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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Sakatsu,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
h4kLstormy999Adult (m)1,7439817
9mZKbig gorlAdult (f)1,2147143
AD1qbeautiful bobby n suchAdult (m)2,2111,30711
ITQVfire magi ladyAdult (f)1,0256325
WZC9WingwomAdult (m)2,3111,3765
T4Repwetty gorlAdult (f)1,4318492
sn6DSpitty BBAdult (f)8796043
dfAnThe Earth NationAdult (m)6934625
a8haFertility God 999Adult (m)1,2818473
lFXRWater WyrdAdult (f)1,7581,0835
PRUqpurple horsie dragonAdult (f)3,6362,1375
XCFNdrake said wutAdult (f)2,0461,1114
ceWMtiny bbAdult (f)7334742
mA1IHot n Spicy BoiAdult (m)2,6931,7025
H7KkFlamingressaAdult (f)1,35733378
lSoRO(lSoRO)Adult (m)4,3856662
FuMhM(FuMhM)Adult (m)4,2926653
Pism9(Pism9)Adult (f)4,6196872
qyxOi(qyxOi)Adult (m)3,3747078
eP7dX(eP7dX)Adult (m)3,7357562
TtLih(TtLih)Adult (m)3,7097912
VCAH0(VCAH0)Adult (m)3,8337483
xB9HO(xB9HO)Adult (f)3,5017604
lYYGf(lYYGf)Adult (f)5,1589866
HTXwU(HTXwU)Adult (m)4,9259844
RsPDJ(RsPDJ)Adult (f)3,6738047
mAnnv(mAnnv)Adult (f)3,0167256
vr8jf(vr8jf)Adult (m)3,3048063
WfvOI(WfvOI)Adult (m)3,1957852
HIyVo(HIyVo)Adult (f)3,6478242
uUki6(uUki6)Adult (f)3,0897956
3k40G(3k40G)Adult (f)4,0208905
3vePI(3vePI)Adult (m)3,4598009
wC4KK(wC4KK)Adult (f)2,8046854
dzSPM(dzSPM)Adult (f)9,6761,2965
jIqIh(jIqIh)Adult (m)3,9908169
ExzwP(ExzwP)Adult (f)3,9078052
Ox8gS(Ox8gS)Adult (m)3,8758334
BmaiX(BmaiX)Adult (f)4,2218724
UT2oX(UT2oX)Adult (m)3,1657212
JPTBW(JPTBW)Adult (f)3,2137124
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