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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Gold Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2014 Holiday Event
  • 2014 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Holiday Event
  • 2013 Halloween Event
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Santini,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
gNGTZ(gNGTZ)Adult (f)3,8785853
O9daJ(O9daJ)Adult (f)6,2467133
lwCgE(lwCgE)Adult (f)4,1915703
9m7yZ(9m7yZ)Adult (m)3,5417182
Tkr4R(Tkr4R)Adult (m)3,5747221
vGj7M(vGj7M)Adult (f)2,9956771
AKgli(AKgli)Adult (f)5,4818692
d1gbb(d1gbb)Adult (m)3,0457011
TV6jR(TV6jR)Adult (m)4,2898441
f7Yrk(f7Yrk)Adult (f)4,1968401
wXIN2(wXIN2)Adult (f)3,5237463
obiJI(obiJI)Adult (m)3,5407762
UgcmG(UgcmG)Adult (m)3,1035803
KwTDl(KwTDl)Adult (f)3,0675661
0J8sn(0J8sn)Adult (m)2,9635331
c3aZP(c3aZP)Adult (m)2,7465131
N5emTHope's MagicAdult (f)2,8896711
rHPqM(rHPqM)Adult (m)2,4174811
qrijI(qrijI)Adult (m)1,9744703
3oG2v(3oG2v)Adult (f)2,2924781
hwNyH(hwNyH)Adult (m)2,0814484
NLk8F(NLk8F)Adult (f)2,1524532
YLPIU(YLPIU)Adult (m)2,2626332
UDNHU(UDNHU)Adult (m)2,0204515
fWOuF(fWOuF)Adult (f)2,5687512
Bnk7z(Bnk7z)Adult (m)2,4298122
c2e4d(c2e4d)Adult (f)2,3567901
8Kphw(8Kphw)Adult (m)2,3487724
hsi02(hsi02)Adult (m)2,1977173
lgk0I(lgk0I)Adult (m)3,0138793
R0OFp(R0OFp)Adult (m)2,3697293
kyCyM(kyCyM)Adult (m)4,6869736
bIvV0(bIvV0)Adult (m)3,3258023
tNVoG(tNVoG)Adult (f)2,1897692
ONuQW(ONuQW)Adult (f)2,3208002
uwnhP(uwnhP)Adult (f)2,3248152
H1nWR(H1nWR)Adult (m)2,0267512
RiJUr(RiJUr)Adult (m)2,0246992
YJigz(YJigz)Adult (f)2,9316832
dJkpL(dJkpL)Adult (f)2,2846123
IjExo(IjExo)Adult (m)2,3856163
vQWKE(vQWKE)Adult (f)3,3106113
eD3mn(eD3mn)Adult (m)3,5777915
N9O3I(N9O3I)Adult (f)3,7579026
wxIj1(wxIj1)Adult (f)4,5367157
gADzh(gADzh)Adult (f)2,6106813
vhghw(vhghw)Adult (m)2,4656433
1deJ1Loaded Hope of the EternalAdult (f)2,7657082
6cYdhRisquy Paradox 3GssAdult (m)3,1788014
Difya(Difya)Adult (f)3,0627621
7UbX2(7UbX2)Adult (m)3,0507172
1IRGkThe Color of Love 4GEAdult (f)3,1127632
LKvb8Sphericos Glowing Dreamer 5GEAdult (m)2,6497143
LDANGLoaded DangerAdult (m)2,9518062
JCeDvBloodwing's LegacyAdult (f)2,9467482
qJr2cRegal Blizzard 2GAdult (f)2,6657323
PauvOPauvo CBAdult (m)2,7067713
gGEhFCenturi Spade 2GPBAdult (m)3,9517307
NAVWeRicocheting Light of HopeAdult (f)1,1224815
gQk0UClairune 3GEAdult (f)2,1076613
hKzbYHeart's Desire '15 CBAdult (f)2,0756801
gZMK8Heart's Grace '15 CBAdult (f)1,9936821
c1FLsSecret Love of the Unknown 2GAdult (f)2,9571,0303
8LK7PTrauerosa 4GssAdult (f)3,1061,0223
Rg7r8Miross Heart 3GecAdult (m)2,2638322
e8BeeStatik Valentine 3GssAdult (m)2,2798434
5GuAMFalltheon CBAdult (m)4,9459314
2yiu8Magical Rose of Christmas 4GssAdult (m)1,6936382
KLiBHRoyal Polar Wing 4GeAdult (f)1,7186232
zYBSG(zYBSG)Adult (f)1,6746171
MTUEf(MTUEf)Adult (f)1,7986524
Voq60(Voq60)Adult (f)2,3228571
Yj0Id(Yj0Id)Adult (f)1,9617792
RfP5I(RfP5I)Adult (m)2,6159462
ngxZ9(ngxZ9)Adult (m)2,2608422
awC1RDancing Space Dreamer 4GEAdult (m)2,1816632
aunyGAunty G's Luck 5GssAdult (f)2,0525941
UmTUBRebelz Tub 4GssAdult (m)2,9938439
VDdTc(VDdTc)Adult (m)2,8668068
luLgrLuger CBAdult (f)2,6118185
rVgc6Annlaisa CBAdult (f)2,9368969
BnbHvNorrikor 2GPBAdult (m)2,5427933
wnBsDFrostie Guardian 3GPBAdult (f)2,3927317
VERoCBlazing Arrow of HopeAdult (f)2,3007188
sRyf5(sRyf5)Adult (f)3,3821,0834
XNH5L(XNH5L)Adult (f)1,7966652
DkaQZ(DkaQZ)Adult (m)1,9297752
5tkaP(5tkaP)Adult (m)1,8377250
ja65J(ja65J)Adult (m)1,9327622
9zpdy(9zpdy)Adult (f)1,9027560
y789N(y789N)Adult (f)1,9167870
sAl7P(sAl7P)Adult (m)1,8517321
0xt2QChickie ChickadeeAdult (f)3,1991,09322
wYYFqValkinra MIBAdult (f)4,36094819
1DiIz(1DiIz)Adult (m)1,6676086
jNYcWNew York NuggetAdult (m)2,5349114
JOJ1vJoji Ixiban 2GPBAdult (m)3,0151,0834
EA2JZSpooky Shadows 3GEAdult (f)2,9791,0462
hP20RArrow of Good WillAdult (m)3,0651,12220
9tT3JDrakaBatAdult (f)2,9751,0446
fC5RXHope Blazes ForthAdult (f)4,0453466
86bI5Moonlit Song 3GEAdult (m)3,10367112
W0wHtWow thats Hot CBAdult (f)2,6597171
Z8wFyZeriwing CBAdult (m)2,7377252
7b7Q3Star'le CBAdult (m)3,5296733
jQFanDu-ran CBAdult (m)3,8197056
sckokFrisia CBAdult (f)3,7276701
Kps8LGliathus CBAdult (m)3,3396550
SNWesRa'd'ar CBAdult (f)3,1185663
RsNVpSanthcle CBAdult (m)2,5156702
14Xn8(14Xn8)Adult (f)2,6545711
Ihr1gNature for Eternity mAdult (f)5,2269225
WYxEgRieder CBAdult (m)2,3496611
BfkbdRathauxes CBAdult (f)2,4466642
zuAKv(zuAKv)Adult (f)2,3636482
U67jZ(U67jZ)Adult (f)1,9886293
rSiZ5(rSiZ5)Adult (m)1,6626431
bwdix(bwdix)Adult (m)2,0176754
URVTE(URVTE)Adult (m)1,6426440
3X501(3X501)Adult (m)1,6946531
GYwid(GYwid)Adult (m)1,7916720
eisIY(eisIY)Adult (m)1,5146300
R7sEoNature of Change 2GAdult (f)5,6699726
WKoVrStatic-Ten 7GAdult (f)2,1965704
z4yizCrystaline ChancesAdult (m)2,6976343
VhSINChalice of Pink Sherbet CBAdult (f)2,1636573
So5C1Nature's Devil 3GssAdult (m)4,4838845
HVg2zHope Shall Set You FreeAdult (f)2,2977544
sBXHZRadiant Heart of HopeAdult (m)2,1036925
6Eee3Mi'Challenge 3GEAdult (m)2,1546882
4o5FnNature's SentinelAdult (f)4,5341,0716
YtcRLSpiral Rose 7GAdult (f)3,0189775
kA7FxSlobberFangAdult (m)2,5986193
ROC0aRoci-Noa 2GAdult (f)2,0855783
lZWVrEtton-kel CBAdult (m)2,0306591
dgMeRSul-acha CBAdult (f)1,9626612
9t7SEHon-ashyz CBAdult (m)1,7456071
c1vNyBlizzard in New York CBAdult (m)2,1426353
YusO3Yus-O3 CBAdult (f)1,9495922
j1VBnChe-nys CBAdult (f)2,0366331
CBoxxCBoxx CBAdult (f)2,7487735
XdsAjPoison-Ash 2GPBAdult (m)1,9717181
nE3PKJoedon 2GPBAdult (m)2,1425894
gTTmkMor-kin CBAdult (m)2,4706695
sKQJuBlue Wings of Sorrow 2GPBAdult (m)2,3596134
zfOWrFlower of Light 5gssAdult (f)2,1555815
PsqLuRiloss-ra CBAdult (f)1,9327112
TiEPiTie Pi 3GEPBAdult (f)2,4306063
Ac6RoAsh-eldcha CBAdult (f)1,6956761
ta9LjIg-nys CBAdult (m)1,5646610
xIU4LEm-atena CBAdult (f)1,8567090
Xh8piRlyu-Yeku CBAdult (m)1,6956833
m0rEKLle-Nathoa CBAdult (f)1,8867056
w2ziQPoisonbane CBAdult (m)1,6746582
cZK24Rays of StarshineAdult (m)2,3196652
BjpWaStargleam CBAdult (f)2,6366633
vTX8pGolden Epic Cheer 9ssAdult (m)1,8555932
EdN4VJoyful TomorrowAdult (f)1,7406902
T7EReDawn's Hopeful JoyAdult (m)1,5626363
rYn5kMoger CBAdult (m)2,2188173
jSLZPCalnakor CBAdult (m)2,0207982
y9U3BOnrani CBAdult (f)2,1458142
zdcmlStynlee CBAdult (f)1,9397901
7VagPCetian CBAdult (m)2,1668441
GqzSAShabolt CBAdult (f)2,0558111
uLyKZEmber Ivy 7GssAdult (m)1,8396032
u7kQ9By the Grace of kaelex 2GPBAdult (m)5,4671,4775
oI1RUThe Color of Envy 3GeAdult (m)2,7727331
MLyP5Khel-si CBAdult (f)2,2528111
PHuGpVeins of TurqoiseHatchling (m, F)2,7209733
v9TVaRyantis' GrinHatchling (f, F)2,1386783
EHvh1Dreams of Gold 2GPBAdult (f)2,7289175
cIag3Merry Starz 5GssAdult (f)2,7727316
ugYL2Serrated Conductor 4GeAdult (m)1,9897121
HQo4PThezurie CBAdult (m)2,4889601
x5bgGLil' Boo Booo 8GssAdult (m)2,4717592
2byJtHope's Eternal LightAdult (f)2,9321,0443
myJxXRasha 2GPBAdult (f)2,5739112
qRK0DKaelexian ProtectorAdult (m)2,4027831
Assv8(Assv8)Adult (m)2,1137282
ZVZQsLight of the Red Dawn CBAdult (m)3,5136956
WO5PTCrimson Crusade CBAdult (m)4,0666933
WyULBKaelexian Hope SongAdult (f)2,0226932
BGnZkRosebud 12gHatchling (f, F)1,9577504
prL6YAngel of Curiousity CBAdult (m)2,4179232
Xbe6mRadiant Ray CBAdult (m)2,4729033
sK6TKEmerald Lullaby CBAdult (m)2,1687206
TiG5NPower of MagicAdult2,8151,0455
fsJogSeek My Heart 2GHatchling (m, F)2,3409003
dghyALight of Love 2GAdult (f)3,1841,1845
5hfp4Celestial Fury 6GHatchling (f, F)2,8331,0483
7wJWOForever in my Soul 2GAdult (m)3,0011,0954
X23fFValentine's thunder 2GAdult (m)3,0891,1506
sA77EA Love Match 2GAdult (f)3,8441,0745
6eauuLove's Golden GuardianAdult (m)3,1139135
T4OwnShikon no Tama 2GAdult (f)2,7809401
YKntrKnight in Pink 3GeAdult (m)2,8419993
clknHVinecia 2GAdult (f)2,6899612
jl66kMocha Mint ChipAdult (m)2,6697535
RjEYNPeppermint DriftAdult (f)3,5231,1775
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