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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ScnBrain,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
HWp5yRyuu of the Golden DawnAdult (m)2,2075641
eJL9y(eJL9y)Adult (m)3,1897151
q14Od(q14Od)Adult (m)3,3847380
y3UQv(y3UQv)Adult (m)3,4087573
Wm9ap(Wm9ap)Adult (m)3,2107181
6Og6y(6Og6y)Adult (f)3,3807453
SznkD(SznkD)Adult (f)3,2207260
MdQkB(MdQkB)Adult (f)3,3047410
T1KRG(T1KRG)Adult (f)3,2287501
1XD2uRyeira DarkwingAdult (f)2,0586387
iARnCAigne RiAdult (m)3,6487582
FRUt8Aigne BanRionAdult (f)3,4197423
GExGiDraconem KingAdult (m)
ZeNLZDhearg DraconemAdult (m)6,2189372
wcIvC(wcIvC)Adult (m)6,3931,0163
MLffPBan-Dhearg DraconemAdult (f)6,7459107
ErrJNBuidhe DraconemAdult (f)7,0419952
iPhMVGorm DraconemAdult (m)7,2119335
yf1a0(yf1a0)Adult (m)6,4928070
QucOzDubh DraconemAdult (m)6,0138842
9UomH(9UomH)Adult (f)7,2469252
RIhvXBan DraconemAdult (m)6,8159127
kqoLq(kqoLq)Egg (F)
GEafCAlisyn McSantaAdult (f)2,0707322
JFM5Chicken McLuvinAdult (f)1,5255946
FNag6Astrapi Ri RyuuAdult (m)2,5867571
GNGMVFirst Sons Astrapi RyuuAdult (m)3,1087651
BEfZz(BEfZz)Adult (m)2,3185148
nWZ9aAstrapi BanRion RyuuAdult (f)3,5887150
5UcKmThalassa Ri RyuuAdult (m)2,8957522
aVWgiThalassas Ninja BoyAdult (m)3,2787691
utQgj(utQgj)Adult (m)2,9056773
Rge8Bim watching disAdult (m)3,4137769
gFmTT(gFmTT)Adult (m)3,9024412
2YXuhThalassa BanRion RyuuAdult (f)4,2479184
yoiWl(yoiWl)Adult (f)3,5079684
5RhHP(5RhHP)Adult (f)4,2678545
N43FxMageia Ri RyuuAdult (m)2,9197472
GPQJJMageia BanRion RyuuAdult (f)3,0357425
04jX4Mana to the ExtremeAdult (f)3,8548702
zWVP0Pippy Long ScalesAdult (f)3,6229591
p6LIpHalloween Time FusionAdult (f)3,3217511
gvj5mChrono Ri RyuuAdult (m)2,9857533
ntoOk(ntoOk)Adult (m)3,9368503
Lj7xMChrono of kijamuAdult (m)6,2051,0426
xLe3b(xLe3b)Adult (m)3,8454997
IOmFM(IOmFM)Adult (m)4,7499375
ZLV5f(ZLV5f)Adult (m)3,4127966
C8KaLChrono BanRion RyuuAdult (f)3,5594444
RLvqM(RLvqM)Adult (f)2,9226734
jEjGbDaughter of the GryphonAdult (f)2,9047393
AAVNE(AAVNE)Adult (f)6,3931,0076
sTo96Gaia Ri RyuuAdult (m)2,5857241
9Z70y(9Z70y)Adult (m)3,1359255
Qzr9r(Qzr9r)Adult (m)2,4235366
FTfQl(FTfQl)Adult (m)2,8425814
GJePUGaia BanRion RyuuAdult (f)4,1688273
x2ooc(x2ooc)Adult (f)3,3779137
ceUon(ceUon)Adult (f)2,1334896
lGUrhPyro Ri RyuuAdult (m)2,6267361
msfdN(msfdN)Adult (m)3,8679893
wPm25Flaming Bubbling CauldronAdult (m)3,7207805
Gz9uT(Gz9uT)Adult (f)3,1817732
EpzB5Pyro BanRion RyuuAdult (f)3,2137963
8YZ5mFlames Taste GoodAdult (f)3,7299143
bRKQgReese's Cup GirlAdult (f)2,9348022
WT3ReAlduin  the  World  EaterAdult (m)5,2051,03115
Xm8RILugia the MightyAdult (m)6,5049723
fYp8vAurora the World CreaterAdult (f)5,30698413
JOIiA(JOIiA)Adult (m)4,8211,0492
IYFXX(IYFXX)Adult (m)5,4171,0161
TZDvb(TZDvb)Adult (m)5,3559192
sonHw(sonHw)Adult (f)3,9499411
gvIRy(gvIRy)Adult (f)4,6191,0516
QX5NR(QX5NR)Adult (f)7,7345963
YJ9z5(YJ9z5)Adult (m)6,5788312
htSh5(htSh5)Adult (m)3,7939613
PRK0m(PRK0m)Adult (m)5,2028975
aeoeg(aeoeg)Adult (f)4,8011,0453
X6kUV(X6kUV)Adult (f)4,3779273
9j4SnKilimanjaro RyuuAdult (m)4,5511,0803
sbKmxVesuvius RyuuAdult (f)6,3408352
WfXIn(WfXIn)Adult (f)4,4071,0243
LlwMV(LlwMV)Adult (f)7,5876052
OnycQ(OnycQ)Adult (m)3,0778294
qGZf7(qGZf7)Adult (m)2,7237110
a7ZPj(a7ZPj)Adult (f)5,5158115
wb656(wb656)Adult (f)3,6868056
cieFN(cieFN)Adult (f)5,5791,14225
yMeGl(yMeGl)Adult (m)3,3177282
uofun(uofun)Adult (m)3,3427444
R4Czw(R4Czw)Adult (m)3,3716443
BaaM5(BaaM5)Adult (f)3,4117562
2wqYI(2wqYI)Adult (f)3,3407471
W1eWEThe Night Mother of NecropolisAdult (f)2,50529938
Lo7J3Draconian ThanatosAdult (m)1,7646971
BGahjProdigio Mortis DracoAdult (m)2,16956510
zmSrDark Lady of UnderverseAdult (f)2,94966413
KZdJQueen of the Night WingsAdult (f)4,0875377
cAWdDark Empress of the SithAdult (f)1,2045011
BCUQcGolden Star of HyperionAdult (m)4,8789104
QgB5lShiny Flyer RyuuAdult (m)4,35497610
6CQ13Golden Flames RyuuAdult (f)4,8339802
P2VZ3Morning Light RyuuAdult (f)5,8879703
Uj01eGolden Girl RyuuAdult (f)4,8369431
52sn624 Karat RyuuAdult (f)6,7179609
InEaGAurum RyuuAdult (f)5,8748687
oHWs8(oHWs8)Adult (m)6,6505597
2tHQZArgentum RyuuAdult (m)4,2671,0666
9tsfqSilver Surfer RyuuAdult (m)5,1981,0176
jIveJSilver the New PenkAdult (f)4,5831,02412
37VFo(37VFo)Adult (f)6,4718238
NBCcG(NBCcG)Adult (f)7,1449266
sFgJSSliver of Silver RyuuAdult (f)4,4289856
9gIoqEadric EyvindrAdult (f)5,2941,1339
yFBXGBohuslav OleksanderAdult (f)5,4481,1669
SfYQMPyropus RyuuAdult (m)3,9921,0566
vlB3FBronze Age RyuuAdult (m)5,3229931
dmCVYBronzium FlyerAdult (f)4,5609004
r55b8Copper Coated RyuuAdult (f)5,4539182
Fy3jwSon of the MuckiAdult (m)5,4529737
gpVel(gpVel)Adult (m)5,9118877
cNfSvGlittering Golden RyuuAdult (f)4,5201,1142
8Y5c1(8Y5c1)Adult (m)4,0401,1136
DwZTASilver Sliver RyuuAdult (m)5,4158705
Ywpl8Lucky Celestial CatchAdult (f)6,9071,0176
A7a87(A7a87)Adult (f)5,4491,0146
ND32x(ND32x)Adult (f)5,1511,1464
J8itW(J8itW)Adult (f)5,9729428
yP373Patronus MaximusAdult (m)4,7221,1423
qlnNK(qlnNK)Adult (m)7,6486392
38ngr(38ngr)Adult (f)4,0608521
3kFLLord Magma RyuuAdult (m)1,74761510
WEa1g(WEa1g)Adult (m)1,8757391
2UYs7(2UYs7)Adult (m)2,1647152
UHYt1(UHYt1)Adult (m)1,5475862
ktrvMagma God RyuuAdult (m)1,2016635
Up2VBHeat of the Earth RyuuAdult (m)2,3996392
mY12TFlames of the Deep RyuuAdult (m)2,4716215
elpALady Magma RyuuAdult (f)1,6146363
2ubML(2ubML)Adult (f)2,4496702
SuPfe(SuPfe)Adult (f)1,5315580
SwB9O(SwB9O)Adult (f)1,4205641
MYVeMagma Goddess RyuuAdult (f)1,1065689
fpsYPrincess of Fire RyuuHatchling (f, F)1,8566697
61MeLord Ice RyuuAdult (m)1,9007249
0XHlIce God RyuuAdult (m)9804987
MZPWPrince Ice RyuuHatchling (m, F)1,1824213
5uFQLady Ice RyuuAdult (f)1,8246938
rRACIce Goddess RyuuAdult (f)1,0115945
lBkxGFrozen Maiden RyuuAdult (f)1,5255672
VWdALord Raiden the Thunder GodAdult (m)1,4384837
cK74Lord Thunder RyuuAdult (m)1,8357007
t5BUi(t5BUi)Adult (m)1,5355671
99gND(99gND)Adult (m)1,8486301
Hvnd0(Hvnd0)Adult (m)1,9075601
1XqvuStreak of Plasma RyuuAdult (m)2,6466123
lo9gFShock Storm RyuuAdult (m)2,1576111
4KXgLady Lightning RyuuAdult (f)2,1727296
u32NQLady RayneAdult (f)1,5146571
T3aOB(T3aOB)Adult (f)2,8397162
5ldfs(5ldfs)Adult (f)1,7335730
OuAxc(OuAxc)Adult (f)1,8905291
qru1Lightning Goddess RyuuAdult (f)1,1955835
lFNRPrincess of SparksHatchling (f, F)1,9426379
NrOvhKuldr Konungr SkulblakaAdult (m)3,51793010
WA4j0(WA4j0)Adult (m)2,6596874
c6JgQLeo TequilaAdult (m)2,4467084
QeSAx(QeSAx)Adult (m)2,9708382
22f6r(22f6r)Adult (m)2,8777833
lESyWinged Ryuu RaAdult (m)18,0361,80758
afASEurigEmyrAdult (m)13,0601,06138
1XTSMathias the Golden KingAdult (m)2,22481417
9iv6Brisingr RagnarokAdult (m)3,20861819
yRy1Golden MewAdult (m)5,28177833
Ka85Golden Magma DragonAdult (m)3,03452219
wwbkGold Sun RyuuAdult (m)2,40770413
hj5mHKuldr Drottning SkulblakaAdult (f)2,2908434
vUMwF(vUMwF)Adult (f)3,2687595
5W11MGoddess of the WWEAdult (f)3,5509083
T9bjJin Ryuu RagnarokAdult (f)4,7761,59620
IIEjNebu Ankh RagnarokAdult (f)5,1591,65120
irbbQ(irbbQ)Adult (f)1,4786605
pah1Golden Brianna RyuuAdult (f)3,57858515
nRykGolden Striker RyuuAdult (f)2,0144489
Cqj0Golden OrichalcosAdult (f)4,56791128
mEaOQueenClarionAdult (f)7,52760827
xhlmQueen Cleopatra RyuuAdult (f)3,36961027
BT6MShiny Golden PrincessHatchling (f, F)2,12460115
CDQl9Vanilor BjartskularAdult (m)1,70166637
H891eMegantic Shining SliverAdult (m)1,8687164
TouyPArgentum WyrmAdult (m)1,6956191
tafe7(tafe7)Adult (m)3,2388571
LZcU(LZcU)Adult (m)6,6561,19322
zbbMHighLordElrondAdult (m)7,1951,46623
GRnOMurinBeathaDanMattAdult (m)3,90179414
5wIYArgetSkulblakaAdult (m)7,38360137
EZRBEarendil's LightAdult (m)7,77162525
X9KoSilverNitrateAdult (m)9,27072719
RpxfMithril RyuuAdult (m)6,9401,50527
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