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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Sally1890,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pRaKHBlueSilver ShimmerAdult (f)4,7098448
RmZpMDarkShadow FuryAdult (m)4,7057985
3BKhPSilverBlizzardAdult (f)4,2319565
5PSn9Golden 0neAdult (f)4,2909918
BZDpYSunset SunshineAdult (m)4,3699945
kgtLpLittle LuckyCloverAdult (f)3,8631,0095
sqniACottonCandy LuvAdult (f)4,7631,0412
gpOjEEmeraldShimmerAdult (f)4,0691,08110
1PFQMLoyal PurpleAdult (f)6,1046493
jWL8pColorful 0neAdult (f)6,0826644
0PqM2SunnySunriseAdult (f)4,2887671
uRIEeRocky FrostBiteAdult (f)4,6947402
K8EqfPurpleEnder ShadowAdult (f)4,9117513
uhmvUGoldenSnow DragonAdult (m)4,3879361
m4rLpDoubleTroubleMakersAdult (f)4,7121,0283
CgEUuDouble Tail WhipAdult (f)5,1648211
di7OJRed Fire TigerAdult (f)5,0288231
3HOdBBlueMoon LightAdult (m)4,9038661
s8udUWater WavezAdult (f)4,5579191
mLP9fPrince FIuffyAdult (m)4,7519022
MhACjLegit Lady GagaAdult (f)4,7708041
klTIGTwilight FireBrightAdult (f)4,8218021
7XwZuLittle FIameAdult (m)5,0448302
3YMPIYou Wouldn't UnderstandAdult (m)5,0378293
aPbjADiamond BatwomenAdult (f)4,7748771
p0C6hDarken EclipseAdult (m)4,7298912
C5DMHRedBright BalloonAdult (f)4,5339482
ThjO3Static ZapzAdult (f)4,2019232
nLXSZTsunami SplishSplashAdult (m)5,1068283
v1hUrWhite Snow TigerAdult (f)5,1998161
7pvJMBlack Shadow TigerAdult (f)4,6398176
yDW30Midnight MoonGlowAdult (f)4,7908732
0Fp7NEmber EnlightAdult (m)4,2609031
8KKjOTaker Of LifeAdult (f)4,3718453
WjB7KMagic Orange MagiAdult (f)4,2758791
I65tITwisting TwisterAdult (f)4,5249341
KedCLFiesty 0neAdult (f)4,4599857
T7ODsUnicorn PowerAdult (m)5,1251,0944
U2SkTMoonIit StarsAdult (f)5,2231,1274
mbZTuSunset GIowAdult (f)5,0651,1143
enwI0Hades' LionAdult (m)7,4291,1673
tcXyAFIaming CheetosAdult (m)7,0801,2865
bRBGMGlorious RainbowzAdult (m)7,2531,2944
iS88uSunnie StarsAdult (m)7,6111,3291
O4Jh9Red VeIvetAdult (m)7,6221,3212
GsPSNLengendary BatmanAdult (f)8,1061,3362
Na5eiBlue SerpentineAdult (m)7,1721,2637
aSmapTurquoise Ocean BeautyAdult (f)8,7751,4692
Qq7UtIcy FrostBitesAdult (f)7,7891,3602
LWwoAWater LayersAdult (f)7,9581,3605
D8CURSilver ShimmerScalezAdult (f)7,8041,4005
i7srhGreen Leaf TigerAdult (m)7,2101,2721
ZYxEuBlue Ocean TigerAdult (m)8,7881,5723
QvNWIPurple StarryNightAdult (m)4,8131,0593
5GGccOrange DevilAdult (f)6,4341,2762
1JuqPRed DeviIAdult (f)6,6441,3211
C03wRGoIden WyvernAdult (f)6,3591,3084
jklroTaker of Life 2Adult (f)4,6811,6053
6NMpbSiIver WreathAdult (f)5,3201,0064
RiLEoBlue Banded TigerAdult (m)3,8738311
9b43vCanopy ColorSplashAdult (m)7,4491,6253
2RhuFMagic DrainerAdult (m)4,0011,3707
85EusTaker of SoulAdult (m)4,0788842
yeJKrRed Devil 2Adult (m)3,9628673
ZMt7EPrince MoonIightAdult (m)5,0019011
NAg6oCopper the 1stAdult (f)4,7709032
7ERLBThe Wise 0neAdult (f)5,6569872
1tzEuPurpIe NightmareAdult (f)5,3199331
l3z4NMidnight Trouble DuoAdult (m)5,5269291
5ccT0ForeverSouI PeaceAdult (f)6,2419593
9l111FooI's GoldAdult (m)6,4559905
5q4D0SandStorm HavocAdult (m)6,1729683
45sB1Ultimate RidgeWingAdult (f)6,9891,3652
K21zEFlower GardenzAdult (f)4,7149211
bak4y(bak4y)Egg (F)
Q5kB8Orange Devil 2Adult (m)7,5391,1985
oBr0TBlooming GardenzAdult (m)9,7511,3525
UWEgjFlowerBloom GarderzAdult (f)9,6111,41911
TdtEqMagma EnlightAdult (f)10,2641,47516
jWYSCLurker of CavernzAdult (m)5,1601,4556
iCWQCPumpkin PatchiezAdult (f)5,2321,5226
gx0km(gx0km)Adult (m)5,5961,5219
yFldcWispy GhostWalkerAdult (f)5,1561,4453
xtWnTHaIIoween SpiritzAdult (f)5,1281,4306
yrrpw(yrrpw)Adult (f)4,7041,3563
2d8B3(2d8B3)Adult (m)3,6661,1121
72Pr6Misty GhostWalkerAdult (f)3,5611,1222
MueqVPumpkins GaloreAdult (f)3,8421,1251
WmnQJHall0ween SpiritsAdult (m)3,5721,1062
NOprvRedShadow FuryAdult (f)4,0021,13413
FvfRKLightning ZapzAdult (f)4,9601,1974
vE5SzP1nk DevilAdult (m)5,3951,22610
0Pg2JRedShadow Fury 2Adult (f)6,7481,4059
tUueWSakura the 1stAdult (m)2,7718357
DE8XPCrusty VolcanoAdult (f)1,8405514
7hTHQWinter SpiritzAdult (m)4,8565953
hExyb(hExyb)Adult (f)5,4851,1422
bVn6P(bVn6P)Adult (f)3,3619283
Uek4i(Uek4i)Adult (f)1,7742993
k8yYF(k8yYF)Adult (m)1,9022931
5YEYoSpotted OneAdult (m)1,9162890
fNO6w(fNO6w)Adult (f)2,1312885
BQkR5(BQkR5)Adult (m)3,7876740
gCcia(gCcia)Adult (m)3,0655841
gEHjW(gEHjW)Adult (m)2,9495731
qUePy(qUePy)Adult (f)3,0315882
RNM4I(RNM4I)Adult (f)5,1908592
FQlpx(FQlpx)Adult (m)5,5958991
oQGBy(oQGBy)Adult (m)3,5386752
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