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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Setsu-P,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
lb9pYFull Craycray FAdult (f)5,9739762
LrzEAFull Craycray FifiAdult (f)5,6649012
3eKS4G2's Better Be Crazy GoodAdult (f)5,3139862
2IRn1Waning Craycray MAdult (m)6,8751,2455
jymzXWaning Craycray FAdult (f)4,3159891
4f7aQNew Craycray MAdult (m)5,2839821
SaykANew Craycray FAdult (f)3,8497492
U1OsEGreat Caesar's HusbandoAdult (m)2,8859414
C5SArGreat Caesar's WaifuAdult (f)5,4061,1133
K0E7iCB's Phosphor SoulAdult (m)9,3891,1864
iN2gsCB's Phosphor SpecterAdult (f)6,9341,0834
dCNthCB's Phosphor EntityAdult (m)5,7471,1104
PfHU1CB's Phosphor EssenceAdult (f)5,8521,1424
sd5laCB Phosphor Spitting ImageAdult (m)3,9799034
smyvfCB's Phosphor ExperienceAdult (f)4,2437402
wbzSdCB's Phosphor EventAdult (m)4,1587181
AwnDpFlawless SolumAdult (m)5,6911,0302
gB0k9Flawless SolariaAdult (f)6,6741,0981
vqnojFlawless ClaroAdult (m)4,6928932
bPummFlawless ClaretteAdult (f)9,0401,0372
mhM2iFlawless CarbuncleAdult (m)5,5169961
P81qcFlawless CarbauntieAdult (f)6,3089985
3p9xEDied and Came BackAdult (f)5,0001,0926
YP3JWFlawless CarneliusAdult (m)8,1751,45412
QrxWEFlawless CarnelienneAdult (f)5,0679034
OBUFJFlawless JadeiteAdult (m)2,7397034
v2L4LFlawless JadineAdult (f)7,2271,4044
SewKwFlawless LazuloAdult (m)5,8381,2984
c8N8VFlawless LapisseAdult (f)5,1789542
547aUFlawless LazliaAdult (f)8,8971,5023
pnnJkFlawless SafirusAdult (m)5,9001,0232
Y89NuFlawless SapphiaAdult (f)5,9051,0261
IwZEzFlawless RubeusAdult (m)4,6889341
IYrOaFlawless RubiaAdult (f)5,3511,0062
nBAZhCB Flawless RubinaAdult (f)9,5721,3188
J90fBFlawless EmeraudAdult (m)5,9548291
uq289Flawless EmeraldasAdult (f)5,5889921
4RXzFlawless AureumAdult (m)3,90857860
v5eOFlawless AurealleAdult (f)3,98563956
fegnFG8's Gilded Jazz AgeAdult (m)10,2481,3899
o6s3CFlawless BerylliumAdult (m)5,5841,0283
L9e6LFlawless BerylliaAdult (f)9,9791,2892
XcO50Flawless HecatioAdult (m)7,0571,0781
YC1czFlawless HecatiaAdult (f)7,6741,1483
0MOLiFlawless OregonAdult (m)4,9748222
SGDeyFlawless OregoniaAdult (f)6,9711,1152
6xOs3CB's Pyrite PrinceAdult (m)7,4749546
oibYQCB's Pyrite PrincessAdult (f)5,3528962
zZ5NUCB's Z'Z' SnuSnuAdult (m)5,4441,0563
AGwKZG2's Pyrite TuxwormAdult (f)3,3407733
9UQcUCB's Raw WaveskimmerAdult (f)4,9521,0833
pqqAoCB's Raw WaverunnerAdult (m)6,0999831
FYBPDCB's Raw WaveskipperAdult (m)4,0879562
mMN2jCB's Raw WavesurferAdult (f)3,9019002
EZdS4G2's Saltwater TaffyAdult (f)5,1831,0971
XaxvCCB's SeaDooAdult (m)4,3231,0158
4FNJxCB's SeaBeeAdult (f)5,1509367
TPmHiCB's SeaSparkAdult (f)6,1931,2158
ZYnPeCB's SeaSprayAdult (f)4,1986804
W6DxMCB's SeaCrestAdult (f)4,3126925
WZ2WyCB's SeaWizAdult (f)7,7357902
LAWLCCB's SeaSnickerAdult (f)3,7831,0904
3KBmb3000 BombsAdult (f)6,3501,0901
aWfI5Awful 5Adult (m)6,0619892
KpMWoCB's Beach Blanket BingoAdult (m)6,2211,1031
75julCB's Beach Blanket BombshellAdult (f)4,0198542
fNcQZCB's Beach Blanket PokerAdult (f)5,0559361
93AGVG2's Beach Blanket Betting PoolAdult (f)5,6099412
lLInECB's Nudist BeachAdult (f)5,4361,0460
7WYPGCB's Restricted BeachAdult (m)5,9409953
1mHzzCB's Muscle BeachAdult (m)4,0538421
UmTEiG2's Beach Blanket BoneheadAdult (m)5,0939581
QyNC5G3's Deluxe Beach ResortAdult (m)5,4101,0803
qL8fqCB's Scuppernong WineAdult (m)4,6581,0462
qKswpCB's Truffle WineAdult (f)4,6681,0191
1aG71G2's RichmeadAdult (f)5,9129462
PgjJCB's Elderflower WineAdult (f)71352030
kWurCB's Dandelion WineAdult (m)1,00938527
KLc5VG2's Summer BrewAdult (m)4,1149413
4shLyCB's Raw CloverAdult (m)5,4158973
RhJDzCB's Raw OrangeBlossomAdult (f)8,6999431
Lhaz0G2's Caramel OrangeAdult (m)5,7101,0272
z7FrmG2's Honey DipperAdult (m)4,6549202
qTVKwG3's Caramel TaffyAdult (f)5,7389062
4o1ffCB's Wildberry 2ScoopsAdult (f)8,5159751
E31iSCB's Raspberry 2ScoopsAdult (m)11,1039471
rpK1OG2's Golden Razz 2ScoopsAdult (f)6,0831,0792
ao96pCB's Sourberry 2ScoopsAdult (m)5,5079602
RczWVCB's Blueberry 2ScoopsAdult (f)6,9189375
OCAcMCB's Blackberry 2ScoopsAdult (m)5,1701,1212
zuVJMCB's Tartberry 2ScoopsAdult (f)4,7389082
kgr0YG2's Strawberry Tart 2ScoopsAdult (m)6,1789653
MOog(MOog)Adult (m)3,56296297
HOob(HOob)Adult (f)86742941
zPmzBCB's Cherryberry 2ScoopsAdult (f)5,5369651
BEgeBCB's Strawberry 2ScoopsAdult (m)6,1079943
7SNKDCB's Redberry 2ScoopsAdult (m)4,9319253
eV8E3G2's Doubleberry 2ScoopsAdult (f)5,2851,0851
124U7CB's Sugarberry 2ScoopsAdult (m)10,2921,4014
SlNZMCB's Goldberry 2ScoopsAdult (f)9,8531,3583
JEIQqG2's Sugarplum 2ScoopsAdult (m)5,8361,0394
qoK7qG3's Sweetberry 2ScoopsAdult (m)5,1861,0651
PliDwCB's ShortStack 2ScoopsAdult (m)4,5829782
jJfK6CB's ShortCake 2ScoopsAdult (f)3,8579333
6dU3uCB's FunnelCake 2ScoopsAdult (m)3,9029713
6WiZ6CB's BundtCake 2ScoopsAdult (f)3,8589712
C9UkCB's Whiter ShadeAdult (m)2,35132729
XB0fCB's Paler ShadeAdult (f)67546534
fKw8JCB's Lighter ShadeAdult (m)4,1469243
jULp4CB's Champagne ShadeAdult (f)4,3369221
ldowBOuraineAdult (f)4,8409112
pkb0eOurumAdult (m)3,2586952
UM1XWOurianAdult (m)6,5261,1526
TU3iuOurielleAdult (f)4,4299803
yjWflG6's Buried AlternativesAdult (f)3,2358582
coY9eAuberitineAdult (f)5,1441,1031
j5VHqAubergrisAdult (m)3,3177101
oeVYGAuberigineAdult (f)2,8249302
8CzYICB's Flickery WickAdult (f)5,2061,1041
1Ir5lCB's Raven's LawsAdult (m)5,1521,0852
NZs2ICB's Slyther InnAdult (f)4,6459991
1GexCCB's Severed SnapAdult (m)5,1191,0794
GI60KCB's Most Luscious MalfoyAdult (m)4,2158012
dMCULCB's McGoogle SearchAdult (f)5,3909751
zSlAZCB's Griffon DoorAdult (m)5,0861,0993
k45bsG2's Aurania BrutusAdult (f)6,6821,1733
7xzMRCB's Puffle Huff PassAdult (m)4,2639971
4ZkWtCB's Sprout's HonorAdult (f)4,2571,0061
MnXQ7CB's Burning BattlecryAdult (m)4,9728791
zVoo5CB's Burning BattlestanceAdult (f)5,2991,0002
HMa24G2's Stormyclaws FreakyAdult (f)9,2771,55711
uyI6CB's Clouded MindAdult (m)3,39465536
BbweNCB's Clouded ConscienceAdult (f)5,4559182
wPFHnCB's Clouded KarmaAdult (m)4,2109334
q5P3iG3's SortapreciousAdult (m)4,1537444
c1SNCB's Pour Some Sugar On MeAdult (m)71244741
UqOadCB's We're Halfway ThereAdult (m)4,7001,0134
kehqSCB's Like Lady GodivaAdult (f)4,6261,0041
5lG9AG2's C'mon Fire Me UpAdult (m)4,1509493
5fLXNG3's Questionable FlexinAdult (m)6,0441,0754
ASkrnG6's Who Asked YouzeAdult (m)3,1127542
1L4uvCB's I'm Gonna Go Go GoAdult (m)4,2007724
NkSXCB's In The Name Of LoveAdult (f)1,09549735
PYyKlG3's Schmidt's Lil PickleAdult (f)8,7531,1085
V7DJVCB's NorthwindsAdult (m)4,8389511
NkhSVCB's NorthstarAdult (f)4,8861,0171
oi7FoCB's Wendigo's WailAdult (m)4,5751,0301
8jw5OCB's Wendigo's TrailAdult (f)5,0239522
6ElqOTried to DieAdult (m)3,6267393
CE4q6(CE4q6)Adult (f)3,2968772
5kRM7(5kRM7)Adult (m)3,9219461
1649WCB's Solitary SierraAdult (f)5,7711,0963
Yv94rCB's Solitary SummitAdult (m)4,6949610
HPPtzCB's Gentle GiantAdult (m)4,8639331
wMkHDCB's Gentle GiantessAdult (f)4,6779352
sAurWCB Peaceable GiantAdult (m)5,4841,1313
ztJi4CB's Colossus of RomeAdult (f)5,3419892
CBa3dCB's Colossus of RhodesAdult (m)6,1051,2322
pRBekCB's Thunder RoadAdult (f)7,3551,1974
g3mhZCB's Thunder MountainAdult (m)7,4511,2512
4kZmVMister FrickleAdult (m)5,2401,1412
8UhZTMissus FrackleAdult (f)5,1101,1011
8e3WeCB's MargaritavilleAdult (f)7,9891,0131
UqDNKCB's Come MondayAdult (m)13,1611,0581
1sd43CB's Tortilla ShellsAdult (f)5,0199441
xOwq5CB's Taco ShellsAdult (m)5,3681,0171
D8ULRG2's Taco SaladAdult (m)4,2779742
TyeYQG2's Tortilla WrapAdult (f)3,9869282
QpH1RG3's Porque No Los DosAdult (m)3,7438462
EPCXVG3's Robin's Egg ThuwedAdult (f)6,43695812
YuJTiYujitiAdult (f)8,2359464
pYshpPyshipAdult (m)8,5991,1501
LvIqwLavliqueAdult (f)12,1148462
0a5emOasemAdult (m)7,6239552
XOJOdSzojoAdult (m)11,3601,3865
5b59NSbissenAdult (f)6,1261,1443
zVLvvVellevAdult (m)11,3681,0701
VIMv0VimveauAdult (f)11,0751,3433
56pSEMister KramdenAdult (m)4,7628602
7ACkvMissus KramdenAdult (f)5,1399651
4KwDMMister NortonAdult (m)5,1419374
j5z3HMister LockhornAdult (m)4,2087181
lBSTnMissus LockhornAdult (f)5,4921,0342
pD6rOMister BunkerAdult (m)6,2361,2704
BsVZcMissus BunkerAdult (f)5,8181,0071
sVmBrG2's Snake Oil GloriaAdult (f)5,7421,0463
dwCYRG3's Celestial TripAdult (f)3,6758222
72OCJCB's Hardboiled Ham n EggsAdult (m)4,5751,0172
pPDxnCB's Softboiled SunnysideAdult (f)4,4531,0182
2yydPeppery MintyAdult (f)2,8331,08931
3GzHSpeery MintyAdult (m)4,89348923
JFYxySpecially MintyAdult (m)4,8211,1753
8jtV1Extra Specially MintyAdult (f)3,7729645
STw1hCB's Leimenid's KnackAdult (f)5,0659452
mV4quCB's Leimenid's TendencyAdult (m)5,2551,0331
tkID5CB's Leimenid's IntentionAdult (m)4,4261,1065
2HUZlCB's Leimenid's FancyAdult (f)4,4819854
MSTkCB's Kelpie's TendencyAdult (m)2,04433510
lWqgCB's Kelpie's KnackAdult (f)2,1883676
A1PSWG2's Equus ChatnoirAdult (f)9,5221,4764
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