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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “SerasVahe,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Y0bGpAll Dragons Will Be NamedHatchling (F)2,6817293
WHjZ9Group Status WIPHatchling (F)3,2106596
6N5ZDo  Incubating  oHatchling (F)2,5767201
jKR5g(jKR5g)Hatchling (F)2,1995121
JjVMZ(JjVMZ)Adult (m)4,5461,0301
7xZwj(7xZwj)Adult (m)4,3041,0204
D6PHm(D6PHm)Adult (m)4,5371,0310
VQgJM(VQgJM)Adult (m)4,5931,0192
RJM1A(RJM1A)Adult (f)3,9999672
sbLJN(sbLJN)Adult (f)4,0429222
WDYjy(WDYjy)Adult (f)4,3861,0324
yixGB(yixGB)Adult (m)3,9319481
IqT3L(IqT3L)Adult (m)4,2761,0072
xBri0(xBri0)Adult (f)3,2618052
zmymk(zmymk)Adult (m)3,9029240
U7HoG(U7HoG)Adult (m)3,8089383
VpjEO(VpjEO)Hatchling (F)2,6007212
piuFk(piuFk)Hatchling (F)2,6047002
SVD4io  Unsorted  oHatchling (F)1,7445211
39ipU(39ipU)Adult (f)3,7129062
3BtbH(3BtbH)Adult (f)3,7758952
dXGN6(dXGN6)Adult (f)5,1069753
KjTb5(KjTb5)Adult (f)3,6027860
3URoH(3URoH)Adult (m)3,7707933
45WcM(45WcM)Adult (f)4,1398412
SmRoZ(SmRoZ)Adult (m)5,2179782
B6uQY(B6uQY)Adult (f)4,3578770
1RJFV(1RJFV)Adult (f)4,0288194
H4yVR(H4yVR)Adult (f)2,7646251
0QRbY(0QRbY)Adult (m)2,9598660
U1JCy(U1JCy)Adult (m)4,9419572
8tewXMadness-ReturnsAdult (m)4,2269421
1hLTqwe're all M-A-D hereAdult (m)4,1368712
XNlOQ(XNlOQ)Adult (f)4,1158840
HsUOF(HsUOF)Adult (f)3,8968150
EX908(EX908)Adult (m)3,2959433
3DROx(3DROx)Adult (m)3,3559530
jRowe(jRowe)Hatchling (F)1,2234463
EvOFT(EvOFT)Hatchling (F)1,4543971
PnUAo(PnUAo)Hatchling (f, F)3,6997562
5vb1r(5vb1r)Hatchling (F)3,2527402
Bajir(Bajir)Adult (m)3,7038320
OFFMX(OFFMX)Adult (m)4,0878712
4Oc94(4Oc94)Adult (m)4,7649342
F8Zux(F8Zux)Adult (m)3,8488250
qqqmz(qqqmz)Adult (m)4,4819041
HGncF(HGncF)Adult (m)4,6159770
MbloJo0o---o0o---o0o---o0o---o0oHatchling (F)4,3757092
1Q5UdIn  Memory  OfEgg (F)
00JaWJeffrey Allen WestrupAdult (m)2,8027031
19Z84April 10 1984Hatchling (F)2,0694501
JAWdoNovember 8 2011Hatchling (m, F)3,1536502
X0Jah(X0Jah)Hatchling (F)2,2835942
cBSJrmy dear brotherHatchling (F)1,2745454
YsEfzrest-in-peaceHatchling (m, F)2,1035851
bqzNz0o0---0o0---0o0---0o0---0o0Hatchling (F)3,1475743
bL8V4comme ci-dessusHatchling (F)4,6216612
z1CNAI-will-always-be-with-youAdult (f)2,7307541
SjmYpMakes-no-difference-whereAdult (m)2,7287780
IpqNFyour-road-takes-you-toAdult (f)2,3466541
UHn6bEven-if-we're-apartAdult (m)2,2756501
Vl6xInow-we're-joined-at-the-heartAdult (f)2,1886071
CvVObThough-our-moment-may-be-goneAdult (m)2,3696391
ZLnPLyou-and-i-will-still-live-onAdult (f)2,1746021
FaEabI -will-always-be-with-youAdult (m)2,6086331
ItWx7I'll-be-by-your-sideAdult (f)2,3526692
GIb6jwhatever-you-doAdult (m)2,6176511
X4XSwOther-memories-may-fadeAdult (f)2,1556212
Xup7vbut-the-ones-that-we-madeAdult (m)2,5126022
mEmb4are-eternal-as-a-starAdult (f)3,0917702
JgH7dNow-I'm-part-of-who-you-areAdult (m)2,5195973
WzxKvAnd-I'll-be-there-with-youAdult (f)3,1327582
EoOfdin-the-sound-of-your-laughterAdult (m)2,7966493
UfcBgI'll-be-in-the-tears-you-cryAdult (f)3,2347861
yGqbVcause-the-way-you-and-IAdult (m)2,8036493
AK78Hhave-touched-one-anotherAdult (f)2,5356641
JLKKbdoesn't-end-with-goodbyeAdult (m)3,6739331
VWlSzI-will-always-be-with- youAdult (f)2,5116522
KuLv1like-a-guardian-angelAdult (m)4,0129662
nEDQMconstant-and-trueAdult (f)2,5806241
Jr1umWhen-you're-lost-in-the-nightAdult (m)3,5409462
vGiMcand-you-can't-see-the-lightAdult (f)3,6359621
4kv0lmy-love-will-see-you-throughAdult (m)3,4788903
eINNkI-will-always-be-thereAdult (f)3,5819252
oOfa3You-have-me-thereAdult (m)2,8277522
W3oYJI  will  always  be  with  youAdult (f)3,4797592
2z6UqLil SashaHatchling (f, F)3,1387092
NNirlLil CharlieHatchling (m, F)2,1645622
Hfq6ZCelestial TykeHatchling (F)1,3174111
OnwDVdonc ci-dessousHatchling (F)4,3136003
ZgU6Chell Alice Renee AnaisAdult (f)3,34330113
NNR3KPrincess SeleniaAdult (f)3,4158720
gahZLCaveborn AriaAdult (f)4,2514091
purxPPrincess MollyAdult (f)2,2035652
zZPaYAlice ReneeAdult (f)3,3126583
oHENxCefiaAdult (f)3,0327140
DxdjgBittersweet AriaAdult (f)3,4986482
hqn30Quivering AriaAdult (f)4,6577344
4tekeSpecter's AriaAdult (f)3,4146731
LxKkYMelodic MageiaAdult (f)2,8486272
2eBwGPatina ThuwedAdult (f)3,7484864
Sx2saRikku XHatchling (f, F)2,2325922
yBfuNChell ReneeHatchling (F)3,0335262
Mk777(Mk777)Adult (f)4,9441,0332
RiP6nCB EventideAdult (m)2,7106284
HanRxCB AsclepiusAdult (m)3,4307631
SVJ5tEliathanisAdult (m)3,4508370
CynzzJeff SunibaAdult (m)3,0876283
yvGEQMattias SunibaAdult (m)3,5199140
wil84Party like its 1984Adult (m)4,0396593
UOeC6Ethereal SolAdult (m)4,4078351
omy2XTakei SuluAdult (m)4,4998150
XeMx4Jeff AllenAdult (m)3,8446801
sI757Celestial StarkAdult (m)4,7876373
dIHGhTerry JacksAdult (m)3,8776671
2N2EM(2N2EM)Adult (m)3,6511,0162
XgbqCB Shattered SunAdult (m)1,8436330
SwTJuCB EversongAdult (m)4,6306350
1r4cMCB SunwellAdult (m)3,7276170
o4PaHCB Jaina ProudmooreAdult (f)1,9686510
slrWXCB Alleria WindrunnerAdult (f)4,0086400
xqRx3CB Vereesa WindrunnerAdult (f)4,5178011
UzNotCB Sylvanas WindrunnerAdult (f)6,4225930
HDezWCB SunfyreHatchling (f, F)1,5955773
lCWiZLil SunwellHatchling (F)3,0465296
ueIlOLady  Jaina ProudmooreAdult (f)3,2347112
m0UqHLady Calia MenethilAdult (m)3,1548432
yFoIvLady TahliaAdult (f)3,1198672
MrhNNCB MichelleAdult (m)4,1806611
aOuKA l a n  W a l k e rAdult (m)1,6525870
b5aVsing  me  to  sleepAdult (m)1,5565622
yxtt2F-A-D-E-DAdult (m)5,8006231
tNYPIs-p-e-c-t-r-eAdult (m)2,1288201
dai5rF-O-R-C-EAdult (m)2,6739425
UVdp7Veil of Orchid DreamsAdult (m)3,0307012
VrVeiF l y i n g  D r e a m sAdult (f)3,2187360
TanszN e w  H e a r tAdult (f)2,3656170
xSlerCB  Rainbow DashAdult (f)2,0956901
fuKY9CB  FluttershyAdult (f)2,4537812
baOCTCB AveAdult (f)2,8857412
cgmiZDream FallAdult (f)2,2048410
RhnDjPoetic DreamAdult (f)3,6287041
4YFIZMelodic DubstepAdult (f)1,6906691
jYEMIMelodic TranceAdult (f)3,8495143
BADPH(BADPH)Hatchling (m, F)2,5316593
QX9YYLusheeta Toel Ur LaputaAdult (f)3,3267851
8fcwCsing me to sleep tonightAdult (m)3,3687930
92voHA s r i e l  D r e e m u r rAdult (m)3,3808221
9CThbProxima NovaAdult (f)3,2708010
RqlQ5ElanVitalAdult (m)3,6287550
My6uFD-O-T-AAdult (m)3,6727261
9Ehc9Avatar  KorraAdult (f)3,2408170
9IKDjDJ Vinyl ScratchAdult (f)3,2967910
TYW0O(TYW0O)Adult (f)2,5205826
tea5V(tea5V)Adult (m)2,2066222
W0pv2Lil AuroraHatchling (f, F)2,9016693
WSLme(WSLme)Adult (m)2,7636564
TggRD(TggRD)Adult (m)3,8548480
1a2qP(1a2qP)Adult (m)3,6018471
85vh6(85vh6)Adult (m)3,8248923
JLhes(JLhes)Adult (m)3,6481,0272
1FTc1(1FTc1)Adult (m)4,6418752
UeUvD(UeUvD)Adult (m)4,5488362
1EWTS(1EWTS)Adult (m)4,6948531
2EYUw(2EYUw)Adult (m)3,9208961
7gLeA(7gLeA)Adult (m)4,3018802
Yj6ns(Yj6ns)Adult (m)4,1468122
2putA(2putA)Adult (m)4,6358141
3OOzR(3OOzR)Hatchling (m, F)4,1698811
J5bi3(J5bi3)Adult (f)4,4808312
2SuW1(2SuW1)Adult (f)4,5848580
M6h3w(M6h3w)Adult (f)3,9908773
iG0Vz(iG0Vz)Adult (f)4,0329171
y5BLd(y5BLd)Adult (f)4,3039221
4A2Ap(4A2Ap)Adult (f)4,1717812
gDUSW(gDUSW)Adult (f)3,9717892
UabeV(UabeV)Adult (f)4,1127882
9hDeK(9hDeK)Adult (f)4,9521,0031
76sWi(76sWi)Adult (f)5,1131,0250
Ve3AM(Ve3AM)Adult (f)3,9078420
sLiUjCB SansAdult (m)3,1687370
bXjUHCB GasterAdult (m)3,8817041
SIsO1CB AsgoreAdult (m)3,7627722
tmxbwCB AsrielAdult (m)3,3478831
YUK8LCB  PapyrusAdult (m)3,5987501
1ZHyDCB NapstablookAdult (m)2,9596254
cjeazCB FloweyAdult (m)2,7926540
2XiiFCB MettatonAdult (m)3,3117681
C4NrJA s t e rAdult (m)3,8695799
df1Iwc o m i c  s a n sAdult (m)3,1565863
vHDhsSans AsterAdult (m)3,4266581
vqFcWs a n s  s e r i fAdult (m)4,5504481
0hGeFAsgor DreemurrAdult (m)4,4004364
qs56RAsriel  DreemurrAdult (m)3,3563953
N007oCinnamon  BunnyAdult (m)2,2906691
Y0HeyCB  ChellAdult (f)3,1166761
KIDelCB  CharaAdult (f)4,5756801
fAvjrCB  FriskAdult (f)3,2557381
J8RB1CB ToriAdult (f)3,9526892
6ZhN0CB  TorielAdult (f)3,9827171
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