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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Scrolls_,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
xuy8u(xuy8u)Hatchling (m)5,2499413
rRy3B(rRy3B)Hatchling (f)5,2559882
hpXsS(hpXsS)Hatchling (f)5,1909404
pJ8u5(pJ8u5)Hatchling (m)5,2209701
Ky8fpMyrddraal AerisHatchling (m)5,3559722
u7YDw(u7YDw)Hatchling (f)5,3119351
t024U(t024U)Hatchling (m)4,5009293
HclW9(HclW9)Hatchling (m)8,7041,1543
RJkab(RJkab)Hatchling (m)5,3379782
ZZ21BRogun AerisAdult (m)6,8661,2684
ckU8vAleena AerisAdult (f)5,2391,0191
NRkc8Aneiriste AerisAdult (m)3,7448133
2iouoAmaranza AerisAdult (f)4,8748031
49tR6Alvyre AerisAdult (m)5,7289583
OCBn7Atherri AerisAdult (f)5,3509773
3zVlERhasan AerisAdult (m)5,1678882
H0K08Mistborn Aeris IIAdult (m)5,3539802
23vvAAzrean AerisAdult (m)3,7028821
DXx2EAzorrod Aeris IIAdult (m)4,5609062
ErK1sKaesar AerisAdult (m)3,8668801
5VwwCWunder AerisAdult (m)4,0558462
GhAHRAlanna Aeris IIAdult (f)4,0307741
I7S4cCoreitha Aeris IIAdult (f)3,4977333
NCOISCelestial Snow Thuwed Aeris IIIAdult (m)5,3699722
HKC0WHalcyon AerisAdult (m)4,1328751
XfOvgShalash AerisAdult (f)6,0408931
1BAqwSetalla AerisAdult (f)5,0969236
HlE2CAmanbagh AerisAdult (m)4,0981,0521
sH7zjLiana AerisAdult (f)4,1148862
dytU9Axiom AerisAdult (m)6,5759482
rN72MAnnoura AerisAdult (f)3,7457083
33n8aBeryl AerisAdult (f)4,7008522
DvmeOFreya AerisAdult (f)4,6498151
EWgWsBellendena AerisAdult (f)3,8536802
QjD9DNeolacis AerisAdult (m)4,3929592
6hQaCAstrotheca AerisAdult (f)4,3468272
GDrcxRheon AerisAdult (m)4,0509541
IeMJBTalasso AerisAdult (f)4,1569222
zL1vBLivia AerisAdult (f)4,1428291
NqnNmRyland AerisAdult (m)4,7201,0172
F6vyaBryne AerisAdult (m)4,1107893
L5CWnDaphatte AerisAdult (f)3,8028624
HFZChArcanist AerisAdult (m)3,7711,0382
NzhcuMagician AerisAdult (f)4,0141,0712
qg4aKSummer Magic Aeris IIAdult (m)3,9999183
6o4p1Cecilia AerisAdult (f)4,1649402
170eZSorbetto AerisAdult (m)4,6689213
7JbkZElend AerisAdult (m)4,1389461
zC7OzGrafo AerisAdult (m)4,1829735
3oDcTIsaac AerisAdult (m)4,1319582
SentjGenna AerisAdult (f)4,1139323
LU5qCEleanor AerisAdult (f)4,1948892
yb7yCDio AerisAdult (m)4,3789353
HSg93Boerythi AerisAdult (m)5,2528913
obSdYJuniper AerisAdult (f)4,2238532
mjzm7Deron AerisAdult (m)4,3399052
J7rI0Sirana AerisAdult (f)4,4489411
wkXANNecana AerisAdult (f)4,0071,0204
9Ci2ACupar AerisAdult (m)3,4998322
yYtqFGrace AerisAdult (f)6,6079523
H5TdDKingar AerisAdult (m)5,2541,0654
P0foKMinair AerisAdult (m)5,0299211
daKroDahlia AerisAdult (f)4,7771,0122
q4VTuOrden AerisAdult (m)4,8939102
JBttiDagnus AerisAdult (m)4,3239531
IZKWAIzkwa AerisAdult (m)4,6361,0042
v0U0rDuvager AerisAdult (m)3,7637702
9TQMdMonard AerisAdult (m)3,9467951
CPC6PDravenhir AerisAdult (m)4,3118063
MfBvtDhyann Aeris IIAdult (m)6,2511,0491
0MKT8Daphandi AerisAdult (f)5,2179462
uNoNXBreane AerisAdult (f)4,6748624
CDdYFTainted Bones Aeris IIIAdult (m)3,6129869
h1xROBlack Winter Aeris IIAdult (m)3,7621,0363
N3HvjBlack Moon Aeris IIIAdult (m)2,4617603
YJQ2PShaidar Haran AerisAdult (m)2,3197442
B4J4JDoomsayer AerisAdult (m)3,8261,0521
Q2A39Darksider AerisAdult (f)3,7581,0573
7w3U6Voidbringer AerisAdult (m)3,9941,0953
7bdCIOolong AerisAdult (f)4,5799042
W7JkjMatcha AerisAdult (m)6,1239093
KvlE5Aracha AerisAdult (f)3,9378773
zXu0RLinorius AerisAdult (m)4,6659973
HZ0GJLangwin AerisAdult (m)4,9299752
97D9GThomida AerisAdult (f)4,1967651
2l8OdCearon AerisAdult (m)3,8027882
3vOLOJazmina AerisAdult (f)6,0151,0962
6vkh2Steelwing AerisAdult (f)4,5038121
5XGy0Carthlith AerisAdult (m)4,0698591
Mo4bJEnalyn AerisAdult (f)3,8758081
yD8T8Endreal AerisAdult (m)4,4188672
spcybBarion AerisAdult (m)4,8927933
MhryMDaerman AerisAdult (m)4,8798903
0LyNWHessalam AerisAdult (f)4,0048372
ahYXXYxxoner AerisAdult (m)5,5837961
2mRrUMarson AerisAdult (m)6,1029935
1ZWG5Boeaga AerisAdult (f)4,2048982
QGeuBFlash AerisAdult (m)4,1627242
85aeRTricia AerisAdult (f)4,6698452
MVKdmAotar AerisAdult (f)4,7999581
KkPHUMire AerisAdult (m)4,2329213
DUeUlLongaze AerisAdult (m)4,2648401
xrlMzAmbriga AerisAdult (f)5,5458305
RMeHABaderni AerisAdult (m)5,3511,0085
e42WOSulphur AerisAdult (f)5,1779661
MlYq7Acrid AerisAdult (m)6,1279922
3caRRMhor AerisAdult (f)7,2841,0576
990tSBrutus AerisAdult (m)4,1799682
EieBxMarium AerisAdult (f)4,1329043
0CNmiEasar Aeris IIIAdult (m)5,2931,1746
ctkIjKalista AerisAdult (f)3,7099533
k61a0Mothman Aeris IIAdult (m)3,6111,0272
7XE90Ignar Aeris IIAdult (m)2,5087812
phM7ZAetherflow Aeris IIAdult (m)3,1037562
gkNgMWargling Aeris IIAdult (f)3,1117523
vjObpAurelias Aeris IIAdult (f)3,1857691
Vz19YVishen AerisAdult (m)5,2968974
lvxrwAricarium AerisAdult (f)3,7407093
1s9YLCalexor AerisAdult (m)5,5649932
Kz36LStarra AerisAdult (f)4,9478222
6CABWFloris AerisAdult (m)4,1719451
18HZGOlver AerisAdult (m)3,7848952
nVKYKMoghedien AerisAdult (f)2,9598512
plIyACavern Spirit Aeris IIAdult (m)4,4171,1612
FuHA6Lunar Hallow Aeris IIAdult (f)2,9937683
jD70MForeseer Aeris IIAdult (f)2,9627423
9vG0gMerdoc AerisAdult (m)4,8331,0142
4RrQJAcamar AerisAdult (m)2,9316151
3P1LbGomeisa AerisAdult (f)3,8908844
lHe1vDenebola AerisAdult (f)5,2641,0492
15J6LIrena AerisAdult (f)4,2289601
tgyScGouda AerisAdult3,7757442
vf5T9Chrissie AerisAdult (f)3,9331,0242
UuIsuNero AerisAdult (m)3,8799703
Zx8ofGizelle AerisAdult (f)4,0189561
6K4NEEstha AerisAdult (f)3,9819233
i6h77Berry AerisAdult (f)4,8509151
od7U4Cuprum AerisAdult (m)5,1518342
xVEfECelebrith AerisAdult (m)4,8859932
p6i8fChase AerisAdult (m)4,1358074
BTEpnKirisa AerisAdult (f)4,6221,0182
0mO2VMenthus AerisAdult (m)2,6196892
gZ755Spryte AerisAdult (m)4,8739442
EYPs7Deonith AerisAdult (m)4,4599461
VRis2Ashe AerisAdult (f)4,2159201
ywG7UCaithe AerisAdult (f)6,5949663
40lpnWinry AerisAdult (f)6,1048902
4TfNhEgwene AerisAdult (f)6,1048933
YrmI8Kettricken Aeris IIAdult (f)4,5028881
6yFYqArthas AerisAdult (m)4,4388253
48gTnLiaani AerisAdult (f)2,8697031
2DuImCymelot AerisAdult (m)5,0688763
HHyS6Jaina AerisAdult (f)4,5189181
yqI3uRasha AerisAdult (m)6,0961,0853
aZJTvSecco AerisAdult (f)4,3939082
IySCPJaichim Aeris IVAdult (m)3,6018651
cLqklGaia's Wraith Aeris IIAdult (f)3,0648802
pyt8ATiamat AerisAdult (m)4,9709272
PmbcRRadric AerisAdult (m)3,3019473
1mlm3Freashad AerisAdult (f)4,5809231
5vpfhCalixa AerisAdult (f)2,9456983
Wf6dRSeaine AerisAdult (f)4,4529131
8LQNWElectra AerisAdult (f)4,3349662
R75yLAbeyar AerisAdult (m)4,9291,0173
aSOT2Misha AerisAdult (m)4,2829661
IyOLzVinette AerisAdult (f)4,1479441
cAoIUStarstruck AerisAdult (f)6,5199052
WPg7YCorvus AerisAdult (m)4,2667092
G0QjSLava AerisAdult (m)5,0728384
o2kUHSmoldering Gold Aeris IIIAdult (f)4,3428372
X8f3YDerlinn AerisAdult (f)6,6331,0323
E5k8iKorelina AerisAdult (f)4,2938933
xTS5rEdorion AerisAdult (m)3,9858963
wgxooBarthanes AerisAdult (m)3,9138877
wgN9JElmiara AerisAdult (f)3,9369513
ty0bcSibella AerisAdult (f)4,0019302
jt8JYDavram AerisAdult (m)2,9347054
td6zWMoiraine AerisAdult (f)4,0648162
wTG7PTremonsien AerisAdult (m)4,6959162
usTIdFalco AerisAdult (m)4,7028191
TWFw6Goshawk AerisAdult (f)3,1766652
BovlnOlivier AerisAdult (f)4,1991,0572
xa5MOAdrine AerisAdult (f)4,1418981
BvTvYFlare AerisAdult (m)4,6828972
3rP3RErmine AerisAdult (f)4,6618072
C2bjzFervor AerisAdult (m)4,1539321
1zSQUQuartz AerisAdult (m)4,6339201
yWywiGladina AerisAdult (f)3,9429003
5tz2IPharas AerisAdult (f)7,3831,2176
3AaAXKeltha AerisAdult (f)4,6649143
7z1OoBalthamel AerisAdult (m)6,4331,0803
qq96RCabon AerisAdult (m)5,1479212
wNJZ7Seymour AerisAdult (m)5,0818442
6EoiIColmoor AerisAdult (m)4,5691,0185
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