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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2017 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Salanditz,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pvcA1Master Of SeaAdult (m)9,4911,22127
uXkGG(uXkGG)Adult (m)5,27859813
G5SwY(G5SwY)Adult (m)2,9965444
5mf3GAurora The GreatAdult (f)3,6456903
Syb0z(Syb0z)Adult (f)2,9655618
i92trSir Albino JeffAdult (m)8,8081,11928
k0nn1Lady Albino JessieAdult (f)8,1591,16732
xlHz9Ray RayAdult (m)11,7021,54821
kxlPFJoko The Joker DragonAdult (m)6,08480224
OdujwMiss Lady FeathersAdult (f)12,2561,64428
1NI60The Noodle QueenAdult (f)3,1755743
GPc2b(GPc2b)Adult (f)3,2777722
Q5Lcv(Q5Lcv)Adult (f)6,21366418
KC9IJScale MonsterAdult (m)8,0441,16435
s7sNU(s7sNU)Adult (m)4,36663411
u0s7N(u0s7N)Adult (m)4,71559610
4S850(4S850)Adult (f)4,77385015
K8sFHFloating Space DragonAdult (f)7,35685914
t8zbf(t8zbf)Adult (m)2,4723365
c2RrZ(c2RrZ)Adult (f)4,5737420
Wain5(Wain5)Adult (f)4,84675627
lY7j6(lY7j6)Adult (f)4,3588761
BDsWJMrs Lady ShadowAdult (f)9,1481,13110
sxcwkMiss Shadow WingsAdult (f)6,3274747
GIwXDSir Gentleman ShadowAdult (m)6,1538399
jjiEx(jjiEx)Adult (m)4,74764312
PJG9X(PJG9X)Adult (m)3,0415717
FyZxRI like ChocolatesHatchling (F)3,3012714
742pj(742pj)Adult (f)5,0008179
vyxhuKing Of Dark TeaAdult (m)7,2401,19624
Z3t58(Z3t58)Adult (f)4,0464923
XvJ7ZMr CoffeeBeanAdult (m)2,9865603
Zzx7S(Zzx7S)Adult (m)7,6051,1645
oYn7uMr Crazy Mc CrazyAdult (m)5,66787418
FuYrzLady Of The StormzAdult (f)5,83385714
08GYyWhite Chocolate Is GreatAdult (f)3,5777562
CpxVGBeast Of JungleAdult (m)3,41362024
qq95i(qq95i)Adult (f)6,0139396
l7Ses(l7Ses)Adult (m)7,78258113
GFFAa(GFFAa)Adult (f)4,53180212
naonTLizo Lizard The First BeastAdult (m)6,06082022
evvft(evvft)Adult (f)5,63071412
jCR8M(jCR8M)Adult (m)5,63892219
mEOXjIAmTitaniumAdult (m)9,0471,28827
GgVOi(GgVOi)Adult (f)5,74166416
0C1WM(0C1WM)Adult (m)4,82855618
uFzB2(uFzB2)Adult (f)5,90768716
3ZFyg(3ZFyg)Adult (m)3,58858115
pB0Mj(pB0Mj)Adult (m)7,3421,1832
YEA18(YEA18)Adult (m)3,4038043
lJoSK(lJoSK)Adult (f)5,5981,00310
JkFcR(JkFcR)Adult (f)6,8591,23226
q2Z5d(q2Z5d)Adult (m)2,6396624
sZpzNMrs Flame HLAdult (f)12,1021,53933
6L7sK(6L7sK)Adult (m)4,5837396
QyZrT(QyZrT)Adult (f)3,5936821
bsiKUSnappy The SnapTrap BeastAdult (f)5,08471111
FL7mNThe Lost Plant PrinceHatchling (m, F)6,0567584
RKq7OMr Night WingzAdult (m)5,88791922
GfxWCDaydream BeastAdult (m)5,55281720
3Z7QE(3Z7QE)Adult (m)4,5667290
qDVS5(qDVS5)Adult (m)8,2588702
bxZa4(bxZa4)Adult (f)5,83497128
7b9GY(7b9GY)Adult (m)4,90081611
oR1z3Red The Crystal DragonAdult (m)7,29586123
8R8CH(8R8CH)Adult (m)6,18871211
HHhaV(HHhaV)Adult (f)4,29388217
AWgEhMaya and EvieAdult (f)11,8351,54027
PI0yTRex And MarkAdult (m)4,21673822
9yg2g(9yg2g)Adult (m)6,13998926
eU5PaDark Jay The Lighting DragonAdult (m)5,99387914
kUpUy(kUpUy)Adult (f)5,15763828
zJGVoWildfire RonAdult (m)3,8068073
A9fk5(A9fk5)Adult (m)5,5571,1072
S1SJ6Mrs Lightning StormAdult (f)7,7211,23830
vwsei(vwsei)Adult (m)6,2421,2074
hwhC1The Stone MasterAdult (m)6,71593723
mnjY0Dark Emmy BeastAdult (f)6,09076013
bLeNZQueen Of Dark ChaosAdult (f)8,05892613
NlB6n(NlB6n)Adult (f)7,40292822
u80pO(u80pO)Adult (f)7,30090722
xgkDs(xgkDs)Adult (f)4,3888874
sTObq(sTObq)Adult (f)6,49399819
yIsY6Morro The Ghost DragonAdult (m)6,33790823
DaqkTPinky YveltalAdult (f)8,8269885
w4wNP(w4wNP)Adult (f)3,9236444
6fCTZHave a nice weekAdult (f)4,3574994
owNPWDeli The Dilophasarus DragonAdult (f)6,0371,03714
zPELBBeast Of The BlizzardAdult (f)9,9271,29023
P2KDqEvil Ice Dragon Beast KingAdult (m)5,5271,05721
HTKUTMavis The BeautyAdult (f)3,1255604
6nEhG(6nEhG)Adult (f)3,5307173
pxSfV(pxSfV)Adult (m)5,6339012
tkLxv(tkLxv)Adult (m)5,43868017
4IC16(4IC16)Adult (f)5,33755320
R6Gt6Zip and Dip the mad boisAdult (m)7,1179725
JhzQFI'mblue da ba dee da ba daaAdult (m)4,1975482
ys63lGolden Cookie MonsterAdult (m)4,44071910
OoiN9Lady Golden Cookie MonsterAdult (f)7,19589614
lE8tkMiki The Grass DragonAdult (f)3,9406066
lrwkXGolden Queen Of NinjagoAdult (f)7,18687715
ws5Gv(ws5Gv)Adult (f)6,70691716
vOlxyViserion Of GoldAdult (m)5,70987522
5zKxvMaku BeastAdult (m)6,02386412
nJfEH(nJfEH)Adult (f)4,4328029
IahSbLady Of The Hidden ForestAdult (f)10,9691,52526
11i54I like CurryHatchling (f, F)4,32871812
ZFPyvStar The Galaxy Sea DragonAdult (f)8,30198120
1TDkuBlue The Avatar DragonAdult (f)10,1681,34820
ZCIYKY Ddraig LasAdult (m)7,88366017
K6ghWLady Of Destruction Of SoulsAdult (f)8,12090620
bIIgH(bIIgH)Adult (f)5,23186621
BMK8rThe Lava Chaos BeastAdult (m)6,03578523
puA6jMeibisu The StressedAdult (f)4,4856822
Gg041Oh No My tail is up in flamesAdult (m)7,4741,04410
9FI34(9FI34)Adult (f)1,91351114
6y7NX(6y7NX)Adult (m)2,2823483
qqHXD(qqHXD)Adult (m)2,2853503
PLzeNGod Of FloofAdult (m)2,8897904
VPyuG(VPyuG)Adult (f)5,52981422
csOAeRuby And KikiAdult (f)6,0331,18634
R8EOa(R8EOa)Adult (m)5,0216223
3LKLK(3LKLK)Adult (m)6,1351,12319
Q9pVt(Q9pVt)Adult (f)3,71161319
BKxex(BKxex)Adult (f)3,3456334
0od9y(0od9y)Adult (f)3,2076573
0gDIG(0gDIG)Adult (f)5,8081,1464
Gwa9WDande The UndefeatAdult (m)4,3778395
Flg8UGrey The Light DragonAdult (m)7,93087220
FUKvd(FUKvd)Adult (f)4,4138692
1lqpe(1lqpe)Adult (f)4,7968193
D3Lmj(D3Lmj)Adult (m)3,6338366
hI6UAGoldie RainbowsAdult (m)6,39361825
VZ3KF(VZ3KF)Adult (f)6,79491018
Snu9XNightSet TeaAdult (f)5,70086923
uO5VxLady SkylorAdult (f)7,6281,36419
lBn4Z(lBn4Z)Adult (m)6,23388713
Fg5e4(Fg5e4)Adult (f)4,5356881
C2koU(C2koU)Adult (f)3,11370813
ymNRgTiki The Brave DragonAdult (f)6,6521,07318
q0Anu(q0Anu)Adult (m)5,20974916
XwfIM(XwfIM)Adult (m)5,88048422
vEHeZGarmy Wyvern BeastAdult (m)4,7129787
ID62yGreenie The Galaxy Wyvern BeastAdult (m)9,9881,36822
tW1z7Ricko The Galaxy Wyvern BeastAdult (f)6,4786478
uGkkiGreenie BeaniezAdult (m)6,3067169
6bcuC(6bcuC)Adult (f)5,15884125
SkBjW(SkBjW)Adult (f)6,21396915
Ja6bKThe Dragon Who Changes ColoursAdult (f)5,70391919
tIS4MTeabag GirlAdult (f)8,6271,1683
v8syJ(v8syJ)Adult (m)3,51957816
CPfUoDrinkTea4LivingAdult (f)4,3178399
iXTi5(iXTi5)Adult (m)5,6056329
pumfKMiss FluffysAdult (f)10,5471,45728
24UCeThe Green Beasty DragonAdult (m)7,18390112
GFBkICappie The Golden OneAdult (f)7,7858983
OW39ELady Silver BeastAdult (f)7,1271,05426
S9H8aThe Silver Emperor Of LifeAdult (m)8,13690324
VYb17The Ddraig EfyddAdult (f)9,0431,46028
jsX9LSir Goldie JrAdult (m)7,8551,01327
JygmnLady Golden BeastAdult (f)7,3841,08230
CgxrdJust Another Day For TeaAdult (m)7,0039692
iN2oyIs it TeatimeAdult (m)6,50096620
vJ8hN(vJ8hN)Adult (m)5,1947385
M8V6Z(M8V6Z)Adult (f)4,4897373
GNmz0(GNmz0)Adult (f)4,4338282
rz8qA(rz8qA)Adult (f)3,8116743
zTHCf(zTHCf)Adult (m)3,82461718
AzAsqMr Purple StarAdult (m)9,0611,22829
s2qUU(s2qUU)Adult (f)3,05465510
cx0Tu(cx0Tu)Adult (f)4,1198224
Gk7X9(Gk7X9)Adult (f)3,47659716
K3CswThe Welsh Red DragonAdult (m)5,70986217
koO06Devil LassyAdult (f)3,3076633
tsN3XMrs Lady SapphireAdult (f)6,89291517
0c2xaAmy Grey Wyvern QueenAdult (f)6,02783724
cXq4i(cXq4i)Adult (f)7,51583516
3d0yT(3d0yT)Adult (m)4,51571524
hcvH1(hcvH1)Adult (m)4,71572924
syXeEMr Spring LeafAdult (m)6,43385417
wbdMoSummer The Sun BeastAdult (f)5,77993816
5a0wD(5a0wD)Adult (f)3,7504448
5ShFJCoco The Wyvern BeastAdult (f)6,8261,02119
W6qJg(W6qJg)Adult (f)5,34670820
H0vorRaihan The Dragon IAdult (m)3,17471611
8UND2(8UND2)Adult (f)5,79371411
3BUab(3BUab)Adult (m)4,72581212
kwjEeThe Orange MagickarpAdult (m)5,54779019
N8h3vLuna The Silver DragonAdult (f)5,5131,0889
tWild(tWild)Adult (m)5,55971219
wAcuDSilver Noodle BoiAdult (m)4,6966693
Rho0a(Rho0a)Adult (f)4,6916823
LrTlYSpeedy The Colourful DragonAdult (m)6,9311,05622
eZajwDraco The Elemental DragonAdult (m)
Bcom1Lucky Dragon KingAdult (m)6,40782814
MSLry(MSLry)Adult (f)4,0217302
7WTci(7WTci)Adult (m)3,5376864
DzFpcThe One Who Drinks The ForbiddenAdult (f)3,9996791
peAWG(peAWG)Adult (f)4,2578146
79pwySir Aqua BeastAdult (m)8,1981,29623
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