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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “SavageBacon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2xl2qAviv BloomAdult (m)4,6569182
EHuoLAndromeda--GalaxyAdult (m)1,8315674
VEG5gCaspian XenoAdult (f)2,2465992
NQHTFAgni PyroAdult (m)2,8007403
GEuPmStar AltairAdult (m)2,3466363
TyochAresRidgeAdult (m)1,9755722
cJbTGMagi AlaricAdult (m)2,3435322
vh0ouArthur  WeaslyAdult (m)1,9785485
ijaYfAspen GreenAdult (m)2,4295437
KdZAGKing TwoHeadedAdult (m)2,1795483
xh1S1Thorny SnareAdult (m)2,3235395
KQQc4SpyroRidgeAdult (f)2,3334984
kzh5jPinky PinkDragonAdult (f)2,3546125
zCS6lHeraRidgeAdult (f)2,0435392
Y5j3sApolloRidgeAdult (m)1,8955322
ueEQIKeme ShockAdult (f)2,0525482
EIYngArtemisRidgeAdult (f)2,3135692
Jyc1xSaggitariusPiscesAdult (m)1,9195961
ryvoQHermesRidgeAdult (m)3,0015674
1MWl7Azazel PireAdult (m)3,5736833
OtSUd(OtSUd)Adult (f)2,8185911
0IDxFPyra RedsmokeAdult (f)2,7155791
P8tIWBlue SilverscaleAdult (f)2,5855442
IlAsLLeon CelestialAdult (m)2,0485961
AkcnI(AkcnI)Adult (f)2,4395762
8Xjza(8Xjza)Adult (f)2,4346031
RuaM8Molly   WeasleyAdult (f)3,1785831
KZ5x4Rash AlbinoAdult (m)2,6176621
UmbMO(UmbMO)Adult (f)2,6316182
WKntaLarg XenoAdult (m)2,2397061
vHfsV(vHfsV)Adult (f)2,0536491
zMO0R(zMO0R)Adult (f)2,7056892
gJU24Harry    PotterAdult (m)2,57554110
w5gyc(w5gyc)Adult (m)2,3716080
ww7o3Piper XenoAdult (f)2,0246331
9Fhy6(9Fhy6)Adult (f)2,1857051
wjftf(wjftf)Adult (f)2,0575782
4orBB(4orBB)Adult (f)2,1445900
jRLd4(jRLd4)Adult (m)2,8935851
1fkXX(1fkXX)Adult (f)2,4195633
jOPCl(jOPCl)Adult (m)2,4007063
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