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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Egg Basket
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Sapharus,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
URF9h(URF9h)Adult (m)2,04043621
8KnBq(8KnBq)Adult (m)99251523
4U8Kl(4U8Kl)Adult (f)2,63944530
CcZP7(CcZP7)Adult (f)63241128
uCISC(uCISC)Adult (f)1,08041230
TvKdS(TvKdS)Adult (m)2,56746831
Kor9(Kor9)Adult (f)1,1023962
RcDc(RcDc)Adult (m)1,53573414
dAdFg(dAdFg)Adult (f)3,2925901
qTIA3(qTIA3)Adult (m)99048419
p0Cbd(p0Cbd)Adult (m)3,2865701
Csgvo(Csgvo)Adult (f)2,21678613
oTd25(oTd25)Adult (m)1,94554632
fK1c(fK1c)Adult (m)1,3135635
V1Ji(V1Ji)Adult (f)1,3375833
v5H1q(v5H1q)Adult (f)5,5869865
cRoFd(cRoFd)Adult (f)3,9005531
QmFq(QmFq)Adult (m)2,1831,17726
lBLmA(lBLmA)Adult (m)4,8175891
GSmU(GSmU)Adult (f)1,50272715
SPtdH(SPtdH)Adult (f)2,70850927
n9LSV(n9LSV)Adult (m)1,91649228
be9e0(be9e0)Adult (m)2,8175341
vBlT(vBlT)Adult (f)1,99479018
eqER(eqER)Adult (f)1,3845680
hZB6m(hZB6m)Hatchling (f, F)1,13748216
FOT46(FOT46)Adult (f)3,1205071
ZfQ1E(ZfQ1E)Adult (f)3,2775691
ebNmn(ebNmn)Adult (m)99848320
YPdc(YPdc)Adult (f)1,99879716
LqOcZ(LqOcZ)Adult (f)3,6555650
dkZf(dkZf)Adult (f)1,5065054
84mKf(84mKf)Adult (m)3,2275633
5j0rC(5j0rC)Adult (f)1,15450820
p3i0Z(p3i0Z)Adult (f)4,8943901
uvm6V(uvm6V)Adult (f)2,5835641
R5b4(R5b4)Adult (m)2,2081,13923
YGdUX(YGdUX)Adult (f)5,1289503
7SGUS(7SGUS)Adult (m)4,1495662
AGQcZ(AGQcZ)Adult (f)4,3045152
LAacu(LAacu)Adult (f)2,9195032
lGfe0(lGfe0)Adult (m)3,2165551
WRn7(WRn7)Adult (m)1,2863853
vAeP(vAeP)Adult (m)1,2195437
7UkJt(7UkJt)Adult (m)3,8165402
AiQau(AiQau)Adult (f)3,2865830
iQ8Ko(iQ8Ko)Adult (m)1,90145333
Sl3a2(Sl3a2)Hatchling (m, F)3,3815123
UslJ(UslJ)Adult (m)2,07881014
igQ3N(igQ3N)Adult (m)2,67644433
G23W(G23W)Adult (f)2,07779416
1eLOR(1eLOR)Adult (m)2,6664951
lh0Yr(lh0Yr)Adult (m)1,05848619
qD7d6(qD7d6)Adult (m)3,5965521
ZamN4(ZamN4)Adult (f)2,03342322
jF8MS(jF8MS)Adult (f)3,8245562
CDWD(CDWD)Adult (m)2,04679122
SooSj(SooSj)Adult (m)1,16448816
dXtug(dXtug)Hatchling (m, F)1,06749415
9cdQ(9cdQ)Adult (m)2,2361,15927
BZ2id(BZ2id)Adult (f)5,5159592
mCXZL(mCXZL)Adult (m)2,0584892
bvuKL(bvuKL)Adult (f)3,4935961
r7Vi(r7Vi)Adult (f)2,1831,17125
s1g8D(s1g8D)Adult (f)1,40145630
EQWRA(EQWRA)Adult (f)1,00349822
2lk89(2lk89)Adult (f)90046619
FXTea(FXTea)Hatchling (f, F)1,77867114
h1bB3(h1bB3)Adult (m)1,88955323
k9ZTn(k9ZTn)Adult (m)3,2865741
HcAMI(HcAMI)Adult (f)5,7169785
L1Nbm(L1Nbm)Adult (m)1,49547227
sR9b4(sR9b4)Adult (m)2,31561323
3rc9A(3rc9A)Adult (f)4,6633971
jO6Bm(jO6Bm)Adult (m)1,26251018
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