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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “SeleneIV,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bgmiFFutursuminesAdult (m)2,4506118
rz5dhAerialnortahAdult (m)1,6086167
nlGe0Futur voyantAdult (f)2,8592711
UW9w9(UW9w9)Adult (f)8,5539982
x6Rty(x6Rty)Adult (f)7,9769964
nPenGAriasineAdult (f)2,0754767
QkWVxUnialienesAdult (f)3,3378835
IRsqoLe garcon sans couleurAdult (m)2,9222735
6QhqH(6QhqH)Adult (m)4,3693471
QzMddAngerlaughtheiaAdult (f)3,3229245
9bnBKA Pure Divine AngelAdult (f)6,58569810
ybVMAAlinalovinasAdult (f)2,1866432
NwcBkQueen Violet TempestAdult (f)6,9981,8834
0hMTlLord Railey Of The HuantedAdult (m)6,9681,7923
D2BgTLady Croixa Of GolexiaAdult (f)5,3911,1231
VZxB0(VZxB0)Adult (m)8,6871,3004
Q7GTKLa gentille reineAdult (f)5,8991,0173
4KYW5La belle ArsaniAdult (f)4,8288896
eyhWo(eyhWo)Adult (f)2,3522874
ysBNhSindra LumiereAdult (m)13,6841,46912
VDGTf(VDGTf)Adult (f)8,1721,0012
2JbPO(2JbPO)Adult (m)8,6611,0153
0OYUeDeesse a deux tetesAdult (f)3,3462545
HQgpBA Lonely ShadowAdult (f)3,1985454
w5O1M(w5O1M)Adult (f)4,6087164
V6bwF(V6bwF)Adult (m)3,5008184
YZKOR(YZKOR)Adult (f)3,8139154
3TCA7(3TCA7)Adult (m)3,3755244
ZwTjlRoyaute vampireAdult (f)3,8133542
A4xvZA Shy Little BirdAdult (m)3,1977468
DpB0j(DpB0j)Adult (m)4,7863692
ul6ic(ul6ic)Adult (m)8,3571,0477
HCX76(HCX76)Adult (m)8,2231,44514
ytOo4(ytOo4)Adult (f)7,1471,2136
15sbUCreation de la merAdult (f)2,9612312
tREZu(tREZu)Adult (f)8,6149273
WmT9m(WmT9m)Adult (m)8,7459243
C4m7e(C4m7e)Adult (m)4,3493980
IgxX9(IgxX9)Adult (m)1,3234153
nnMJb(nnMJb)Hatchling (F)4,4705435
bhXDq(bhXDq)Adult (f)3,4055077
xLaBB(xLaBB)Adult (f)4,5573541
pudkaOrothoneAdult (m)5,9251,1715
8SIkO(8SIkO)Adult (f)4,7064965
LKaBA(LKaBA)Adult (f)4,4459519
HMb9F(HMb9F)Adult (m)3,39251832
bdWroStaraodinaAdult (m)3,8988906
UrGEYTombe du cielAdult (m)9,4871,0784
BMy5LT A i N T e D    S t A RAdult (m)6,7791,1556
iWauj(iWauj)Adult (m)11,5751,5606
ZBtoI(ZBtoI)Adult (m)3,1264533
O2HYW(O2HYW)Adult (m)6,4891,1335
IQg1s(IQg1s)Adult (m)3,8955043
E0ksp0 -- Trading Info -- 0Hatchling (F)1,3641807
622yQ(622yQ)Adult (m)4,5094716
xSBCz(xSBCz)Adult (f)5,6061,1040
fMxiD(fMxiD)Adult (m)9,2351,2476
kosZa(kosZa)Adult (m)1,68147016
TaffV0 ---------------------------- 0Hatchling (F)1,8252076
jMbro(jMbro)Adult (f)5,7649398
kSjclMer profonde sans lumiereAdult (m)3,1432751
5VBFlEtincelles electriquesAdult (f)3,7122490
qHdZv(qHdZv)Adult (f)1,81551314
p0gys(p0gys)Adult (m)2,02231116
JOvNT(JOvNT)Adult (m)2,1922696
a7Dh1S t a R   R e b O r N e D   IIIAdult (f)10,5241,3995
pSpRL0--- Things I Trade For ---0Hatchling (F)2,0552165
a9eDc0-- NDs  --0Hatchling (F)2,6162256
Ud8vH(Ud8vH)Adult (m)2,1022955
wcZPaL i G h T    A n G e LAdult (f)8,1911,2625
n8BFWParfum de cent fleursAdult (m)7,0331,3349
Ni3KwLady Monia Of Starry NightsAdult (f)7,2301,2144
217lsMoonLight InfectedAdult (m)4,8557586
1nvcVMere des serpentsAdult (f)7,0998165
WhbUA(WhbUA)Adult (f)10,3311,1636
sXKkP(sXKkP)Adult (f)5,0338272
Z8XW3(Z8XW3)Adult (m)7,8531,0801
cyh5j(cyh5j)Adult (f)4,0946328
sDIlM(sDIlM)Adult (f)5,9371,02311
Vdy8k(Vdy8k)Adult (m)6,8247925
ASWopPere des serpentsAdult (m)11,3271,3234
3b726(3b726)Adult (f)4,4878141
umaWU(umaWU)Adult (f)5,1516912
0yPfy(0yPfy)Adult (f)4,9913353
DjwFNRobin des BoisAdult (m)10,6291,1134
thfRQ(thfRQ)Adult (f)14,8361,4503
7qy0DI Am Flying AwayAdult (f)3,1987497
wjTU9(wjTU9)Adult (m)4,5146414
nm1kE(nm1kE)Adult (m)7,3161,1687
BPt3b(BPt3b)Adult (f)4,8283244
jUzkQReine de tous les fleursAdult (m)4,3131,0464
c3Ite(c3Ite)Adult (f)3,5743865
wdwFG(wdwFG)Adult (m)3,2602543
DTO6cAiles de souciAdult (m)3,1212205
vLeQNFarienalatieAdult (f)2,6443873
XSroB(XSroB)Adult (f)3,6423563
LoTkb(LoTkb)Adult (f)1,85750712
V8JX1(V8JX1)Adult (m)5,5029403
AC7A1(AC7A1)Adult (m)7,8761,0940
470qCAccept IOU'sHatchling (m, F)3,6767254
1y2YrFrizenyaAdult (f)3,2717667
MPu1L(MPu1L)Adult (m)4,0788745
PcOba(PcOba)Adult (m)6,9361,39813
Lxsfh0--- BSA's Like Pink ---0Hatchling (F)2,8003762
UWxRMFureur de la deesseAdult (f)12,1231,2665
w5hBx(w5hBx)Adult (m)6,59499029
ac5f8(ac5f8)Adult (f)4,7881,1967
RirOg(RirOg)Adult (f)5,8959423
Y3vdz(Y3vdz)Adult (m)4,11156119
WDimi(WDimi)Adult (m)4,9255155
4476NLe proprietaire sacre des ecaillAdult (m)2,9022774
wMsijLord Goldeen Of SilvaoldAdult (m)6,85492822
86D51MintenineAdult (f)8,8241,1344
W5Gd1Fille des Cornes d'OrAdult (f)3,4462701
RYOQcL'or des fousAdult (m)3,4442334
pW63AA Love Affair Sealed In GoldAdult (m)4,8113533
f3Jzx(f3Jzx)Adult (f)7,8981,91410
1dWoa(1dWoa)Adult (m)6,6731,7163
JUPBs(JUPBs)Adult (f)5,7809529
yiUsrNature's Own GuardAdult (m)4,0653732
kr1KZNatuelimaAdult (f)5,9221,1668
SfxjZ(SfxjZ)Adult (f)14,0731,4229
26lJl(26lJl)Adult (f)5,9731,1487
KsSqy(KsSqy)Adult (f)5,9011,00018
v9hYv(v9hYv)Adult (m)3,9425048
dvW3xLe Brave GardienAdult (m)3,1752791
kws2OB l a c K and B L u EAdult (m)10,2381,3772
fb1BuB r a v E   G h O s TAdult (m)7,0231,22112
6jxcDLe garcon solitaireAdult (m)3,45351611
uFjM4BlunasonaAdult (f)6,8671,51523
EA09GW r A t H  ThuwedAdult (f)5,9608674
qgem8(qgem8)Adult (f)6,1039048
5fsVc(5fsVc)Adult (m)4,9271,1074
RrFWz(RrFWz)Adult (m)3,8038224
T9rRC(T9rRC)Adult (f)4,9501,1305
3qzLT(3qzLT)Adult (f)7,7208716
wfmHe(wfmHe)Adult (f)8,1679063
1FMYx(1FMYx)Adult (f)6,4171,4043
GoXIl0  --------------------------  0Hatchling (F)2,8046503
A5eidLord Salven Blizzard Of KirktonAdult (m)3,1514024
sj7cpVince LosalaAdult (m)5,8411,2613
6yqTT(6yqTT)Adult (m)1,6164382
jMd8z(jMd8z)Adult (m)7,2651,0682
97rka(97rka)Adult (m)8,2601,0396
vYkYqLady Lavina Of GolideenAdult (f)7,3291,4763
BWL9h(BWL9h)Adult (f)2,7648524
r8lz1S  O  L  S  T  I  C   EAdult (f)3,5615484
7gYxu(7gYxu)Adult (f)3,4419395
rdcj4(rdcj4)Adult (f)6,5001,5037
E3ZaxLady Missla Of SalingontionAdult (f)3,2528162
Xg0Bn0   ------------------------   0Hatchling (m, F)3,3517404
BP9L3Gardien de la paixAdult (m)2,5952952
NV4rh(NV4rh)Adult (m)2,5922932
5prrs(5prrs)Adult (m)5,8541,3052
vUuZOLord Alasan Of UnmatedAdult (m)4,9311,1164
oBaEv0    ---------------------     0Hatchling (F)2,7506634
NwN7vLady Roselia Of MaliceonAdult (f)3,2444212
5YeDC(5YeDC)Adult (f)5,7301,2004
2FhGfLady Angelia Of The UnmatedAdult (f)7,3601,4666
ydINiSavanah LasinaAdult (f)4,4859086
yiEYPMikel VallnceAdult (m)6,8451,42715
Ndmb60    ----------------------    0Hatchling (m, F)3,7248765
EVyDbLord Miras Of Starry NightsAdult (m)3,9343808
qtfiPLord Glyster Of Solstice TwinkleAdult (m)5,7381,3065
hA4orLady Ashina Of GoldelaAdult (f)2,5012852
q6jtTLady Rachel Of GolideaAdult (f)2,8493051
ho0xfLady Linana Of The UnmatedAdult (f)5,8581,3524
QMjX0Lady Lisana Of The UnmatedAdult (f)5,8001,3425
GMKTj(GMKTj)Adult (m)3,0332312
0iXT7Minion des tenebresAdult (m)8,2431,1763
AUni40-- Things I'm Neutral --0Hatchling (F)2,1523922
mQx4Q(mQx4Q)Adult (f)5,2281,2264
LdGY5(LdGY5)Adult (m)4,0821,1654
qrXBZCommons - CB Blusangs - CodesHatchling (F)1,6651113
3Bwa4(3Bwa4)Adult (m)3,8589575
XRySy(XRySy)Adult (f)1,6464362
c1uvw(c1uvw)Adult (m)9,3721,3082
92FPm(92FPm)Adult (m)8,9191,3225
2LBKuSleeping For A Long TimeAdult (m)3,9371,0714
6RzJCS p r i T    F i r EAdult (f)11,5471,4375
mUUJ70 -- Also Mates For Dragons -- 0Hatchling (F)2,5934673
vlHqnLimatfelinAdult (m)4,1027443
vHI0BB L a c K   M o o NAdult (m)12,6111,4274
JYi64Ecailles de la Lune d'OrAdult (f)5,0673434
3lkz8(3lkz8)Adult (f)11,6591,3476
QOVgILune de bronze dechueAdult (m)3,1182275
xyE0nCaillouxorAdult (m)2,6865313
v4xdn(v4xdn)Adult (m)13,2331,5983
xyJLUCB Gold - CB Silver - CB StatHatchling (F)1,5124778
skhGV(skhGV)Adult (m)6,2761,23716
iNGIJ(iNGIJ)Adult (m)2,9824084
yK8vDFionelinaAdult (f)5,7061,0064
2oDcC(2oDcC)Adult (f)2,6645123
2cZmsFareliysimaAdult (f)6,1781,2126
Rvc8q(Rvc8q)Adult (f)2,7043602
doQ9e(doQ9e)Adult (f)2,6322556
g2qYBA Ruling MonarchAdult (f)4,8508364
cXVkSSAlt-Kins - Thuweds - DorkfacesHatchling (F)1,8113457
46XgDI Love The Moon Until I DieAdult (m)5,27392010
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