4,2649891
j3u9lHe Who HarmsAdult (m)4,8731,0762
TbunaHe Who TakesAdult (m)4,2421,1061
bn2LpHe Who EndsAdult (m)4,5751,0441
4LcdIThe One Who FellAdult (f)5,0481,0091
Q99nDUnbecoming Diamond ShimmerkinAdult (f)5,9369933
JtCwvUnsung Firefly ShimmerkinAdult (f)4,6461,0518
qBk9fDomine Embers to AshesAdult (m)5,8459245
fmW1yLord Nameless IAdult (m)5,2039892
BSqbHLord Nameless IIAdult (m)5,8671,0192
eFme9Lord Nameless IIIAdult (m)4,8131,0692
V987sDomina Running On FumesAdult (f)4,8849692
kDQVgDomina Gold Amongst CoalsAdult (f)4,8327131
04LklCarus Double Edged SwordHatchling (f, F)3,7401,0222
5WWKhDomine AlopexAdult (m)3,5271,0390
j8MtmDomina AraeaAdult (f)3,4781,0410
XBqRsDomine Silent RealmAdult (m)5,8828983
9k664Carus We Got The KingdomHatchling (m, F)4,6244700
wPXQXCarus We Got The KeyHatchling (f, F)3,4877433
R98qRDomine ZbigniewAdult (m)3,6728034
ZOvEIDomina ZumaAdult (f)3,8008213
Dgh61Domina LantanaAdult (f)4,0181,0260
lg6moDomine AnthuriumAdult (m)4,0461,0211
k1pIo(k1pIo)Adult (f)3,4779307
ue6LDomina PhoeniAdult (f)4,7209804
juftDomine CopterusAdult (m)4,6929863
h3ZFSCarus This Is The New FleshHatchling (m, F)5,7578031
NdIWMCarus This Is The Open DoorHatchling (f, F)5,7278230
9dC2yDomine FlorianAdult (m)3,5098708
l51ulDomina AkaneAdult (f)4,2299534
Qk2gODomine RaananAdult (m)4,2759774
OcIhPrima Domina BellaversaAdult (f)1,6781,0908
afEvDomina BellargentaAdult (f)4,4961,2529
kh1kEDomina MirariAdult (f)4,8048662
CDtbIDomina YaveslyAdult (f)5,1108941
JrdcGDomine KiojahAdult (m)5,4558752
VxDwZDomine MirusAdult (m)5,4699270
Cu1tUDomina Burning MiracleAdult (f)5,7075903
8ky84Domina IstasAdult (f)3,4041,0441
XmoarDomine FoneAdult (m)3,4301,0320
8TYMyDomine Solstice FrostAdult (m)5,3191,0504
H4QHpDomine Northern LightsAdult (m)5,9299432
LAfeBDomina Sheen of SnowAdult (f)5,5711,0343
l5Z0ECarus Steady Steady Hand HandHatchling (m, F)3,8741,0002
KLPjKDomine PhthaloAdult (m)4,0811,0831
kZIxaDomina ViridianAdult (f)3,9471,0566
QWArnDomine MalachiteAdult (m)5,3079732
dXOSnDomina IndiaAdult (f)6,5049242
RJzGYCarus Let's Kick ItHatchling (f, F)6,1316842
QCxw1Domina AmaranthAdult (f)3,9361,0972
vwkcwDomine AlizarinAdult (m)5,8028852
pxzsKDomine CardinalAdult (m)6,3527280
onMgPDomina RosewoodAdult (f)6,4268912
53xZNDomina CeruleanAdult (f)5,7229301
PbtBfDomine CyanAdult (m)5,2119791
GZWsDomina Dusty ShaleAdult (f)5,4971,3389
orBWDomine Rocky TerrainAdult (m)6,8891,3755
nlfSDomine Natural LoamAdult (m)4,7646895
LaKIDomina Pure OreAdult (f)2,7007522
PAlZVDomina Pure GroundAdult (f)5,2925291
kvGPXDomine Natural CragAdult (m)4,7896372
Fv0BQDomina Pebbly FieldAdult (f)4,3141,1334
gJCtdDomine Clay BoulderAdult (m)5,3371,25012
GrSHDCarus Forever We Will Be HollowHatchling (m, F)3,2016452
L7MyiCarus Hollow AgainHatchling (f, F)2,9324384
NmedODomine Galileo et Da VinciAdult (m)4,3721,1974
xqPBJDomina Curie et LiseAdult (f)5,1941,0412
s5SA9Domina Lovelace et ElionAdult (f)3,7149231
ekSA8Carus I Never FearHatchling (f, F)4,3875090
J4CfJDomina AdeilemariAdult (f)3,3511,0541
1Ede2Domine VanderponsAdult (m)4,1241,0250
KjxALDomine Shimmering DewAdult (m)5,3559471
BKMKXDomine Di'vanderAdult (m)4,4421,0762
roJw5Domine Song on the BreezeAdult (m)6,3818551
aiGrLCarus Linguist SubliminalHatchling (m, F)4,4904940
sLlIDomina Dia'gloraAdult (f)3,8291,0446
jSEHDomine DiemcleonAdult (m)3,7231,0333
ldvUDomine Kitkun'cleonAdult (m)5,0961,4719
QjFeDomina KishihalaAdult (f)2,1681,0835
aqiVDomine Recusant TrothAdult (m)1,1938644
K5AoDomine Blasphemous OrisonAdult (m)5,6371,39236
djI1fDomine Golden OverlookAdult (m)4,5821,1216
6ChVaDomina OrielleAdult (f)6,0067687
t1P1wDomine Sacrifice of BirdsAdult (m)5,02190214
sX32SCarus You Wake UpHatchling (m, F)5,0408594
1MDRxCarus To The Sound Of AlarmsHatchling (f, F)3,58376110
jbpnZDomina ElowenAdult (f)4,3266931
s2QBeDomine FrayneAdult (m)3,8985551
vPQ5MAbsinthe Shimmer TinselkinAdult (m)3,6947121
IK4DLDomina Chessa'orielAdult (f)4,1425934
Yw3GiDomine Binh'sovannAdult (m)3,5589237
12QZMDomine Silvermoon ThuwedAdult (m)6,2389435
vKchACarus She Comes To MeHatchling (m, F)4,6187271
3xJMMDomina Pure EvilAdult (f)4,6501,1413
UVcUHDomina Little LiarAdult (f)4,6061,0761
9CLdIDomine Ash TeaAdult (m)4,1591,0901
K0n2NDomine Grave LightAdult (m)3,4661,0793
i07cTDomine PalustrisAdult (m)4,1969040
3OsNkDomina AristataAdult (f)4,1249210
6x0gPrimo Domine IreshAdult (m)1,6841,09511
FhmWDomina GaianaAdult (f)6,6651,45612
H1mqeCarus Shadows Moving Around MeHatchling (m, F)5,7928354
Y9UHADomine VolubilisAdult (m)5,7731,2121
IfUI5Domine Glorious RadianceAdult (m)6,4481,0945
I7OgpDomina Golden VibranceAdult (f)7,7299553
R63xu(R63xu)Adult (f)4,9459833
3oh1sDomine GeneroAdult (m)5,3921,2721
RCuczDomina Serene BlueAdult (f)6,0201,1835
tM6ygDomina Created LegacyAdult (f)5,9921,1755
LEXAuDomine Delphinidin BlueAdult (m)6,4641,0856
2cycrDomina Peaceful GardenAdult (f)6,1209253
Syx3VDomine MonstrumAdult (m)6,1989222
BHy0NDomine Fearful StrifeAdult (m)8,5205686
hP5SfDomine Thought KeeperAdult (m)6,4981,1284
8H5zDDomina Dream StealerAdult (f)6,5791,1484
upLjJDomina Hollow BonesAdult (f)6,7311,1155
n4k5BDomine Hollow MonsterAdult (m)7,0831,0412
ZWFNDomine ContegoAdult (m)1,1795419
piKGDomina TectumAdult (f)4,5991,0653
ptpvfCarus No WonderHatchling (m, F)4,6317652
Z0dTlDomine PatrocinorAdult (m)8,6238006
7smzmDomina PraesidiumAdult (f)7,1251,2651
C4QRDomine KrishAdult (m)2,6014536
T4FCDomina CereliaAdult (f)2,4544671
GgWQRDomina Cerulean LakeAdult (f)3,1046641
qZvzTDomine Cobalt SpectreAdult (m)3,3506223
A5hLXDomine Mellow SpiritAdult (m)3,0976972
RqmbhDomina Hesitant SpriteAdult (f)3,0899201
5tQNCDomina Gift of RefugeAdult (f)3,3354031
ZtiKdDomine Burning DesireAdult (m)4,6398123
OEF3rDomine Crimson AllureAdult (m)3,6837752
KJcI7Domina KokuroAdult (f)3,8081,2550
Bw4BnDomina KoharuAdult (f)3,5251,2352
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