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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Sawarabi no Mai,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
reckElder GranjaAdult (f)1,38787746
rZJRSilver Chest of WondersAdult (f)8,0095,17871
rv7VOrigamyodAdult (m)3,8622,28131
W9aDnThe Truth in Your EyesAdult (f)5,5321,0665
JFDcRThe Sin in Your HeartAdult (m)4,9661,03111
TPRPXThe Madness in Your ThoughtsAdult (f)3,9101,1136
xwahRadioactive Yod-o-saurAdult1,31288223
zDSeYodshi IIAdult2,7571,50119
bxCjTaylor Swift ReluzenteAdult (f)4,9472,95310
ueQfGolden Alpha Sunrise DragonAdult (m)3,3572,00844
eTafGolden Nugget of BrightnessAdult (m)1,31487427
sYt5Gol do JuninhoAdult (m)3,1562,11736
vSY9Mr GoldeliciaAdult (m)2,6151,98622
j8OgGolden NedlogAdult (m)2,8132,08215
3N9jGo Gold BoyAdult (m)4,0972,84014
dPBgCanhotinha de OuroAdult (m)2,5901,9729
Iv21nGold EenAdult (f)4,5961,0917
sAVAuBallon D'OrAdult (f)5,48965953
QNQiBallontelliAdult (m)3,0122,11511
B58MYod-a-LoonAdult (f)2,8572,0059
ncs8WeirdragonnyAdult (m)2,7712,0568
OY6pqWiggle Wiggle Wiggle WiggleAdult (m)4,8091,0190
LFNUSymphony of the NightlanderAdult (f)1,4809379
GDZttCute Observer of the HellAdult (m)4,5271,2330
A1t6DragunessAdult (m)3,9192,6898
dZI5xThe Bad Feelings of an Old BroAdult (m)4,8161,0102
RaNgqBlack Tear of LustAdult (f)4,7179771
o1FBaSparkling Hot DragonAdult (m)4,7681,0678
jpaADesert Flying RatAdult (f)4,0952,81913
vLRpwThe Carnival of LifeAdult (m)4,0871,0751
Ppp1JHaunted DinosaurAdult (m)4,5061,0374
OmPiNVladragonAdult (f)4,7401,0595
aLd4FThe Eye of WisdomAdult (m)4,5839912
8ikf4Mr JackosaurAdult (m)4,5161,0443
MlvnUVallaha SlayerAdult (f)4,6921,0606
NESbrPolymorpher DragonAdult (m)4,9911,0043
6YEcVTwin Headed Mud DragonAdult (m)4,4831,1680
mZtxJOne-Hearted Twin DragonAdult (f)5,2341,0772
sOKASBlood Greedy Eyed DragonAdult (f)4,5839911
2O8fWarm Dragon of HotnessAdult (m)3,0291,81734
iNMPOThe Final MasqueradeAdult (m)4,3301,0921
MOyHbLucypherdAdult (m)5,3999795
MKM8zPurple Ghost of GreedAdult (f)4,0491,0364
f0GUOThe Purpply RecklessAdult (m)5,0899755
KjPYSexyiest Thing EverAdult (f)3,8232,69718
wPW6QGhost River of NeverlandAdult (f)3,9471,1173
JDS0oFallen Pieces of SadnessAdult (f)3,2199705
RU0rIDanger and RousAdult (m)4,7041,0093
XbeEWonder and FulAdult (f)1,56879220
XPukGHy and DraAdult (f)4,9799183
Ut55BThe Poet and The DragolumAdult (f)4,6279942
PWisZThe DragolumAdult (m)5,0231,0014
u2SWyInfinity WhisperAdult (m)4,4721,0295
rJ845(rJ845)Adult (f)4,0241,0451
ArcvhBlue Lord of AtlantisAdult (f)4,7661,0031
RQz54Fly into a DreamAdult (f)3,9971,0101
t9oOaQuagsire FeelingsAdult (f)4,7369881
8LSMGodragon of the SeasAdult (f)2,3801,83521
nH7YSeeker and DestroyerAdult (f)1,101791335
RlVLqTiny and Dangerous ThingAdult (f)4,9371,0234
bgUuR(bgUuR)Adult (f)3,9871,0911
AHXxJFaithless SorrowAdult (m)4,9309913
4Wz5LBeautiful Soldier of MarsAdult (m)5,09298011
xX3GfBlood of SyndraAdult (f)3,7239592
IeagPinky Hellforged Laser of DoomAdult (f)3,5162,5044
H5M2Bringer of the DeathAdult (f)4,7482,76012
59soI Do not Give a SodaAdult (f)2,4861,41832
bC9KiWhite Clouds Blue SeasAdult (f)4,9899231
mlPkBlue Eyes White DragobsterAdult (f)2,9751,97925
IGw1aShepherd of GoldAdult (f)4,8991,1695
ZuiAjSlippering SliderAdult (f)4,3361,0870
a3bGwVenomous Bat DragonAdult (f)4,6541,0815
ZBayWish I Were a CowAdult (m)3,1001,60145
7Yc9Wish I Wear a CowAdult (f)3,3181,70845
cxXyWish I Hear a CowAdult (m)3,4902,15335
kXbgWish I Drink with a CowAdult (f)2,5451,56325
k8UNWish I was a Cow's WishAdult (m)83853725
lYMCWish I Wish a CowAdult (f)2,1001,13228
spGXWish I Could Freeze EveryoneAdult (f)1,36079522
AXCbSpringgy BreakAdult (f)2,0341,5266
TcH0The Voice of NeverlandAdult (m)2,3021,4295
eCp0SFallen Leaves of LeaveslandAdult (f)5,0369672
kGGTChameledragonAdult (m)1,9391,55316
fh8hkHail to the LizardAdult (f)4,5221,0533
qP1EfVenom Fangs of PainAdult (f)5,8319855
PeUpZyra the VenomousAdult (m)1,34167326
vMKrZyra the Venomous IIAdult (f)2,6822,05013
LJBZyLittle ZyraAdult (f)4,4861,0000
ljNeBGolden Chest of WondersAdult (f)4,7569852
gtSmnWall of OchoaAdult (f)4,9351,0092
J9qEThe Tiny Fellings of an Old BirdAdult (f)3,3862,55925
tWBpiDragon on AirAdult (f)4,7609893
Anc1Waveform the Sea's GodAdult (m)3,0141,29243
2OgZJuicy and Bright Orange DragonAdult (m)3,5681,09258
1xQgqRoyal SunfireAdult (f)3,3709162
HCQjFaithful Slayer of MadnessAdult (f)1,4891,2924
PMeMuSilver Fangs of LustAdult (f)5,1461,1562
ST0OGray Gargoyle of DoomAdult (f)2,8481,98611
W9tACloud's Heavy BreathAdult (m)1,7391,28714
txyjShadow of the DragossusAdult (m)2,8521,84827
ufjaThe Dreams of Every KingAdult (f)4,6842,45037
EUK4Fallen DragangelAdult (m)3,2071,96128
fSOnwThe Floating ShadowAdult (f)4,3791,1232
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